The Hasselblad X1DII. Stronger, Faster, Better…CHEAPER.

The Hasselblad X1DII – $5750 – Stronger, Faster, Better…CHEAPER. 

By Steve Huff

Pre Order the X1DII at B&H Photo HERE. 

So I just found out on June 18th that the X1DII would be announced on June 19th, which is today! I was invited to an event in NYC for Hasselblad but decided not to go due to a family trip I am taking around the same time, go figure. Instead of being in the thick of it, in NYC and seeing the new MKII (among other new Hasselblad releases) I will be in a car, driving countless miles…but I get to TAKE pictures instead of just writing about tools that we can use to take images. Sounds like a win to me and as for the new X1DII, it also looks like a win (especially if you enjoyed the first version, with all of it’s quirks, as I did).

I made a video below about the new release, and Hasselblad told me I should be getting a review unit ASAP so I look forward to testing out the MKII.

The new price is lower at $5,750. The MKII uses the same 50MP sensor (thank you Hasselblad) but there have been improvements across the board. A new higher res EVF (would be happy to tell you the resolution except I was not told the resolution). The camera will be faster, more responsive and almost all of the things that many complained about have been fixed in this new body. There is also a new covering on the front of the camera and this time there is no silver or black, just a “Graphite Grey” which looks similar (but not the same) to the silver one (in the photos anyway).

So this will be what many will say is the X1D that should have been released before. It’s quick, has a nicer EVF, a couple of improvements to the LCD, but uses the same sensor and same body style for the amazing handling us X1D lovers have been spoiled by. I will have a look at the X1DII soon ; ) Hasselblad tells me this will start shipping in July 2019 so no long wait to get your fists on this beautiful camera body.



  1. looking forward to the review. Most interested in that focus ability and speed of focus. There is something about the color rendition of these images that is magic.

    With Ming Thein gone from HB, what does that mean for this platform?

  2. As a X1D owner, I was glad to see continued investment in the platform, but don’t feel motivated to upgrade (which is good news for my credit card bill). I’ll stick very happily with my X1D for now and the amazing lenses. Seems like a great option for someone new to the system who prefers it to Fuji. I had the GFX 50S and way prefer the shooting experience of the X1D.

  3. Even though I wouldn’t say no if santa dropped Fuji GFX100 down the chimney …..

    Hassy X1D is the digital medium format camera I want to turn heads “show off”

    Worthwhile Improvements in MK2.
    Price pretty sweet.

    Cherry on top would been swivel tilt evf or screen.

    Btw is it still 14bit interpolated to 16bit as Mk1 ?

  4. Improvement of an excellent camera and a new Price? It´s not too difficult to guess what will be next. The 100MP Sensor is already on the market. And the price-point of the previous Hasselblad would be just fine for a 100MP Camera, i suspect.

  5. ” A new higher res EVF (would be happy to tell you the resolution except I was not told the resolution). ”

    C’mon man how hard would it have been to go to Hasselblad’s website

    and find out the new rez is 3.7 million vs 2.4?


  6. It’s without saying, this the camera they should have come out with. With the new Fuji GFX100 coming (IBIS, PDAF, Higher Res EVF), it is good for them to set up the price close to their GFX50R price. Handling both, I would definitely choose the X1D for their size, ease of handling, build quality, and color. It would have been a home run for me if it had the latest BSI PDAF sensor. Perhaps the X2D.

  7. I’m hoping for a faster (bug free) firmware, better EVF, better battery life and AF joystick. First impressions, where’s the AF joystick? I know I’m not the only one who’s been asking for one (and I know there are workarounds but what we want is a joystick!).

  8. How was your experience using m glass on the x1d? I’m not so happy with M on my Fujifilm 50r. They don’t work together well in my opinion.

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