The new Think Tank Mirrorless Mover Bags – Video Review


The new Think Tank Mirrorless Mover Bags – Video Review

You can buy these great affordable bags direct from Think Tank Photo HERE

Take a look at the video review below of the entire line of Mirrorless Mover bags. These include the 5, 10, 20 and 30i. 

Hello to all and Happy Wednesday! It is mid-week and flying by as usual, especially for me as I always have new gear flying in and out of my house, lol. Today I have the brand new set of camera bags from Think Tank Photo, the Mirrorless Mover series. This series consists of four different size bags for your mirrorless or even Leica camera system. They are specially made for the small size/high quality camera market and these bags are all high quality in construction, have loads of features and are some of the most well thought out bags I have seen. They look great, feel great, have metal hardware and quality zippers. A magnetic folding front flap and most models have an iPhone/Smartphone holder as well as SD card pockets. They all feature a “raincoat” in case you get in a wet situation and the best part is they are pretty much dirt cheap in cost for what you get. Priced from $35 to $70 you get quite a bit for your money here and these are highly recommended by me. In fact, these now get my “Best Buy” pick for your mirrorless camera bag needs. Nothing beats them for the price, nothing. While not “Luxury Bags” with leather trim and fancy looks, these bags are much more functional in design and use, which is where it matters.

The 30i, the largest and most functional of all the bags, under $70!


When I did the video review at the top of this page I had no idea how much these were going to sell for as they were not launched yet. I assumed the largest and most functional 30i bag would be $149. It is under $70! This bag will even hold your iPad safely and snugly inside along with your camera, 3-4 lenses, charger, batteries, cards and phone. It is also the choice for Leica users as the 30i is “Leica Size” and easily holds your M and a few lenses with accessories. All in a good-looking and super functional design for under $70.

You can see more info or buy these great affordable bags direct from Think Tank Photo HERE


  1. i’m looking for a bag that fits the nex7 and only 2 lens, 1.8 prime and 18-200 tele. why does it seem every bag fits a camera with lens attached, or camera with lens attached plus 2 more lenses? portable size (fits in general backpack getting to a location then taken out to do some shooting), quality build, flexible divider, plus i do like the belt loop option (frees up hands and no bag swinging around), the magnetic catch is a good idea to simply keep the bag closed and ease of access (not for carrying), rainproofing the bag is a no-brainer for any outdoor use.

  2. After owning a Mirrorless Mover 20 for a few months I want to share my experience with it and also why I would not buy it again.
    First off: I love Think Tank and their products, I have several, from an Airport Security roller to a Retrospective Lens Carrier and they are all top notch. The MM however is somewhat a thoughtless design to me.

    The zipped top flap with a handle on it is stupid, you must zip it to be able to use the handle. Otherwise you risk the top flap gaping open and even spilling your equipment. The magnetic clutch on the front of the flap will not hold this close.
    Which brings me to the front of the flap with the magnets. This is really just a gimmick. It does not really serve any serious purpose. It won’t hold the top flap close – it just covers the front zipper compartment somewhat.

    This all could have been solved by putting the handle on the upper edge of the bag’s back (wouldn’t pry the top flap open when holding) and using a real clutch instead of the magnets. Not as elegant, but way more functional.

    Another weak point is that the rings for the strap are too close above the side pockets and make it hard to put stuff in them or get it out.

    Last point: this bag (or any bag made for small cameras with exchangeable lenses) would benefit of a set of horizontal separators that let you stack two lenses inside. Mirrorless cameras have such small lenses that the lens compartments of virtually every bag will end up wasting room. A horizontal separator gives you the option of stacking two lenses, stashing some accessories below a lens or just leaving it away and using the compartment at its full height.

    In the end I the bag that probably is what the MM should have been is Lowepro’s Event Messenger
    It’s been around for quite a while at about 2/3 the price. Granted it doesn’t look as nice and it has its own little downsides like non-removable strap, no means to put it on a belt and no rain cover. But overall it’s pretty good. I have the 150 which is comparable to the MM 30 (it fits an iPad).

    In the end it depends on what you want/need, but for me the MM did not turn out as the right bag. Especially not being able to stack lenses is a deal breaker. I have an Olympus MFT system and the primes are so tiny that using the bag’s full height for them wastes space that is needed elsewhere.

    • I have the Lowepro Event Messenger for my OM-D and it is near to perfect apart from maybe it could benefit a little better build quality, though it is still pretty well put together.
      I agree with you re the horizontal dividers for separating lenses, the Lowepro has them and they work a treat, an expandable pocket for a water bottle would have been perfect too, the ones fitted being just too small.
      A flap over the rear flat pocket and water resistant material would have made the Lowepro Event Messenger near perfect for me, trouble is there is no perfect camera bag for any system.

  3. I wanted to like the mirrorless mover bags for my M43 system, spent a lot of time at B&H with each of the bags. My issues are these;

    1) the gauge of the zipper is too small to earn my confidence of speed, even if they are YKKs.
    2) the secondary closing mechanism of magnets are not secure enough for me.

    The zipper I use only when carrying the bag around for an extended period of time, when I won’t be extracting the camera out, or placing it inside the bag. In many other instances, I don’t use a zipper, but rely on the secondary closing mechanism. With the magnets, I would feel compelled to always use the zipper, which I consider to be a nuisance.

    So, were it to have a clasp that would make it a deal-maker for me.

  4. I love your reviews Steve as they make my life so much easier by keeping me well informed . For a certain reason magnets and I do not get along and cannot keep them on my body so this rules out the think tanks…but just to let you know that you always steer me in the right direction…so these bag choices do not fit my needs for certain reasons…but you did get me to buy into the Nikon 1 system and micro four thirds as well…and I can carry them both the 1 V1 and my E-PM2 with lenses on and a couple extra lenses , extra batteries and memory cards plus a couple other accessories in my Tamrac Velocity 7x slingbag. Keep up the great work…I don’t know if you ever reviewed the FL-600R olympus flash but it is awesome for a smaller unit

  5. Thanks Steve. I got the Mirrorless Mover 20. Just what I need to pack for a day of walking the streets. My OMD, 12-50mm, Pany 25mm, 2 extra batteries and extra SDHC. I am good to go and the bag works great in stealth mode! :-). Always appreciate your reviews.

  6. Seems like just the bag I am looking for, however I am a bit concerned that it will not fit my outfit: OM-D w HLD-6 grip & 12-50 mm f/3.5-6.3 kit lens; 12mm f/2; 45mm f/1.8; Panasonic 25mm f/1.4; and occasionally the Oly 40 – 150 for long shots – then there are the assorted filters charger, flash etc. that go in and out of the bag depending on the length of the trip or the shooting opportunities. It’s hard to tell from the picture where everything would go. Are there enough movable, padded dividers to to create slots for each of the lenses? What would you suggest for everything?
    BTW Steve, it was from reading your reviews on the OLY’s that I made the switch from my Canon 60D and 8 assorted lenses. Now the Canon collects dust while I use the OM-d, E-P3 and the fantastic prime lenses you recommended.

    • Seems like we have the same gear. I have the Mover 20 and it would be a really tough fit unless you pack the gear and carry your camera outside the bag. Maybe the Mover 30 might be better but I can’t say for sure.

  7. The 30i looks like a nice bag, but I don’t get why the flap covers the external pocket and not the main compartment.

  8. Does anyone know if the 30i (or any shoulder bag like this) will fit the OM-D with the full HLD-6 battery grip fitted. I need a bag like this when I’m out shooting my son’s rugby games, and I use the battery grip so I get better portrait photos of the kids. I have a Lowepro slingshot but that just gets in the way when I’m running around chasing after the game. I also have a wonderful Billingham Hadley Pro which I love, but it’s a stiff sided bag and I can’t get the OM-D with the full battery grip attached into it. It looks like the ThinkTank Retro and this might be the ones I need – any thoughts anyone?

    I live in the UK so more specialist bags are harder to come by, but we get ThinkTank stockists here and they eventually appear on

      • Awesome thanks very much Steve, for this and for your great site and great work. Without some of your reviews of M4/3 kit and accessories here in the UK we wouldn’t know about half of the great gear which can make our lives easier (if not our photos – I can’t afford a Leica to go with the OM-D just yet)

  9. Hi Steve, after seeing your review, I am very interested to get one of these bags. Can I check with you if the Mirrorless Mover 10 can fit an RX1 with EVF attached comfortably?

  10. Well I think I’m just going to get the 30i. However, they charge over $7 shipping at the Think Tank web site, so I’m going to wait until B&H or Amazon have it in stock.

    • I just got mine with free shipping because they’re throwing it in for the month I guess. I can’t wait to get it!

  11. So will the RX1 with EVF fit in the Mirrorless Mover 5? I’ve got my finger on the trigger……

  12. That looks like a great serie of bags for people willing to carry a small camera and a charger. :-p I’m sure they’ll sell tons of these to first buyers who only want a bag to put all the stuff they got in the box when they bought their camera.
    Beside being easy to sell and making sure grandma doesn’t forget the charger, i don’t see what’s the use of these bags from a user point of view?

    Unless you have some lenses/flash/lens cleaning stuff/batteries to carry, why bother with a bag anyway? You can’t take pictures with that.
    + mirrorless being lighter than DSLR, you don’t need that much padding anyway.

    At least the retrospective bags were good looking (albeit far too heavy for walking around all day with a bunch of lenses, unless you consider the smallest one with Leica or other small lenses).

  13. I love Think Tank bags and in general they are probably the best in the business but the name of “Mirrorless Movers” is about as crap a name as anyone could have come up with IMHO. 😀

    That said they are a great deal at that price and so functional too as always with TT.

  14. This could be great everyday bag for me + I could carry one camera too 🙂

    One question Steve – do you think that a TLR or Mamiya 6 with one lens could fit comfortably in this bag with or without the tablet? That would be awesome …

  15. Hello Steve, will the Thinktank Mirrorless Mover 10 fit the Sony RX-1 with the EVF attached (in the same orientation as your showed the NEX3 — Grip up, LCD towards the rear and EVF to the side). Thanks in advance! Bruce

  16. Greetings from Ireland. I have been a big fan of your site and YouTube for ages and recently purchased a Sony NEX-5R w/16/50mm and was looking everywhere for a suitable bag. The Think Tank 10 might be just what I’m looking for. Thanks Steve!

  17. Nice review
    I owned, briefly, a ThinkTank Retrospective 5 and hated it. The incredibly loud velcro fasteners that woke the dead (and if you didn’t use them, the bag was not secure), and the big openings at each end of the bag that would let dust and junk in even with the flap closed.
    The Mirrorless Mover bags look much much better, with their zipper closures and a flap held down by magnets. So it is quiet! The only bummer for me is the lack of water resistance. Having to use a rain cover means your equipment is out of reach. And then when the weather does break, what are you going to do with a wet rain cover? Put it in the bag from whence it came?

    • just shake the water off the bag and wrap it in a small towel until dry enough to return it where it belongs

      • Ok. So instead of buying a better bag that is water resistant, I now need to carry along a towel? Where does this small, now wet, towel go? And that does not even take into consideration that the waterproof cover needs to be removed to gain access to the bag.

        With a better bag all you need is the bag. Done.
        With the Think Tank you need the bag, the waterproof cover, and apparently a towel..

        Yes, these bags are cheap. No surprise there.

        All teasing aside, the MMover bags do look like really decent dry weather bags. And much better than my old Retrospective bag.

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