New York New York! With a Fuji X-E1 by Alessandro Tarantino

New York, New York…with a Fuji X-E1 

By Allesandro Tarantino

Hey Steve!

I would share with you some photos of my New York City trip. I have been there in January with my girlfriend. I have taken with me my new Fuji X-E1 with the very good Fujinon XF 18-55mm zoom lens. The weather was not very good and I have not found the classic blue sky that I can see everyday here in Sicily. But … New York is New York and you will always found something interesting wherever you point your eyes, so what is the problem if the sky was gray!

This was my second time in the Big Apple and I can clearly affirm that it is the city of my dreams. A city that is live and that never sleep, where you can meet people from all over the world.













  1. Alessandro, very beautiful pictures! I love the last one very much — that still figure among blurred moving ones… Cool! Tomorrow I gonna buy X-E1 for myself with same kit lens, hope I’ll enjoy it. Your pictures inspire!

  2. Nice shots. If the weather is bad and you lack of strong colors its always a good idea to make them bw. It is where the fuji shines anyhow.
    Well processed. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I think the X-trans gets more beef on this site than it deserves. I’ve been shooting an X-Pro1 since moving from the M9 (and later the Monochrom) and frankly, I think the camera is incredibly more capable than the Leica offerings – and I mean that on more than just a “value” basis. Fuji is quickly becoming the new Leica.

    • AS a recent convert to the X-System from DSLRs, I am also enjoying the X-E1 (along with the XF 1,4/35mm and a X100S). Don’t know if I would call it the “new Leica” but I have never shot with a Leica. I do think that the pixel peeping going on (on many sites) is overkill, especially to me and my subject matter. It will take me some time to get as comfortable with the Fuji system (I shot with Nikon D2H bodies for 10 years – no G.A.S. here!) but I am enjoying the challenge!

  4. Thank you for sharing the photos and showing me the quality and the tonality that XE 1 can have. I love NY and the buildings and streets is what I want to photograph. If you have any color photos please post them too:-)

  5. I like these a lot. 1, 7, 9, and 10 are particularly strong compositions, and I love that your B&W is so unforced and not overcooked in processing.

    Keep it up!

  6. Very nice. You’ve done some justice to my city. But um.. try actually living here for more than just a week for vacation. I think your opinion of things would certainly change. Your dream is often my nightmare!

      • Why does anybody live anywhere? I mean, I’ve lived in Europe and honestly didn’t want to move back, but had to for work. I was born in Brooklyn NY, and have lived in many places throughout my life. I love NY, but it’s a love/hate thing. Some of the most interesting personalities live or pass through here and that makes for some great photo opportunities.

        But NY is also filled with some of the most selfish, rude, self absorbed assholes I’ve ever come across. And that unfortunately, is on a daily basis. Irrational, illogical full of venom and priorities that I can’t seem to align with.

        We do plan on retiring back in Europe eventually, or if we decide to have kids, that will also prompt a move back much sooner than retirement. In the meantime, I’ll keep sorting here in NYC.

    • I can not say nothing about living in NY, but I can say a lot about living here in Palermo (Sicily) and believe me that is not very difficult to find a better city to live in. In New York I’ve seen a lot of things that here are only dreams!

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