11 from 2011 by Prosophos

From Steve: Coming later today is another edition of “Q&A Wednesday” but for now I’d like to share with you some of the most inspirational images I have seen in a while. I have known Peter for years now and his images always go right to my heart and soul as he truly does capture “Life’s Little Moments”. Enjoy!

Dear Steve,

In follow-up to my previous contributions “Life’s Little Moments“, “The M9 for Sports” and “All I know about photography in 25 words” , I wanted to make another contribution to your fine website.

These were taken over the past year and I hope they continue to convey my philosophy of image creation, that is, “seeing and capturing the beauty of life’s little moments.”

I’d be honoured if you posted them.

Either way, I wish you (much deserved) ongoing success for 2012 and beyond!

Your friend,

Peter | Prosophos.


and one more image for Jan 2012!


    • Thank you ridgrunnr and Rob… Rob, I appreciate your comments about my site too. Ray, I’m guessing you’re referring to me… thank you too.

  1. Steve, if I could process and print like your 3 girls jumping off the park bench I wouldn’t have to waste so much time cruising the web looking for answers! It’s just exactly what I would love to be able to pull off. Thanks for the post and the inspiration.

    • Thanks carsia! This past year, I was mostly using the Leica M9 (next most was the M2) and my most used lens was the Konica Hexanon 60/1.2 (I posted a write-up on the lens on my site recently, after six months of daily use). The other most commonly used lenses were the Zeiss ZM 21/2.8, the Leica 75/1.4, and the Leica 50/2.

  2. I do like these photographs – very nice work. Hope to see more from your camera this year.


  3. These photos are so emotive!
    Amazing work!
    I am always trying to capture those little moments…
    ….for me this is the magic of photography, and these photos just go to show that you are a master!
    Thankyou for sharing your inspiration. 🙂

    • That’s very, very kind of you Josh. Thank you so much.

      Those little inspirational moments are often present everywhere, if we look. The trick is (and the hard part for me is) to keep our minds and eyes open.

  4. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. These daily inspirational posts have helped me a great deal in my personal motivation to do more with my camera gear!

    • Thanks Duane. Steve’s Daily inspiration posts are a wonderful idea. It’s one of the reasons the site is so strong.

    • Thank you Amy… you’re one of the “old” DPR Leica forum alumni to whom I was referring above… I miss seeing your work.

  5. What a wonderful collection, Peter! Although this small excerpt really doesn’t do your work justice … A good 2012 to you and your family!

    • Thanks Felix. I’ve also enjoyed your visits to the sight, and your candid comments (especially around the Hexanon 60!). Thanks again for your gracious comments.

  6. Stunning work, Peter! I have been enjoying your site, and know most of these images. I love the unique effect that you obtain with the lenses through which you see. A mix of beautiful art, technical skill, wonderful processing, and a keen eye to see the special moments before you.

    It’s been great to see you evolve, your family grow, and your daughter grow up through the wonderful pictures and comments/emails that we have shared over the past few years. Wish I got over to DPReview more to see your contributions there, Peter, but it’s great to see a quick summary here!

    • Hi ashwn,

      i have a few questions to you. may i have your email address?

      thanks heaps


    • Thanks Ashwin! I’m not posting as often on the Leica DPR forum, but I look for your stuff whenever I’m there. It’s also been nice to follow your path over the last few years… you’re doing very well (I’m sure you know). I keep saying this, but some of us old DPR “alumni” should really get together while our eyesight is still good enough to use a rangefinder!

    • Thank you Ariel, Frank, Thomas, and Francesco!

      Jason, it’s been a pleasure getting your comments over the past few weeks. Thank you for your comments here as well!

  7. I’ve been following Peter’s work for a few months now, so many times you’ll look at an image and say “Wow” then find yourself unable to articulate further because your just blown away. So very talented.

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