New look to the website, will be finishing it up this week!

New look to the website, will be finishing it up this week!

Hey all! Just a note to say I am redesigning the website, and it should be 100% by the end of this week. So far so good. It should load quicker and offer a more friendly user experience as well. Going for a cleaner less busy look.

I will be posting my Nocturnus II lens review this week, with a side by side of the Mitakon Speedmaster for comparison. Should be interesting! Also, more on the Sony A9 coming up in the next two weeks with more samples than just sports ; ) Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Steve,
    Trying to get used to the new website, thought would let you know:
    If you click on comments for this article directly from the homepage without going into this article first, it takes you straight to a large black advertisement that isn’t working and just blacks out the page.


  2. Remove ads from Google. They’re annoying and distracting. And the sony one too.
    you will make more money. and lose readers. and you won’t make more money.
    Return old one, it was pretty good.

    • Lol. The ads are what pays for the site to keep going. They have ALWAYS ALWAYS Been there, for seven years at least. If I remove them, the site would have to close down along with it. So not possible. When you browse a FREE site with FREE info, you should expect ads. How it works. This does not pay for itself.

  3. Yep something weird about the marque as well, not the advertisement which I understand, I am referring to the sides. Is like a black frame on both sides.

  4. Sorry but terrible, cannot read it like before, big advertisement on top from Sony and than a big brown toolbar that cannot be removed or scrolled upwards, sorry I did like your site but this one is not working for me at all………
    Regards, John

    • The menu bar for me does not stick or stay, so not sure what browser you are using. Sounds like a browser issue, or low res display issue. It’s gorgeous for me on all of my devices, easy to read and much quicker. Brown toolbar? Not sure what you are seeing.

    • Try now… it was a browser issue as a couple browsers seemed to have that issue. Should be fixed now. Thank you. As I said, it will be completed by tomorrow so expect a few bugs here and there. But overall it is much cleaner, faster, easier to read and navigate. My old theme was 8 years old and was causing all kinds of havoc here lately. HAD TO be changed. Thank you.

    • I was referring to the big brown menu bar that stayed on top of the site and covered half of it, but the problem seems to be solved and now it’s just moving up while scrolling, tnx. much better ……….

      • Yes, I fixed that yesterday thanks to comments like yours. I had no idea it was doing that as it was only doing it with some browsers. Thank you.

  5. Steve the site looks really bad on an iPad can’t read it when using my usual Rs feed through feedly

    • Looks great on my desktop, iPhone and iPad. No issues but still have 1-2. things to work out. I can read it just fine so not sure what you are seeing.

  6. Hello Steve, congrats for your site i visit every day, and for the new design.
    Advertisements should be better on the left side, but i’m not designer, so take it as my personal opinion.
    Best regards

  7. Hello Steve, congratulations for your site and the new design.
    The advertisements will be better on the righr side, but i’not specialist, so take it as my personal opinion.
    Best Regards

  8. Page is covered by 3/4 by a big advertising the can not be moved away. I only see 1/4 of the page at the bottom because I have a big screen. If I make the windows smaller, I only see an ad.

    • More like 1/16th. Not sure what you are seeing, unless you are on a small laptop screen with a very low resolution. The ad at the top barely takes up any space on my desktop or iPhone. In fact. No issues on any device I have checked it on.

  9. I like it overall but I don’t like the scrolling marquee of the latest posts. It reminds me of websites in the late 90s where everyone used a marquee.

  10. Cool look and dynamism.

    But… top bars on websites are such a pain.

    Space bar to scroll down a screen, and lose 1/5th of the scroll. Urgh.

  11. This new site looks much better. (As working for over thirty years as a graphic designer, I think I am qualified to have an opinion about this). Already forgot the old one.

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