The Leica M10 and the 50 APO goes to Golan Heights by Dan Bar

The Leica M10 and the 50 APO goes to Golan Heights

by Dan Bar

Hi again!

I have a friend and he is one of the best cowboys in Israel if not the cowboy. He lives in a kibutz on the Golan Heights , So when ever I feel like seeing him I take a day off and spend about 3 hrs driving, but it is always worth it. He takes me everywhere , he knows everyone so it is easy to shoot, no refusals, he knows exactly what I like to shoot , so it is always great fun to spend a day or two with him. He is always very kind and always invites me to spend the night at his place.

Great guy.

As always I took my beautiful M10 + the 50 APO with me. I have 3 batteries but I had no need for them. The one in the camera lasted both days. I shot more than 600 photos , so this was more the satisfactory. I had no filters with me and there where almost no clouds so sometimes I had to close aperture . I hope you will like the photos.


Thank you


  1. Love the pix! The portraits really nice.
    Yes they are dark, that’s Danny’s style.
    A dark view in” Land of Light” by member of Tribe!
    Yet bright where it is needed.
    Enough of CaNikon perfection!
    Your view, not program.

  2. The first one is the best.

    There is a problem with the light metering ? too dark.

    I suspect that camera was used using the multi Metering but on the M10 that function is almost like the center spot metering, is not gonna save your picture like an advance DSLR.

  3. I am quite interested in the Leica M10 and am considering getting one. Most of your shots appear dark, and, some would say, underexposed. Did you use any – exposure compensation for the shots? Also, was there any post processing to darken the highlights?

    • Here’s a nitpick. Anyone trying to book passage to the Golan Heights though any country other than Israel will never arrive at their destination. So, as a practical matter, yes, the Golan is in Israel. And correct me if I’m wrong — didn’t the Israelis annex the Golan Heights a few decades ago?

  4. Sorry, Dan! It’s my iPhone glitch.
    Thank you for your lovely pictures!
    Always admire underexposed mood of Dutch painters. And love Israel.



  5. As always, really interesting and mood-filled shots. This time I was particularly interested in how you had used the 50mm focal length, because I am more at home with that than 35mm. It clearly did all you needed!

    • Thank you
      I tried the 35 and the 28 , these two lenses especially the 28 force me to get too close to my object ,i realized the 50 suits my needs ( 2-3 meters). I even started shooting with the 75 mm for portraits , and so far seem to like it

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