VIDEO: 10 Reasons Why the Sony A7RIII is Awesome, and Get a deal on the old RII!

VIDEO: 10 Reasons Why the Sony A7RIII is Awesome, and Get a deal on the old RII!

By Steve Huff

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Yesterday I wrote a post about the A7RIII and why it ay be my Camera of the Year 2017. You can read that HERE in case you missed it and want to see it. Here is a video I made for that post, but was not up in time to make the post, so here it is! I go over the 10 reasons why the A7RIII, to me, is awesome and why it will most likely be my Camera of the Year 2017, even over the flagship A9. I take everything into consideration like cost, versatility, usability, IQ, features, build, etc. At $1300 less than an A9 and missing out on only the intense speed and 20FPS, the A7RIII still delivers 80% of that speed and the higher res sensor. While there are still pros to the A9 (Body, better feel, extra control dial, video Af speed, etc) the A7RIII will be a camera that is very hard to dislike. Anyway, here are the 10 reasons, in video…

For those who do not need or want the new AF speed, battery, EVF, touch LCD, Improved IQ and DR, Improved 5 Axis…you can get the STILL AMAZING Sony A7R MKII at quite a discount as prices have been slashed. Take a look at this deal, with extras…


  1. Steve, I meant to go for an A7 after your Voigtlander 40/1.2 review and wound up with a great deal on my buddy’s A7RII (he’s getting the A7RIII). While I enjoyed the simplicity of my X-T2, I’m having way more fun and getting much better results with a lot less fiddling out of the Sony. The Voigtlander must wait for now, but thanks for hosting a site that speaks to the pure joy of photography.

  2. Hey Steve, how well do these cameras deal with the cold, of say, Iceland? Really tempted by the A7RIII, but it’s a pity that Sony haven’t taken the opportuinty to improve weather sealing.


    • Well, I never had my A7RII or III in Iceland. The A9 is fully weather sealed the A7RIII has the same sealing as the A7RII. I have shot my A7RII and A9 in 120 degree temps for hours ay a time and never had an issue. I have had them in rain without issue, and I did not cover them up. I doubt there would be issues in anything other than a crazy downpour.

  3. Steve,
    I generally will not sit through a 10 or 15 minute video, and I did not sit through this one. I cannot scan a video for material that catches my interest. I am a fast reader, so the written word is very efficient for me. I am not criticizing you, just letting you know how some folks feel.

    I know the entire world is going video and video clips. In that respect, I’m quickly becoming a relic.

    • Well, some complain when videos are short. Some complain when they are mid length, and some complain when they are too long. Me, I just say what I have to say. I do not plan what I will say, I do not write it out, and I do not cap a time on it. I say what I need, and however long it is, it is. Thank you.

  4. Often overlooked are the new beefier buttons also brought over from the A9. These new haptics are getting nice props from first round testers like Chris Gampat and Chelsea Northrup. This is a big deal for me as I always felt as though the previous versions were too fiddly for the money. Will be interesting to see the A7R Mark III pitted against the mighty X1D here. Please be sure to use fast Zeiss glass on the Sony for your low light comparisons 😉

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