Three from Me by David Jones

Three from Me

by David Jones


The Gent covering his face was a street shot taken in a Sheffield cafe in UK. He sat next to me and my family, ordered soup and sat with his head in his hands until his order arrived. It was taken with a Fuji XT1 35mm 1.4 lens. To me its a shot that makes me pleased that I always carry a camera.

DSCF7002 (1) copy 2-2

The shot of the man and baby was taken As I was testing light for another shot I was about to take for a personal project I had been working on. The project was called intimate-inanimate and centered upon individuals and their most personal single possession. This shot was just taken as he held his child whilst I set the lighting. It was taken on Canon 5d mk3 and 85mm 1.8.


The landscape was also taken on a 5d mk3 and was shot In Fleetwood Uk. I was shooting a local press story but the subject was running late so I took my camera for a walk on a nearby beach and found this scene, another reason to always have a camera handy and to look for scenes and subjects you may not be originally looking for.




  1. Thank you for the comments and kind words and thanks for posting. I sometimes think the boat is over processed too but I like the drama of it.

  2. Lovely photos. And I like that you shoot both mirrorless and DSLR without comment on either. It’s refreshing to read articles that don’t get into a “my Fuji is blabla” duck measuring contest.

    • thank you for your kind comment. I really don’t think it matters what camera is used to tell the story. I too get frustrated by the “mine is bigger and newer than yours” mentality.

    • Thanks for your kind words. Yes I’m very fortunate because I always carry a camera and shoot something everyday for work but also try to shoot at least one shot a day for myself.

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