Amazing GEAR for Sale CHEAP! Huff yard sale…

Amazing GEAR for Sale CHEAP! Huff yard sale…

Hello all! Happy Saturday ; ) If you are interested in any of the gear below, email me HERE. 

Today I am listing some gear I am selling and my prices are more than fair. See if there is anything you like below:


SOLD – Still Available: Sony A7III – 6 Months old, in box, as new. Two batteries and official Sony external charger (which is not included when you buy new). $1400 shipped within the USA for all of it. PayPal adds 3.5% unless you send “friends and family” and then there is no charge. This is for the camera (mint as new, used 6 times) and the Sony charger and two batteries. If you want it, first one to email me and pay gets it. 

SOLD Leica SL – One year old, 8+ condition works perfect no damage. Rating due to age only. Has around 10k shutter actuations. $3300 – Box and all accessories included. 

SOLD: DJI Osmo Pocket  – No box, but will come with a couple surprise accessories. Works perfect. $175 shipped, no PayPal fee if “friends and family”. if not, 3.5% fee for PayPal. Free US shipping.

SOLDDJI Osmo Action with two batteries and triple charger – $50! Yes, $50. This Osmo Action works, but was used in my pool where it died one day. NO BOX. After two weeks of drying out time it now works again but I can not guarantee long term survival. ; ) Comes with THREE batteries and external DJI charger. $50 and yes it works.

SOLD  Sony 28mm f/2 Lens –  I have had this since it was released. No box, and has some use on it. Glass is all great but the lens barrel may have scuffs and marks on it. $200, free US ship. No PayPal fee with friends and family.

SOLD Panasonic S1 – In box, mint. $1800

SOLD – Still Available – Voigtlander 21 f/3.5 M Mount – MINT in box (with metal hood, in box). $475 shipped within USA. No PayPal fee if friends and family otherwise 3.5%. My review here. 

SOLD – Still Available – Voigtlander 35 f/2 M Mount – MINT in box (with metal hood which is an extra accessory, in box). $525 shipped within the USA. My review HERE.

I may have more next week as I sift through bags, straps, accessories and more lenses!


    • I buy cameras if I review one or more that do what I need and do it with ease or enjoyment. I am a reviewer so I go through cameras each year. Some stay for the long haul (like the Leica SL did) and some have short stays. So my gear changes often simply due to the fact that this is my full time job, to write about cameras. All cameras today are excellent but depends on what you want, need or feel you are looking for. I value the experience and simplicity over modern day tech filled cameras and is why I adore cameras like the SL, X1D, and this fp. ; )

  1. Steve we all know you’re going to buy the Leica SL again or the SL2. Lol. You’re always drawn back to it.

    On another note DAMNIT!! HOW DID I MISS THIS FIRE SALE!!!!!

    • Wont be buying another SL, the fp beats it easily for color, IQ, low light and weight. I only used the SL for M lenses, and it’s how I will use the fp as well. I will test the SL2 next week, but if it fails in low light as the Q2 did, I will have no interest in it for me. As lovely as it appears to be for everything else, I am not sure on the low light aspect which is huge for me. As for now, I am really LOVING the fp, warts and all ; )

        • “Right”…not being sarcastic or disrespectful – I just suspect that there is another SL in your future because at some point, it will feel like that think that is missing from your hand…or your favorite pair of jeans

          But you’ve got me on the bubble w the fp

          I’ve been fp-curious for months

          • Steve, what’s the story with the Canon R? You wrote a nice article and was sold. What happened a few months later? Update please sir.

          • I still have one, but as I said in the review, it’s mostly used for video/youtube purposes. I rarely use it for photo, not because it’s not good for that but because I have other cameras I prefer for photo. But for video, with the flip out LCD and dual pixel AF it is fantastic. Canon skin tones are superb.

  2. Hello,
    Why did you sold your Voiglander 21 and 35 lenses?
    After your review, I think that I will buy a Sigma FP and I am looking at wich lenses to buy with.
    Thank you.

    • Because I have other 35’s and other wide angles. Sometimes I gather all I own, pick what I no longer need, and sell it here. Great lenses, especially that 35 but I like my 35 1.2 more : )

    • They are sold. The fp with the viewfinder (for me) is a better experience for shooting M or manual lenses. Couldn’t go back to those EVF’s, as good as they are, after the fp viewfinder experience (it’s that good). True story. The IQ from the fp, imo, bests these two as does the viewfinder experience. Seeing that I spent $2300 on the fp setup, I needed to sell off a few things to recover the cash ; ) With the fp here, I do not see myself pulling out the SL or the S1 or the Sony as I almost always shoot with manual lenses. If I were shooting only AF lenses, I would not sell my Sony as it has the best AF of all I own.

      • Totally dig your look fp + viewfinder : similar to artist painter old skool film maker.

        Perhaps oneday i will join your photography tours with fp + viewfinder.

      • I have a question . If I’m not wrong , the chip of Leica SL has micro lenses for manual M lens ? Sigma FP is sure newer and superb camera but maybe Leica SL would be better choice for wide lens like Voigtlander 21mm /3.5 ?
        What do you think ?

          • That 21mm 3.5 is a new design so this doesn’t surprise me that it worked well on the FP. I wonder about some of the other M wide angle lenses. There is a reason Leica plays with the microlenses on the SL/M cameras.
            Either way, you have somehow manged to make me interested in the FP, a camera I had ZERO interest in. More specifically I am curious about the viewfinder experience as 80% of my shooting on the SL is with M lenses. I just don’t know that i could get along with that weird viewfinder attachment and odd body style. maybe I’ll rent one…

          • The VF on teh FP blows away the EVF on the SL. When I shoot the fp for a few days and go back to an EVF in something else, they are small, dark and some even look blurred in comparison. The VF, for me, makes the fp. Without it, I would not enjoy the camera nearly as much.

  3. Based on Steve’s recent review of Sigma fp, I think he prefers to use that for his m mount lens over the SL so he is selling it.
    But true, he may purchase the SL again based on his EVF experience in the next few months of using the fp.

    • After using the fp, the EVF in the SL appears tiny. I much prefer the fp experience for using manual lenses and the viewfinder over the SL. Once you use this VF it will spoil you. Size doesn’t bother me as it’s more long than overall large or bulky, and the VF is light.

      • Steve, maybe I’m missing something here but isn’t the attachable viewfinder for the FP just a magnifier…basically a Hoodman that attaches to the camera? I guess my point being there are several products that allow you to attach an LCD magnifier to any digital camera with a variety of LCD sizes. In other words, if this was your thing I believe you can buy an accessory and attach it to an SL, and S1 or whatever. Am I missing something?

        • This is not just a hoodman, of which I have used and tried. First off, this is made much better, has better optics, magnifies the LCD by 2.5 and makes it large, crystal clear and sharper than any EVF I have used. I cannot go back to even the SL EVF after this. I mean, I can but do not want to. It also screws into the bottom and is 100% secure to the camera, a perfect fit. The diopter is also nice to dial in easily. I would never add a hoodman to the already large SL. The FP is much lighter yet gives me better IQ than the SL, and a better experience with the viewfinder. This camera replaced my SL for stills using M lenses (which is the only way I used my SL). Thanks.

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