Leica M60 Special edition with 35 1.4 Stainless Steel Summilux, still in stock.

Leica M60 Special edition with 35 1.4 Stainless Steel Summilux, still in stock.

If anyone out there is still interested in the Leica M60 Special Edition M, B&H still has a few in stock at a reduced price of $15,999. $2500 off. Yes, $15,999, lol. Sounds nuts but a standard M 262 is $5995 and if you buy a standard 35 Lux, add-on another $5k coming in at over $11k. This edition comes with the Stainless Steel M60 (which is similar to the M-D 262, no LCD, no Video, NO JPEG) and what is really special here is the Stainless Steel 35 1.4 Summilux bundled with it, which is the real collectible here. Click here to see the details..


Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.24.12 PM


  1. I remember local stores had “Ein Stück Leica” oder M6J on display for years, finally at substantial discounts from the original asking price.

    Fabricated collectors’ items no longer are a safe business for Leica, even less for the investors. There were just too many of them, and a recurring stream of new ones. But they bring Leica into the industry news, even when there is no technical innovation to report.

  2. Strange to see that Leica has still not succeeded to sell 600 pieces of this set in nearly 2 years time!

  3. Hi Steve, thanks much for the great review of the MD 262, I am looking forward to read the second part of it.
    Concerning the question whether to get an M60 or the MD262 + 35mm Lux. Which one would you take, assuming for a moment that they are equal in price?
    I think the M60 is even closer to the idea of going back to the essentials because it does neither offer continuous shooting mode nor exposure compensation via the additional thumb wheel.
    Do you think, the M60 would be as “practical” as the MD262, i.e. ready to be used in daily life? In this context, I would not care about the “missing eyes for a carrying strap” because I would just use the tripod thread for a strap/bag.
    As far as I know, other differences are:
    – M60 should be slightly heavier
    – M60 has 2GByte, MD-262 1GByte of memory
    – M60 might have no image field selector?
    Thanks much,

      • Thanks much for your opinion. I am just afraid of a couple of “minor” issues when one would think of using the m60 for daily photography, such as

        – Is Leica going to update firmware as often for the m60 as for the md262, considering there are only 600 pieces around?

        – Are people not going to stare to much at the m60 when using it as “routine camera”?

        – Will the m60 still look good with other lenses? The md262 might be more neutral in that respect.

        – When carrying it around, maybe the slight difference in weight makes actually a difference?

        Well, let’s see. I’ll go back to my dealer this week and see how much the price difference actually is. Afterwards, it might be easier to take a decision.

        • The M60 will be heavier, and black lenses on it may look funny, though maybe not. I have not had much experience with it. The weight could make a difference. Let us know what you think after checking out both options, if you do. Thanks!

        • I think the M60 does not ha a power/battery indicator. Leica salesman has told me that the firmware updates from M240 would be applicable on the M60. I have a slight reservation about these issues. That’s why I have not purchased one. However, it is a gorgeous camera.

  4. You think we get 50% off if we do a group buy? ;P

    Man, you really gave me a bad case of GAS for an M9 262 or M-D with Nocticron while I don’t have the skill to use it. Bad influence you are Sir!

    I was the one that wrote you the mail about a used mint Nocticron I saw priced 6000€.
    Is that a bargain or normal. And if it is, how good is that bargain?

    • You mean noctilux? Nocticron is Panasonic micro 4/3 lens. For a mint noctilux €6000 seems good bargain although I can get one new for a bit more than €6000

      • I stand corrected, Noctilucx of course.
        I know, I have the PanaLeica.

        But if you can get a new one for about the same price how can the mint one be a good bargain?
        If I look here in the EU I see proices well over 10k€ for a new one …

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