The Leica M10 in Albania by Dan Bar

The Leica M10 in Albania

by Dan Bar

Hello Steve

I know the Leica has not been a great hit lately on your site (Correction Dan… The M10 is very popular here, wonderful camera! Steve) but I still think the Leica M10 is the best camera on the market today. It is also the sexiest , a camera that makes you feel like digital was never an option. Anyway I just got back from Albania with my new M10 , With my fantastic 50 APO and the new 28 summicron.
The M10 is easy to use. The ISO and white balance need hardly any change they simply do the job. The camera is quite and non obtrusive, I only wish they got rid of the red dot as they do with the ” P “. It feels nice in the hand and the thumb lever is nice. The color it produces is very nice , funny i find the JPG colors more similar to my old M9, more like Kodak film , the RAW colors are nice but more like all the other cameras in the market.
I tried all the M cameras and this one is no doubt the best. The easiest to operate and with the nicest LCD screen. I am sure i shall keep it for a LONG time. Here are some of my Albania shots.


  1. Nice photos!

    Aways love the M for travelling

    It’s just me or i see raw files from my m240 is different from all other digital i tried?

    The raw is superb even compared to jpeg

  2. Dan,
    It was a real pleasure to view your photographs. Very dreamy and extremely beautiful. Please post more of your pics when you are able to. Thanks!

  3. Your photos are always a pleasure, Dan. Love your toning, and it does great things with this sensor in color.

  4. Dan your photos are all really great, full of atmosphere.
    I also like color rendering a lot, can you tell how did you get it?
    What differences did you find between the M9 and M10 about the chromatic yield?
    Thank you.

  5. The photos are good….and represent a different style of photography..with the hyperfocal point and shoot photo journal style…I love approach for speed,.but could never I do hybrid and for the moment the humble EPL6 by live mode..for the reason of eye sight..yes I trust the camera OMG…but I do use my old primes..on the I balance speed with the kit lens..I can shoot at least 3 x quicker than the guy pointing and squinting through the viewfinder..with a high end pro set up..and then rechecking ..painful to watch

  6. These images are great.
    It has little to do with Leica or your camera choice. Put a Pen F or a Fuji in your hand, no big difference, more of angel, crop, view and the mind behind.
    Hard to take in if talent or timing lacks.
    And luck isn´t on your side.

  7. Yes, some fine images, and the M10 is undoubtedly a great camera. But, I’m not rich enough to justify owning one. :-/ So, I make do with my little X100F.

  8. These are great images.
    It has very little to do with Leica or any camera choice. More of angel, view, crop, processing and the mind behind. Put a Pen F or a Fuji in your hand. No big difference. Hard to take in if timing and talent lacks.

  9. cool photos! cant wait to get mine. ive been waiting since January to get my m10, which is over three months, so i think its safe to say the m10 is a very hot camera.

  10. Great image set Dan, I couldn’t agree more that M10 is the sexiest camera to date. It makes me to bring it anywhere, pimp it and even choose what bag that suit with it 😉

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