Awesomness: Zeiss Loxia Kit Bundle for Sony E Mount…

Awesomness: Zeiss Loxia Kit Bundle for Sony E Mount…

Take a look at what is for offer at B&H Photo. The full Zeiss Loxia set for Sony E Mount (A7, A6300, etc). These are GORGEOUS lenses. Small, built very well, manual focus and made for the Sony E moount, so no adapters or issues at all. I have reviewed all three of these lenses and found them all to be superb. My 21 review is here, my 35 review is here and my 50 review is here. If you want a set for your Sony, take a look at this:

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.33.54 PM

Even comes with a custom style pelican case for all three lenses. They have other Loxia kits there as well. 


  1. This costs more than the three lenses purchased separately. Why? Because the video focus puller stuff is included.

  2. I think I see four lens spaces in the case. So I’m guessing that is to add a (soon) to be released short tele – the one I’m waiting for! Any info on that?
    Since I already own everything pictured here except the case, I wonder if the case could be bought separately…

  3. Steve any rumors about a longer focal length Loxia in the the future? I would love to see something in the 90-120 range to round out the lineup. Other options available at 85 from Zeiss so would hope for something with a bit more reach. I have rented the 35 and 50 (saving my pennies) and LOVE these lens for my A7ii

      • I would love to see an MF lens to rival the awesome 85mm GM, only with half the size & weight since it omits the AF

        • Like the Otus, because that’s only MF and clearly therefore half the weight.

          • The Otus has to be bigger because it is designed for the longer flange distance of the DSLR cameras, according to Zeiss.

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