OM-D E-M5 starts to ship! Who has received their cameras?

OM-D E-M5 starts to ship! Who has received their cameras?

Even though Olympus originally told me I would have a review sample of the new OM-D E-M5 by mid April I do not so I am still awaiting for my Amazon pre-order to arrive! I heard from a few people who have received their cameras just today but I still have not received my Amazon shipping notice. Olympus says worldwide shipments have begun so my guess is that most if us who pre-ordered when it first was made available will be getting our cameras next week. Has anyone here received their camera or ship notice yet? As most of you know I loved the PEN series and this OM-D seems to step it up a notch in almost every area so I am excited to get it. It looks the part, feels the part, and in my brief moments with one a little while ago, I think it will walk the walk as well.

If anyone reading this has received a ship notice or their camera, leave a comment below with your thoughts!




    So many good reviews about this camera are only making it so much worse.

    I can’t stand waiting. Delayed gratification sucks. Instant gratification is sooooo much better.

    If Amazon doesn’t ship my camera soon, (Black, with 12-50 lens) I am going to go nuts.

  2. I ordered a black EM-5 w/12-50 on 2/7 from Amazon. Hasn’t shipped yet and there isn’t even an expected ship date.

    My HLD-6 is arriving today. I guess I should be excited about this…it would be nice if I had a camera to use it with.

    Hopefully my camera will ship soon…I’m also checking my local camera stores for stock…

    • I think the basic body and 14-42 kits shipped 1st. The 12-50 kits should be shipping any time now from what I have heard. Worth the wait though as this camera is fantastic.

  3. Still no shipping notice from Adorama. Ordered silver kit w/ 12-50. It’s frustrating ;-((

  4. Ugh. I waited FOREVER for the X-100 from Amazon. Now waiting for the OM-D… I am ready to cancel the whole lot and buy 100 rolls of chrome film.

  5. going nuts. Still waiting for word from Amazon. Feel like a kid who’s been told that Christmas has been moved back to February.

    • I feel the same way Kai. It’s painful. I keep checking Amazon, and everytime just see the message that I will get notified when they have a shipping date.

  6. April 20: Black OM-D with 12-50mm lens listed as SHIPPED form B&H!!!!

    Scheduled to arrive Tuesday.

  7. Order E-m5 with 14-42 mm kit on April 15th from B&H.I got shipping notice today,probably i will get it by next week.

  8. Just picked up the black OM-D 14-422mm kit at Creve Couer Camera in St. Louis, MO . Also got the HLD-6 grip but spare BLN-1 batteries not availble yet. Anyone know if BLN-1 available for urchase anywhere?

  9. Picked up a black OM-D with the 12-50mm lens from Fotopro at Changi Airport, Singapore on the 17 April. Heading out in London today for some shooting, very excited!

  10. I just happened to find one at a small shop in NYC, and picked it up with the 14-42 kit lens. I haven’t had much time to use it, but I can say that the EVF is entirely satisfactory, and the build quality is everything I had hoped it would be. The control dials are snappy, and I’m thoroughly excited to put this camera through its paces!

      • Camera Land in Midtown West. I bought the last one, but the salesperson said they’d be getting some more in about a week.

        Now that I’ve had some more time to mess with it, I am seriously loving this little camera.

      • Camera Land in Midtown East. I bought the last one, but the salesperson said they’d be getting some more in about a week.

        Now that I’ve had some more time to mess with it, I am seriously loving this little camera.

  11. Amazon status is now SHIPPING SOON as of a few minutes ago. Ordered Silver body with 12-50mm lens Feb 7th. Probably within minutes of the announcement. Checked my card and it has been charged. Excited!

    • I ordered from amazon on feb 8th. Which is supposedly the first day you were able to order. Still no charge from them and yesterday they said they are still working on fulfilling this order!! Poppycock!!!!!! I just checked on Amazon and it still says item not available! I’m just curious why some people are seeing results!

    • Is that B&H in New York? Odd. My order (in the U.S.) was 7 Feb, and is still “backordered.”

  12. Talked with Olympus tech guy. Still no answers on auto EVF not working. Finally went outside in really strong sun light. The proximity sensor will work in blazing sunlight, otherwise not. Sooooo, my guess is that the proximity sensor was not calibrated. Left a message to Oly tech guy about it. I’ll probably hear back on it tomorrow.

    Deep sigh.

  13. Camera store in San Antonio received three silver E-M5’s with 12-50mm yesterday and they’re gone today.

    Just got this email moments ago from Amazon:

    We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on April 09, 2012 (Order# 103-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx):

    “Olympus MMF-3 4/3 Adapter”
    Estimated arrival date: April 19, 2012 – April 20, 2012

    I ordered this adapter along with grip, battery holder and E-M5 with 12-50mm in black last Monday 9 April.

  14. I’m in the USA. Received my black E-M5 yesterday. The auto EVF is buggy. Nothing shows up on the LCD when I pull away from the camera. It says Auto EVF is ON, but still no joy. Called Olympus tech support, we tried resets, etc. No joy. They will call me back.

    • This may seem like an elementary question, but have you pressed the small button on the right side of the viewfinder? It, combined with the INFO button, will turn off the LCD screen. Either press the viewfinder button again, or the INFO button, and something should happen on the screen (either the live view or the super control panel will come up).

      Sorry if this is something you’ve tried already-

  15. Having tested FUJI XP1 yesterday with 35mm F1.4
    Fine combo with the tactile feel of focus by wire rather nice and quick enough to manually focus autofocus indoors
    Metering exposure on auto rather superb.

    Panasonic L1/ Digilux3 is the nearest looking & handling wise to XP1.

    The well known features of OMD does it for me.
    I have to say i am glad i waited for OMD.

    My local retailer says they should have it by the end of the month.

  16. I pre-ordered a black body with black 12-50 from Amazon on Feb 8. Still no estimated delivery date.

  17. Hunt’s Photo in Boston received (5) they say on Wednesday. I was able to purchase the silver version with 12-50mm lens. I’m planning to shoot with it today.

  18. Does anyone have opinions as yet to share regarding the “high-tech look” cover material on the black bodies? Personally, I’m kind of bummed that the traditional pebble-grained faux-leather wasn’t chosen for the black body, like the silver — the effective contrast in look and feel of that combination in a black-on-black presentation just works for me big time. Too bad for me. From pictures (only), the prism-housing-like EVF tower just looks a bit too tall to sit in proper proportion to the rest of the body, to my eye, on the silver version particularly; the black seems to ameliorate this effect to a satisfying degree: Comments?

    So anyway, how does the ‘contemporary’ appearance of the black body’s cover material strike you early adopters? Would you call it a “carbon fiber” look, or something else? And maybe of greater importance, how does it feel as you handle the camera? In pictures, it looks as if it might feel a little slick and insecure. I will not have any realistic opportunity to see one in the flesh where I live before making an order, so I ask. Finally — and this would be very speculative, I understand — is that covering glued on simply, in a way that suggests it could be lifted and replaced with the ‘leather’ stuff should I manage to drive myself nuts over the issue? Thanks for your ideas and suggestions!

    • I held the black version on Saturday at an Olympus demonstration. I have the silver on pre-order (still no word from Amazon) and one thing I didn’t care for about the black model, in photos, was the cover material. However, in “real-life” it didn’t bother me. It blends in pretty well. I also held the camera with the optional grip and the overall look and feel was substantial and very ergonomic. I think that I will likely use the grip more often than not. BTW, the camera is really small so the grip gives you more real estate to work with. The housing for the EVF did not bother me at all. It would also be possible to keep the little clip on flash attached all the time but it would be better, in my opinion, if they had made a way to attach it to the camera strap about mid-way for quick access.

  19. Ordered the black body from amazon but haven’t heard anything. Emailed but couln’t get a detailed answer. Should have ordered from Olympus directly.

  20. I’m in Seattle and received a ship notice for my black body with 12-50mm on Thursday night. It was waiting for me at FedEx the next morning (4/13). The grip that I ordered out of California (PopFlash) arrived the same day!
    I ordered from Olympus USA store about 30m after the camera was announced on Feb. 7, with overnight delivery. I am very pleased (serious understatement!) with the EM-5!

  21. It’s great to hear of a lot of you getting your EM-5’s around the world but I never hear anything about Australians getting delivery.
    I’ve put a deposit down at my local Ted’s Cameras for a black kit and grip but they have no news at all.
    Any Aussies out there with good news?

  22. Well I expect a delay in getting mine – according to sources it is the most pre-ordered digital camera in history and the dealer confirmed that in 30 years of trading they had never seen anything like the demand that there is for this camera. Monday the 16th is the official shipping date in the UK but…….

    • If you don’t mind my asking- what sources are you referring to? I know Olympus issued a statement that it was the most pre-ordered in their company history, but I had not heard that it was also so for digicams as a whole. I don’t doubt you- I’m just curious. That seems amazing!

  23. Hi, I’m from Singapore I got mine on the 11 apr. Only the black kit is available at the moment. But the freebies that olypmus have promised for the pre order have been KIV till further notice. Hope these information helps in some way

  24. My friend is traveling from Montenegro to NYC tomorrow. B @ H Photo Video. She should be there by the midst of the next Week. Wander if B @ H have any of them in stock, not the Camera body only/black verson/ but also the Grip, as well!?
    Looking at their Site they are receiving Preorders, for now, only.
    Anyone knows?
    Cheerz, Tomislav.

  25. I live in Sapporo, Japan and was told by Yodobashi Camera that test cameras won’t make it to the shops for 2 to 3 months. All the people that ordered cameras here are also still waiting for their OMDs (OM-D E-M5…) to come in.


  26. I preordered from SRS Microsystems in the UK, and they told me on Thursday that they’re getting stocks on April 16th. So I rather hope I’ll have mine next week – hoorah!

  27. They will have grand launching of OMD in Indonesia at May 2th 2012
    offcourse we can buy directly from Olympus ..

    but only body + kit..
    Olympus said.. at least for the launching they dont sell Body Only..

    well.. I ll wait then

  28. I contacted Olympus last night and here is what they had to say:

    Dear Steven,

    Thank you for contacting Olympus Technical Support.

    We should be shipping all EM-5 preorders within the first half of this month. You will also get a shipping notification with a tracking number so you know it is on the way.

    If you require additional assistance please reply to this email leaving the entire history intact or give us a call. We have a toll free technical support line with technicians available to assist you Monday-Friday 9:00AM-9:00PM Eastern Time.
    Toll Free Technical Support Hotline 1-888 -553-4448

    Best Regards,
    Olympus Technical Support
    Olympus Imaging America Inc.
    Toll Free Technical Support Hotline 1-888 -553-4448

  29. Hey Steve do you know if you will be getting your hands on the Sigma 30mm f2.8 in the near future? From what I’ve seen so far it seems to be a pretty awesome lens especially for $199! I don’t think you could go wrong with that! Btw I’m referring to the m4/3 version.

  30. People have been randomly getting them in the states here and there. Somehow it has only been the mom&pop stores that seem to be getting them. Why this is I do not know. I talked to someone at Amazon today…nice guy but I may have well just talked to him in an undiscovered language, cause he couldn’t tell me anything! When I placed my preorder(via through our lord n savior Steve Huffs site 🙂 on feb 8th Amazon had listed that the camera would ship April 10th. Somehow down the road that little tidbit of info was removed which made me slightly worried. As someone mentioned here that the only ones coming in at the moment is the silver with the 12-50(thankfully that’s what I ordered) and that the black body only would be the last to come! I’ve been reading every blog about ten times an hour, and those getting them randomly have been the silver 12-50. Hopefully those who preordered on feb 8th will be shooting with them buy this time next week! Fingers crossed!!!

    • After reading your mom&pop comment, I went to the local camera shop shutterbug here in Santa Rosa CA.
      Sure enough they had two silver kits just arrived in stock.
      I had been waiting a body from Amazon, but one in the hand is certainly worth more one in the cloud.

      Had a good walk around this afternoon with it.
      The camera is smoking hot – very fast AF with the 25mm Summilux and 12mm f/2.
      The EVF is really good.
      I’m very impressed so far.
      Compared to the E-P1, any rattlesnake issues with the 25mm seem to have gone 🙂
      The kit zoom AF is also super fast on the E-P1, but I probably won’t really use it often unless it’s raining.

      • That’s crazy man! Good for you I’m glad:) I’m not to happy with Amazon right now!! I know it may not be there fault but still C’MON. I’m sure they account for maybe 75% of om-d preorders so you would think they would want to keep those customers happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may call some local camera shops here in the Colorado Springs/Denver area tomorrow. Although my local camera shops are the worst here! I asked if they had any m4/3 gear and the guy and girl went on to tell me that m4/3 isn’t going anywhere and that I should just buy a point and shoot instead of investing in m4/3!!!! Meanwhile this guys camera shop is going under!! Anyway I’m officially jealous.. Have fun!!!

      • People have been complaining about panny lenses locking up when attached to the OM-D…let us know if that happens to you. I just ordered the oly 45mm 1.8 today and your 25 1.4 is next on my list!

  31. Got mine today (silver kit, battery grip, 4/3 lens adaptor) from Dodd Camera in Cleveland. They got their preorders in end of day yesterday. It’s very fun! The kit lens isn’t bad really- but the prime lenses are staggering, especially the Oly 12 & 45 (the Panny 20 is great too, and focuses faster than I expected). I tried the kit lens on an E-PL1 and it performed much more kit lens-like on that camera. But it seems the OM-D is able to get a lot more performance out of most any lens you screw on it. I also have the old 4/3 14-54mm and 50-200 lenses. Lot of hunting on the autofocus, but if you’re not in a hurry they still work great on the OM-D.

    The IBS will make your jaw drop. Several 1/2 second hand held shots with the 12mm today came out very sharp. Super impressed.

    And the noise people say it makes is real. It’s faint white noise, sort of like what comes from a nice DVR when the TV is off. Most ambient noise drowns it right out. I didn’t even notice it after shooting for a few hours.

    • Where did you order yours?
      Can you confirm that the silver kit ships with the black lens (i prefer) and the black add-on flash ( i hate)?


      • Dodd Camera- it’s my local store. They are a chain through northeast Ohio and Chicago. They seem to have a really solid connection to the Olympus America reps.

        The silver kit does come with the black lens & flash. I am a bit disappointed by the black lens, I was hoping silver also. But, as it turns out, I probably won’t use the kit lens that much anyway. This camera was built to match perfectly with the 45mm prime. The 12 f2 and the Panny 20 f1.7 are also excellent on this camera, but the 45 sings. I’m going to keep the 12-50 on an E-PL1 I picked up from Cameta for $150- my kid will use it for videos.

        I don’t mind the black flash- it looks pretty imposing on top when you’ve got the battery grips on. The camera looks like you mean business when put all together. I was a little worried what clients would think when I pulled out such a small camera for shoots (I’ve been a 5DmkII user), but I’m not worried now. The full grip adds a serious WOW factor.

        • Silver body comes with a black 12-50?? I thought there was a silver 12-50 … I guess not. Bummer.

          • What an impressive response and moreover what a nice gentleman you are. Thank you so very much.

            I see the “silver metal” verses “silver powder coat” (or whatever it is) difference between the 12mm lens and body. But it’s certainly not objectionable. (I have the 45mm which you say matches.)

            It was difficult for me as Olympus sponsored me with OM gear and I had an OM2 and OM3 which were both black. The OM-D silver is more retro (I’m going with that) but the black was more nostalgic for personal reasons/recall.

            Lovely photo. Thank you again.

    • Hi Matt… Was it you who helped me out with an answer on that aperture chatter issue in the “Fuji Quirks” thread? If so, thanks… very helpful! I’m in N.E. Ohio, too, BTW. …Betcha know what I’m eager to hear an early report on: how’s that chatter thing playing out on the OM-D so far? And the OM-D + client juxtaposition caught my eye — is that a hint you’re thinking this m4/3 can mostly stand comparison on IQ (on many, if not all subjects) with the APS-C favorites here, considering the effective “real world” contributions of the spiffy IBS and the nice lens options? As I’ve mentioned before, Robin Wong showed some results on his blogsite that were suggestive of this. Of course, it’s hard to tell about those more ineffable qualities (“3D”, “mojo”, “glow”, whatever…) from a few examples; and I think that’s what might allow the OM-D to be a winner even vs. some of that Pentax, NEX , larger sensor competition — If that special something is there, in some way.

      One more thing… is your Olympus 14-54mm ‘zoom’ the first iteration or the Mk II? I have the latter [plus the 20mm Panasonic and the nifty 45mm], so I’m very interested how this is going to work out for me once I’m really up and running in my return to photography. I’m hoping, given strong approval ratings from this first crop of users, that the OM-D is going to happily accept my Contax G lenses, especially the 28mm (and 21mm, if I pick that up, too).

      • Different Matt on the Fuji issue, but I’ll take any credit I can get! 🙂

        First- it has been my intention from the first announcement of the E-M5 to change my entire 5DmkII workflow over to the smaller camera. Spec-wise it looked like it could work, and after messing around for a few days I have no doubts. This is now my main camera system, and everything for it fits in a bag a quarter the size of the one that houses my Canon gear. Awesome. Beyond the obvious logistical advantages the smaller system offers, the camera itself is so much more “hand friendly”- its size and touchscreen controls make fiddling and experimenting fun. It is solid, but never feels too heavy, even in one-handed use. Without the battery grips, it is essentially iPhone-sized, and obviously it has been well established that size works well in the hand. The grips (which are amazing- a 2 piece wonder of clever engineering) make the rig slip-proof and a joy to hold for long periods of time. That is $300 well spent- don’t even think about it.

        Lens chatter is not an issue, at least with the ones I have. The 20mm pancake makes some small noise, but it’s sort of adorable in its clicking and whirring. The Oly primes are lightening quick and silent. I’d say the 12mm probably is too expensive, but man- it’s like decadent luxury car expensive. You can live without it and get something cheaper that does similar work, but if the price is not an issue why not? It’s SO nice.

        My “legacy” 4/3 glass is the mk I variety, so I’d assume the mk II versions will work better. For my purposes the first versions actually work pretty well. I will mostly be doing studio or tripod work with those, so fast auto focus is not the priority over image quality. I have not gotten to use the 14-54 a whole lot yet, but it seemed pretty quiet in my short test. The 50-200 had some rattlesnake to it, but nothing that would wake the dead. I think I could get away shooting a wedding with it if I had to.

        • Thanks so much, Matt, for that encouraging report. It’s simply beginning to seem as if the OM-D may be the first mirrorless option bandied about in this forum that doesn’t need to make any significant apologies for itself… finally (?!): Even the NEX-7 gets the now familiar reservations tossed back its way regarding the JPEG engine output, the too-large/too-few lens options, the more computer-ish than camera-like feel, and the legacy RF lens compatibility issues with shorter focal lengths. In a world of overcomplicated cars catering to every fetish, aggravatingly ill-conceived gadgets, and still mystifyingly unintuitive “Windows”, that feeling — “It just works!” — can seem like a nearly priceless thing.

          Your thoughts on the 12mm Olympus lens option mirror my own very closely. I guess I should get that bonding thing going and really commit to the system before looking to pick that one up, even ‘used’ from a certain, sometimes frustrating, auction site. [Have you noticed how high ‘used’ prices on the desirable m4/3 lenses have risen “at auction” since Dec./Jan., BTW?] Robin Wong’s test drive effectively eased any concern I might have had over performance degeneration at higher ISO settings. So for me, there are two big questions to ponder — ultimate IQ for subjects such as landscape, weathered/rustic architecture, and the like… and whether or not a happy union can be effected with my Contax G system Zeiss lenses in adapted/MF mode, especially the 28mm and 21mm wide angle ones (considering the crop factor). I don’t have the latter as yet.

          Matt, there’s a VERY interesting user review — possibly a bit overenthusiastic, I’m not yet sure — on the Olympus site regarding the Mk II version of the 14-54mm ‘zoom’ lens. He makes a very big point of the fact that Olympus have redesigned the original quite thoroughly, expressly for much improved compatibility with contrast detection auto-focus (beating the 12-60mm hands down), and to achieve a near macro close-focusing ability. A French pro [nature photography/flowers] comments on the latter aspect in eBay reviews, often reproduced in the listings when the 14-54mm comes up. We exchanged emails: yes, he still loves that lens. And the weatherproofing’s a great plus, particularly given the all-you’d-need range of effective focal lengths at f.2.8-3.5 on this one. I’m thinking the 12-50mm would just be superfluous in my case.

          So you might want to look those reviews up, Matt… and not to twist your arm or anything, but circumstances have me at present with TWO as-new 14-54mm Mk II’s! I’m thrilled to have one… the second would be available in ‘new’ condition if those reviews I cited peak your interest (or anyone else’s!). The old version can still pull a strong price at auction, within $100-130 of the Mk II’s value: I thought the difference was a no-brainer. In any event, have fun with the new mainstay system!

          • Hi, I’m interested in buying your 14-54 mm Mark II version. Please email me re: price, etc. Thanks!

          • Hi Lee! Well, I had to figure out how we could make contact on this. After a few little probes of this and that on site, I think the easiest and most private way to do this is for you to place a very short “wanted” notice directed to me under “Buy/Sell”. You wouldn’t have to say much — I’ll know, of course, what it’s about. Then, I believe, I’d be able to respond via the “member” registry of this site and we’d be connected as discreetly as possible. Does that make sense to you? And thanks for the interest.

        • Matt I’d love to hear more about your switch as I too have switched from a 5DMKII system to a Olympus system. I started a blog about my experiences as well. As of last night I shot my second magazine cover with the Pen Mini and I’m encountering some unique challenges that I think will be solved soon.

          I do want to get my hands on the OMD since some of my clients like the bigger-badder type cameras using the OMD will keep them happy and I know I’ll dig the files sizes. Just got to find one soon. I landed a sizable job shooting three covers and inside shots all celebrity portraiture. Super excited but time to work out the workflow bugs.

          Hopefully we can help each other out and in the process lead the way for more pros to move to Olympus.

          • Good luck to you! I think the E-M5 will surprise a lot of people. I’ve been using mine for only five days & already feel really confident with it.

    • Thanks for the swell photos — the most useful I’ve seen so far on the details and for putting the OM-D into a comprehensible perspective regarding scale.

        • Thanks for that link — I bookmarked it under “OM-D Perspectives”. One more thing, if I may inquire: I’d be VERY interested to read your initial impressions of the black number’s “high tech look” soft body covering/cladding. I’m a bit put off by the look (only from photos, though!) and can’t say that it looks very “grip-y” or secure in the hand (the sheen on the fabric raises some skepticism — your excellent closeups, BTW, just reinforced my doubts). Otherwise, I much prefer the black finish, speaking for my own tastes. I raised this issue and added a few more points at #35 below. Thanks for any advice.

          • Well, you can always peel off the OEM covering, and replace it with “Griptac” from

          • Do you know this, Paris, from examination of the camera yourself, or from having good evidence this worked out well for someone else [Already? That would be way more gung ho than I am!]? I’m asking this simply because I WON’T have a chance, in all probability, to see and handle the camera beforehand, should I decide to place an order. I’d like to think the peeling off would be a straightforward operation, but I don’t know. For sure, I have no interest in a result that looks in any way “kludged”. I’m pretty good at arts and crafts under favorable conditions… Thanks!

          • To be honest I was joking, since I have not seen the OMD, and don’t know if the “carbon fiber” (or whatever) can be stripped off cleanly. In addition, Camera Leather won’t produce a kit for a particular camera until there is demand for it. That could take years.

            I have, however, recovered a number of cameras (mostly film) with Camera Leather skins, and mostly they look great. Of course, the result depends on your choice of material, and how careful you are with the application.

            (I don’t have any connection with Camera Leather. Just a satisfied customer.)

  32. I am still awaiting an email from Amazon. But I am concerned about the rebate offer since Amazon sells the Olympus MMF-3 4/3 Adapter thru Cameta and when I received the adapter it did not have a receipt from AMZ but from Cameta. The rebate offer requires the adapter needs to be ordered at the same time or before the EM-5 is ordered and both must be from the same vendor. Is anyone else that is ordering thru AMZ concerned about this.

    • I called Olympus customer support a couple of weeks ago to ask if an accessory order placed through Amazon (also where I pre-ordered the camera) but fulfilled by a third party would be a problem. They said “not a problem” just document that the order was placed with Amazon. So this is what I did. I ordered the FL300 flash from Amazon and it arrived from J&R in NY (also an authorized Olympus dealer). Hopefully when I submit everything it will go smoothly.

  33. I pre-ordered mine from Amazon as well, but have not received my notice of when it will ship. I did however receive a rebate form for a free accessory from Amazon, and the wireless flash is an option.

  34. lovely photos-especially the bird-Im still waiting to get my hands on this NEX just to give it a feel…
    I just dont understand the huge lenses shooters are putting on these small(er) cameras-I guess putting a howitzer in front makes it much more compact than a DSLR? Maybe just because you can? You wont be going unoticed Im sure. The NEX series (oly sigma and panny etc too) are so slim you can put them in a jacket pocket if the lens was a pancake type. Out it would come -get the shot(s) and quickly put it back in a pocket. I think theyd be a great street shooter with the 16 and a 50 only. (yes I hear that a 50 from sony is in the works) If Im going to use a much larger than pancake lens I’ll stick to my 1Ds MK2 and get full frame. Or maybe a K-5?
    thats how I would use mirrorless and thats my take on it-slam me if you need to or set me straight-please

    • Of course the best way to shoot ANY of these smaller cameras is with smaller lenses, one reason I love the Olympus series (PEN and now OM-D) but this is a special lens and many will use a lens like this on occasion on their NEX. Just showing what to expect but it is NOT an every day lens, that is for sure. 🙂 Still it is WAY WAY smaller than a 1ds MKII.

  35. I still need to decide weather I should get black or silver. Is anyone ordering through Amazon? I want to get Wireless Flash for the free accessory via mail in rebate. But Amazon doesn’t offer the Flash. Anyone else notice that?

    • Hi Anthony,

      Write a polite note to Amazon’s Customer Care, saying thanks for the offer, and you’d like to add the FL300 flash to your original order, include your camera order number, and a link to the item (which is currently $199 for the 1 available from a third party, though I think the limit on the offer is $169) and see how they respond.

      PS: for those still waiting on delivery, this isn’t just an Amazon deal, there’s a form here:

      Choose between:

      Must be included in the same order as your camera, from an authorized Oly dealer, so you may have to contact them to arrange.

  36. My retailer told me they were supposed to get them today, but it was pushed back to Monday the 16th, which means I’ll hopefully get mine the 17th.

  37. I preordered via Adorama on 2/9/12. My account still has it “pending’. I am curious… can anyone tell me when preorders began? I want to get an idea of how far down the list I am….


    Peter F.

  38. From the threads I’ve followed elsewhere, the silver kits were the first tihngs shipped to the US.

    • thats what ive seen too
      i know precision in austin got some kits in, just to mock and torment me
      if i didnt have the 12-60 and plan on getting mmf3 with the rebate, id have caved in and switched! mebbe i can get the SO into m43 and hand me down the ep3 with that 12-50!!!! *eyes wide in hope*

    • FWIW some 30 years ago with the introduction of the OM-2 they had the same problem. Black back ordered for weeks or months but silver available LOL> I guess some things don’t change. I’m holding out for the black OM-D

  39. No joy on black 12-50 kit from Henry’s in Toronto. The grip however arrived.

  40. Not yet, B&H will open on April 15, and start to fill the “Pre-Orders” by date…
    Don’t know if B&H received Kits Only for the 1st shipment, or both Kits and Bodies???? Time will tell.
    I Pre-Ordered the Black E-M5 Body.

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