A Leica M10 field test by Tomer Vaknin


A Leica M10 field test

By Tomer Vaknin

(From Steve: The Leica M10 reports keep on coming! Since it is the hot new camera and I have a large Leica readership here, there will be more to come. Thank you)

Hi Steve!

I just back from Berlin (again lol) after ordering a fly ticket to buy the new Leica M10 from my favorite Leica store in Berlin.

I just want to share with you and the readers my street photos from this amazing new M and this amazing city.

Im not going to write any review because I read you Part 1 and now Part 2 of your M10 review and you did an amazing job like always. So I just share with you some of my pictures and let you judge for yourself.

My bottom line is that the Leica M10 is the best M I ever used and actually the best camera I ever had. Leica really nail this 🙂

Im still importing all of my SD cards from this trip but I will share more pictures on my Facebook page so you all welcome to check it too.


Thank you very much!

Tomer Vaknin


  1. Thx Tomer – really like the pics. Did you do much in post processing or are theyclose to how Lightroom or whatever Raw editing software you use delivers?

    I am really looking forward to trying mine out (have it on order).

  2. Very nice street pics great! Did you find a huge improvement about colors, skin tones and pop between SL and M10? Or they are quite the same?

  3. Image quality is A1!! I want an m10 more and more now. I was going to pick up a slightly used m240 in LA but I feel like I might as well drop the extra money and get what I really want. Those images just look incredible with so much pop

  4. I also very much appreciate your post. And, for those asking about the lenses, take Tomer’s link to his Facebook page where at least some of these shots are posted and he states that he’s using the Summilux 1.4 50 and 35 lenses.

  5. Tomer,

    Love the photo’s! Really captured people’s personality and thoughts. Love the colour rendition from the M10 and lenses.

    I was hoping for some advice as well. I am hoping to buy a film Leica. I have a 90mm Summicron which I have been adapting to my Sony a7 recently.
    Just wondering if anyone has had hands on experience with film Leica’s and what your thoughts are?



  6. A nice assortment of images – I like the man on the train and the two girls on their computers.
    I was expecting a more radical M10 with a Fuji like hybrid range finder and Leica T interface.
    However since I am more traditionalist I am happy and think the camera is better as is.
    Seems like Leica have listened to their intended customers which is a great step forward for them.
    All their cameras are now getting great reviews M10 Q and SL – maybe they will do a mirror less S model with a larger sensor and a revamped T who knows ? but for Leica M folk like me the M10 looks the best M ever.
    I cannot afford one but will be in the marker for a 240 and the odd lens ?

  7. Great popping colors they are wonderfull.
    I’m wondering to about the lenses influence on it?

    PS: mirrors are definitively leica’s shooters selfie-sticks !

  8. I really love how this combo renders the life colours!
    And I do enjoy how you see the world through the viewfinder 🙂

    thanks for sharing

  9. I’d say it’s a noctilux 50 mm focal length on blue hair dude possibly 35 summilux on other shots
    Again people’s when you show us pics most of us are really interested in the lenses you used thank you
    Especially since it’s really about what Leica glass you have specifically so you can make some sort of reasonable assessment thanks in advance

  10. Thank you for sharing these great pictures. As a 240 owner, though, I hate you for making me want to upgrade… I am also curious as to the lens used – do let us know if possible.

  11. Thanks for sharing. To appreciate how the camera works with various lenses, we need to know what lenses you used to make these images.

    • Im sorry I forget to mention the lenses I use.

      Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH
      Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH

      Thank you very much for you reply

    • Thank you.
      I forget to mention the lenses that I use.

      Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH
      Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH

    • “..to know what lenses you used to make these images..”

      Larry, you just need to look at the EXIF details ..or a chap with your experience could look at any of these pics and immediately say “50mm f1.4” and “35mm f1.4”. No?

  12. Judging by these photos, the M10 looks to be a very special camera. If only Leica had gotten rid of that rangefinder and replaced it with the SL’s EVF, and added 5 AXIS IBIS, it would have been untouchable IMO.

    • I completely agree. This would be my dream camera. The rangefinder has had its day. It just doesn’t make sense anymore.

      • “The rangefinder has had its day. It just doesn’t make sense anymore.” Just for what it’s worth, that may be true and applicable for what you shoot, but not for everyone. I’d even go so far as to say not for a lot of photographers.

        I for one can focus faster and more accurately with a RF than I can with an EVF. Being a father of a toddler on the move, a RF has provided with a higher ‘keep’ rate of my in focus photos as compared to other systems – OVF SLR or EVF mirrorless.

        Not meant to inflame, but just another view point. Leica is a business to make money. They’re now providing EVF options because they recognize the market will buy their goods and make them money. But they, for the same reason, make RF(s) still because there is still a market of photographers that will buy their cameras and make them money.

    • I totally agree with this. I was really looking forward to this camera. But no EVF is a deal breaker and I don’t want the external one.

      • I’m still puzzled by this. They make the SL, it has essentially the same IQ as the M10. Why wouldn’t you just buy that one instead? If you don’t want a rangefinder, the SL has the best EVF out there… As far as IBIS goes… who needs that with an M? you can already shoot handheld at 1/15th with out any issues.

  13. Tomer … Thanks for sharing the photos and your views on the new M10. As a long-time M240 user, I can definitely see a bit more POP on your photos from the previous model. Several people are saying this and its definitely there, but I’m beginning to wonder whether the choice of lens has anything to do with it. Do you think it does? Just curious.

    • Thank you Eric.

      I don’t think the lenses have anything with this amazing IQ I get. I use the same lenses (Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH and Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH) with my M240, M9 AND M9 Mono and the only time I do get this kind of POP and colors was with the M10 and my old SL,

      Sure Leica lenses are amazing but this results can’t come only from the lenses and what ever camera you put them (SL, SONY A7, M240 or any thing else)

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