Fuji Mirrorless Deals today! Save hundreds on X bodies and lenses!


OK, Fuji has announced some savings on the Fuji X line of cameras and lenses. Get these deals below:

$200 off on the Fuji X PRO 1 body at B&H Photo, Amazon or PopFlash.com

$200 off on the Fuji X-E1 body at  B&H Photo, Amazon or PopFlash.com

$200 off on the Fuji X-E1 with 18-55mm lens at  B&H Photo, Amazon or PopFlash.com

There are also lens deals going on when purchased with a body at up to $300 off lenses when you add the lens and camera to your cart. It appears Fuji has some new bodies coming 🙂



  1. Well new stuff a come’n! It would be nice. The only thing I would sell is my X-Pro 1, a real maybe. All I want is the 23mm and second body.

  2. Definitely just a promotion to most likely spur sales for summer. I don’t think we will see replacement for X-Pro1 or X-E1 until next year

  3. It’s a promotion. I see no new cameras replacing those that exist. As mentioned on fujirumors and some other websites, a 3rd camera body might be launched. I think, with it being summer travel season, they are looking at customers who have held off on buying and are debating, but now want something for their summer vacations.

    Too bad there are no lens only sales..

  4. I don’t think the removeable lens Fujis are selling like crazy. Either they’re releasing improved versions — early in the product cycle — in an attempt to technologically keep up with the level of the mirrorless competition;
    or else they just feel it’s time to kick start sales.

  5. I agree. Have been waiting for news of an update before making a purchase. Does anyone have news regarding the timing of an X-E1 update? Would appreciate any input.

    • The X-E1 has been released only about half a year ago. I highly doubt a body update. The X-Pro1 will likely be updated beginning of next year.
      New entry level X-series cameras will come out this month/summer, though…

      • It is kind of soon for a new x-e1, but why else would they be discounting it?
        Perhaps just a refresh to bring the AF up to par with the X100s?
        One can hope.

      • You’re right about the time X-E1 is in the market but after Fujifilm launched the X-100S it becomes difficult to justify why they don’t apply the same technological improvements to the higher models in the line, and this sill give competition an advantage. Why shall them postpone something that will happen sooner or later?

      • “Perhaps just a refresh to bring the AF up to par with the X100s?” That would be a very good improvement. AF of the X-Pro1 doesn’t seem to be as good as that on the X100S.

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