OFFICIAL: The Sony NEX-5R announced – October Release at $750 with Kit Lens.

This is the official word from Sony on the NEX-5R release. What is super cool is that next Friday Sony will be flying out to my house with ALL of their new goodies for me to preview. For now, this is an update to the excellent NEX-5n which adds faster AF with phase and contrast detection,  WiFi and apps so you can transfer photos directly to your smartphone (Android and iOS) and much more, a touch screen with touch shutter firing and a new Auto Slow Shutter feature for low light video that brightens up the scene. I AM HOPING the camera will not overheat when shooting video but we shall see. The 5R is another update to their best selling NEX camera line, the 5. Should be superb as I loved the 5n. October release at $750 for the body and kit lens and $650 for body only.


New Sony NEX-5R Camera Delivers Professional Imaging Power and Wi-Fi® Convenience in Lightweight, Stylish Package

New Compact System Camera Introduces Fast Hybrid AF and Downloadable PlayMemories Camera Apps™

SAN DIEGO, August 29, 2012 – Combining a stylish, lightweight design and the freedom of interchangeable lenses with large-sensor image quality, speedy AF and the intros ction of Wi-Fi capability, the new Sony α NEX-5R compact system camera offers all the benefits of DSLR-style imaging in a more convenient, portable package with added connectivity.

The NEX-5R camera features a newly-developed 16.1 effective megapixel Exmor® APS HD CMOS sensor – identical in size to sensors found in traditional DSLR cameras – combined with a powerful BIONZ® processor to assure richly detailed still images and crisp Full HD videos in all types of lighting conditions.

In a first for Sony’s line of interchangeable lens cameras, the new NEX-5R model features “Fast Hybrid AF” autofocus technology, combining phase-detection and contrast-detection methods to ensure speedy, accurate autofocus in any shooting situation. It is also Sony’s first interchangeable lens camera with integrated Wi-Fi capabilities for easy image sharing, saving and viewing, and introduces the new concept of downloadable Camera Apps for adding creative, fun features that can be personalized to fit a photographer’s needs.

“With the NEX-5R camera, Sony brings the core strength of our consumer electronics business into play to fully support our digital imaging business. This unique combination of technology and style results in a compelling new product that strikes the ultimate balance between size and performance.” said Mike Kahn, director of the alpha interchangeable lens camera business group at Sony Electronics. “With a host of exciting, innovative new features and the same outstanding image and HD video quality that our E-mount line has become known for, the NEX-5R is an ideal choice for step-up point-and-shoot users or more serious photo enthusiasts who don’t want to compromise on image quality and connectivity while traveling light.”

Fast Hybrid AF

The intuitive new “Fast Hybrid AF” autofocus technology utilizes 99 phase-detection AF points arrayed on the image sensor to detect a subject’s distance and quickly lock focus on it, and then utilizes contrast-detection AF to confirm extremely fine, precise details. In Speed Priority Continuous shooting mode, the camera will switch automatically to phase detection tracking AF and can track fast-moving action accurately in each frame up to 10 frames per second.

Wi-Fi Sharing and New Camera Apps

The added connectivity of the NEX-5R camera allows photos and videos to be transferred wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet running Sony’s free PlayMemories Mobile app, available on both Android™ and Apple iOS platforms. Additionally, content can be directly uploaded from the camera to Facebook® using a Wi-Fi connection and the new “Direct Upload” application, part of Sony’s new PlayMemories Camera Apps platform.

This new concept of PlayMemories Camera Apps is the world’s first application download service in an interchangeable lens camera that allows consumers to install new functions on demand, tailoring their cameras to fit their personal shooting needs. The service can be accessed over Wi-Fi or when the camera is connected directly to a PC via USB.

Available apps at launch, outside of “Direct Upload” as mentioned earlier, will include “Picture Effect+”; “Bracket Pro”; “Multi Frame NR”; “Photo Retouch”; and “Smart Remote Control. A variety of other apps including “Time-Lapse” and “Cinematic Photo” are also planned for release.

Shooters can also utilize the family of PlayMemories applications to transfer content directly to a networked PC, streamlining the image back-up process and avoiding the need to connect cables or transfer memory cards between devices. Additionally, they can transfer photos to any DLNA® compatible TV either through a wireless access point or any TV supporting Wi-Fi.

Added Flexibility and Functionality

Aesthetically, the new NEX-5R features a new fully programmable control dial and function button, a versatile combination for photographers accustomed to the flexibility and direct control of a DSLR camera. It also has a switchable on-screen digital level gauge that helps keep horizons level with landscapes and architectural shots.

Additionally, the new α NEX-5R model features an intuitive touch-screen LCD with a Touch Shutter function for added convenience. The clear, bright touchscreen can also flip upwards 180 degrees for easy arm’s length self-portraits.

Full HD (1920×1080@60p) movie shooting is enhanced with a new Auto Slow Shutter feature, adding extra detail to low-light clips. The camera detects dim interiors and night scenes, automatically switching to a slower shutter speed to brighten footage.

New Sony α Accessories

On the α accessories front, the stylish new LCS-SL20/B soft carrying case will be compatible with the new Sony NEX-5R model as well as other E-mount camera bodies. It features four internal dividers for easy storage of camera bodies and lenses, as well as a dedicated space for a tablet. The new LCS-SL10/B soft carrying case offers two internal dividers and multiple storage pockets in a compact size.

Also designed for Sony’s E-mount line is the new LCS-EME/BL, a modern, innovative sling bag. With space to accommodate an NEX and two additional lenses, the LCS-EME/BI is a perfect accessory for active photographers. Additionally, a new Screen Protect Semi-Hard sheet (model PCK-LM13) will be available that will help protect both the camera and lens of the new NEX-5R camera.

Pricing and Availability

The NEX-5R compact system camera will be available this October in silver, black and white for about $750 with an 18-55mm kit zoom lens as well as body-only for about $650.

The new camera and all compatible accessories will be available at Sony retail stores ( and other authorized dealers nationwide.

Please visit for a full video preview of the new NEX-5R compact system camera and follow #SonyNEX on twitter for the latest α NEX camera news.



  1. I Have Enjoyed Sony For My Sony – BRAVIA – 48″ Class (47-5/8″ Diag.) – LED – 1080p – 60Hz – Smart – HDTV And My Ear Phones And my boombox Xplod so I thought Your Cameras would Be A Great Choice 16.1sel1855 The Lock Has Broken off Then The Lock for battery Broke off And Last But Least my 55 to 210 lens 1805169 model sel 5521o i Started shooting with has two spots inside the lens itself Bought That Way I Don’t Have The Founds Nor Did I Think Sony Would Have A Poorly Camera oh and my flash does not sit well UNHAPPY

  2. Are we going to see a review as soon as it comes out? I’m really going to buy this camera when it comes out, which I hope is ASAP here in the Philippines… But I would really love to see your insights on this one, its strengths, comparison tests VS. the 5N, etc.

  3. I ordered it…couldn’t wait any more 😉
    The af improvements alone were on my list but wifi and pdaf just sealed it for me…more control options too. If fuel like this is the mirror less I’ve been waiting for.
    Also some lenses coming that hopefully will be good (10-18, 35, and 16-50 I think).
    Thanks Steve…

  4. “…..Focus is manual and metering has to be done at the taking aperture. I simply put my Nex 5N into aperture priority mode…..
    ….open up to full aperture for focusing and then stop down for taking…..”

    Thank you for explaining the operation with a lens adapter.

    For me, personally, it’s a deal breaker as one of the reasons to go with a compact (instead of using my big dslr) is to enable quick & intuitive shots where ever I go. This would necessitate an E-mount lens.

    I am weighing up the pros & cons to my purchase choice (camera/lens) and your explanation helps narrow it down.Thanks

  5. I will leave it to the experienced to comment – but I think without the E-mount you may lose some of the lens to camera communication. I’m not sure if the adapters take over that roll but it sure is inconvenient to have another thing to mount. Kinda like an extension tube or converter idea in an slr – an inbetween thing

    • Frank,

      There are some things to consider here. Yes, via an adaptor, quality glass, such as Leica, can be used to advantage, and the lack of electrical contacts between lens and camera is not such a big deal. Focus is manual and metering has to be done at the taking aperture. I simply put my Nex 5N into aperture priority mode and snap away. Having to meter at the selected aperture is no real problem as the camera boosts the signal so unlike an slr one does not see a dim image. And in AP mode one does get confirmation of the shutter speed the camera will use.

      Image peaking goes somewhat mad with stopping down as far more will be in focus and the critical point of focus gets obliterated. So, one simply opens up to full aperture for focusing and then stops down for taking. Yes, it does slow things down a bit, but works fine for the more leisurely amongst us.

      At the moment, for me, the real disadvantage is the lack of lenses at the wide angle end offering equivalent fields of view to 35mm cameras. With the 1.5 crop factor each lens offers a narrower FOV, so a 24mm Elmarit acts as a 36mm. To get an equivalent FOV of a 24mm requires a lens of 16mm true focal length. Sony do a kit version, but quality is not the best, and at present there is nothing wider.

      You will see that the crop factor significantly limits wide angle users, whereas in 4/3rds mount there is a far wider choice of excellent optics with true wide angle lenses.

      So the current justifiable criticism of the E mount Nex cameras is based around a lack of true high quality optics, not the number of bodies to chose from.

      I should mention that Sigma make two excellent E-mount lenses, a 19mm, and a wonderful 30mm at bargain prices. The only thing that may be considered lacking is image stabilisation, but so does the Sony 16mm.

  6. Total newb here, so WARNING: Possible Stupid Question:

    I see complaints about the lack of quality glass for the NEX series, but aren’t there adapters available? I’m not sure why a lack of quality glass in E-mount = a lack of quality glass, period.

  7. So we will all be coming over next Friday, for the ‘group’ evaluation? I can bring the beer-

    Hey Steve, what did you think about the NEX-F3’s JPEG output- does it pop like the 5N does (and hopefully 5R as well)? I think Sony came up with a really good new sharpening algorithm to get the results it does from the 5N JPEG (along with CA correction which the F3 also does.) There’s still more NR than I would like, but the overall JPEG output is great IMO at al ISO’s.

  8. What about lenses ? i tried the 18-55mm kit lens and wasn’t enamoured with the IQ. What are y’all using with the Nex?

  9. This isn’t just another mirrorless camera. The NEX-5R’s wi-fi capability includes the ability to use your Android or iOS smartphone as a wireless remote viewfinder and shutter release. The possibilities for street photography with this camera are incredible. I’ve already pre-ordered mine.

  10. Steve, I hope you have your WA RF glass ready to try out on 5R, it’s performance is a deal breaker for me.

    • Yes, agree. The performance of my super elmar 18 is kind of underwhelming with 5N. If 5R will handle it better I will likely buy it.

  11. It would be nice if Sony put half the effort introducing new bodies every 6 months into creating some decent lenses (that aren’t too big either.) Sony on new bodies: A+. Sony on new lenses: D.

  12. Nothing new of real interest to me as a 5N owner. But if they come up with a later model that makes my morning cup of tea, then perhaps I might be.

  13. can anyone answer this question. I have read from several posts that the sensor has been updated, can anyone tell whether this means the image quality has improved or the sensor was updated just to add the hybrid AF function but the image quality still the same as the NEX-5N, any idea?

  14. Sony seems to be doing great. The faster af should be getting many new customers to sony. And i believe we wont be dissapointed to the image quality either.

  15. Too bad the kit lens (18-55mm) is the same – slow variable aperture. Wish there was a faster constant like f2.8

  16. I am looking forward to seeing the AF speed numbers. Phase and contrast AF make for a great upgade.

    Is there any info on flash control for the 5R? The few times I used the included flash on my 5N, it wants to dump full power all the time. Negative exposure doesn’t help as much as I would want. Perhaps the 5R alone, or through app support can do this.

    Okay, Sony. Enough cameras. I know they have one more coming. But please, please release the 35mm 1.8 that I’ve waited so long for.

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