New Leica X1 Firmware Coming…but when?


I heard it direct from Leica today that there is indeed a new firmware update on the way for the Leica X1! This update will feature “numerous enhancements” . I was also told that two of these enhancements would be “advanced AF speed and MF options, including Depth of Field scale.”  – I did not get a release date but was told it is still being worked on and that it will enhance the functionality of the X1 so this is GREAT news as the AF speed was my main niggle with this camera. I heard from a few other sources that the AF speed is supposed to be twice as I truly hope Leica pulls it off. Can’t wait for the update! If anyone was thinking of a new Black X1 (which should hit the shelves SOON SOON SOON)…there is new life waiting to be breathed into the camera so jump on it if the X1 is what you have been eyeballing 🙂 One thing is for sure, the file quality out of this little guy is truly gorgeous (as all of you X1 owners know).


  1. Hi,

    I wonder if there is any chance that the new firmware will allow shutter speeds greater than 30s.

    I would love to be able to take some night time shots with a lot longer exposure time than this.

    As my first decent camera, the X1 has been a great introduction to the hobby.

  2. New X1 firmware soooooon. Forget it guys! Hardware limitation X1, unable to fix AF issue. Better focus on the upcomming X2 along with X100.

  3. Arnaud, I also compared it to my former camera: EP1, with the conclusion that the X1 wins on image quality but not at speed…. but still X1 is my favorite compact camera…

    But i honestly hope that Leica will release the new firmware soon..!

    • Hi Nicolai,

      After few pictures, sounds clear, I confirm what you wrote above, the IQ is much better on the X1………in fact every thing is better than the EP1 on that camera. Except Macro and AF. As everybody know the AF is really slow. Under dim light it’s even worst.

      Waiting for the Upgraded Firmware.

      I love this camera. Pure pleasure to walk around and shot.

  4. Purchase order done, as i’m not at home right now my X1 is waiting for me……a great small black box for christmas….I plan to compare this one with my EP1…..will see about the AF, but if the firmware uprade is true, and I think it is, I guess that’ s going to be the perfect camera for me. I’ll keep you posted.

    Sorry for my english as I am French.

  5. Leica needs to release the beta firmware to the general public. There have been reports of firmware 2.0 being on demo X1s at Leica events. If it is good enough to demo then it should be good enough to have a public beta. I am getting tired of always zone focusing.

  6. … new firmware at the end of the winter mmm?? ….. that’s about March 2011!! Well, in this way people keep on reading and writing about it. And everytime you will read the word ‘Leica’ in those posts 🙂 …. After the winterbreak it’s time to write about a new X2… or? Keep on dreaming guys.

  7. I spoke to Dave Elwell today at Leica headoffice and he doesn’t know anything about a new firmware. What shold I think ??? Should I wait a few more weeks or buy my new X1 now ?

    Yves Saint-Pierre
    West Plam Beach FL

      • Steve,

        Here is the reply -in writing this time- I just got from Leica:

        Dear Yves Saint-Pierre,

        I was able to confirm that the Leica factory in Germany is looking to address the speed of the AF in a future firmware upgrade. The next upgrade is not expected until sometime in the new year, perhaps by the end of the winter. Keep in mind that purchasing a camera at the same time does not guarantee the new version is already loaded but users can do the upgrade themselves at home.

        Best regards,
        Mark Brady

        Leica Camera Inc. / Technical Advisor
        1 Pearl Court, Unit A / Allendale, NJ 07401 / USA /
        Telephone: (+1) 800-222-0118 dial 1, then ext: 9942 / Fax (+1) 201-995-1684

        Hope that helps 🙂 or not 🙁


  8. you can set JPEG at it’s minimum resolution (1.8), it doesn’t affect to the DNG. It will create a “mini” JPEG files (about 250kb), and also will make the camera go a lot faster when reviewing

  9. NEW LEICA X1 FIRMWARE COMING…..BUT WHEN? :). @Sparth, you call this greaaat news?:) I’m reading this from Februari 2010 everywhere and anywhere on the web. Now about 10 month’s later…. still no new firmware. All those rumours about all kind of new products, updates etc. etc. is just webshit! Lot’s of people have all kinds of bla bla stories and put it on a forum. Yes, Nikon comes with a new…., and yes canon will update….and Sony comes also with… :). Then you have to wait for a year until the product (maybe) is ready for shipping. I call this kind of webshit advertising. A sick world it is. X1 firmware? You have to wait for 2011!

    • Again, not in black. I am hearing two weeks maybe for the black…Leica was supposed to release it in October, then November…I think they were waiting for this firmware but the black X1 may come out before the new firmware after all.

  10. And i’m another guy who jumped in the x1 train. 🙂
    I’ve always shot canon but was so impressed by the x1’s IQ that i bought one 5 days ago. I took the grey version as i couldn’t wait for the black version anymore.
    So this is greaaaat news!

  11. AF speed was never make or break for me as the IQ in a package so small was what I wanted. But obviously, faster AF is welcome.

  12. Yah I saw that news..i’m really hoping it will be here by Xmas in time for party shots and my x1 to arrive back from repair! If af is doubled the biggest complaint about this camera is gone….or significantly lessened..and a real scale for zone, yay! Exciting times for x1 owners.

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