Olympus 45 f/1.2 LENS IN STOCK!

Olympus 45 f/1.2 LENS IN STOCK!

Wow, before I even have a chance to shoot with this lens, it is already IN STOCK and available! I will soon be using this lens in South Carolina for a few days, soon, but for those who know they already want it, it is in stock at B&H PHOTO HERE. 

All I know is that if it is as good as the 25 f/1.2 this lens will be a true “WOW” lens because at 45mm we are getting a 90mm FOV and with an f/1.2 aperture. This lens will POP on your M 4/3 camera and with the “Pro” designation, I am sure Olympus went all out here. But I can not wait to shoot it (about 2 weeks from now). I will have reviews for this lens and the 17 f/1.2 in about 3 weeks!


  1. Thanks again. I really look forward to reading your review in two weeks time. Having already the magnificent 25/1.2, my expectations for the 45 could not be higher! And thanks for the humanistic and artistic approach in all your writing – that is how you differ from the rest!

    • Well, I sometimes shoot the 25 1.2 on the PEN-F and while it is a tad large for the camera, it is much smaller than shooting a lens like a 300mm f/2.8 or 40-150 ; ) I do not think it is too large but it will be larger than the small f/1.8 due to the quality of the lens. Olympus offers a choice. 45 1.8 or 45 1.2. The 1.2 will be of better quality in build, speed and IQ/Bokeh. The 1.8 will offer size with good performance. So we have a choice which is cool. I’d shoot this lens on the PEN-F without question. But I think it will do best on the EM1 MKII handling wise.

    • I have no problems using the 25mm 1.2 on my pen-f and don’t feel it’s too large.. Then again I use a small RRS grip. I did find the 12-100 f4 to be too large for the pen-f IMO.

  2. I hope you will present some comparisons between the new olympus 45 mm 1.2 and the excellent Nocticron 42.5 mm 1.2

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