Am I Happy with my Leica M10 after 2 Months? By Dan Bar

Am I Happy with my Leica M10 after 2 Months?

By Dan Bar

Hi again!

So now I have the M10 for more than 2 months. Am I happy? ABSOLUTELY !!  I love the camera. I have learned some new things about it which I never found in any other article.

I like the JPG colors more than the DNG, they remind me more of the Leica M9 which was my beloved camera for a long time ( fantastic colors) until I changed it with the Leica 240 ( which I did not like too much as I had no need for video, I always thought it was too heavy and although the ISO was better than on the M9 I felt it was not good enough for low light).

—- —- —-

So I use both JPG and DNG at the same time , I do compare the results but mostly use the JPG. For a long time I carried 2 cameras with me ( The M9 +MM, the 240 + 246) as i always believed that the MM cameras produced fantastic B\W results. But I am not young anymore ( 70 in September LOL ) and I felt the weight , especially after a long day of shooting. I knew I had to sell my Leicas and remain with one camera only.

When I got my M10 ( which ia my only M now) i hoped I would like the MM photos no less than the Leica MM,246. What can I say ? I DO !!!!


I compared the M10 results with my Leica MM cameras and could not tell the difference , which is great as I do not need to carry extra weight anymore. I also found I did not need the Visoflex , the LV does its job and it is more than enough. I did buy the knob for the shutter ( a nice black one) but found it made me miss focus quite a few times as I realized I need some resistance from the shutter . With the Knob I feel it is too easy to press the knob and it makes my camera shake a little bit.


I agree with Steve, the half case is very nice, and not too expensive.

Thank you



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    • I sent Steve another article with color photos
      and thank you for enlightening me, I would have never thought of it without your comment

  1. Have you tried printing any of these?As dark and underexposed as they are appearing on my bright and backlit computer screen, I doubt these would make suitable prints.

    • Yes I have, I had a big exhibition with 35 photos which was a success 🙂
      So yes I printed some of my photos and I was not the only one to like them

  2. Some nice compositions here but way too underexposed IMHO.
    I understand a stylistic approach and am happy to go along with that -but here I am not seeing you images correctly.
    Thanks for posting .

  3. Those are some really dramatic and artistically appealing images. However you made a point to extol the jpeg colors, but provided no examples. I guess you are setting us up for the sequel. I have used everything from film cameras to compacts to a Leica Q. There is no denying the appeal of Leica cameras and lenses. However these days it is very hard to differentiate the imaging from the various gear, particularly in good light. I think ultimately M43 and APS really hits the sweet spot for size, value, performance and image quality. I’m something of a film snob, but damn it sure is cheaper and easier to shoot digital.

  4. I think the photos are grossly under-exposed (no, it’s not my monitor). But that’s just my opinion. One to two stops. I’ll not be rushing out for an M10 on this basis alone.

    However, some commenters certainly don’t think so. So I’m wondering how these shots would fare in a public photo sales gallery. Terms used above include, ” wonderful photos, great work, very nice pictures, your pics are great, good photos and amazing pictures”, no less. That is sky high praise indeed.
    Now I know this may not be their intended destiny but asking for them to be publicly displayed on this site puts them out in a similar realm.
    Anyone know what they’d fetch (ball park only) in an “average” US city gallery (eg NYC, Wa, Boston..)?

    I may have to wind down my exposure compensation dial.

  5. Certainly the dark style is not for everyone, but in that genre, these are very good photos. I kept thinking, though, whether these photos are truly representative of what this M10 can achieve. I only say that because I went back and looked at similar photos taken with the M9 and M240, and it was impossible for me to see any quality difference when this dark style was used. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that there is an improvement with the M10 (I get what you’re getting at), but just saying that perhaps the photos here are not the best evidence for anyone to justify the extra expenditure on this new camera.

  6. My eyes are straining looking at these images. I like the content but for me they are all underexposed a tad to much especially the classroom shot.

  7. Very nice pictures and excellent article.
    Steve: Many of us are anxious to get a report on your sojourn with the E-M1II gear. Please include some photos with that 300MM beast! 😉

  8. Dan, your photos are wonderful, I particularly love the modern-day Laurel and Hardy, the latter smiling and waving to the camera, while his sidekick possesses a self-awareness that brings a subtle smile to his face. I, too, love my M10 – the image files are excellent, the size reminiscent of my much-beloved M6. I am also finding that with age [and in my case, physical debility], carrying one camera body and a couple of Leica-sized lenses [sadly, not the Noctilux, too heavy for my arms and shoulders] is the perfect kit for travel and street shooting. Was in the past, even more so in my present, hopefully well into the future. Keep up the great work, and thanks!

  9. Very nice compositions. Only gripe is that images appear to be quite underexposed but could be my work monitor.

  10. The subjects & compositions are very nice, but… to my eyes, almost a full stop underexposed. It makes it hard to love them, imho. :^/

  11. I really don’t get your post. Your are saying that you particularly like the COLOR and the LOW LIGHT performance of the camera. Nevertheless showing us pictures in BW, which are so dark I can barely see the subjects or any structure. Those pictures tell me that gear doesn’t matter. They could have been taken by an EM10, Sony A9, Fuji XT20 or even an iPhone – so what is was really your point for formulating this article?

    • +1
      don’t get me wrong, they are very nice and the photos have a clear subject. but they are all very dark…

      what stands out is the handling of a Leica, hands down.
      but I’m not sure to add low-light ability to the list…
      and colour can be debatable as well, I hear “my camera gives me great colour” from every camera user (yes, even Pentax users!)

    • I love the M10 colors but I also love B|W so if you read what I wrote, I used to carry 2 cameras all time which was way too heavy, I was hoping the M10 could and would produce good enough B|W for my taste. As for the dark photos- I always !!!!! shoot underexposed photos, I simply like it.
      Some shoot only!!! B\w with a color camera. Should they sell their camera?
      Thank you for taking the time to write 🙂

  12. I too now have the M 10 and I too love it. Having had the M 8; M-8.2; M-9 and Q, the design feathers of the M 10 are superior, its simplified menu, higher ISO reach, and image quality outstanding. I still have the Q and love it too in a different way.

    • Hi Steven
      I too have the D-LUX 109 now ( took it from my wife LOL ) The 109 menu is hard to understand unlike the 10 and the enclosed book is more difficult to understand than my medical studies, so I bought a great book buy Alexander S. White which is a fantastic book , easy to understand.

      • Good to hear you recommend Alexander S. White. I first read him for my D-lux 4 and it was a whole introduction to digital photography for me. I’ve used him for a number of other cameras I’ve had, and he is always excellent and understandable.

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