WOW! $1000 of brand new Leica M9-P and $500 off M9 at Dale Photo NOW!


WOW! $1000 of brand new Leica M9-P and $500 off M9 at Dale Photo NOW!

WOW!! So you want that new M9-P but do not want to shell out $8000 for one? Well Dale Photo is offering a $1000 off special RIGHT NOW on all Leica M9-P cameras and $500 off Β new M9 cameras! Direct Links to these specials is below!

When you add it to your cart the discount gets applied. AMAZING! I have never seen a special like this on Leica cameras, ever. So save some big bucks NOW.


The Silver Chrome M9-P – $1000 off at $6995

The Black Paint M9-P – $1000 off at $6995

The Black Paint M9 Β – $500 off at $6495

The Steel Grey M9 at $500 off at $6495

Dale Photo is a reputable Leica dealer and these are legit deals. These go through Halloween or until they sell out of course.


  1. Predictions of Leica M10 are disappointing. It’s going to be a gadget with CMOS, HD-video, LiveView, etc. Like the DSLR systems I sold but branded as Leica. I’m bought the M9-P b/c I embrace the crappy Kodak CCD sensor, bad LCD (no chimping), and if I need video, I use my Oly OM-D E-M5 which works fine for video. I use Leica to get away from all those distractions.

  2. Do not give up with Panasonic, they might be the dark horse in this FF EVF race. Rumors has it that Panasonic is exithing the plasma TV business, so they may turn their eye to this area to blow everyone out of the water.

    • Hi, Ken.

      Panasonic won’t be exiting the TV business if this rumour is true, just ceasing manufacturing plasmas.

      As possibly the last manufacturer of plasma sets, many others gave them up some time ago, Panasonic did so only whilst plasmas offered an image advantage over lcd sets and at a time when large screen lcd’s couldn’t compete on price anyway. Panasonic have heavily invested in IPS screens and it is this technology that has made plasma largely redundant.

  3. What about if Fuji release a FF in one of their georgous retro bodies , something like the x200 FF , or better still x-pro 2 ff , woooooooww

    • Only if the sensor will be adjusted to actually handle lenses wider than 35mm without smearing the corners. That seems to be the main issue. So my vote goes to Ricoh GXR with FF M-Mount πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Steve, Do you know if they are going to continue producing the M9 and M9-P along side the new M10?

    • I hope so. I don’t think the M10 will come in at 10k+ as many people think. That would be too much of a leap. Yeah, the 50 cron made a huge leap but the M10 should be $7.5k-$8.5k and it would surprise me if Leica would go much beyond that. Lets hope for $6.999. πŸ˜‰ D!RK

      • Won’t be $6995, can guarantee that. I also thin their M10 External EVF will be close to $1000 as it will not be the same one used on the X2. Just a guess of course.

        • Steve, I tend to agree with you regarding the M10 pricing, if for no other reason than to price it less than the M9-P would be an insult to those and Monochrome owners.

          But as regards the EVF, the best one out there at the moment is the Sony model, easily besting the current Olympus version that Leica overcharges for, so two possibilities arise: it is a re-badged Sony, in which case $1,000 would be a real insult, πŸ™ or it is of a completely new design, in which case one would have to re-evaluate the price Leica proposes to sell it for.

          May I suggest, though, that you leave your crystal ball at home. Your very recent prediction that Sony wouldn’t have a mirror-less FF may prove wrong! LOL.

          • There has been no announcement about a FF NEX, and like I said, if they do release a FF NEX it may not be a real “NEX” but something different. They can not make a FF NEX with the current body style and thickness or lens selection. Still don’t see it happening.

        • I fail to see the point of “Me Too” EVF for 1k bucks + a $9k “Me Too” body that trying to be a Sony or M4/3… Why would I dump 10k for so many “Me too”s if I can get all of that plus couple of very decent lenses for a little over 3k from Japan?

          Than again, my money doesn’t grow on trees πŸ™

  5. If the rumour about the Sony FF Nex (or whatever name they give it) is true, this will certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons. Sony make some of the best sensors at the moment and the thought of using my Leica lenses to their full FoV, which I can’t on my 5N, makes the rumoured camera very tempting indeed, if not a cert. My bank balance is already on hold waiting.

    • I agree. I’ve been hoping for a long time that someone would give Leica some competition. I love the idea of a FF rangefinder, (which I realize the Sony won’t be, but close enough), but I just couldn’t stand the thought of paying that kind of money. With Japanese technology, especially in electronics, I think Leica may have a problem.
      The other thing is, it could be a dam bursting. Nikon and Canon probably never took Leica’s sales numbers seriously, but if Sony sells a ton of them, they will get involved, too. And, I know Leica makes wonderful cameras and their lenses are probably the finest in the world, but, on a dollar for dollar basis, old Nikon and Canon are hard to beat.
      Competition is what drives product improvement and lower prices, it’s time Leica had somebody to compete with.

  6. I purchased in May 2012 a black Leica M9-P with a Leica 1.25 eye piece, extra original Leica battery plus a thumbs up gizmo, all for $6,100.00. The used camera had less than 700 activations (purchased from B&H in Feb.2012 as indicated on the invoice) now try and beat that.

    Everyone is waiting for the Leica M10, so people have been dumping their M9s and M9-Ps at a great discount on ebay at the start of the year. You can actually buy a NEW M9 for $6,000.00 at ebay.

  7. Sales are always an indicator of something new to arrive. Exciting. Sold my M9P a while ago, still tempting. It is a fantastic camera. I wish it would come in the totally black MM design and I wish Leica would roll out the M10. The Nex is just not filling that hole that the M9P left. D!RK

  8. The price of the camera is still $7990. they actually arent going to give you $1000 off. they are offering a gift card worth $1000. I think its a bit misleading

    • Richard, its not misleading, here is a quote:

      “$1,000 Instant Gift Card available through Oct 31, 2012. Just add to cart and the gift card will be automatically applied to your order.”

      It is instantly deducted from your order of Leica M9. No other purchase necessary.

          • I believe this is the ‘gift card’ discount. Meaning that Leica gives a discount card that must be used towards purchase of additional Leica gear. It is not a permanent price drop and is not a ‘cash for cash’.

            In the past they would do this with Leica R system gear – I could be wrong – but I’m pretty sure this is the case with the M/M9p that they are offering.

          • Ummm..did you not read what I wrote? THIS IS A $1000 INSTANT DISCOUNT ON THE CAMERA. $500 for M9 and $1000 for M9-P. When you add these to your cart the discount is applied immediately. The M9-P at checkout is $6995. You do not get a gift card for future purchase and this appears to be a special only run by Dale Photo.

            But again, to be clear…

            You get $1000 off an M9-P or $500 off an M9 when you buy it from Dale. Add to cart and the new total appears after discount is taken off.

  9. M10 imminent.
    Hey Steve.. did you see the rumor out today that Sony maybe coming out with a FF NEX?
    Great for Leica lenses.

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