Next Week, new Reviews…

Next Week, new Reviews…

Hey all! Been a crazy busy week for me so not so many updates but next week I will be back with some new reviews and a couple new guest reviews. Myself I will be taking a look at all three ultra wide Voigtlander lenses for the Sony E Mount. The 10mm, 12mm and 15mm. I will be testing all three this week and weekend and will share my thoughts and images next week. Thanks to Stephen Gandy at Cameraquest for letting me check out the entire line!

Also, a new bag review and it’s a BEAUTY, perfect for a Leica M kit if you want to carry it in style and quality. The Hawkesmill Bond Street has been in my hands and talk about premium build and materials, it does not get much better than this if you want top quality. Hawkesmill only uses and incorporates luxurious materials, such as Scottish Harris Tweed and waterproof canvas, while the unique to Hawkesmill  dual-d ring closure and trigger hook system keeps it all safe, even using a 2nd hook system for those who like to pack a little bit more.

My review next week! I will also be taking a look at the newest bag from COSYSPEED. They have come a long way since they started and have upped the game on their unique style of bag.

I also may have a huge Leica M10 review from none other than Ashwin Rao who has been enjoying his new M for a few weeks now 😉

So next week, lots to come!



  1. Steve, some advise please. I have purchased most of my Leica equipment including those things I have used and then sold, from Ken Hansen. He is terrific! I now have the M-P 240 and the MM 246 and mainly use my 50 mm LE 1.4 and the 35 1.4. If I sell both and buy the M 10 will I get as good B/W conversions from the M 10 as I experience with the MM 246? My motivation is to master one camera and not always be wondering which of my two camera to use, and also to reduce my camera body investment. Do you have experience yet comparing your B/W off the M 10 to what you achieved with the MM 246?

    • Well, I love the MP-240 and the MM 246. Both are great but the area where the M10 ups the ante is in the higher ISO, low light abilities. Also the color and contrast is more Q like than the M 240 which I always saw as a more softer color palette. As for B&W, I sort of like it better from the M10! I was looking over my M 246 files the other day but preferred what I was getting from the M10. I feel the M10 is capable of fantastic B&W conversions and can do more in low light. BUT giving up two cameras for one…I would only do it if you want that extra ISO or different color signature of the 10. Otherwise, the difference is not that huge in real world shooting.

      • Thanks for the rapid reply Steve. I would actually rather carry and make one camera my “own” and am impressed with the smaller size and other improvements in the M10 over the M-P 240. I own an M 7 as well and really like the smaller feel. That is some of my reasoning. I have been considering moving the B/W as my major mode but to have excellent color and B/W in a single unit is really appealing. I have my order in with Ken for an M 10 and understand the wait may well be until April. Thanks again for the excellence of your reviews and for you humanity!

  2. BTW, the Oly EM1 MKII part 2 review is also coming! Been enjoying it with the 8mm fish, 7-14 2.8, 25 1.2 and 300 f/4. LOVE this setup though I need the 75 1.8 to round out the focal lengths ; )

  3. That Hawkesmill bag is interesting – luxurious waterproof canvas like the top of my Jeep? Check!
    Trigger hook system like on my dogs’ leashes? Check!
    And to think all this time I had no idea I was surrounded in so much luxury!

    Happy Friday Steve!

    • Version II was not for E mount. I do not have the V II for M mount, so no comparison. Even if I did it would need a converter and performance would not be nearly as good at the edges, as we already know. This one is made for E mount, so no issues.

    • Yep, still coming but since I wrote nearly everything there is to write and do in Part 1, Part 2 will just go over the things that others have already gone over like high res shot, and RAW files. Part 1 was 10,000 words 😉 So part 2 may be 3000 words. But it is coming within 2 weeks, sorry for the delays! Also a Fuji X100F review will be coming as well. Thanks!

      • Well, sure, I saw that :). But each of them is made for the M mount too, right? Actually I am looking into buying a very wide lens (I have the 21/3.4 as my widest so far), so it is one of those three lenses – I guess their performance on the Sony would be a hint on how they would behave on the M. Are you not curious yourself to see how they would work on your new M10 too? At least it would be great if you could give some recommendations for M users in your review.

      • Just a note to tell you I’m very excited to hear your view on this lenses. Couln’t happen at a better time for me!

        Thanks much, Mike

  4. Hi Steve, is part 2 of Olympus EM1 MkII review coming any time soon?
    And what about Zeiss 1.4/35 ZM? You haven’t reviewed it yet so you can marry it with M10.

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