LINKS: The FIRST Fuji X-Pro 1 review, PIC of the new Olympus OM-D, Safari M9-P?

LINKS: The FIRST Fuji X-Pro 1 review, PIC of the new Olympus OM-D and more.

So the 1st Fuji X-Pro 1 review is online. It has been translated with the help of Google so it will note read perfectly but you can get an idea of what the reviewer thought about it. Thanks to Vlad Dodan for sending me the link. Vlad posted his own 1st impressions on the Fuji as well.

The 1st Olympus OM-D leaked pic with detailed specs

This was  posted on 4/  – It’s only a glimpse and sneak peek but so far this is looking like a great new camera from Olympus. Weather sealed, classic design, magnesium body, black or silver, 16MP sensor that may be a new design by Olympus, fast AF and 3D tracking…

The official announcement will be on Feb 8th so look for full details here 🙂

A SAFARI M9 and M9-P?

No not really! A reader , Brad Husick sent in these images because he was a fan of the original Safari M8 and said he would love to see Lieca come out with a Safari set for the M9 or M9-P. What about you? I smell an M10 coming…well, not really but I feel it. Just before the M9 came out Leica churned out the Safari edition M8 so maybe they will do the same for the M9.





  1. OMD E-OM1 FT5 (81-99%) grapevine says is gonna have Panny GX1 sensor.
    So no cdaf pdaf hybrid.
    No leap in dr iso res.
    Viewfinder is just the VF2 incorporated not hybrid.

    Oly seem to have taken the best of EP3, EPL3 VF2 put them in one body with weather sealing and tweak.

    Fuji X-P1 photos posted online (HugoPoon & Australian New zealand photographers, Romanian )
    dont show the clarity associated with AA less sensors (Sigma, Leica, GXR, Kodak slr).
    They have the somewhat mush associated with EXR engine.
    18mm looks quite average.
    Jury out on how well hybrid vf works with interchangeable lenses & whether manual focusing is.decent.
    Pricing is steep considering what X-P1 body doesnt offer and the performance of its lenses.

    Given this is a MK1 from Fuji with no maturity in such a body nor such lense, we can realistically expect issues.
    MK2 will no doubt iron out many issues.

    The moral : manufacturers marketing departments promise a lot.
    Reality … stick with what we like photoing with, get the best photos from what we have.

    (A long shot since many people will buy XP-1, OMD EOM1,
    encouraging manufacturers to realese products half baked).

  2. Grapevine says Pentax mirrorless has no eye level viewfinder & wont win any beauty contests.

    Maybe one day Ricoh Pentax may release a FF version of 5n
    imo one of the cutest,elegant,functional slr. I had for a while,I shouldve kept.

    • This is the Pentax mirrorless K01 according to grapevine (FT 81-99%)


      errrrrm …. nice ?

      Could have been as gorgeous as mz5n. Still that 40mm f2.8 is just 1cm deep.

      • And it comes in dayglo yellow 🙂


  3. Anyone around who was at CES and actually touched and handled the lenses?
    Is it ‘plastic’-made (and feel), or metal?
    Like, for example, the difference in Canon between an L lens with metal barrel and a non L lens like a 28mm/2.8.

  4. I see lots of immature products. Leave them to the early adoptors with the cash who absolutely must have them. I see lots of consumer money wasted by switching between systems, following the latest product announcements.

    The XPro1 System has only a marginal advantage in size over a Nikon D3100. The wideangle is now said to be not that good which is to be confirmed by a reputable reviewer. Perhaps it is a sensor issue. Sigma 30/2.8 DN and Sony/Zeiss 24/1.8 employ telecentric lens designs for a reason, knowing well that everybody would moan about bulk and/or disappointing f-stop.

    In the retrospective view, the X100 becomes a greater product that exactly fills the gap in all DSLR APS-C digital systems: the fast wideangle prime lens.

    • M8,M9 X100, K5, Nex5n, Pen, Canon 1ds3,1d4, Nikon D3s/x all have their issues.

      M4/3 is quite mature in digital camera years.
      4/3 a very mature.

      OMD is reportedly bringing :
      CDAF PDAF already done on V1J1 with its Aptina sensor,
      though the Olympus patent i posted (message 16 shows a somewhat different implementation).
      Hybrid OVF EVF different from Fuji.

      So in digital camera terms OMD will have features already mature.
      Just the hybrid af & vf are different.

      • What amazes me when you talk about this camera is that you NEVER saw it, you NEVER hold it in your hands, you just saw a quarter of photo still, you talk like you already got the camera…

        You must have owned the M8,M9, X100, K5, Nex5n, Pen, Canon 1ds3,1d4, Nikon D3s/x to say that they have issues… I hope you really talk about something you know.

        Come on man… We all understood that you badly want this camera but please, please, wait until you get. We’ll be pleased to read your review.

        • What’s with your cattyness.
          Keep this blog decent.

          I like any camera thats a bit different : recently GXR, X10, X100, XP1, soon OMD & Pentax.


    Olympus patent for PDAF using reflected light from the sensor
    (grapevine says fastest AF & 3D tracking combining CDAF & PDAF)
    Note the optical path to the VF

    Oly PDAF & EVF

    Oly PDAF & OVF

    Hence the need for the hump pyramid, the marketing of One Major system and the emphasis on One …
    merging E series dslr & Pen in One.

    “Olympus – new enthusiast centred product
    Focus 2012 will be the first UK viewing of Olympus’ hot new high-end product aimed at the enthusiast market. To be formally announced on 8 February, One Major camera’s much anticipated first public view in the UK. We can’t tell you what but there is a clue beginning with One.”

  6. Don’t get fooled by the Fuji X-Pro 1 online review.

    The X100 images seem to have a lot less noise than the D3 at high ISO – (3200, 6400, 12800).

    In reality the D3 has a lot less noise than the X100 at higher ISO and I don’t suspect the X-Pro 1 to do a whole lot better than the X100 either.

      • The x100 has less noise than the D3 on those images, and I know for a fact that the high ISO capability of the D3 is clearly better than the X100.

        I am also pretty sure (not matter what the pictures show) that the D3 is a better high ISO shooter than the X-Pro1.

        So there is something about that review that just isn’t right.

        • he mentioned in the comments section that D3’s NR was set to off and Fujis were set to Normal – that would explain quite a lot

  7. Strange, I feel no GAS. Do I have to consult my therapist? On a more serious note, the wait for the OM-D is what excites me more than the Fuji. I agree with others, the X100 got a bigger wow from me than the X-Pro1.

        • Oh yeah baby you know it.

          Pen series probably wasn’t quite a pro alternative for serious work (as a generalization). As a personal creative expression tool it was out of this world.
          OMD for sure is gonna be,a pro alternative for serious work and creative self expression.

  8. Hilarious thread, Guys, these “reviews” and impressions appear to be for release CANDIDATES not the final shipping camera that has not left the factory yet according to my source who is in a position to know.

  9. Forget about the X-PRO 1. Just get a used Leica M8 (APS-H sensor… big!) and a used Leica lens or two and you’re all set. I bought a mint M8 for 1700 euros last December and it’s been the best camera experience I’ve ever had. I used to own a Nikon D3, and Pentax K-5, but they just didn’t do it for me. The new Olympus OM-D might be interesting as a backup camera, but I’ll have to see the specs first.

    • M8s are going for $2500 bucks here in the states and Leica lenses are at an all time high. Plus many M8s need to be serviced almost immediately and there is always the looming threat of your sensor going bad and needing to be replaced. Your costs could skyrocket, and the quality that the M8 offers is not better than what Fuji can achieve, especially because you’re going to be able to use those Leica lenses if you want them.

      Even with the M8, Leica is only for people who can afford it. The XP-1 is for those people who probably have a pro camera of some kind, but want something smaller to carry around, that will give them the RF experience in the modern age. Even one of the Fuji reps stated that this is aimed at the person who doesn’t always want to carry around their 5D Mark II or D700…

      I could make the same basic argument by saying hey get a Bessa and the 35mm 1.4, a 50ft reel of Tri-X and an Epson V700 and go to town! But it’s totally different. I’d do the film route but I live in NYC, and darkroom space is scarce. Hell DESK space is too scarce for my V700 right now.

      So, Fuji it is. The X100 exceeded my expectations and I have no reason to doubt the XP-1 for my style of photography.

      • The trouble being that on the side-by-sides, the X Pro-1 is almost as big as the 5D Mkii.

        I didn’t think it would be, but many previews are right in saying that the X Pro-1 comparisons are more likely going to be DSLR/M9, as opposed to the other compact mirrorless’s.

        The trouble then being…. Price point to match (at least for a 5d Mkii), lack of FF (choice), unproven system of proprietary lenses…

        I do think what the m4/3 offered was a truly go-between system: a better compact camera for those wanting to play with interchangeable lenses. I’m still uncertain about the target audience of the X Pro -1.

        • In which universe is the ” X Pro-1 almost as big as the 5D MkII ” ?

          An X Pro-1 is as big as an M9 – if you shuffle over to Camera Size –,192 – it is quite obvious (i.e. visually) that an M9, and therefore an XPro-1, are much smaller than a 5D MKII.

          Fuji X Pro-1: 140 x 82 x 43 mm (camera body only)
          Leica M9 : 139x80x37 mm (camera body only)
          5D Mark II: 152×113.5×75 mm (camera body only)

          Those measurements also don’t reflect the humungously large lenses you will need to attach to the 5D either before using it.

          Is lack of attention to detail or even simple observation of fact the way that internet myths propagate? I’ve heard this ridiculous claim so many times in blogs recently – seems to be simply parroted on without checking it out ….

  10. Impressive High-ISO on the X-Pro 1! And I thought the NEX-5N was good … 😉

    The 18mm lens doesn’t seem to perform too well, but the other two lenses are just fine. After all, I think I’ll stick with the NEX system. Not enough advantages on the X-P1.

    And I don’t understand why everybody seems to hate focus by wire. Well, it feels different to a good manual focus lens, but it reacts REALLY fast, it works great with peaking mode and the focus rings normally are very smooth even in cheap lenses. So where’s the problem?

      • Just set the hyperfocal distance at 10 feet and f8 and set to manual focus and forget about fly by wire focusing if you are a street shooter.

        • that’s fine for street not very useful for other subjects where you can’t rely on AF and therefore AF-L/AE-L button in MF mode – those are situations where you need manual focusing.

          • Clint: I guess that’s a matter of style. I do 90% of my street shooting at f5.6 and 8, as do many others. One of my favorite street lenses is an f3.5 Summaron.

            It’s true that rangefinders can use fast lenses, but I think it’s a little limiting to say that they’re “all about” that.

            Why would I use a big heavy f1.4 lens on a bright sunny day?

          • Yeah but that’s the thing…in the rangefinder world a 1.4 lens isn’t big! At least in my opinion it’s not…but my other system is Canon where a 1.4 lens is huge in comparison.

            Yes, I realize others shoot rangefinders at f5.6/8 etc, but for me the big draw is how sharp these lenses are wide open….I would say 90% of my M8 shots are wide open. After all, any camera system is sharp at f8…I love Leica/Zeiss M lensesfor being tack sharp at the widest aperture.

  11. Ahhh… Remember the good ol’days when your M6 or FM2 was the only camera you had in your bag next to a Tri-X 400…
    I’m not impressed AT ALL with all these new comers, or M9 wannabes…
    It seems that what happened in the 90’s with the development of personnal computing : a new product each month with no time to use your gear.
    The manufacturers love to tease us with so-called leaked images, with the same product they’ll sell 20% more because it just has only one new feature…

    I’m seriously getting bored of all that fuss.

    NO digital camera will ever come close to the quality our 35mms gave us. None !

    So, I’ll stick to my FM2n, my M9-P and my newly received Fuji GW670.

    Sorry Mr Sony and Mr Olympus…

    • I see your FM2n & GW670 and raise you my lusted after medium format 120n by Holga.

      Man think of all the people outta job and their families relying on their salary if camera companies stopped developing cameras.

    • Ahh Kais….you’re such a contrarian. Enough of the film vs digital debate….because it isn’t even a debate anymore…digital rules….just ask Kodak.

      Sure, film is cute and all…and it will always have a soft spot in my heart, but better than digital????? ROTFLMAO.

      • Clint, I’m not trying ton convice anyone here.
        That’s just my two cents.
        When I say that no digital camera will ever come close to the IQ that our 35mms gave use, I’m not talking about a photo you see on your MacBook screen. I’m talking about prints.

        See it for yourself : better details, better dynamic range, less digital transitions in the bokeh.

        Now if you’re happy with your digital camera, I’m really happy for you. There are enough cameras on the market today so everyone can find the one that fits one needs.

        If I had to compare the IQ (in w&b) between my FM2n and my M9-P, that would be unfair with the M9…

        • It has been shown many times before that the IQ of film (maybe not all film, but the best film around like Velvia 50 etc.) is still better than digital including the M9.

          I read several places that a negative/positive is good for around 25 Mega pixels of information, so even resolution trumphs any current digital 35 mm camera.

          Some things are of course also really great about digital, like high ISO capability and that it is so damn convenient compared to film.

          • Anders sure, 35mm Velvia 50 may out resolve most APS-C/fullframe digital cameras…but for me that is too limiting, and it isn’t all about resolution. My 5D2 gives me excellent results up to iso 1600, something you would never get with film. With that said, I love the look of film, but life is about compromises. For me, the excellent quality of files from my M8/5D2 combined with convenience, RAW adjustments in post, etc trump film any day.

            To each their own!

          • Yes, I don’t disagree, but film can be marvelous and it is sometimes nice to remind ourselves that the “latest and greatest” equipment is not necessarily required for capturing great images.

        • Hi Kais,

          Film is great, I agree….and trust me I do print…a lot! Personally the most gratifying part of photography is seeing a print on my wall…or my friends and family’s walls.

          I hear what you are saying because I come from a film background too, and you’re right the prints can be amazing. Nowadays though, I like to work in PS and the whole business of developing/scanning etc is just to restrictive for me.

          I hope film never goes away, I still shoot it on occasion. With that said, clearly digital files are more than adequate as professionals the world round have all for the most part switched. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking journalistic work, weddings, editorial, etc…..

        • Hi Kais, thanks for checking my stream. I was just looking at some of your own, you’ve gotten some very cool shots with the M9….and you’re making me want to buy that Zeiss 50mm Planar!!

          • Go for it ! It worths every single penny spent 😉
            I’m beginning to appreciate the M9. Coupled with the Planar, it can produce SHARP and detailes photos.

            The most “funny” is that I started photo 2.5 years ago with a 5DmkII ! I never shot film before. When I realized the superiority of film on digital, I immediately bought a FM2n, and sold my D3X. My last “back to the future” camera is the amazing Fuji GW670. An up-to-date rangefinder MF with that so sexy 50’s look.
            I can’t wait to start my first roll on monday with an amateur model.

          • You both (Kais, Anders) have to remember the thousands of people employed by the digital camera makers. If you both want an end to digital you are saying you want thousands of people out of a job (and their families in trouble). In which case make yourselves unemployed first to see how that feels.

          • dgd I don’t think that is going to be a problem. Digital is here to stay and film will be used by fewer and fewer people in the future. I just hope that film will not completely disappear.

          • Well the advent of digital has meant thousands who made their livelihood from film either had to adapt or risk loosing their livelihood (eg Kodak of course).
            It goes both ways.

            Economics & time, else film & digital would coexist to an equal scale. That would be preferable.

    • Huh? You’re getting “bored”?

      There’s hardly any of these all-manual style digital cameras on the market. What is there to be “bored” about? Talk about an obnoxious post.

      • What’s getting me bored is this continued stream of new M9 wannabes cameras or “poor man’s Leica”.
        After the GX1, the Fuji X1 Pro and now the OMD, all announced within 2 months.

        Come on guys, I do agree that we all need to buy new gear when needed but WHEN do you have the time to shoot ???

        I was a real geek some years ago : a new mobile phone each week, new laptop each month… When I realized all the time wasted to configure, setting up the devices for only few days of real use, I said what the f*** !?

        I bought MANY digital cameras these last 2 years (5DmkII, G11, GF1, DP1x, DP2x, D3X, M9, DP2x, Ricoh GXR, M9-P, FM2n, Fuji GF670 and a Nex 5n only for video)

        Did they made me a better photographer ? HELL NO !!!

        Today, I focus on the FM2, The GF670, the M9-P (my always with me cam) and the amazing Ricoh GXR (I sold all the rest).

        You would think that 4 cameras are too much and you’re totally right !
        If I had to keep 2 (one digital, one film) the M9-9 and the Fuji GF670 are the two obvious winners.

        So, focus on the camera you have, the one that fits your needs, get to know it well. A camera you know will give way more good results than a new camera. I know that this have been said before.
        As we say here in France : the better is the enemy of good.

        My two cents only…

        • “What’s getting me bored is this continued stream of new M9 wannabes cameras or “poor man’s Leica”.”

          There is over half a century of cameras different from Leica.
          Leica is Not the be all end all, far from it.

          Fuji, Olympus, Pentax are looking into their history and bringing out modern interpretations of their own history.

          • Who said that ? Not me, for sure.
            Canon, Sigma or Nikon are the only companies that did not jump in the “I-wanna-look-like-a-pro-film-camera-because-it-will-make-the-photographer-more-pro” wagon…
            I applause them.
            The first Canon camera was created in 1933. They have an important background in film but did they released a m4/3 camera that look like the AE-1 because this is what customers are asking for ? Absolutely not !

            Stop thinking that a camera that looks like a serious camera will turn you into a Ragnar Axelsson or into a Brassai…

          • “Stop thinking that a camera that looks like a serious camera will turn you into a Ragnar Axelsson or into a Brassai…”

            Man what’s with your condescending tone.
            This isn’t a forum.
            It is a blog site where Steve allows people to write.
            Keep it civil.

        • “I bought MANY digital cameras these last 2 years (5DmkII, G11, GF1, DP1x, DP2x, D3X, M9, DP2x, Ricoh GXR, M9-P, FM2n, Fuji GF670 and a Nex 5n only for video)”

          “Did they made me a better photographer ? HELL NO !!!”

          “Today, I focus on the FM2, The GF670, the M9-P (my always with me cam) and the amazing Ricoh GXR (I sold all the rest).”

          I love posts list this. Just give me my $7500 camera and my collection of $3000+ lenses and I am as happy as can be.

          Its good to know that all it took to make you a better photographer is buying the most expensive FF camera ever.

    • Really? No digital camera will EVER come close? “Ever” is a very long time you know. But anyway, it’s already surpassed the quality of 35mm film a while ago.

      Digital beat the pants off of film for convenience and versatility from the start really, but the “quality” of the image wasn’t quite there back then. But you can’t say that now. The only thing beating full-frame digital sensors (35mm wise) are the medium format digital backs in terms of pure quality.

      If we want to compare it all to a contact print from an 8×10 view camera, then that’s another story, but you’re not going to throw that in your bag. And it’s nice to do the “things were better in my day than today”. But when it really gets down to it, was it really?

  12. I think all those that eBayed their X100 when the X-Pro1 was announced (that apparently includes Steve) might be regretting their decision.

    The X-Pro1 doesn’t appear the ultimate Leica killer it was hyped up to be.

    Where the X100 actually exceeded most expectations, the X-Pro1 doesn’t thrill. Sure, it offers interchangeable lens options – but dumps the X100’s stellar points – i.e. silent shutter, fast lens, ND filter, fast sync, superb hybrid viewfinder, etc. I expect more cons than pros to emerge before release ….

    Ooops! Although I doubt it will be a complete dud, I’m glad I kept my X100 – think I’ll wait for the rumoured ‘super Leica’ from Fuji – you know – the one with FF sensor and full frame lens compatibility ….

    • I agree 100% on that. I think the X100 is still a great option, with a great all-in-one package that is near silent and much smaller.

    • What? The X100 has a 1 faster lens and 1 lens as fast as the X100’s and more coming. ND filters are readily available via the thread, hybrid viewfinder is not just available but improved, and the shutter is still fairly quiet. I would say the only thing it doesn’t have is the fast sync speed…

      But why are you using an X100 in the studio anyway?

      As for the on and on argument for full frame, ugh I’m so past thinking I need my imaging area to be 24×36. For christ sakes how did you survive the film era when you couldn’t shoot 11×14 negatives on every occasion?

      • Just proved my point for me Mark – did you read my post or are you replying to someone else’s?

        X-Pro1 v X100 – key features are now deleted, or as you say, need to be external customer add-ons – great leap forward!

        Who mentioned studio use ….. ? (Or do you think fast sync is only of use in studios perhaps? Hence the comment …. )

        I’m not into FF for the fun of it – just saying, did you notice the X-Pro1 is the same size as an M9 body – but is only APS …. ?

        Seemed to miss the point entirely – I’m playing Devil’s Advocate here. I’m trying to point out that X100 users have been dumping their camera in the (mistaken) belief that the X-Pro1 is ‘the next great thing’ …. which is – tadaaaa! Here it comes …..

        A Leica Killer (except it’s not – it’s a Nex-7 rival, with slightly better IQ …. perhaps)

        Jeeeez, read & digest before replying …..

        • But your point was that features are deleted, but only one feature is arguably missing, high speed flash sync… High speed sync referring to studio or use with strobes, I guess you could rig this up to a Ranger Quadra kit and do something cool but seems like if you’re working at that level a Phase One camera with a Leaf Shutter lens might be a better bet. I’m just saying the XP-1 hardly dumps any of the key features of the X100.

          You’re still saying that the people may essentially be dissapointed with this camera…but I don’t think anyone really expects it to be a Leica killer, nobody is drumping their M9 for XP-1s as far as I know. An NEX-7 rival that is more targeted to the audience on this site, absolutely. I think people know that.

          And for the record, I am hanging on to my X100. It’s helped me make too many lovely pictures to simply toss away. However, I am seriously considering the XP-1 for my professional wedding work.

          • Mark – do you (or did you … in film days) never see the need for flash sync at all speeds in outdoor work. I do not do studio work!

            One of the great features of the classic Hasselblad as a pro tool was all-speeds sync – no matter what your photographic arena. The Hassie F series never caught on – focal plane shutter/fixed upper limit sync speed annoyed the pros. Nuff said.

            It’s is clear from reading Steve, and others, blogs that many thought the X-Pro1 would be a Leica killer – just go back and read the comments. Steve, along with many others, dumped their X100 when the Fuji rumour became virtual fact – the release of sneak photos. I didn’t say they were dumping M9 for XP1 – only the X100 or X1.

            I’m keeping my X100 (if only for the 35mm eqv. lens, unavailable in XP1 range) – but many others – including the Huff – are not.

            Like most camera releases nowadays, too much anticipation invested in upcoming models – rather than considered appraisal of it’s features when it actually emerges upon the consumer market.

            I’m glad we both agree the X100 is a keeper though!

          • High sync speed is cool outside of the studio, for balancing against strong ambient with lower powered lights, or burning off ambient while still allowing big apertures and shallow DOF. It would be a nice to have for daylight portraits. But since you can pretty much get there with ND filters and watt seconds I’m not sure why it’s such a huge deal. The only other option would have been individual leaf shutters in the lenses, which would have been cost prohibitive and limited the upper bound of the shutter speed.

      • Why not use it in the studio? Why limit any camera to “oh, this wasn’t meant for the studio, it was meant for blah blah blah”. Some of the most interesting and compelling photography thinks outside the “norms”.

        The highest sync on this is 1/180, which is only 1/20 away from the Canon 5D MkII at 1/200, and whole photography careers in the studio have been supported by that camera. Yes, it would have been nice to have leaf shutters on the lenses, but this also limits using other manufacturer lenses via adaptors, yes?

    • How could anyone expect it to be a Leica M9 killer? – it is only an APS-C sensor, so this is just wishful thinking that does not make any sense to me.

      • It’s not about sensor size – it’s sensor quality. Certainly doesn’t need to be FF to beat a Leica in quality. It only needs to be better/cheaper.

        If one thing has been demonstrated in recent years it’s that sensor technology keeps improving. Leica’s is over 4 years old (at least) …. a millenium in sensor development time – unless they have adopted Sony sensor technologies, I doubt they have anything better in the pipeline.

        The only thing Leica truly has going for it is in the lenses – when Fuji (or someone else) introduces a bargain, full-frame, M compatible model, it will be ‘game over’ for all but die-hard Leica aficionados.

        Many thought the X-Pro1 was going to be it – but it’s not!

      • No – I’m 57 actually and have probably owned/used more Leicas and many other brands of camera than most in over 51 years of photography. (I started young)

        If you don’t get the point of posts, don’t reply with rude comments. Personal insults prove a lack of rational thinking capacity.

        I highlighted the fact that FAR TOO MANY BLOGGERS are claiming the Fuji would blow the Leica out of the water – it is them, not me, that are expressing the ‘Leica Killer’ mantra.

        Seem to be missing the point that potential buyers were dumping the X100 (last months great camera) almost as soon as the X-Pro1 was revealed in sneak pics.

        For the record, neither my X100 or Leicas, nor my Contax, Nikon or Canons, nor my old MF stuff are ‘going in the bin’ just cos someone releases a flashy new model.


    • The camera is not even on the market yet. How in the hell do you know what the files really look like? It would be idiotic for Fuji to release a camera at greater cost and worse file quality than the X100. Gimme a break!!

      • Hi Cory – you are in a class of one here.

        I’ve not been discussing X-Pro1 file quality in my ‘thread’ – nor do I have any idea of what it is like.

        Did you post reply in wrong section or are you responding to one of my ‘repliers’ ?

        Confused ……

    • …and don’t forget the X100 has a stealthy flash and the X-Pro 1 doesn’t. A minor detail for some people but, after the X100, I expected Fuji not to miss a step with the X-Pro 1. Fuji’s success with the X100 surely made them rush the research and development of the X-Pro 1.

      • Could not have said it better myself David! I too expected the XP-1 to be a ‘tour de force’, building on the strengths of the X100 and avoiding it’s weaknesses.

        Neither seems to have come to fruition …

    • I will consider the X-Pro 1 when it’s been out for a while, been reviewed by people I know and respect, and maybe been through the first couple of firmware updates.

      But I’m keeping my X100. Its user interface and controls are mildly annoying, but its image quality is great, and there isn’t another camera that combines right-sized body, 35mm lens, and silent mode in a way that suits my style so well.

      The X-Pro 1 may be a great camera, but I think it complements rather than replaces the X100.

      • Again I can only agree with your comments Paris. The X100 – despite minor flaws – is already a classic.

        It hit the sweet spot in so many ways and impressed so many people.

        If the X Pro-1 can get only half the plaudits of it’s predecessor it will be fortunate. Sadly, it looks like Fuji rushed into it, attempting to build on the X100’s success.

        It’s interesting that UK advertising for the X100 has INCREASED – illustrating it has a firm market in it’s own unique sector, not threatened by the recent arrival of it’s siblings.

  13. Great to see the review of the Fuji. Still no mention how manual focus will work with other brand lenses (Leica/Zeiss/Voigtlander). I hope Fuji and Olympus have learned from Sony NEX and Ricoh GXR with their focus peeking. The new bodies must be great. Fun to use and have.

    Fuji, please send one to Steve!

  14. Thank you for the links for the first X-Pro1 reviews. From what I have seen there it seems that:
    – 18/20 lens seems underperforming – center only gets sharp at f/5.6, corners never get there. It has loads of color fringing – and there is no excuse for that. 2 reviews showed similar stuff – let’s hope that will improve in the future.
    – 35 & 60 lenses perform very well, the 35 seem to hit full sharpness at f/2.8 but even the performance at f/1.4 seems very good. 60 looks nearly perfect form wide open on.
    – the sharpness and in particular the fine detail of the images does not suggest that the camera has no AA filter (like what we have seen from GXR M-mount module) – but that may just be the JPEG engine.
    – high ISO performance is very good.

    I am looking forward to see your review, Steve 🙂

    • How do you expect CDAF to drive a lens and all the photo info to be displayed on a hybrid vf if it isn’t focus by wire.
      (If X-P1 was manual focus only camera with a standard ovf the we could expect helicoid manual focusing).

      Remember : Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 L II usm is focus by wire.

      • Yeah and the focus by wire of the 85mm sucks compared to real MF. Yes, I’ve owned one for 4 years. It sucks. I’m happy for you if you like it. Most don’t.

        • Yes we want our cake and we want to eat it.

          A proper manual focus lens is just that … a helicoid manual focus only. No af. Eg Zeiss 100mm f2 is manual focus only.

          To have a CDAF system with hybrid vf taking info from a af/mf lens, it could not have had proper helicoid manual focusing. This is quite obvious.

          • Name an AF lens that is as good as an MF lens when manual focusing…there AREN’T ANY. Even the old AF-D Nikons are only ok, compared to an AIS lens when manually focusing.

            There will be an M mount adapter. Use that if you need to manually focus so bad that you’re willing to dismiss a camera based only of this function.

          • Nikon 105 f2 DC and 180 f2.8 were pretty great in MF–not leica smooth, but way better than any other AF lens I’ve used. Then again, these lenses are incredibly slow and loud in the AF department by modern standards.

    • No AF lens can full replicate the mechanical feeling of nice manual focus lens, but Olympus has done an excellent job of it with their 12mm f/2. If you haven’t tried that lens yet then you should. The entire industry should use it as the model of how to do manual focus on a focus by wire lens. To me it’s on par with any AF lens out there. I may even prefer the feel of it to that of the Pentax Limited’s.

    • This has been puzzling me – why is the ability to manually focus an AF lens so important to folks? (I’m assuming that the focus by wire only applies to the Fuji lenses) How often will this need to be done to make it a deal breaker?

      Genuinely puzzled,


      • Simply it’s great to be able to fully control a camera – aperture, iso, shutter speed AND focus. The X-Pro 1 came so close to this, though has these so called “plasticy” fly-by-wire lenses.

        Plus I think we are all in panic mode as the implementation of fly-by-wire focus on the x100 was awful.

  15. Pentax too.

    X-P1 is like the big bro you look upto,
    Yknaw the one great at almost everything and gets the chics.

    OM-D is like the cute one you look at and go awwwww
    I wanna take you home and keep you as my liddle bunny wabbit.

    • Having seen the grapevine leaks & Olympus patent for CDAF PDAF sensor with optical path to VF
      OMD is gonna be big bro & bunny wabbit 🙂

  16. For some reason, those sample pictures don’t impress me at all.. maybe I just had too much expectation on the X-Pro1

  17. It’s amazing how much you can tell just from that small cropped photo of the OM-D. The finish looks top notch, the controls look solid, and I see it has it has a built in “thumbs-up” grip on the rear. That is a great idea. A film advanced lever is what makes this style of body comfortable to use.

    This is turning out to be one fantastic year for small camera lovers. First the Sony NEX-7, then the Fuji X-Pro1, now this Olympus. After years of having no other choices aside form an M8 or M9 we now have three viable, and affordable alternatives.

    If the sensor and viewfinder are both up to par in this Olympus, then I have to say it looks like the best of the bunch thanks to weather seals, built in shake reduction, and fast AF. Feb 8th can’t arrive fast enough.

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