Improve your Leica M Rangefinder Experience. Golden Contrast Lens.

Improve your Leica M Rangefinder Experience. Golden Contrast Lens.

By Steve Huff

Video: The Walter Leica Contrast lens

Hey guys! Just uploaded a new video (see it below, or on my YouTube HERE) and it is to show you guys the latest accessory I have received for my Leica M10 from Walter Leica.

I wrote about this lens a few years ago but did not have it in hand. Now I do (and I also have the Coral version as shown in the video as well)! So here I want to show you this piece and it is called the GOLDEN Contrast lens. It simply screws on to your Leica M’s viewfinder and instantly improves the experience. It adds more contrast, a bit of a golden hue and seems to add a clarity and dimension to the view you see through the viewfinder. I show you guys the contrast lens in the video below. Also keep in mind that you can get these with your prescription or as a diopter version.

Are these needed to use your M? NO of course not! But they do add to the experience and not only does it make it more pleasant but also does indeed give a nicer view through the viewfinder. You can see more about it at WALTERLEICA.COM. Each piece is hand made using Brass and top quality glass. See the video at the top of this page for more info and to see the lens attached to my M10. ; )


  1. Regarding your request of what I’d like to see you review: Old lenses (either L-mount or M-mount) on the M10.

    There are a few lenses like the cron 35mm v4 that get a lot of attention online but there are others that is quite hard to find a good review of. For example, I just purchased a Summaron 35mm f3.5 with goggles and I was so surprised with the quality of this lens! Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of reviews out there to help me make this decision.

  2. I had a very tiny filter for my Leica IIIF which was placed over the rangefinder window. When the image was out of focus, one rangefinder view was yellow while the other was untainted. It worked like a charm. I still have the IIIF while my Monochrom now does the heavy lifting.

  3. Various Japanese rangefinder cameras in the 70s and early 80s had yellow-tinted rangefinder windows as standard. The concept was to make the rangefinder spot white against a blue sky. A common workaround for “normal” rangefinder cameras was to tape a bit of a Lee or Roscoe yellow gel filter, clipped from a swatch book, over the rangefinder window. As I recall, it was a reasonably effective remedy at virtually zero cost.

  4. Steve
    I have an amber lens from Walter for my M4. It enhances my B/W shooting experience.
    Nice review

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