Bag Giveaway Daily Inspiration #8 by Victor van Raam

Bag Giveaway Daily Inspiration #8

by Victor van Raam

Hello Steve,

I have been following your site for quite a few years now and I believe its save to say; YOU GOT ME ON GAS :). Don’t get me wrong, I have accepted it and it just a big fun part of my daily routines.

I will not give you a summary of the gear I bought and sold the past year but would like to use the opportunity to share on one of my first regrets; selling my Voigtlander 21mm F1.8 Ultron.

My passion for photography lies in everyday snaps. Each time I take another I try to make it better. I’m also alway’s in search of the new holy grail of lenses and since my switch from M4/3 to Sony A7s, the options for glass became bigger and my so did my appetite. Because of that, I buy all of my gear second hand. You’ll be amazed what great deals you can get. I was googling reviews for 21mm lenses one day and read about this the 21mm Ultron. Couldn’t be coincidence one was offered through (Dutch kind of e-bay) for like 50% off new. As my wallet allowed it that day I just took a dive and bought it. I figured to make a few bucks anyway if I didn’t like it so much.

Half a year later I’m sitting here, writing my first daily inspiration about something I regret selling. I did use it extensively in that period, then I read about some other lenses,.. in a moment of weakness I put it up for sale and before you know it, it left my inventory.

This was the first time ever regretting selling something.

I guess there are probably more readers that work the way I do. I just want to say to each of them; Think twice before switching gear! Have you really lost your interest in it? Do you really think you will love something else more? Take it out for a spin one more time before you let it go, you might regret it forever 😉

In memoriam, here are some pics I snapped with this wonderful lens:

Victor van Raam-1

Victor van Raam-2

Victor van Raam-3

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Victor van Raam


  1. Hi Viktor, lovely images…and I wouldn’t know how much because of your ‘seeing’ and how much for the lens.
    That being said, there are times when some piece of gear grows on you and gets seamlessly integrated to your style of shooting.
    But, call it a quirk or whatever, a different piece of the same gear may not produce (arouse) the same synergy as the earlier one. It has happened with me.
    Nevertheless, wish you all the luck in your quest !!!

    • Thank you! btw, I have now set up several alerts online to make sure I dont mis out when somebody puts it up for sale again hahaha.

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