Have $26k? Buy an M9 Titanium! Coming soon to B&H Photo..

Now I know many of you guys laugh at the obscene cost of the Titanium M9 but believe it or not, I have had about a dozen e-mails asking me where to find one available. I heard they were all accounted for but from what I have been told recently that meant they were all accounted for and sold to the Dealers. B&H Photo just listed the M9 titanium to their online shopping and it says “NEW ITEM – NO ARRIVAL DATE KNOWN”. This usually means it is coming but could be anytime and they have no idea when. So, if you are looking for a Titan M9 check out the B&H page daily…it may just pop up in stock one day soon! In case you missed it, the very 1st owner report of the Titan M9 was right here on this website! You may also find one via my good friend Ken Hansen (email is khpny19@aol.com) who also has two of those cool $12k+ Leica M9 sets with the ostrich leather and 35 Cron in chrome…in stock.

If you are looking for a normal M9 most dealers are out of stock again but Amazon has one GREY M9 in stock right now!


  1. Seems like an inordinate amount of Leica shilling going on here, Steve. I’m keen on Leicas, and own a few. But I am sometimes unsettled by the degree of Leica promotion on your site – a site that seems to promise something else. (Real world reviews. Ring a bell?)

    • Thanks for making me chuckle this Sunday morning 🙂 Leica…Hmmm, I love Leica. That is what motivated me to start a website almost two years ago. SInce then, there have been loads and loads of reviews, lessons, informative articles, comparisons, guest articles, and all kinds of fun stuff along with a growing community that is kind and helpful. Every now and then someone with a negative attitude comes along and tries to stir things up but doesn’t work here.

      I write about cameras I enjoy. Leica, Olympus, Sony, Ricoh and a few others. Mostly small cameras that perform big. It’s my passion and plenty of others who visit here have the same passion. If you do not like a certain post you do not have to read it as they are easy to skip over 🙂

      There is even a Leica M9 contest on this site and someone is going to win their own M9..how cool is that?

      Enjoy your day!


  2. Seeing as these are apparently selling for USD100,000 on Ebay, it might be a good investement! Bridge loan anyone?

    • thats only for the old FILM Leicas. These digital will never be worth that much mostly because they wont work that long. Electrics arent made forever

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