Wotancraft wants YOUR HELP to design the best Leather Mirrorless Camera bag in the world!


Wotancraft wants YOUR HELP to design the best Leather Mirrorless Camera bag in the world!

By Steve Huff

OK guys, how cool is this? Wotancraft approached me and asked if I would want to help them design and create their next gen RYKER bag, and they want to make the BEST leather mirroless camera bag in the world, but they want input and feedback from REAL WORLD users who use these bags on a daily basis, both ME and YOU, the everyday photo enthusiast.

MANY here own a Ryker, and for me, it remains my #1 goto bag even when others come and go. But Wotancraft want to make it even better. The ultimate.


The next gen Ryker is going to be amazing with all of the help from YOU, I just know it. Wotancraft makes UBER high quality bags, and ate above the norm when it comes to leather quality, feel, function, comfort and design. All hand made with the attention to detail and quality.

From the Wotancraft  designer Albert Yuan “I want to create something breathtakingly beautiful, with simple but thoroughly thought out functionality. It will be something that people deeply love and appreciate, and I will not hold back for this to be achieved.”

But this is so so cool guys!

*Wotancraft has told me that In 2016, they are preparing to take things to another level… they want to greatly improve the Ryker design, to make it the “BEST LEATHER CAMERA BAG IN THE WORLD”*

*They told me that they have chosen this website, Steve Huff Photo, to be their ONLY source of inspiration. They welcome any comments from Steve Huff Photos community, THAT MEANS YOU!*

*They also said that “it will not be cheaper than the current Ryker”*

Take a look at my video below, THEN leave a comment here to let me and Wotancraft know WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE in their next premium next gen Ryker bag! Me, Id like to see 2-3 things added and maybe the strap changed but I will make a post about my thoughts soon, but first, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what Wotancraft can do to make this new bag even better.

My video announcing this awesome collaboration between STEVEHUFFPHOTO and Wotancraft and YOU!

So let’s get to it, and let’s leave our comments below as to what we want to see in the new Ryker! Wotancraft is not going to start on it until they get feedback from all of us, so let’s give it to  them! THANK YOU ALL! You can see more on the original Ryker at Wotancraft HERE.


Leave your comments below!!


  1. The bag should withstand being set down on rough, wet, and dirty surfaces. It should stand on its own without EVER falling over. Ever.

    It should open in such a way that nothing such as zippers or flaps get in the way of quickly withdrawing and inserting the camera.

    The main compartment should accommodate my Leica Q without touching the shutter release so I can leave my camera in the “on” position without fear of discharging the battery.

    The main compartment depth should match the size of the camera. If there is excess space, it should be made into a compartment below the camera and accessible that compartment’s own lid or flap without having to remove or reposition the camera.

    The case should open in such a way as to provide shelf space or pockets for small items so when, say, changing filters, there’s a place to put the lens hood and a separate place to put the UV filter one has just taken off the lens, and, of course, pockets for safe storage as well as quick insertion and withdrawal of filters.

    The side next to the body should be cushiony so it can conform to whatever part of the hip it’s positioned against so it doesn’t bang about all over the place. The side next to the body is absolutely no place for an iPad or spiral-bound notebook or Moleskine. These should be placed on the outward-facing side of the bag if at all.

    It should have a non-slip cushioned shoulder pad on the strap which can be repositioned but is not so loose it slips by itself.

    All metal fittings should be upholstered or covered somehow to protect my camera when I’m wearing both the bag across my body and my camera around my neck.

    A canvas or other kind of material of very high quality consistent with Wotancraft standards should be offered for those who wish to save weight and who are concerned that leather bags tend to promote fungus when left closed. Any cloth version absolutely must have Wotancraft’s spectacular leather trim.

    I prefer magnetic closures to zippers. Secure as zippers are, they still have to be zipped and unzipped. Imagine unzipping and zipping your car door and you’ll know where I’m coming from. I want opening and closing to be instantaneous and silent. Magnets.

    It must be up to Wotancraft’s standards of opulence so professional photographers look the part in front of their clients and plutocrats about town can show their impeccable taste.

    And can you have it ready by Thursday?

  2. Make it as it is…BUT with a back strap (and possibly side pockets) and, PLEASE, MAKE IT AS LIGHT AS YOU CAN! Don’t care if you use thin and very durable camel hide 🙂 but please, make it light, a way way under 1.0 kilo. Thank you!

  3. The zipper on the outer front pocket should either have two zips or zip the opposite direction for easier access. It would also be very nice to have leather straps and/or loops on the bottom and/or sides to allow attachment of monopod, external pouches for phone or other accessories.

  4. wide enough to fit a 15″ laptop, but without making the rest of the bag huge, so it’s still for a few small pieces of photo gear, mirrorless body, 3 lenses, power cord, batteries etc, but can hold a regular sized laptop. it’s way too hard to find a bag that holds a computer but isn’t built for multiple DSLR bodies and a tripod and the kitchen sink. just an idea.

  5. No zipper (it may break, it can stuck in place)
    No velcro (too loud when opening)

    Full leather.
    Half the width of that brown bag Steve has in the video.

    Just for one camera, one lens, one small flat flash, one mobile device or a small notepad and handkerchiefs. Softer and not not too stiff&heavy belt which kills the shoulder muscles. Belt has two small pockets, on each end, for standard size battery or to put coins in or a lighter. And that’s it.
    Call it Wota-Nota. (As in enabling to take simple photo notes while not breaking the shoulder or causing muscle pain).

  6. So it seems everyone wants side pockets or more like pouches let’s try to describe the function of these pouches. They are for using the bag as a portable shelf meaning a place to set something small down when shooting. They are not for waterproof storage or for storage while traveling, meaning having these pouches and putting a zipper or flap closure would defeat the purpose. They need to be designed to temporally hold small lens, flash, filters, meter, lens shade, extra batteries or anything that you can grab and use. When shooting and carrying a small bag you want to change a lens as quickly as you can or grab a light meter take a reading and drop it in a puck almost without having to look. think of the camera bags in the old days when one pouch was for film and the other for flash bulbs quick and easy. These days the pouches should flood in and not be ridged, and most importantly not have a zipper or flap. An adjustable elastic top would suffice make sure the opening can handle a lens, exposure meter or flash.
    Again one bag won’t be a solution for everyone, if you make a bag that Willa hold a iPad or small laptop this is not a shooters bag it’s bag bag to travel or transport a small kit or system, that’s a different deal altogether. When I’m out shooting I don’t even want to carry a bag but when I do I want a shooting bag. When I’m traveling with a small kit that shooting bag will suffice I don’t care that a small flash is halfway hanging out of a pouch on the side. If I’m on a set shooting with my Hasselblad I usually set my bag down it has to stand up on its own, it must have easy access to grab equipment from it and not have to go through hoops to pull out a lens, a light meter and or grab some accessory. That bag must be lightweight I’m already schlepping enough to weight with the main gear…or I would have bought the bison leather holdfast bag. The bag shoulder straps must anchor the bag to your shoulder without slipping this allows the bag to be pulled around to your front staying in place so you can get access into the bag with one hand without the bag slipping off your shoulder either when you flip up the front flap, unzip a pocket or bend over slightly to pick up something.
    The crease inside the flap must have a zipper pouch or pocket that has the width and depth to hold batteries (like Leica M ones) it should run the length of the bag. On the outside of the back of the bad there should be a slightly expandable pouch for gray card this pouch can be used when traveling for an iPad if wanted.
    This flap must have an inside zipper pocket the size of the flap and when the flap is folded back there must be two pouch pockets on what is then the front of the bag they should be open pouches or pockets not sealed but if a sealing is decided it should just be one small Velcro or some type of fit though a slot flood down latch made of plastic.
    The strap could have accesory slide on or Velcro on pouches with Velcro closure for cell phone, batteries, memory cards, flashlight, sunglasses, or small items.
    And yes if you made a simple rain cover that was hidden in a Velcro pouch always available that would be great.
    I personally would also love to have a 105 mm filter pouch on the front outside of the flap made so you could slide in large glass filters without scratching them just for temporary use.
    To me the wotencraft bags are already gook looking they just need to be more functional for shooting with and much lighter weight. Also as mentioned from one OP they can’t flop to a pile on the floor when set down.
    This is a great thread and I hope something useful becomes of it, at the same time it would be benificial if Wonrencraft we to occasionally make comments they would get a much better response from the participants and the participants could or might learn from Wotencraft what is possible or why Wotencraft will or will not move the design in certain ways and for what reasons. I don’t think a one way conversation is very fruitful!


  7. I think it must have a zipper on the top for easy access instead of having to pull up a flap. If it has a flap please put a top zipper in it.

  8. Most bags don’t do a good job of holding small lenses. In a given vertical space you could have more than 1 lens ontop of each other but you’d need a cushioned flap between them. Also if people are like me, terrible at putting caps back on lenses in the moment as well. So something specific with small rangefinder lenses. Maybe a different access flap, i remember some older dSLR bags having a separate section underneath for lenses. So some thoughts towards vertical use.

    Lots of pockets for SD cards and bits and pieces. Walking around you need places for phones.

    I had one of the original wotancraft bags with the big leather top, but that was really hard leather and as awesome as it looked it wasn’t very functional. I spent ages trying to soften and age it but gave up in the end. So no hard leather.

    The Domke FXB bag has been very useful but a little too small. The onabags (i have two) are my favourites right now. But i did love the wotancraft version










    • artist and artisan makes the almost perfect micro-rangefinder or mirror-less bag it needs side pockets and appx 2-2 1/2″ wider other than that its perfect for camera three lenses and all the accessories see my previous post!
      Color and materials should be available as requested by individual order from wotencraft…providing they want to make functional bags?

  10. Technical hardware, something like that on the Magpul Gen 2 MS4 Sling (used on RSS plates). Something light, small, and evolved as opposed to the current crude big heavy chucks of metal that I worry about scratching my equipment.

    Some simple improvements…
    High end thread like Lin Cable that would complement the leather, my stitching has the frizzes.
    Burnish the strap edges instead of the painted on edge, which became all cracked on mine.

    … And thank you Steve for turning me on to this beautiful bag!

  11. OK folks -people may consider me crazy here but can I suggest a rat car look.
    The rat car look is that of deliberate simulated rust and weathering with tatty interior but with a beautiful blingy engine under the hood.
    A crappy looking bag with your precious gear safe inside with modular compartments that can be reconfigured easily. Add light weight and a comfortable adjustable carrying strap.
    As the Americans say What’s not to like!

  12. Lighter metal components
    Get to choose the color of the interior
    Supply extra dividers with the bag
    Lighter and more flexible strap

    Other than that – I love my ryker!

  13. Hi!
    I have my Ryker bag since a couple of years now for my mirrorless stuff and I am very happy with it!
    When it comes to improvements of this bag there is not much to say from my side except that they could probably make the strap a bit longer. I am quite tall and the strap especially when I wear it across my body, appears to. be pretty short.
    Otherwise … do not compromise the special look and feel in any way! This bag is unique and it should be also in the future!

    • Fully agree Joerg, don’t change the bag, don’t change the look, feel and materials.

      I see comments on lesser weight … so no leather or thin and fragile leater?
      Water proof comments? It’s leather, one can use a waterproof spray for shoes or a nice cream leather wax like HoldFast offers and it’ll withstand any rain. Or wanna go swim with it?
      Lighter metal hardware? Aluminium bends and the suggested nickel I read about breaks. Gimme steel anytime. These are lifetime bags.
      And then many people want it smaller, other pople want more space. There’s a unique solution for that: p*n*s leather. Gives you a nice small bag and when you rub on it you have the size of a suitcase. ;P

  14. I sent them a sketch several years ago but they are a little stuck on there own look without functionality. I now have a bag that holds my Leica m240, three lenses, 3 filters, a strobe, light modifier, off camera transmitter and receiver unit, cable release, battery charger, three batteries, EVF, 21mm Finder, nicad charger, manual, white balance card, Sekonic l758 meter, extra cards, cell phone and a few other things.
    What I wanted them to make different is the outside pockets a little wider and slightly deeper, a bit bigger front pouch, the bag 2″ longer and 2″ wider, a small porch on strap for iPhone.
    A good bag needs to fit everything inside it but when your shooting your camera and one lens is out of the bag with the flap pouch closed you now need a bag that has the ability to carry things on the outside of the bag like a light meter in a side pocket, a flash in a side pocket, filters in outside pockets and so on. Velcro fold over pouch with zipper pocket entry on inside, back pocket snap close, side pockets with elastic tops and so on. It needs to be very lightweight, water resistant inside, adjustable shoulder strap that won’t slip on shoulder and has pouch on strap for cell phone and or light meter, bottom of bag two adjustable straps for lightweight tripod, strap handle on top to grab and pick up bag, no fricking iPad pouch.

    Easy to make, hard to make lightweight, tough design, functional for shooting with carrying on shoulder while walking!

  15. Use a premium thread such as Lin Cable.

    I disliked the painted on edge treatment on the straps which interfered with the flexibility of the leather and quickly cracked leaving a rough edge. I removed this and properly burnished the edges and the straps are now silky smooth and very flexible. The hand strap is a nice option but some people don’t know it is available.

    The English tack/dog leash style hardware is too clunky adding a lot of weight without benefit. I’d love something more technical molded of solid nickel or better yet machined from solid aircraft aluminum.

    Most important… don’t mess up a beautiful bag that keeps the dust out.

    • I agree on the painted at the edge of the straps. Some of it came off after a few usages. Also I found the bag to be quite heavy.

    The brown Ryker & the Paratrooper are my favorite bags ever. Lookwise, the Paratrooper is the sexiest bag ever but I still find the Ryker to be more functional & roomier in design. As a result, I end up using the Ryker more.

    1) 25% Paratrooper* & 75% Ryker
    *Keep leather & design but make it resemble the Paratrooper bag a little. Make it look like it’s from a war. I want to be able to wear formal & informal clothes with it.
    2) Bottom tripod strap
    3) Wider interior from back to front
    4) Dual zippers at top wrap too far back
    5) No more flap for the interior velvet pocket
    6) Hidden pocket(s)
    7) Waterproof treatment or cover
    8) Add ability to add a padlock on zipper
    9) Dual stitching
    10) Knife-proof interior lining

  17. You can get a hand strap for your Ryker. I just asked when I ordered and they added one for a nominal price. it also serves to attach to luggage. Downside is that it uses the same (heavy) quick release system as the shoulder strap. Some serious weight could be shaved with a lighter weight (titanium?) quick release system. A slightly wider body, or making the back pocket large enough to hold an iPad mini with keyboard/case would be helpful to get a camera with grip comfortably inside. Definitely could use a few more inside dividers to segregate my lenses. I love the current closure system. No velcro for me please! I shoot in quiet/silent settings. Alternately, a method to defeat the velcro could be used. How about some attachable pouches like Billingham’s AVEA pouches? I’d also appreciate some tuckable system to get a water bottle. An option for solid colors would be nice, as well as the ability to order a larger version for folks who want to carry a larger body (SL?) and/or more lenses.

  18. I think the Raven has the right idea, less is more. I’d like to see the Ryker (which can hold more lenses) but without an iPad area (because I’m not going to carry all that around while shooting). All I need is a small area for an extra battery and memory card (and maybe a cleaning cloth). Also, I’d like to see more technical design like a Gortex waterproof lining to protect my gear in rainy weather. A smaller flap would be nice to cut down weight.

    As far as styling, I like the two tone leather and purple lining, but I’d like a choice of other inner colors besides purple or brown.

  19. Kind of conertible design that allows fast and easy to grab stuff inside! LxWxDx for 13″ laptop, MRLS camera with lens, DSLR with two medium lenses and 2 flashes.
    GPS inside, with live tracking abilities via app.

  20. Less weight (Most Important issue)
    Langer strap, no heavy metals parts
    Softer straps , other Material than leather
    Flap positioning only by Magnets without trasversal leather strap
    Different predesigned dividers as an option to buy
    Divider to allow stapling of smaller lenses
    No space for iPad needed

  21. Shag carpet, three horns, and cup holders everywhere. I don’t care if it costs $82,000!

    Designing by committee… Priceless. Maybe the new creation should he called “the Homer.”

  22. 1. Leather straps (possibly removable or hideable) underneath the bag to hold tripod/jacket/umbrella.
    2. Extra dividers for small mirrorless camera lenses. Bundled, optional, whatever. I just need options.
    3. A red pocket to dump dead batteries. I don’t care where. I just need a dedicated place for my dead batteries so they don’t get mixed with my charged spare batteries.

    And one question. What’s the likelihood of getting my SD cards getting degaussed by the magnets in the flaps?

    4. Maybe change the magnet system to a different method of securing the flap.

  23. If they make one best bag… forget it.
    I need a different bag for M4/3 or FF,
    so that’s two bags already

    • So essentially you mean you need two different size bags.
      You’re at the right address, they have 11 best bags depending on your needs.

  24. Conclusion: this won’t be easy.

    Some ideas or wishes maybe interesting for other users as well, some not, and some are exactly the opposite of what others want.

  25. Wotancraft already makes a handle for the Ryker, the Urban Classic Compact Strap.


    I would like to have space for the new model 12″ Macbook–it would only need to be another inch wider. Optional bottom straps (like the Thor) for carrying compact travel tripod, monopod, etc. Choice of velveteen color.

    Maybe way to zip down part of the side so as to access a camera (secured in something like a holster) without lifting the flap.

  26. Change strap lock mechanism and make them softer. Too easy for thefts to unlock and take the bag. Also zipper in plastic the metal ones can scratch camera. Lastly, Get rid of magnets. They interfere with camera components such as motors (AF motor in lenses or shutter in camera) as the are very strong.
    Lighter, like a backpack better (easier to carry). Peak Design dived era are superb.
    All in all lighter, less metal buckles on outside (scratches) and a color combination that is more pleasing (you do not combine black and brown).

  27. I have several wotancraft bags and I think the ryker is perfect.the only thing I would like is a longer leather strap by a couple of inches.i like wearing the camera bag across my body.

  28. Lighter would be nicer. I use mine every day for over a year now. Overall design is very good. Here is the main issue: take out your camera and use a strap while lenses remain in the bag. External bits of metal inevitably come in contact with the body. So I would look at the materials used in the zippers and fasteners. Pick something less likely to scratch a free camera hanging form the neck, and tuck things in as much as possible.

    The bag is a very good value as is 🙂

  29. Put a side pocket on large enough for the new hot L116 multi lens camera which may make all other cameras obsolete!

  30. While some people might be tempted to tweak their design, I won’t. Instead, to make this the perfect camera bag, cut the list price to $349!!!

  31. I love the bag.

    Three thoughts, in agreement with some of the comments above:

    (1) If it is possible to make it a bit lighter and keep the fine leather quality, that would be great; it is a bit heavy.

    (2) It would be awesome to have it in the form of a small backpack, or perhaps to have a choice between backpack straps and shoulder straps.

    (3) Add a compartment to hold a water bottle, perhaps with a removable insert, or a pouch that can be zippered up or expand.

  32. Plush red interior
    Peak Design style divider so you can stack items on top of each other

  33. I’ve already posted specific suggestions for modifying the existing Ryker. However, I wanted to also suggest taking a close look at the Think Tank Mirrorless mover 30 for the unusual orientation of the flap and zippered closing for ideas. The bag size is almost identical to the Ryker but, while losing out on style to the Wotencraft bag, it has some compelling functional advantages for my use:
    – Lighter
    – More space efficient with thinner padding and thinner dividers (but does need to be about an inch deeper to better fit mounted zooms on A7 bodies as I also suggested for the Ryker)
    – Faster and more efficient to work out of due to not having to mess with the flap to get access to the main compartment

    I think this design would lend itself to a thin 100% leather flap laminated to a waterproof Goretex type layer underneath as others have suggested. The sides could be similar or even just leather and would give the bag an all leather look while being worn. The back and bottom might be of lighter water resistant material.

    Please keep the design sleek and not too big except for a longer strap for tall people.

  34. Looking over the current bag lineup on Wotancraft website, there are no sling style camera bags. Based off the current designs, simplicity (on the outside of the bag) is the current trend. Please continue with this unless there is another line of bags in the future that will have more zippers, pockets, and pouches. Aesthetics aside, add more functional and security features like customizable dividers, interior zipper pockets, RFID shielding, slash proof exterior and strap, and zipper locks. I probably missed a lot of things but this type of bag would fit my needs and cater more to my shooting style.

  35. I’d like to see easy access, room for water bottle, wallet, smartphone, travel documents, and a full size (9.7″) iPad.

  36. Removable side pocket for water bottle or a p&s camera
    zipper on the flap. Maybe for passport sunglasses or something.
    Easy access. Something like the Peak Design Messenger Bag or maybe a better way to make it.

    I’m shooting more and more film today and I’m afraid of those X-ray scanners at the airport or anywhere. Is there a possibility that wotancraft could make a version of ryker or even an accessory such as Film-Safe interior. Domke has film-safe bag or pouch for films under ISO3200. Could Wotancraft make an interior with such material for some film-shooters. I think the film rangefinder and film p&s cameras are still mirrorless.

  37. make the backpack version of wotancraft. with anti-theft system, then make a slash proof of inside the bag to protect from carry sharp things that carry inside the bag, also make something to make easy to charge the phone using powerbank without open the bag or take off the bag from the back. also make a shortcut zipper for taking or put a lense, without take off the bag from the back,

  38. Hi Steve….
    I’m a Nikon D3X/D3S user (can*t afford Leica’s)… and have been a Domke f3/6 user forever…
    So i hope it’s fine that I come with some input?)
    1.some new buckles for the strap (maybe fixed?)
    2. a shorter strap for carrying it as a handbag
    3. a way to mount a tripod under the bag

    Love your vids…
    Thx man

  39. I have the current Ryker in brown. It’s great and I’m very happy with it. I fit my camera, 4 lenses, finders, filters and other essentials.

    However, I wouldn’t walk around with the Ryker all day because it is just so heavy, even if I’m only carrying a couple of lenses; a lot of this weight is down to the strap and I’m sure weight can be saved here.

    i also think a slightly smaller model would be great. Personally I don’t need the height of the Ryker given the size of my camera and the size of the lenses. However, I wouldn’t want to compromise on the level of padding currently provided. I think two front flaps in the current design is unnecessary ,especially considering both are behind the flap- I’d just keep the zipped front pocket. This would help reduce the depth of the bag.

    So lighter and slightly smaller without compromising padding or current padding and, most importantly QUALITY. This would give mea bag to take everywhere.

  40. ·Make it light weight (but of course still strong), because it’s for a mirrorless camera.
    ·Think about what mirrorless system it is designed for and then decide about the size. M43 owners would probably prefer smaller than Sony or … Hasselblad X1D owners. And some people want to bring all their lenses as well as other extra stuff (water bottle probably), while others just bring a credit card, a camera with small prime lens, and a memory card. You can’t design one bag for everyone. Some actually want a Raven…
    ·Give it a closure that can easily and quickly be handled with 1 hand. Magnets are annoying when they are too strong, but the more comfortable ones won’t make you feel safe. So I’d prefer a non magnetic closure. How then? I don’t know. Needs to be invented?
    ·Of course messenger bag style.

  41. I bought my Ryker in 2011, and an Etan in 2013. The Ryker is nicer, but in practice I use the Etan more:
    – the shorter flap is more practical. Possibly get rid of the flap altogether for a quick-open dual-top-zip design.
    – nice carry handle (I did get the optional carry-handle for the Ryker so many commenters seem to be unaware of, BTW).
    – proper iPad compartment

    My main problem with the Ryker is it is too small. The slightly larger size of the Etan makes a huge difference.

    Secondly, the padding and dividers are too thick and fiddly, wasting precious space. I am not fond of velcro-based inner divider systems. Areas made a bag for Leica with a very intelligent divider system:they are very thin, captive and slide around two canvas rails on the long sides of the bag. This way you don’t lose the dividers, they add next to no bulk, but are very effective at dividing the bag for organizational purposes and can be repositioned at the drop of a hat.

    An alternative would be to replace the dividers by an insert that secures to the side of the bag with snaps. You could then offer a custom made-to-order inserts based on the camera and lenses the user wants to use.

    Get rid of the zip on the back – it only adds bulk and realistically that pocket can’t hold much. Turn it into an external iPad pocket (with a leather tab and snap to prevent it from falling out.

    Add brass feet at the bottom.

  42. I would look at how Fogg bags have the shoulder strap sown all the way around the sides and bottom. It is a very overlooked design and makes a huge, huge difference in how the weight of the bag feels on the shoulder. The strap connects on the sides is not ideal at all.

  43. Leather is outmoded for so many reasons. There are so many better materials for camera bags now that it is a step backward to promote a leather bag. Cameras are getting smaller and weight is a big issue. But there are so many others like weather resistance or the fact that you need to skin an animal in this day and age to achieve a bag when better materials exists.

  44. What I’d like to see would be colour coded pockets for used batteries and memory card’s. Red for used . Green for charged etc .. Best of luck with the project

  45. Easy access to the inside with no zips, locks or other (So a zip that when you are out you can leave open with say just a flap to cover). Somewhere for mobile phone and wallet that is secure.
    Artisan & Artist have the nearest to a perfect bag IMO. What I didn’t like about my old Wotancraft was : Lots of zips to gain access, unnecessary waterproofing (I walk in the rain but not tropical storms), canvas that didn’t age gracefully. Too many pockets that you don’t use and zips that scratch

    Personally I want enough room for M with lens attached plus one more lens or two M’s with lenses attached and enough room for cloths, batteries, keys, wallet mobile phone. I’d like it to be comfortable and not too thick against the body. Oh and well designed flexible interior that is easy to hoover and clean

  46. I agree that the bag is way too heavy, it needs to be made much lighter. I’d also do away with the leather strap fastener across the front, using velco to fasten the main flap. I’d also put a carrying strap handle across across the top, like the Think Tank bags.

  47. A lighter bag at first; AUSTRI ALPIN GT Cobra® 100% polymer buckles instead of those heavy metal buckles, lighter leather, brass nobs/feets under, add-on puches on the sides (aka Billinghams), brighter colours on the interior.

    I have the Ryker, satisfied (but still a tad heavy) and it does withstand the condition of harsh Arctic winter days up here in Northern Norway.

  48. I love my Ryker but I can’t use it for my Fuji X-T1 with battery pack. I would like to see the main compartment about 20 mm ‘thicker’ (ie, wider from front to back). Wouldn’t mind losing the front pocket but keep rear for mini iPad. Whatever you come up with I’ll probably buy it! Keep the glorious violet interior please.

  49. Mirrorless cameras are popular because of their smaller size and weight; the Ryker in leather needs to shed about half its weight. I own several patents in this technology but it is all on a gratis basis for Ryker. Start with a thinner layer of leather; then perforate the leather to reduce the weight by another 30-40%; then provide a layer of Goretex fabric on the inside of leather to make it water proof. Bingo, you have a strengthened bag, half the weight, stronger and totally water proof. Pay same attention to hardware and strap. Use aluminum hardware instead of steel and trim the strap also.

  50. Your bags are the best, have 9 of them . Remember I ask for the reyker bag in different colors navy& red or gray& red about 1 year ago. Keep them all leather they look and feel great. I will put in my order as soon as I see the new creation! Jeff a.

    • Another big fan, top Jeff!
      I have the Ryker, Commander, Paratrooper and Ranger. And a Grenadier.
      I wonder if you have the Thor and can you give any comparison to the Ryker?
      Also, do you use HoldFast Moneymaker?
      Any comparison with their Roamographer?

      • LUNA i have the THOR it is a bit $ but you pay for the best. if you need to hold alot and want to have people admire the bag it is the one for you. JEFF A.

        • Thanks for the info Jeff.
          I see I made a mistake in my previous post.
          What I wanted to ask is if you have the Ranger as well and if you could give me a comparison between the Ranger and Thor in size and use.

  51. I have owned the Black Ryker ever since I first saw it here on Steve Huff Photo. I concur with Steve, it’s my favorite and most used bag of all that I own and have owned.

    Honestly, it is tough to think about significant changes which would add clutter and weight to what is nearly a perfect bag. I don’t mind the current weight, so removing leather in favor of canvas is a turn off to me. If you want a lighter bag, Wotancraft has many leather/canvas options.

    That said, I have just a few suggestions:

    1. Add a Black/Red color combination as mentioned previously. I have a luigi black/red strap and it’s a gorgeous combo.

    2. Remove the iPad flap, it’s more of a nuisance than a need.

    3. DO NOT ADD exterior pockets. Anything of substance/size will ruin it’s sleek and svelte look.

    4. Consider a small pocket on the inside of the large flap or interior zippered cover, for memory cards, cords, etc, small items that get lost in the big pockets.

    5. Maybe modify the large flap securing strap to simply secure from each side with two smaller straps , one from each side with a slit/ and rivet style.

    6. I definitely like the hand strap idea many have mentioned.

    7. Also I concur with the previous comments regarding the Grenadier. This is a handy little bag but agree that it is a bit too large for me and could be more convenient in a smaller size with simpler flaps/straps, etc. Now to address previous comments about adding side pockets to the Ryker. Why not go more modular. Create a grenadier-like line, matching the Ryker in two sizes with more complimentary attaching hardware to the Ryker. Now that would be really appealing; two sizes of Ryker/Grenadier attaching bags that can be added or removed from either side in compliment or used independently.

    8. I have also thought the Ryker would be awesome in 3 sizes; the current two, plus one just slightly larger (somebody previously mentioned this, longer and a bit deeper, but not any wider) , however after my comments in #7 above, maybe leave well enough alone size-wise and just go with the modular add-ons.

    Anyway, thanks for listening Wotancraft, and as long as you are reading these. How about a HIGH END messenger in similar design to the Ryker, all leather with the same gorgeous interior with a modular insert like the Ranger (but finished like the Ryker) that can be taken out so that bag can be used as a conventional messenger or camera bag. I would buy that in a heart beat.

  52. I have a Scout. Love the bag and I am not sure how it applies to the Ryker. I somehow manage to my whole kit (2 zooms, 3 primes) into a that bag. It also has the waterproof liner. The internal tablet pocket is hard to use. the off center handle makes it rough to grab quickly. The front pockets are awesome for holding them. The strap could be better if it was just a bit wider and thicker—the pad might not even be needed if a wider webbed strap was used.

    Though the real reason I don’t own a Ryker is probably because I have no reason to get another. Just awesome as bag.

  53. a waterproof protection, lighter weight.
    I’d love Wotancraft to do a leather backbag as well. That could be a great idea and quite a unique product.

  54. The bag is very close to being perfect and I enjoy to use it. Just 2 points: I would like it to be a little bit bigger – the internal depth should be around 14cm instead of 9cm. And I like the idea of additional dividers to allow the stacking of small lenses.

  55. It seems you convinced a lot of people here, Steve!

    I own a Raven and never used a Ryker, but I guess that if I bought a larger bag, I’d like some flexibility to carry more things, like a bottle of water. A flexible system similar to Hold Fast, with pouches that can be attached on the sides would be nice. But it needs to stay classy like the current version, so I’m not sure it’s possible.
    And I don’t know if I’m just clumsy, but I damaged just a little the fabric used in the top edges of the lining with the Velcro of a divider. Maybe the Velcro is of to good quality!

    Anyway, I love my Raven. Keep doing this kind of job Wotancraft! Exactly what Steve says: makes you happy to go out and shoot!

  56. My thoughts are ;
    1) Lighter in weight.
    2) Speedier to open
    3) More customisable interior dividers
    4) Tripod holding straps
    5) Removable camera insert- enables the bag to be used in other ways.
    6) Waterproof cover or treatment
    7) Secure locking
    8) Carry handle
    9) Use the strap to also hold the camera but allow it to slide up and down the strap for quicker use
    10) Available in camera manufacturers colour ways.

  57. I owned this bag too, my wish list for version 2 would be the following:

    1) Lighter in weight.
    2) Fully adjustable strap.
    3) removable insert
    4) slightly increase the bag dimension
    4i) Width maybe 3 to 5cm more
    4ii) height maybe 1 to 3cm more

  58. I just got my Ryker last week in Taipei. I got the brown one. Praises to their store. It is a very elegant store. I also got the Peak design a few weeks back.

    This is my view in agreement with some comments above

    Needs to fit/have the following to fit my daily bag requirements…
    1. Water bottle 500mL (can be inside if made a little bigger no need hanging water outside this will destroy the look and feel)
    2. Zipper on top
    3. Macbook Pro (compact at the back which will make the inside bigger for a water bottle)
    4. Back holder for stroller during travel (don’t know how it is called)
    5. Light weight rain coat with compact space to put it somewhere inside
    6. Somewhere to compress the shoulder strap or strap on and become a handle of some sort.
    7. Do not use the moving shoulder cushion as this in my opinion doesn’t work. Maybe a better designed one or if bigger the strap will be wider.
    8. Do not have a metal adjustable should strap. I don’t know how this can be improved but the one peak design use is so useful but also metal. Note because it hits the camera on your neck then scratches the camera when swinging.
    9. Cellphone and Battery pack side compact container since our smart phone always looses battery we can put it on the side and charge. This can also be used for earphones hanging when we listen to music while walking. We can also strap this on the shoulder strap.
    10. Compact small umbrella strap.

    *** all the above while maintaining the most light compact leather high-end design.


    1. Perfect size for an M9 or an A7II and 1 or 2 lens (really perfect and it holds them securely inside)
    2. Beautiful leather
    3. Light weight (compared to other leather bags)
    4. Beautiful material used inside


    1. see above suggestion in my opinion important for MY lifestyle.


    I love Wotancraft and hate Steve for introducing this wonderful bag in his website which is my goto site besides JCH.

  59. I currently own the brown Ryker & I love it! It’s the best bag I have & the best bag I’ve found anywhere online. I started out with the ONA … it was great too but not as well made & pretty as the Wotancraft bags. The following are changes that I believe will make the bag even better (although as is would be perfect anyway):
    1) A Burgandy or Blood Velvet interior for the brown Ryker instead of brown velvet.
    2) Please don’t have any mesh or canvas! Keep the Pebble Grain Leather! The weight is fine. Leather looks & feels better. Maybe adding sheepskin leather but nothing else.
    3) IMPORTANT —–> I love the look of the Paratrooper bag. It’s the sexiest bag EVER in my opinion but isn’t as convenient & useful as the Ryker. If you can make the Ryker look a little more adventurous while keeping it elegant, then please do it. It looks too plain, almost like a purse. I’m thinking of a bag that I can dress up with (suit & tie) and dress down with (denim jeans & t-shirt). Think of a Tan Leather Derby Semi-wingtip Brogue Shoe. You can wear with a suit but you can wear it with jeans! The dual zipper on the top of the Ryker bag is great but it goes too far behind the bag that I sometimes find it difficult zipping it back up with one hand when the bag is full. <——-IMPORTANT
    8) Tempurpedic (or some high quality memory foam or memory foam grinded with cork) cushion for the shoulder pad
    9) Water bottle pocket on sides (expandable pockets?) but if it will make the bag more bulky or tacky then DON'T DO IT.
    10) Keep the length of the top flap! Don't change it please!
    11) Side note: If you guys can make a more user friendly website for both phone & PC, that would be great! The menus are a little confusing & I can't click & go through the photos of your products. Some bags I find in multiple categories. Great example of a great website is http://www.bhphotovideo.com/
    12) If anything, follow #3 & #7.

    ************ Thanks Steve Huff for introducing me to the World of Wotancraft (reminds me of World of Warcraft haha).

  60. Hum….maybe find a way to fit a full size iPad ….lose the little flap on the interior iPad pocket…sometimes things get stuck on it….a little more room on front pocket (maybe a few internal, elastic pockets in the front section to keep things organized)…a real waterproof membrane in between the leather and inner lining material….waterproof zipper for outside pocket….have the front flap so water can’t get in the sides of bag …adjustable deviders (not sure about this one as I hate Velcro )… add a black and red version….

  61. I am one of the owner of this bag myself. I love everything as Steve said on the video. I like design and functionality of this bag. The size is perfect. The only one aspect for me is weight. If it can be lighter, it will be perfect bag for me. May b combination leather and other lighter material can help to reduce weight while keep the style of this bag.

  62. The Ryker is a very good bag as is the Raven. For me, the improvements I would like to see in the Ryker are, in order of importance:
    1. Lighter weight (which probably means mixed materials with leather trim)
    2. About 1 inch deeper so my zooms will more easily fit while mounted on an A7R2)
    3. Add a hand strap
    4. Thinner retention flap on the iPad pocket (I cut mine off to get less bulk)

  63. Agree with pockets on the sides for water bottle or sunglasses –could be a leather panel with expanding mesh sides to the pocket. Also not sold on the metal zippers — would prefer a quicker opening inner top flap without metal to scratch contents.


  64. I want is a sleek lightweight bag that fits camera, mobile phone, wallet, and travel documents. Apart from securing the camera and its accessories, it is also important to make sure that wallet and travel documents are well secured and easy to reach because the owner will bring the bag everywhere.

  65. Buy a Billingham Digital and study it; good protection from rain (the cover is just that, it folds over the ends, unlike many bags where the water just runs in) and, importantly, it caters to the ethos of mirrorless with its small size.
    You’ll have to leave the kitchen sink behind, but that’s the idea (if you’re desperate, an Avea pouch is designed for attachment via the provided leather slots).

    And as it ages, it looks even classier.

  66. I would to have a bag which has two levels. The upper level is able to hold two cameras (PEN F & EM-1 for me) with lenses attached, and the lower levels having compartments for two or three prime lenses. The bag thus is deep and thin.

  67. How about partnering with Peak Design and making a leather version of the Everyday Messenger Bag 🙂

  68. Able to stand on it’s own without falling flat, mesh water bottle pocket, will be nice if the leather has rain proof treatment.

    • Is the spring clip safe ? I have seen this type of the spring clip broken on the T hinge (on a laptop bag) broken off after sometime. The sudden broke off and drop to the floor is not a very pleasant experience

  69. Minimalism. Just a minimalist design. Three sizes: small, medium and large. Three colors: Black, Brown and Gray. Waterproof. No zipper, no bukcer, no metal snap hook. Just Magnets. Interior in Tartan in three main colors in tribute to Manufactures around the world: Red (Canon/Leica/Voigtlander/Fujifilm/Ricoh/Pentax), Yellow (Nikon/Olympus/Hasselblad) and Blue (Zeiss/Sony/Olympus/Panasonic). And Silk, individuals black silk bags for lenses and cameras. Simple and sophisticated.

    • I have exactly the same opinion, perfect recommendation! THX to Eduardo. I would like to add two issues. 1. Black has to be real deep black. The color of my ryker ist absolute to bright. 2. Please renounce the Bi-Colour – Design (Black – Brown). The bag has to be minimalistic: best materials, best craftsmanship, one color: reduce to the max.

      Best regards


    • I agree on smaller.
      I had the raven for my mini system (gm5+5 lenses), but didn’t like the design so much as the ryker, with I love.
      Returned the raven and got an ona (different but ok).

      So make me a Mini Ryker Minimalist. And of course the bigger sizes!
      One color leather. Straight zipper labels. Straight forward interior, just some dividers and small space for cards and batteries. Straight wide strap.
      I like the double dust closing with the zipper.
      Look forward to the new design.
      Go Wotancraft!

  70. I wish I could see one in person…by the photos looks awesome just like that…There’s one thing I like a lot in all my bags (camera or not) pockets!
    Like you said, Steve, if there’s a way of adding pockets on each side without being too bulky…maybe if the pockets are inside with a zipper or flap outside but not visible from the outside…and removable inserts for accessories…an extra pocket just for your smartphone somewhere…and yes,waterproof leather….
    I can’t wait…

    • I don’t have one but they seem to look like women’s handbags. The mirror would be appropriate for that:). If the new design looked less like a handbag I might consider buying one.

      • My wife wants this bag when she saw it on-screen (no escaping now!). Are they designed more for the female and metrosexual inner city market?

        • Id say the owners of the bag are probably 90% men going by all whom I know that bought it (quite a few). Its not designed for women, I feel it is designed for anyone but LOADS of men own it 😉

  71. The weight is one thing I backed down to purchase ryker, instead I chose the messenger for daily and the avenger for traveling.

    What I like about ryker are the quality of the interior, soft purple/maroon finished is superb, back zippered pocket, double front pockets and the strap.

    What it should added and improve are top handle to carry the bag (onabags handle looks good), sometimes the zippered flap get in the way for fast access (I like the messenger design flap), the leather added a weight and thickness, mixing with W.A.L canvas should reduce weight overall. I found the bag at this size ideally should be weight around 900g – 1100g. The size should be a bit shorter (for mirrorless don’t need tall bag), width should be a bit wider, length is perfect.

    The top 3 should be in camera bag IMO : top handle, back pocket for easy access and less weight.

    Thank you for letting us sharing.

  72. Here are things I could suggest to have and not have.

    No canvas parts or substitutions, sorry, i know it would make the bag a bit lighter, but they already have the city explorer series that has canvas & leather. This is all about all leather here.

    I say #1 improvement is a carry handle… best addition they made on their most recent updated Scout bag, which didn’t have it before.. so many times when I had the old Scout bag and carrying in & out of car and when I got to my destination, I wished a handle was there to more easily maneuver it to where I needed it instead of hanging onto the dangly long shoulder strap or grabbing bag with both hands to set it in place.

    Maybe a pair of utility straps underneath to carry a light tripod or even rolled up jacket?

    No pockets on the sides. It’s probably going to add bulk if you want to be of any use, and if too small or low profile, they could be too tight and practically useless. I refer to the Scout bag, again.. the original model used to have pockets on the left & right sides, but they were so tight and hard to open and fit anything in, they were never used.. I think that’s why they got rid of them on their latest update to the Scout.

    How about a convertible strap system.. You’ve probably seen a small handful of messenger bags that have a strap that can be sort of folded and crossed and made into a backpack style strap.. could make for easier more ergonomic carrying when you know you’ll be walking long and far with it and don’t necessarily want to have the weight of the bag hanging off of 1 shoulder all the time. Or, have an optional interchangeable strap system if the shoulder strap is not convertible to backpack style. Look online, but I always thought the way this guy made custom leather shoulder straps to carry the Ranger in backpack style was pretty cool. maybe something like this somehow? You’ll see what I’m talking about within the first few pictures up top.

    Maybe even something like what Hold Fast makes, how you can use the money maker to attach their bag to.. but, you may not necessarily want to have this particular bag hang quite so low.

    Lastly, I’m not sure if I would really want this as it may make the outside a little too busy with extra zippers. Some people have problem with messenger bags as the accessibility often has a hindrance with the main outer flap cover access to the main compartment.. you have to flip this wide piece out of the way.. that’s why some have zippers to access through the main outer flap. It might work, but I think if you know you’ll need access to your camera.. you either open the bag up and keep flap hanging open on the other side (probably between your body and the bag) or you have your camera out and in hands or around your neck ready.

    My thoughts.. btw, love my Wotancraft bags too.. have owned 7 of them.. considered many other bags, but always went with Wotancraft as my camera bag of choice.

    • As I posted below, you can hook it up to your MoneyMaker just like you would a HF Sightseer but iindded it hangs low which I like, I do it all the time with all my Wotancraft bags.

      A solution might be to use 2 HF camaera leashes (the ones you use for adding a third camera on your chest) and put them through the two D-rings on the back of your shoulders which are not used now anyway. That would place your Wotancraft bag higher on your back with the MoneyMaker.

      The MoneyMaker – Leash – Maven system is incredibly versatile and compatible.

  73. I have a Ryker, Ranger and Paratrooper for shoulder bags as well as a Commander backpack.
    I love them like hell (else I wouldn’t buy them all) and have no idea how they can improve their gear.

    I sometimes carry them as a shoulder bag and one camera around my other shoulder with a Maven strap.
    I often use my MoneyMaker with two cameras attached to longer portrait sliders and use the standard sliders to hook up one of my Wotencraft bags behind me, just like you would use HoldFast’s Sightseer bag which I actually had but immediately returned because I prefer Wotancraft for bags. Fantastic system.
    Nothing against Hold Fast of course, I have a complete set (all mahogany bison leather) MoneyMaker, two wrist straps (leash) and two Maven. The quality of their leather, craftmanship and design for everything strap related is amazing.

    BUT: I do have one wish concerning Wotancraft though.
    For now I am using their Grenadier hooked up to my belt as a wallet and phone pouch. Suits me fine but could be a little smaller and specifically tailored as a phone pouch with built in wallet compartment (and no, not the kind of flip-open wallet). I tried the HF Explorer Wallet but that was huge like a women’s wallet so my wife uses it now and HF Sightseer Cell Pouch Small which was too smal to fit enough wallet stuff in it.
    I wish Wotancraft designe something between the HF Cell Pouch and Wotancraft Grenadier …
    Make my wish come true! 🙂

  74. I’ve owned my Ryker for about 2 years now and it’s easily my favorite bag ever. I’m glad I already own one and wouldn’t change a thing. My suggestion is that if you do change up its size by adding pockets, that you continue to offer the original one as an option as well. Thanks again for an outstanding bag, regards, Mike.

  75. Any mirrorless bag should consider that the lenses are very small but you might have plenty of them.
    In most bags the compartments are too big. Stacking is often the best albeit not most comfortable way of doing it. But for that you need to be able to insert Velcro dividers very flexibly. Horizontally, vertically, any way.

    I’ve had many bags where I had to come up with wild solutions to keep all the little lenses in place yet accessible.

    • I agree very much regarding the additional flexibility to provide for additional dividers to allow for stacking small lenses. Also, multiple padded sleeves (perhaps on the inside of the zippered top) for storing filters would be welcome.

  76. How about a removable handle like thingy like the one on ONA’s The Prince Street? I think it will be useful if a photographer just needs to grab the bag quickly and place it somewhere else.

    And I’m not sure how this will work, and it’s a personal preference. But I will prefer my sling or messenger bags to have a zip at the top. So that I can have quick access to my gear without lifting the front flap.

  77. I’ll second the comment about water bottle – absolutely essential.

    Also I like what Hawkesmill have done with the removable insert on their bags. Keeps all the camera equipment nice and tidy but gives another life to the bag for other uses.

  78. A zippered pouch on the side that expands when opened to accommodate a 500ml water bottle; useful when photographing on the street (in hot countries) and you need a sip of water, etc. When not in use, you just zip it up and the bag goes back to the more compact dimension.

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