Taking the weekend off to shoot! X100s review on Monday!

Taking the weekend off to shoot! X100s review on Monday!

Hey guys! Just wanted to post to let everyone know I am taking the weekend off from the site to concentrate on shooting and finishing up my X100s review. I still want to take the X100s out tomorrow to do a portrait session and will then wrap up the review which will be posted on Monday at some point.

Also been shooting with the new Leica M and 50 Noctilux ASPH and the character is still there no question…I took the image below at 0.95 using an ND filter and then converted to B&W using the Lightroom 4.4 “B&W Look #3” filter and  then took out the grain. Lovely results but damn! How can anyone afford this setup? I know there are many who can and this lens will not really lose value if you hold on to it. It is one special lens that I loved from day one of shooting it.


So hope you are all enjoying your weekend and come back Monday for the real lowdown on the hot Fuji X100s. Been working on it nonstop all week. Thanks to all for coming by and I appreciate each and every one of you who read my site!



    • The short answer is yes. It would seem there ISO numbers are higher that that of what another camera should shoot at in similar light. Not sure if this is because of the sensor or a purposeful marketing trick.

  1. Well I did a few test shots X100s at high iso and low iso with flash last night. Great controls. I was at a bit of a party so did not take any seriously pics. Just some snaps. Once I use a little more, I’ll give impressions but like Adrian above, I not really blown away for IQ. Just jad a chance to pich up and test RX1 again. Solid quality feel and I know the IQ is going to be better. Controls are solid but not as good as easy as X100s.

  2. Hi from Singapore, I got the X100s 2 days ago in hope of replacing my OMD setup (12,25,45) for taking shots of my daughter. The OMD+lenses was getting a bit too much to manage. I still have the OMD and did some comparison. It’s not immediately clear which one i will keep as i put the X100s though its paces. But here are some insights for readers weighing both system, especially if they’re photographing kids.

    FORM: I love the X100s’ clean physical form, it’s larger but easy to keep and tucks into my shirt/pants pocket if i hav to. It’s also a real beauty around the neck. The OMD is really oddly shaped and not to efficient for storage. X100s beastly chunk feels real solid and controls are really accessible although i feel its kind of redundant since i use P mode a lot. Sure the OMD is weatherproofed, but it just doesnt feel rugged to me and i tend to baby it a little – In fact the the viewfinder eyepiece has been known to drop away when rubbed against your body, on mine- the rubber held by glue had come off. Oh, the X100s is actually lighter than the OMD w lens.

    SPEED: Man, the x100s feels slow. Sorely lacking all the good things that I took for granted on the OMD. Gone are the touch-screen shutter (great for quick off-center focus shots.), eye-focus, shot to shot time is longer and X100s re-focuses everytime i fire shots in quick succession. X100s seem a lot less intelligent. Speed might just be the deal breaker for me..

    RAW: Huge dissapointment as Lightroom 4.3 simply doesnt read it. The provided converter seems primitive and doesnt cut it for me. It seems we need to wait for adobe’s update for compability, or try some dodgy beta releases. this issue is probably temporary.

    IMG QUALITY: This bugs me. I dont know what i am doing wrong with the X100s, the pictures dont turn out as sharp when viewed on the Ipad retina screen. i get less noise at higher ISO, but sharpness is definitely lacking. May not be a fair comparison since my photos from OMD were in RAW. But still, initial impressions did not blow me away.

    Others: LCD on x100s is crap and i’ve notice a bit of lagging in lower light, EVF/OVF is nice though i dont see myself using it much, shutter speed is near silent – not sure what to think of this, free leather case is good quality, nice built-in flash!, no stabilizer vs OMD’s IBIS.

    I very much want to keep the X100s, it held so much promise. But ultimately for me it’s all about the pictures and how often i’ll tend to lug the camera around.. Cheers!

    • Just to update, turns out the sharpness issue I had is tied to the apparent slower-focus. Proper shot at still subjects yielded sharp and clean picture.

  3. Hi Steve,
    I’m a bit anxious that your X100S might have off centered lens as a production defect. Please check that as well. Thanks a lot.

  4. Well Steve, I did it. I pulled the trigger on the X100s. Based on a few comments you made about how nice it is to use, other pros reviews and comments, I decided to buy. I’m in Bangkok now and picked it up for $1300 but get back $100 when i leave the country in 2 weeks. So if i dont like and want to sell, it should be easy to unload in USA without much loss. i know the RX1 is the better choice resolution wise and may very well buy it as well back in NA through your site. For some reason, the Sony is more expensive here.
    I owned the X100 but sold it a while back. I own the X-Pro 1 and XE1. I just love the Fuji X series cameras. Aside from the focusing issues of particularly the XPro1 and first X100 and lack of resolution of the X serries compared to full sized sensor cameras, they are just a dream to hold and use. Aperture ring is on the lenses where it should be, shutter speed knob on top with a Q button and a fantastically easy menu system. Plus the OVF and EVF built in. This will be the fun camera that goes most places for now. Every day on the streets of Bangkok. If they can increase the resolution somehow or build a full sized sensor into the next unit, they will definayely have a winner which WILL IMO, rival Sony and maybe Leica.

  5. The Fuji X100s will be a nice upgrade from the X100, but image IQ-wise, it’s not a Leica M with top-of-the-line glass. It’s also not the Sony DSC RX1. Whereas the Fuji X100s is an evolution from the previous generation, the Sony DSC RX1 is a total game changer (a revolution of sorts much like the Nikon D3 was to DSLRs in 2007). Sony, not CaNikon, not Fujifilm, not even Leica was able to give us a FX sensor inside a camera body that is the size of a largish P&S. The next crop of small mirrorless cameras will follow in the footsteps of the Sony RX1 — full frame in a small and compact body. I personally would not be investing large sums of $$$ into APS-C, MFT, or smaller sensors. Right now, there are only two players in the market — Leica (prohibitively expensive) and the Sony RX1!!! It’s either those or go DSLR.

  6. Hi Steve,
    if possible, can you compare Fuji x100s to OM-D. I loved your crazy comparison with Fuji, Leica and Sony, and understandably x100s is behind but how does it compare to your OM-D. thank you

    • OM-D with 17 1.8 is a little quicker to AF, better AF in low light, different color signature. X100s can put out a nicer image than that Oly setup but throw the 25 1.4 on the Oly and it wins IMO. Still, the Fuji just has that thing that gives me the warm and fuzzies. Love to shoot with it.

  7. This lens is way too expensive. Would like to see the same shot done using a 50mm f/1.4 Summilux. I wonder if there is a worthwhile $7,000 to $8,000 difference?

  8. somehow out of strobist and Zack’s review this is the one i am waiting the most. I think Zack really love that camera and i think i will too, i cant shoot with dslr because i cant stop thinking about x100s…i think that camera will solve all my current gear problems and i will be really tempted to sell all of my dslr gear. The main problem is my gear is carl zeiss lenses and L series from canon…who will ever give me that kind of money for my lenses!?damn.

  9. Have a nice weekend Steve and I can’t wait for your review.
    I’ve just traded in my x10 for the x20. Love this little camera, I use it when I don’t have the time to do slow photography (with the M9). Also I can hand the x20 over to friends and family that are not accustumed to a rangefinder and just want a simple camera for taking some pictures.

    Are you going to review the x20 too?

  10. Dear Steve, I absolutely do look forward to your report on the X100s, especially what you have to say about the color palette. To me, all the samples from X100s I have seen so far have a look that reminds me on Kodak film. Not necessarily a bad thing, but the old X100 produces JPGs more of a Fuji Superia style..

    I am using ooc JPGs most of the time on all my cameras (except Sigma 😉 so so hope you will also comment on quality of the ooc JPGs of the X100s.


  11. noctilux rocks as always! Steve, I tried it twice on the new M and it creats great pictures. I’m thinking of getting the lens with fuji XE1. cant afford the lens and M. I can then wait for fuji to release full frame x mount , and it’ll be even better!

  12. Hi Steve,
    Please also let us know what you think about the X100s compared to the X2. Somehow this little beauty got forgotten over the last months.

    • Well, the X2 was a flop for Leica as it is behind the times. Slowest AF, most high ISO noise, can not close focus, slowest lens at 2.8, no EVF built in. The X100s is much nicer to use and shoot in every way. Period. IQ wise the X2 may have the edge on the X100s but not the X100. But the X100 was slow and laggy so the X2 beat it in that regard. The bottom line is anyone can take great photos with ANY of the current crop of cameras – what we need to look for is “usability” and joy of use. Does it motivate you to get out and shoot? Or does it frustrate you with missed focus or slow operation?

  13. Steve, Please no adobe raw interpretation, it is not fair, occ jpg or raw processed in camera until the raw developers get there s together a,

  14. Steve it will be interesting to see how your X100s review agrees or differs from David Hobby and Zac Arias both of whom are calling the camera ‘the new Leica”. I can’t wait for Monday.

    • Do those guys shoot with Leica? I would guess no because if they did, they would not call the X100s the new Leica. 🙂 Maybe the new X2 but not the new M. Not even close. With that said, I love the X100s but prefer the look of the old X100 more. just not a huge fan of X-Trans. Never have been. But the camera is the best Fuji yet when you take it all into consideration. My review will have loads of samples..JPEG and RAW and my full thoughts during use.

      • I think Hobby and Arias are talking figuratively not literally and yes I believe that Hobby at least has a fairly extensive past Leica association as a working photographer.

      • I think this review can help you Steve http://zackarias.com/for-photographers/gear-gadgets/fuji-x100s-review-a-camera-walks-into-a-bar/ and yes they have used Leica before read here: Again, echoing Zack Arias here when I agree that Fuji is the new Leica. (UPDATE: Zack’s review is now up.) As someone who used many different Leica M film rangefinders, this thing is more Leica M than any digital camera Leica has made yet. By a long shot. And at a small fraction of the cost. If you woulda just used your film M camera with a 35/2 lens permanently on it, as many did, this is your camera.

        My prediction: this will be the personal, auxiliary camera of many a working photographer and photojournalist. Heck, it’ll be the prime body for many, as this is a camera you could build a career on. David Alan Harvey spent several decades toting around just an M6 and a 35 Summicron. I am enjoying watching him get to know the Fuji X100s. As for myself, I am starting my 2013 round of HCAC assignments and many will be shot with this camera. It’s that good. ( http://strobist.blogspot.com/2013/03/in-depth-new-fujifilm-x100s.html )
        The colors are mmmmmmmmm yummy 🙂

        • Saw it and he is a fantastic photographer who does much more than I do 😉 Still no way in hell the X100s beats any Leica besides the X2. Ive been using and shooting the X100s and M and RX1 side by side for two weeks. Not even close in build, feel, (no RF), lens quality or lens choice. Limited DOF, and the files are not rich in any way. They are sterile but nice. Awesome for a $1299 camera but it does not come close to the Leica feel or look. Again, I am using BOTH, he is not. Still, amazing shots from a great guy I respect. Not one shot I have taken with the X100s compares to the output of my M or RX1. It is what it is. X100s is fantastic for $1299. M is overpriced at $7000 and RX1 is just right at $2799. All are good but the two models are a step up in quality from build to output. The X100s beats them in one area though, high ISO which is astounding on the X100s.

          • can only comment on x100 but my experience of those files was the same as you see now Steve.

  15. Uuugh! : ) There are times when I get so excited about a Steve Huff review, I just can’t contain myself. I felt this way about the Leica X1 (which I bought). I felt this way about the Fuji X100 (which I bought). I also felt this way about the Sony RX1 (pass, for now) and now the X100S! I can’t wait!

  16. Hi Steve. Well, I can’t wait for your in-depth, quality review of the new X100S, as I am seriously considering it as a great “travel” camera (Also considering the Sony NEX7, and Olympus OM-D). I’m also interested in how you approach shooting with the single 35mm (eq.) focal length as opposed to having the lens interchangeability option of other kits. Additionally, I want to know if Fuji has addressed the high ISO edge artifacting issue I read about with the other X-trans sensors. Thanks!

  17. Do you have an X-Pro1 or XE-1 you can compare the X100s against?

    I wonder if the IQ has improved any over the XTrans 1 sensor?


  18. Wow nice! I think I would choose the M over the M9 and Mono. The M can do more (B&W and Color) and to tell you the truth, that is a lovely black and white tonal range. The M seems more bang for the buck, even though mucho bucks!

  19. Hey Steve you have my permission too to take the weekend off ; )! BTW, I had a chance to handle the new M last evening. Not enough time to really make any opinion other than its still a rangefinder. But the shutter release and LED framelines are nice.

    But that combo with the Noctilux is killer!

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