My Favorite Photo/Travel Backpack EVER! The WANDRD PRVKE 21

My Favorite Photo/Travel Backpack EVER! The WANDRD PRVKE 21

Hello to all! Today I want to talk about (as I do in the video below) a new backpack I have been using for a couple of months now. It is the WANDRD PRVKE 21 (Pronounced Wandered Provoke 21) backpack and I originally was introduced to it by Olympus when we were testing the new pro lenses. The 45 1.2 and 17 1.2 lenses specifically. As I carried around the Olympus gear in this bag, I realized how comfortable it was, how rugged, how water-repellent it was and how attractive it was. I have never been attracted to a backpack style bag, as I always enjoyed the over the body/shoulder type. Easy access, smaller, etc. With that said, when I travel I always want a larger bag, and I did buy a TUMI Backpack a year or two ago just for travel. It is an awesome backpack and well worth the cost, that Tumi. I have used it every time I have flown over the last year. It allows me to bring all kinds of personal items and a camera but the issue with my Tumi is that it is not made for photo gear, not at all.No real padding so when I stuffed a camera inside, I had to pad the camera in a separate camera wrap. Not ideal.

My VIDEO OVERVIEW of the PRVKE 21 Backpack

When I saw the PRVKE 21 I was immediately impressed with it as it had the same roll top I have come to love from my Tumi, yet it offered room for camera gear and personal belongings. Best of both worlds all while protecting my camera gear. This backpack comes in three colors. Blue, Olive and Black. I have the blue and it’s very solid. About as good as a camera backpack can get IMO. The build and construction is top-notch, the comfort is wonderful and the 21 Liter size is perfect for something like an EM1 MKII with 3-4 lenses. They also sell a 31L version which is a MONSTER! I have seen it in person but man was it nice. I you need more space, you can find the 31L version at WANDRD’s website HERE. 

You can check out the WANDRD Prvke 21 at Amazon. They sell all three colors and the price is between $260 and $299. Yes, pricey but you do pay for quality this is a QUALITY bag. In fact, it has become the ONLY Photo Backpack I will own. I have seen and tried many but sent them all back. This one, I love and it has become my new carry on for all of my travel. I HIGHLY recommend you take a look at this bag if you have been in the market for a backpack. Tons of room, pockets, easy access, loads of storage for small things and bigger things and an easy to use and operate system. I have had this in rain and the wetness just rolled off as it is water-repellent.

I have never been a backpack guy, but now I am. This one sold me on the benefits of it and it is indeed a wonderful bag. If you did not see my video at the top of this page, give it a look if you wan to see more with the bag in hand and use! 

If you want to read more about the bag, as in fine details, you can see all of this on the WANDRD Website. 

Stay tuned my friends as my next post will be on a package that arrives today with a camera I purchased for myself this week. I will also be reviewing a new lens with this camera ; ) Stay tuned!

If anyone wants to share a guest post, review, daily inspiration (3 of your fave images and a story about them), I always welcome them. See info on how to do that HERE. 


  1. My all-time favorite photo backpack is Think Tank’s Perception Pro. Very light weight, fits easily under airplane seats, flexible use of space with it’s collapsible pouches, stands up when set down, fast easy access, elastic water bottle pouches, modest size, looks good in urban environments. Obviously needs and tastes vary. Thanks for presenting the PREVKE 21 – I love bags and backpacks.

    • Just looked at the TT Perception Pro, seems much more suitable for mirrorless and nearly one third the price of the chincy looking wndrd. Great find…thanks!

  2. I had one and didn’t like it. Found it very uncomfortable as the top part is too far away from your body. Looks great but it’s also very heavy.
    Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L (if it would be in black) is the most comfortable backpack for cammera and commuting for me.

    • I have not owned the Peak Design but have friends who own them, and I have had experience with them. Nice bags, but I prefer the WANDRD for my backpack needs. Thank you.

    • I tried the Peak Design and while it was okay it didn’t seem like it would hold up as well as the WANDRD PRVKE 21. I took my Wandrd to Chile and Argentina in December and went on an 18 mile hike in Torres Del Paine National Park and it worked very very well, I love this pack. The roll top is a great feature, the Peak Design upper storage area is not separate from the camera section which didn’t work for me; small items would fall down into the camera section. The Wandrd also sat nicely on my back on the long hike and it has all types of outer strap locations for extra stuff. I carried my F-Stop Guru all over the world and finally replaced it with the Wandrd and I really like mine.

  3. I got the original WNDRD bag through their Kickstarter. Very, very disappointing, does not live at all to the hype. The overall idea is ok, but the implementation is very poor. The slide out (well, theory) camera compartment is not something I would want to trust gear to. The design is also excessively “hipster”. I have never used it, it sits in a corner doing nothing. Instead I bought a Mindshift Backlight 26, which is an excellent, practical backpack, dessigned for photographers, not hipsters.

    Opinions may differ, but I’d advise people to steer clear of this product.

  4. Hello,
    Great review.
    I’m looking for a travel / photo backpack and I hesitate between the WANDRD PRVKE 31 and a Wotancraft Warrior. Which one is the best for you ?

  5. Enjoyed the review!

    Had the PRVKE 21 myself, and while it was a great bag, I wasn’t totally blown away by it. I have owned and used Think Tank, LowePro and Clik Elite, but never been completely satisfied. Either it is too little room for personal stuff, lacking room for a MacBook Pro or not comfortable to carry on too long stretch. The PRVKE had a lot good about it, but what I didn’t like was in the details. Too thin nylon on the internal covers, The zippers were a little difficult to open/close, especially the main compartment (back). Carrying was excellent, though, and I missed faster access to my personal stuff (like on the LowePro Hatchback).

    If WANDRD would make the zippers better and easier to open/close, I will probably buy it again. Nice bag if you are fine with the details I didn’t like.

    • Yep for a few seconds, and I do not know why. The master file is fine, but when uploaded it did that. I did not notice until this morning, but it is what it is. No need to delete and try to re-upload for a few seconds IMO. Thank you.

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