Hot Off The Press! Exclusive Sony RX1 ME!

Hot Off The Press! Exclusive Sony RX1 ME!

Hey guys! I am in San Francico right this moment and I have been walking around for the past three hours with a production Sony RX1! I shot around 50 shots or so and some look really nice. The camera is speedy, silent, great color and what you see here is ALL JPEG because I do not have any converter for these files as of yet. I did not have the EVF so shot it all on the LCD in the full sun and it did great. It is so small, light and stealthy and I even had a few people come up and ask me if this is the RX1!! Lol.

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Sony says I can share images but to keep in mind this is NOT the final firmware and they are still tweaking and improving the IQ, so it will only get better. Also, I am using my Macbook air so not sure how they will look on a better display but on this display they look GREAT. 

Keep in mind. These are ALL JPEG!

OOC JPEG – Lightroom Saved as a 75% JPEG – Click image for full size file!

a few more quick shots…EXIF is embedded – click for larger


…click for larger

Boring subject but nice for larger!

I will have MUCH MUCH more from the RX1 all week as well as some stuff from the NEX-6 and A99 as I have them all with me right now. Will take me some time to process and make a video for the camera as well but all will be done this week so check back. I will also have some low light high ISO samples as well as DOF Bokeh samples so be sure to bookmark and come back!


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  1. I actually really like the washers too! The light is beautiful and the fact that one door is open adds some visual interest. I think it’s a great shot.

  2. You shouldn’t use M mount wide angle lenses on a NEX (or other CSC). The symmetrical lens construction brings the rear lens element too near to the sensor. The result is poor IQ!

  3. Just another note. It’s funny, Steve, that you call the laundry shot of a boring subject. That’s one of the most contemporary art-like photographs you’ve ever posted. Take a book of them like that and you could go to a gallery and sip espresso with your nose in the air!

  4. Hi Steve, Nice preview pics, on the RX1 can you please test the smart converter function 1.4 x and 2x, and also the handheld twilight image stacking quality vrs the one shot high ISO quality,
    and additionally the DRO function for hdr abilities, low speeds tripod mounted.
    And of course raws when possible
    To me these three features are what makes this camera a step forward in portability, handhold ability, and value, by essentially having three focal lengths, in a small package.

  5. Interesting. As expected, they look like NEX-7 files but with a full-frame DOF.

    While the Sony/NEX sensors produce very good images, their JPEG engine still leaves a lot to be desired. I see those same issues here. Wait until you have RAW images you can convert. I bet they will be stellar.

    • I disagree..the high ISO slaughters the NEX-7..slaughters. The IQ also is better than the 7. I own the 7..and can see it immediately. These are JPEGS..RAW will be much better still. The RX1 sensor and lens is fantastic. More samples in a few hours.

      • Hey, Steve, I know we’ll probably have to wait until you do the full review, but can you discuss how the camera handles, anything uniquely clever, what Sony should have done, etc.?

  6. Hi Steve

    I’ve been in san francisco the last 3 days too.
    Your photos look better than reality, especialy the woman in side the bakery !!

    (Sorry for my bad english)

  7. Steve:
    When you put the NEX-6 through the paces, please test with M Mount wide angles. I really need to know about color shift. Is the NEX-6 sensor function like the NEX-5N or like the NEX-7?

  8. More to say… the photo of the three United States Marines is fantastic and it should be used on a recruiting poster. Then again I’m rather biased as a retired service member.

    Back on point, I’m looking forward to this camera more than I did with my Leica M8! Been wanting to rehash my Leica days ever since I sold my primes (still hurts like hell) although this little puppy will allow me to keep my meager savings while indulging my senses. Thanks a lot for posting these wonderful samples.


  9. My first thoughts are that it seems like great linear sharpness with not as great micro-contrast. It kinda looks small sensor(isn). I look forward to seeing more though as it look pretty good.

    • except for the DOF in the 1st shot at 35mm..except for the insane high ISO performance of this camera..except for the f/2 lens and FF sensor..except for the..well you know what I am saying. These were literally very 1st snaps, JPEG and not even sure what mode each snap was at as I was trying them all. You can NOT do what I posted last night with any pocket cam (or full frame cam for that matter, besides A99).

      • maybe but its not a mature product yet. Almost no one will buy it for 3K$.
        Its a big sign for future direction! Meanwhile, old good d7000 is more capable and flexible tool.

        Its take years to bring a COMPLETE camera system (lenses) to the table. Even the NEX doesnt have the lenses yet

        Good thing that sony is pushing the big canon and nikon to wake-up.

        • Max:
          Then why would you make a uninformed and ,frankly, a rude comment like the one you made. Do you need attention that bad.


          • Steve is not only a Brilliant photographer but also a camera gear mentor.
            so my comment was directed to the camera price/performance and not to the owner of one of the world best photography website.

  10. Hi Steve. I’ve been really looking forward to your review of the RX1. Can’t wait to see more. Would you please test the burst mode and how well it follows the subject with continuous focus? thx.

  11. Pretty Impressive quality Steve. The colour really pops, though agree with a couple of others that the last b&w is a bit flat. As you say, initial shots, not final firmware etc. Scary price though…

  12. me want more.. please.. 😀

    those images looks really nice Steve.. small, lightweight, fast and quality 35 zeiss glass..
    I wish it’d be cheaper..hehehe

  13. These look very much like what I got from a play with a pre-production A99. Very nice sensor but the jpeg processing was only good, not sensational! I do see what I presume is a bit of lag from focus to capture in the photo of the military boys – the actual plane of focus is a little behind them. Curious to see how well the focus works.

    Thanks Steve, great shots to give folk an idea. I do like your “boring subject, nice light” photo – light is almost everything sometimes.

  14. Hi Steve,

    The first photo is supersaturated colors with cromatic aberration in tree and sky. I dont like it.

    Others…well, but i dont pay this huge amount of money for that. For me, for that price i get a kit sony nex 7 & GXR M mount with 15mm heliar. Much more fun equip.

    Thanks for all.


  15. Looks like a capable sensor lens combo producing nice files. But so do many cameras these days, whether mft or apsc or FF. A comparison with the DP2M will be interesting, since the Foveon sensor/sigma lens combo produces among the best files of any digital camera and is priced at below USD 1000.

  16. Steve, when do you plan to write the review? I decided not to get omd and instead blow out on this baby and sell my x100.
    I guess with full frame there is more scope to crop so I don’t have to carry lenses.

  17. Can you ask Sony if the RX1 is still shipping in November for the US? The date on their sony store web site says 12/19, but all the interviews and hands on say November.

    The shots are looking great for jpeg. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more. Thanks Steve!

  18. Steve, Can you convince Sony to include a built-in viewfinder before their final production version? ; )

  19. Interesting. I see a lot of stair-stepping. Is this a result of out-of-camera jpegs? Will raw processing prevent this? Just asking (with some fear of being flamed for not heaping praise on an obviously fascinating camera).

    • You’re probably seeing an artefact from the image being scaled down. I doubt you’d see it in a full-size file.

      • Thanks, Don. That could be it. I never shoot jpeg so I thought it might be something in the jpeg engine. The scaling seems more likely though. Maybe Steve Huff can weigh-in on the question.

        • Whoops. Steve did weigh-in down below. I didn’t look past the fanboy noise.

    • I’m also seeing really bad gradation in the sky in both the small and enlarged view. I’m looking on my iPhone 4S but its probably not that since I’ve never seen this before. I know it can’t be the camera because not even an camera phone would produce what I’m seeing. I wonder what gives.

      • I’m also hearing some very loud buzzing when I look at the photo of the washing machines – could it be that Sony haven’t tested this camera properly with washing machine photos? ..I’ve never heard anything like this before, and it can’t be my iPhone, because I’ve never heard buzzing from it before when looking at specifically washing machine photos – oh, wait; I am lying in an MRI Body Scanner, but I’ve never had problems looking at high-res washing machine photos before on my phone when in a body scanner. Except once in New Zealand..

    • I’m actually seeing pixel blocks thoroughly the whole image. Checked other posts and not seeing the same thing. Could it be a bug in the firmware that is ripping up the image when viewed smaller?

      • When viewed smaller the image will look SHARPER causing jaggies. Only view it full size or download it and resize it yourself. You are seeing effects of the website crunching. I also oversharpened that full example during export (by accident). Check new posts for many more samples.

  20. I’m sure the raw files will be superb, but the jpegs do seem a bit lacking here…that first shot in particular has kinda nasty sharpening going on. I guess it’s not like anyone is going to buy this camera to shoot jpegs though :p

    • I agree with you on the “oversharpened-look” of the first image… Hope this is not a representative of lower light result of the RX1….

  21. Steve – can you ask Sony when the RX1 accessories are going on sale? Haven’t seen the for pre-order anywhere yet. Thanks!

    • have you seen the accessory price list? OVF and thumb grip will be around $750. There are a couple of other things I saw -lens hood and something else maybe a sony filter (dont ask me where cuz I don’t remember) that will put accessories to at least the 1k level

  22. What a baby! Difficult to tell from these shots, but smooth, not too aggressive isolation of the background. I’m sure there is much more potential in this camera and you will show us. Triple-Like!

  23. Great. Nothing special though at this huge price tag :/. I picked a x100 for a second time with a new firmware and I adore it! Best on camera flash ever! And the glow and flare is beautiful! Steve you were 1000% spot on your revisit review. It gives my k5 a run for its money though raw files out of k5 at ISO 80 is a sight to be hold.

  24. Hi. Would be really great if you could get the time to shoot some video on the NEX-6 – check out if Sony have done anything to address t e overheating issue.
    Pretty please!

    • Except it’s neither got an EVF nor a tiltable LCD for waist level shooting. Oh damn you, Sony!

  25. The punch in colour looks great. More so than some of the smaller sensors I’ve seen in the OM-D and Fuji’s. The bottom photo looks a bit flat, yet the initial black and white has more character to it….subject probably has a bit to do with that.

    Steve of those two B&Ws did you do any PP with either?

    Can’t wait to see how the RAW files comes out and if they get “Leicest” in this FF camera.

  26. Well i have to say these are pretty sharp images not as par with CCD sensors but these pictures IQ is superb ,… Maybe my eyes are playing trick with Me…..Or… Any way NEX-5R PLZ Mr.Huff i cant wait to see how it will stand before 5N , Thanks

    • There isn’t anything inherently sharp about CCD sensors, FWIW. Many low end DSLRs used CCDs up until a couple of years ago.

      • Oh … im aware of that but i particularly thinking (talking) about the sensor in Leica’s Big guns (that Means M9 for Example) , they Use CCDs Am i Right?? if So they are very sharp sensor considering with the Right glass e.g. Lux but any way i like this RX1 Sensor very very Much.

        • I think they appear sharper because of the lack of AA filter, not so much CCD. But CCD can have other effects on how an image looks (personally always preferred the ‘look’ of CCD, but modern CMOS has lots of advantages).

  27. These look pretty good Steve. The B+W building scene shows there’s great promise for edge to edge sharpness when you want it, and the shallower depth of field images show nice out of focus areas.

    Can you test the smart teleconverter function? 1.4X “crop” in camera makes it a 50mm lens with hopefully enough resolution for many purposes. The 35mm plus a virtual 50mm would cover my needs really, really, really well.

    So you can see the WhiteMagic LCD in bright conditions. Very cool.

      • While you can, you would compose your shot differently than doing it in post – you are thinking about composing for that framing rather than shooting and composing later.

    • I wasn’t aware of this feature. While you could easily do this in PP, it would be nice to have the option while composing. 35mm FF/50mm APS-C would be interesting.

  28. Oh Wow these look pretty nice. I’m excited to see how great the B&W will turn out when there is support for the RAW files

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