Fuji X-T1 1st Look Video! Fuji nails it!

Fuji X-T1 1st Look Video! Fuji nails it!

If you have watched the video above then you know that the Fuji X-T1 is now the very 1st Fuji body that I REALLY REALLY like. It is the Fuji I had hoped to see when the X-Pro 1 was launched. It is small, solid, tough, fast, responsive, has an amazing EVF experience, amazing manual controls with dials for ISO, Shutter Speed and everything you need is very easily controlled without menu diving. It is sort of like a Mini Nikon Df in the control department, but even a little easier. While not full frame it houses the Fuji 16mp X-Trans APS-C and the out of camera JPEGS look great.

I have only had this in my hands for a day and have used it for only a couple of hours but will be using it and testing it for a full review, which should be up within 2-3 weeks.

Enjoy the video above and congrats to Fuji for improving the AF, speed, handling and everything else that contributes to enjoying the camera. It did not even overexpose like the others I have tested, so it appears that there have been some nice improvements. Looking forward to shooting the one and putting it through its paces!

You can buy the X-T1 at Amazon or B&H Photo.


FOUR quick JPEGS from today while checking out the camera for the 1st time:






  1. Maybe it is just me… Just do not hate me for it, I honestly want to love the x-t1 like I do my x100s. The fact is, however, that my x-t1 is a DOG. It will not lock focus with the 35 1.4 which just racks in and out until I feel like smashing the camera against a wall. Much the same with the kit lens. If I put it on a tripod, my x100s effortlessly locks subjects that the x-t1 just keeps hunting around. He’ll, I can not even lock on my own face in the mirror. It goes without saying that the x-t1 is now on sale and will be gone soon as I will take any reasonable offer.

    After all the rave reviews, I am surprised to have such a poor package on my hands. Yet, when I search for the hunting issues, I find lots of results. They range from a quick rack in and out to acquire focus (which would be fine, even my old contact g2’s do this), to issues similar to mine.

    Unfortunately, the x-t1 has put me off fuji for now and ever. I will keep my x100s for street as I still love it, but I will never buy into a fuji system again, ever.

    Happy to hear whether anyone has had similar issues. And yes, if the dog does lock, image quality is super…

    If anyone is interested, mail me, I can do a full write up if the dog is still here.

  2. Hi Steve,
    How do you think the X-T1 would perform at a concert at night compared to the Sony A7?

  3. I couldn’t wait for the review. Pulled the trigger today. Should have it some time next week.

  4. The most important thing you get with an Olympus or Fujifilm digital camera is the real human service that is included. I have had questions on geotagging the images on both the Fuji X-T1 and the Olympus OM-D E-M1. I have called both companies service departments and have been assisted by human beings who know their products. I was not on hold for more than 2 minutes at either company. I am impressed and will continue to do business with both of these manufacturers. Now, I do remember being told that the problem is mine and not theirs when I called Nikon about the dirt and oil I was getting on my D600 sensor over and over. They were rude and did not care about my situation. I was saved because I had purchased from B&H and they refunded my money and went on to deal with the Nikon Company. So… Either camera (Fuji or Olympus) will be a very good experience for you. They are different but you need to decide what feels best for the way you make pictures. The Retailer Dealer is also very important to think about.

  5. steve, youtook the samples under the mall’s indoor ceiling light that I think has no good WB and somehow produce something looks flat in color and less depth.

    • In other words … under real world real life circumstances..yes, that is what I do. I take samples in good light, indoor light, bad light. This is not a review anyway, that comes next week. I do the same with ALL cameras.

  6. I am getting accustomed to the Fuji X-T1 and have the wi-fi and remote operation and I can send images to my Galaxy Note 2 phone easily. I am unable to get the geo-tagging to send the location data to the camera memory card to attach it to the image files. Do you have a good workflow to get this done? I hope you can address this in your review.

  7. Reading all that comments I can only say that X-T1 is not as “great” as many reviews until now mentioned. I like the design and bigger sensor compare to Oly but I will wait for some more reviews to come.

    The only thing is stopping me to buy E-m1 is smaller sensor and not capable to produce clean files at high iso.

    I like them both actually so it will be a hard pick just looking a body. But looking into the system currently , probably I would pick E-m1.

    Take care!

    • Kinda of on the same boat, but I have the E-M1 already and it’s great. Waiting to see if the X-T1 is worth the $$ to invest in or hold off.

      I’ll keep this a lot shorter compared to my last comment today.

      More noise at high iso?.. Well, depends on the type of stuff you want to take pics of. The 5-axis IBIS can possibly balance things out with slower shutter speeds and/or lower ISO. Slap on a good fast prime and the noise may not even be objectionable or noticeable.

      Other than that, I think the E-M1 excels in every other way in regards to ergonomics, functionality and swift operation compared to the X-T1. There are work arounds to get the very similar results in the end, but I think like more than just a couple of things with the X-T1, you may need to take that extra step or two to get there where the E-M1 can just get you there with a little less hassle.

      • Eh…why always people are selling me 5-axis stabilization which by the way is great since this feature do not help freezing the object in low light. 😉
        And do not sell me FF at this point since I hate weight and size of the lens. APS-C is a perfect balance for me. Take care!

  8. Just tested my copy of X-T1. Yes, it did experience the purple colour light leaking (that people on preview forum have been shouting loud) when I pointed a strong LED light towards the opened side door. Yes, I do do long exposure with ND filters under bright sunlight or at night. Do I use cable release? Can, but a self timer is just way more handy. And X-T1 allows remote control with iPhone. Even better. An issue to me. No. It is me using the equipment, not the other way round.

    Just like people complaining how low-tech Sigma DPxM is. The ISO performance sucks. The battery sucks. The control sucks. The file saving takes 10 seconds. RAW files are not supported by 3rd-party softwares. So what? I appreciate the beauty of its low ISO IQ, so I bring along my tripod to ensure the lowest ISO possible, and be patient when taking every shots. If I can wait 30s or longer to do a long exposure, why do I bother with the slightly longer file saving time.

    And then my Leica M9P. It’s the lowest tech camera I’ve ever used. It doesn’t have AF. No fancy filters. No face detection. No video. ISO performance is not good. File saving freezes once a while. CCD sensor coating has got issue. So what? It takes gorgeous pictures under controlled use. And it costs what? 6 units of a X-T1. Do I expect to be problem free? Never.

    There come people jumping ups & downs with issues like this every time, and interestingly some don’t even own the specific model. People just like digging out flaws and complaining. Name one single product that is 100% flawless and to the full satisfaction of all people. Many usually don’t even realize that there is an issue until someone else points it out somewhere, e.g. Youtube, and then start making a big fuss of it.

    Many (incl. myself) want a perfect piece of equipment, while they don’t/can’t even make good pictures with the equipment. And there are people out there spending more time on phototaking and making gorgeous pictures with their outdated/broken/junk equipment. People call Fuji/X-T1 a shame. What or who exactly is a shame?

    With today’s pace of new product launch, some/many may even have long sold their X-T1 before Fuji comes up with a solution. So why bother too much with an issue that may affect less than 1% or even nil of one’s work (this is for those who really/heavily use their X-T1). Canon 5DIII, Nikon D800E and even Leica M9/M9P/M240 have their own issues. I certainly won’t call the X-T1 a high-end one and thus expect it to be problem free.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not pinpointing to anyone. I just want to say that we should all move on, and spend more time on taking photos using the camera(s) we have on hand, than keep on complaining this and that.

    Happy shooting, or angry issue-testing & complaining. Either way will do. Solely one’s own choice.

    Don’t like what I said? Just ignore me and move on then.

  9. Like a few people who’ve commented, I own an E-M1, but really tempted by the X-T1. But, my wants and desires aren’t really logical or rational.. but, aren’t most wants & desires illogical and not rational at their core?

    I must admit I prefer the X-T1 styling more than the E-M1. The dials are pretty cool and useful and I like the fact settings are quickly assessed and accessed on the outside. The boxy design actually appeals to me more.. it just “looks” more rugged.

    But, by design, the E-M1 is a better designed camera. Ergonomics are superior.. everything is well placed, spaced and you hardly need to adjust fingers & hand to make adjustments.. with a quick push of a button or click of switch, multiple settings can simultaneously be manipulated with the 2 command dials. It really is a slick and quick operation provided you’ve dedicated enough time to memorize and be familiar with all the customizing that can be done so fast.. and there are indeed a lot.

    Admittedly, although the E-M1’s more prominent built in hand grip does seem a bit large and slightly out of sync with the rest of the E-M1’s retro design concept, it really helps with comfortably holding and securing the camera and lens (especially weightier ones) in the hand. The E-M1 is loaded with bells and whistles and the faster shutter speed & flash sync can be of great use… live time/bulb is an awesome long exposure tool which nobody has and the 5-axis IBIS makes taking the best shot possible with any lens such a treat. The list goes on and on… did I mention focus selection and movement is faster with the better 4-way direction pads and simply touch the screen to instantly drop focus on where you want?

    Besides the preferred, but perhaps less ergonomic and less “overall” direct operation, design of the X-T1, I do like the benefits of the APS-C X-Trans Sensor II which really offers some nice colors, details and DR along with cleaner low light high ISO pics.

    I’ll probably opt to own both if I could, but will continue to weigh the pros & cons to see if I’ll have both cameras or commit to one only. As much as the E-M1 can do within the camera over the X-T1, I have to see if it’s enough or even all that many features I’ll actually end up using or not.. perhaps the core photographing tools and features are concise enough to dismiss the “bells & whistles” and go for the X-T1 which might actually be able to do what I want a bit better?

    Love this site, check on it daily, can’t wait to get the full X-T1 review up and maybe some much sought after comparisons between the competition.

    • forgot to add a question.. regarding a comparison between the X-T1 & E-M1’s EVFs.

      Both are roughly about the same 2.3M resolution, but yet the X-T1 is suppose to be larger and better? I believe the X-T1 has a magnification of 0.77x? I mean how does it honestly compare to the E-M1’s?.. speaking of the E-M1 EVF magnification, is it 0.74x? or 1.48x? even if it’s 0.74x, is the X-T1’s 0.77x that much greater that it will totally blow my mind and make me feel the E-M1’s tiny in comparison?

      I hear a lot of great things about the X-T1’s EVF, and I believe it is very very nice, but is there a way to say if it’s that much better over the E-M1’s? Let’s say if EVF size was the basis for making a switch or choosing between the 2 cameras, will the X-T1 really make the E-M1’s pale in comparison?

      I guess I should look for a local store that has a X-T1 and check it out for myself to see if it will matter to me… sorry, carrying a conversation in my head out loud…

      • It is not much better than the E-M1, not at all. In fact, some may prefer the E-M1 EVF, others the X-T1. They are close but the X-T1 just look a bit more massive when looking through it. In low light the E-M1 may be better but both are fantastic. The X-T1 is indeed a large looking EVF.

    • The E-M1 has the better build without question but I do enjoy the X-T1. It is a little slower than the E-M1, not built as well and the lenses are larger but it feels great, controls are great and the IQ is nice.

      • Apologies in advance as I sometimes forget to cap the stream of consciousness when commenting on things I’m really interested in. Skip my comments if you don’t like how it long it appears, otherwise, please read and see if they are valid points and perhaps you are also thinking about? Thanks.

        Steve, I’m sure this will probably be brought up in your complete review coming up, but maybe some early thoughts on the 4-way direction buttons on the back? Sorry if I missed a post about this already from you. Selecting focus is probably going to be one of the most frequently accessed feature and the majority of the reviews and first impressions seem to indicate the 4-way direction buttons on the back of the X-T1 are not the best, to put it nicely… squishy (cause weather sealing it seems), a bit recessed and hard to press (especially if you have large fingers), unresponsive (subjective on the individual’s fingers and dexterity perhaps?)… and the need to press a button before being able to directly move the focus area/point to desired location (unlike the E-M1 and many other cameras that can instantly adjust focus point by press of direction button or touch screen if available). A possible hinderance I’m sure seeing and trying at a store in person is advised before committing to purchasing to see if something that can work with or not.

        FotoEgdge (& Steve), lucky you have both E-M1 & X-T1. I think I would have both if I could afford to commit to 2 systems at this time. That being the case, if I did have both (and perhaps my daily weighing and comparing the 2 cameras in my head is almost like having both mentally) I’d probably be equally struggling with the pros and cons of both systems.. They are really both great cameras, have great available lenses and have strengths and weaknesses that kind of balance each other out in both similar and different ways.

        On one hand the E-M1 has great rounded features that work great, is fast and perhaps equally swift in handling. It probably has about as much features as great camera should have, and much like the customizability, probably a bit more than most will ever need or be able to use. I honestly cannot find fault and something I don’t like about the E-M1.

        The X-T1 does have a slightly cooler design and feel, though not necessarily equating to a better handling or performing camera. It does lack a number of features, but the image quality… I love it. Though my primary issue around X cameras with the X100 & X10 I’ve previously owned has been the AF/MF, I really loved the IQ. I still find I miss it from time to time since I’ve sold them both. Been longing to get another X camera, but similar to what Steve has mentioned, they’ve failed to fully impress me.. mainly in operation.. a bit slow, and most important the AF/MF was unreliable & sluggish… we all know the history of this and will leave it at that. Thank Fuji for being great at improving them all with some new hardware and equally as good firmware upgrades to solve (or reduce) the issue I had with them.

        I know overall, the E-M1 can provide a lot over the X-T1 overall. I can’t agree with Steve more than to say “it just works”. There are no complaints. My small wish inside, just that much better IQ which the Fuji X cameras do have that edge on. Not that IQ on the E-M1 (Or any OM-D) is bad, quite the opposite, very good in fact. I think if I didn’t know or see that there can be better, I wouldn’t be tempted by the X-T1 (or other X cameras).. but it’s there and there’s always something better.. I think I’m good where I’m at?…

        Hmm… i think all this self-cross-examining will ultimately lead me to own both cameras and satisfy that itch I obviously have and will need to scratch somewhere down the road, lol.

        But, if it’s the Fuji X-Trans APS-C IQ I would like to have, do I need a X-T1?.. maybe save a few hundred $$ and go X-Pro 1 or something like that just to have the IQ if overall speed and fluidity isn’t something I need since I have it in the E-M1?.. I don’t know?.. I think I’ve been spoiled by the E-M1’s EVF (one big reason I upgraded from E-M5) and anything less in size and resolution I fear may not be satisfying enough anymore.

        Not to have 2 cameras that are in some ways equal and be redundant, but I question how I would use them if I had both?… Both can be used for work and pleasure, but I think for what I primarily do these days, I’m leaning towards the E-M1 as primary work camera. Though X-T1 is praised for having so many dials and controls on the outside recently, you can’t forget they said the same thing about the E-M1.. and frankly, you really do have more direct access to a lot more settings and controls even though it seemingly has less dials… Like another reviewer said, you may find you have to do a bit more menu diving for certain things and see that you can’t go directly from A to B for a number of things on the X-T1. Working outdoors and taking a lot of portraits outdoors, the higher shutter speed and flash sync capabilities immediately make the E-M1 advantageous over the X-T1 without needing ND filters or other accessories or setup to perform similar task. At present, I see the X-T1 (or any present X camera) to be more of a personal camera for pleasure than for work.

        I will continue to monitor reviews & experiences and updates to see if the X-T1 or X-Pro 1 is in the foreseeable future. Perhaps wait a bit for another X-T generation to come where they may better flesh out some things about the X-T1.. I’d like to see 1) Improved 4-way direction buttons that are “better”.. and I think the rear command dial, Fn button and rec button at the top might benefit from being raised for better tactile feel and ease of pressing as well, 2) Silver version of the X-T1, not that black is bad, like it, but I think I might be even more tempted by silver version 3) has anybody seen the light leaking issue? I see the a comment from Gary speaks of such an issue. Supposedly if you shine a flashlight from the side (left side with ports), light will leak into the camera and sensor?!.. check out on YouTube, 3) 1/8000 max shutter & 1/250 (if not 1/320) flash sync please!

        With the X-Pro, it’s anybody’s guess when and what improvements may come, but I admit I look forward to the next gen X-Pro cause it better be damn good with all the recent advancements and the direction Fuji has been heading towards and progressively doing better at.

    • Wing.. & Steve & All…… I am unable to make up my mind… as goes the old John Sebastian (Loving Spoon) I have had my X-T1 for 2 weeks. I have had my E-M1 for 5 months and am comfortable with the daily workings and feel of this camera. I used to have the Fuji X-E1 which missed a lot of shots because of auto focus failures. The E-M1 is an amazing exact focusing camera. Now the X-T1 is in use and the focus issues are not an issue at all. The dial locking system on the E-M1 makes more sense… it can turn freely until I push the button and lock it. The dials are as smooth as silk to operate on the E-M1. The X-T1 has tiny and hard to find buttons on the 4-way control. But the reason I love the X-T1 is the files that it produces. The colors and low noise are as good as I have ever seen. The noise on the E-M1 becomes visible at ISO 800 – The Fuji X-T1 looks very clean at 1600. The Colors of the Fuji are so much more life like without a lot of fiddling with post processing. The grip on the OM-1 is much more comfortable. And on and on! They are both so good… I would miss either of them if I gave them up. It is a great problem to have for all of us. They are the foundation of a “Real” transition away from the DSLR mentality of the the masses. I do hope your review is ready soon Steve.

      • Have both and really like both – same boat. My first test of X-T1 8 fps follow focus of my 4 year old grand daughter running toward me we’re shockingly successful. Nearly every frame was in very good focus. The X-T1 feels a little more comfortable in my hand but tha’s a very personal thing. For now at least, I’ll be keeping both systems.

  10. Just got a Fuji X-T1 with kit zoom ordered from links on this site. Impressions after just a few indoor, outdoor, and flash test shots (JPEG) are very positive for both the shooting experience and the image quality. It is too early to tell whether the X-T1 is more likely to displace my Canon 5D3 or E-M1 – or maybe neither (all very good cameras). I can understand Steve’s early first look enthusiasm for this Fuji.

  11. I like the video. Please Steve make the full review but do not make vs. You know Fuji vs. Olympus vs. Leica. JUST THE REVIEW 🙂

  12. I own the X100s, X-Pro1 and X-T1. I was tempted to switch over to SONY, and the new SONY a6000 looks like an impressive piece of equipment. However, I love my X-T1. The X-Pro was an awesome camera IQ wise, but it was slow. Trying to take candid photos of my son once he was up and mobile was near impossible with only a lucky break here or there. But it was a sexy camera, and light, and so because of that it went with me everywhere. Almost went the route of the E-M5 at one point, but never did make the plunge. Now that the X-T1 is out I’m thankful I stuck with Fuji. The glass is all excellent, and the 23mm is fantastic. In fact it’s so great I’ll be selling my X100s. I also just learned this morning that the X-T1 will track focus throughout the whole frame, not just the center focusing points when used on continuous low, which is 3fps, quite a bit slower than the 8fps, however, for any of the work I do, or any pleasure shooting this is more than adequate. The 23mm is quite a bit faster to focus than the 35…just a heads up.

  13. Hi Steve, thank you for the quick report. Do you still have the Nikon df? Can you share with us, whtas your opinion comparing these two cameras.

    Thank you

    • I would like to know this as well…I purchased the Df a couple of weeks before the X-Pro 1 was announced – sold my the X-Pro 1 and X100S. The images are gorgeous and it is amazing in low light (although it does tend to focus hunt at times) but I dislike the weight and bulk of it…it’s been a long time since I’ve owned a camera with this much heft. I am debating on selling it and going to the X-Pro 1.

  14. Owning both the OM-D E-M1 and the Fujifilm X-T1 gives me the opportunity to work with both on each area of their features. I have tried prime and zoom lens on both. The EVF on the Fuji is visibly brighter in low light and outdoor light. When I halfway press down on the X-T1 shutter button, I can visibly see the changes based on the aperture size on the depth of field. The amazing part with the X-T1 is that the viewfinder remains bright and does not darken like an OVF of the Nikon, Canon, Miranda, Minolta and Pentax cameras that I have used. This is a big deal in determining the best aperture for both sharpness and bokeh effects in your image.

    • Now I am confused. I am reading different comments about EVF refresh rate and everything above.

      anyway I will wait for Steve more detail review where I hope he will also do em1 vs. xt1 comparison.

  15. All those excellent new mirrorless cameras that are now on the market started a thinking process in my head why to continue with Leica. At the moment I have some 20k$ invested in Leica gear (M240, Noctilux etc) that could easily be replaced with a 2-3000 USD set. Difficult to decide!

    • Unless the unique haptics and RF shooting experience are worth the huge premium to you, there is no rational reason to hang on to Leica. IQ wise, Sony`s A and RX are even better and others, even smaller sensor solutions, darn close. I`m in the same situation but somehow can`t push myself to list all Leica stuff for sale. At least for the lenses this migh actually be a good thing, as they should continue to increase in value.

      • Just having used my Leica M lenses on the XT1, with the built in EVF focussing having worked extremely well, I don’t know why Leica does not build a camera like the Xt1/A7/OMD.
        An interchangeable lens mirrorless, built in EVF camera that can take the M mount lenses.
        Keep the M series rangefinders, but introduce this underneath them instead of stuff like the Vario X which I really dislike.

  16. I attached my 50 year old Leica Summicron lens to the X-T1 at the dealers’. The result: I couldn’t focus manually. The EVF always gives a sharp picture, regardless of the distance on the
    focussing ring of the lens. Pity. Maybe there is a trick but neither the dealer nor I could find how to fix this, in spite of the three manual focus modes.

    • “I attached my 50 year old Leica Summicron lens to the X-T1 at the dealers’. The result: I couldn’t focus manually. The EVF always gives a sharp picture, regardless of the distance on the
      focussing ring of the lens. Pity. Maybe there is a trick but neither the dealer nor I could find how to fix this, in spite of the three manual focus modes.”

      Strange. I just got back from the dealer and tried my Summilux ASPH on the XT1. I did not do anything – did not touch any settings. I pulled off the Fuji lens, camera was set to A, and I just focussed manually. No issues whatsoever – focussing was brilliant. And I didn’t use any of the split images, magnifiers, dual screen options. Just focussed using the whole screen in the EVF.
      Before I put my lens on it, I compared it to the Olympus OMd EM1 both using whatever the kit lens was already on it. The EVF seemed sharper/clearer on the Fuji, and did not smear to the same (but minimal) extent the OMD did when panning inside the shop.

      One possible negative from the XT-1, and I also noticed this when I checked out the XE2 a few weeks prior. It seems that whatever the refresh rate Hz that the screen uses does not play well with me physiologically. I felt queasy after using it, in the same way that I can’t play some video games. Most people aren’t affected in this way but it seems that I am. So this camera will definitely have to be rented before I pull the trigger.

      The one thing about the Xt1 and OMD EM1 that really grabbed me is the build quality. They both feel much better in the hand than the Nikon DF I rented a while ago. That camera felt fat, but hollow and light weight, as if it was made out of really thin metal. The Fuji and Oly feel perfect in size and solid.
      They feel like ‘real’ cameras, the way film cameras used to be. The Sony A7 also feels more solid than the DF, but the design is less camera and more device than the others.

      And the Leica M lenses physically match up perfectly to the Fuji. While I expected the whole image to come in and out of focus, it also has the bonus of always showing the shooting depth of field dependent on aperture used. Thanks to the EVF.


      Best regards

    • Given the EVF is simply the live view from the sensor, and not coming from any other source, I don’t see how this could physically be possible unless the lens was stopped way down and had a broken focus ring. Your simply not going to have everything always look sharp with a 50mm lens.

      • If I attach the Leica lens to my V1, at 5.6 and focussing ring on infinity an object at 2 m is blurred; if focussed at 2 m infinity is blurred in the EVF. Same lens on the Fuji: everything in the EVF is sharp, in every setting of the focussing ring. The lens (and focussing ring) is in prime condition so the problem is in the Fuji..

        • Its physically not possible for a camera to magically make everything in focus. The EVF is the same thing the sensor captures, so apparently the XT1 simply can’t take an out of focus photo.

          Seems like it would be a pretty cool selling point, stick a M mount lens onto it and you don’t have to focus. Everything in the whole image will magically be sharp

          • Went back to the shop and you are right of course, if the aperture is fully open or near that the focusing works well. Stopped down everything is sharp which is to be expected with that dept of field.

            Comparing the EVF of the Fuji with my V1 EVF: I love the Nikon because of its brightness and true rendition of colors. I miss that on the Fuji EVF, it gives a kind of artificial rendition, not as sharp and there is like a haze over the colors, as if wearing sun glasses.

  17. I get that you are excited by the retro hardware controls — I’m partial to that stuff too to an extent — but if you are rational, you’ve got to admit that modern “soft dials” are a lot more flexible and support much quicker handling.

    With the Hyper Program mode of the Pentax K-3, you can fluidly change between Program mode, Av, and Tv mode without ever touching the mode dial, just by using the dials and a button. ->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yglJesVlqY

    The Hyper manual mode gives you full manual control with some very useful automation support. -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjHY5uYHofA

    Yes, hardware controls on the Fuji X-T1 have a classic feel and who does not like precise mechanics, but let’s face it: With the need to set some of these to “A” sometimes (or in the case of the Nikon Df the hardware dials lying to you) and the fact that changing ISO and aperture requires re-gripping, the modern soft dial approach wins in terms of speed and flexibility.

    As for the K-3 being “fat”:
    1. The K-3’s grip is widely recognised as one of the best in class. It provides a very secure and comfortable grip.

    2. EVFs are getting better but the K-3’s optical viewfinder is a lot better than any EVF I’ve seen.

    3. With a lens attached neither K-3 nor Fuji X-T1 are pocketable.

    I hope you can also test the K-3 with a small but fantastic lens like the FA 43/1.9. Or any of the other FA Ltds which are gems both optically and in terms of build quality.

    • There is not a single, I say single, cropped sensor DSLR, with a viewfinder that is as optically “effective” as the Fuji X-T1. Have you ever tried manually focusing a fast lens wide open with a K-3? I did, with a K-5 ( I owned one ) with a Katzeye focusing screen, and I was not getting reliable, consistent accurate manual focus. Yes, In dim lighting the X-T1 viewfinder can become grainy, but a DSLR will just get dark and manual focus is completely out the window. The X-T1 Viewfinder has made manual focus for me, easier than any full frame DSLR I’ve ever used, including the D800. And even though the image can get grainy in low light, I can still focus manually with fast glass. Try that with any Optical viewfinder. The split screen focus view with focus peaking is absolutely outstanding and after a week and a half of using an OVF both indoors and outside I honestly don’t think I can ever go back to a OVF, let alone a cropped OVF. The X-T1 viewfinder is double the size and with a live histogram, and LIVE exposure, I can see my exposure on the fly with the camera to my face without ever needing to chimp. Fuji is doing exactly what Pentax SHOULD be doing which is developing a mirrorless system with many small compact primes and paring it with an excellent weather sealed body. Pentax has some great, small, compact prime lenses, it would be awesome to see them redesign those lenses, and mate them with a great mirrorless body.

  18. I was an early X-Pro1 and XE-1 adopter and that X-E1 is still in my closet. After all the hype, I went to my favorite camera store to handle the X-T1 last week and was underwhelmed with its AF speed, shutter lag and EVF refresh rate. AF speed seems no better than with the XE-2. Shutter lag is still very noticable and for me the worst of any MILC and bothersome for street (I can live with slow AF, just use zone focusing, but not with shutter lag). All in all, a nice camera, but Fuji is still not there. It will require another 1-2 rounds of improvement, but competition won`t sleep either. Lastly, the X-trans sensor output never completely conviced me. At times, it is very nice and then disappointing in flat or dull light and the occasional smearing/watercoloring issue with greens does not make it a good landscape camera. Considering its price, it`s overhyped imho.

    • Interesting comments as I’ve heard nothing but praise for the EVF, and its quick refresh rate in-particular.

      Worse shutter lag of ANY, I repeat ANY MILC camera huh ?

  19. Looks like an amazing mirrorless; however, I’m eagerly awaiting reviews and comparisons against the Sony a6000. The a6000 doesn’t have the style and ergonomics of the X-T1, but it’s nearly half the cost which begs consideration.

    • Not knocking the A6000, or Sony, but, I find you will continue to notice differences in handling and ergonomics long after you’ve paid off the credit card balance. Get the camera you enjoy shooting with, not just the best value. A camera that is a deal really isn’t such a bargain if it sits at home because you don’t like shooting it, or don’t like the focal length options etc

  20. Make sure you go into Power management and set the performance mode to on. Default is off and many of us have found the entire camera AF and all to be faster with it on.

  21. I have had my FUJIFILM X-T1 for now a week. In your review, please let everyone know about the new Beta Version of ACR 8.4 ~ Now included in the Camera Calibration in ACR 8.4 are all of the Film Simulations of the Fuji X Sensor Cameras. This is so wonderful, I will keep this camera for sure. I would recommend that X-T1 shooters use the RAW/JPEG Fine setting at their favorite Film Simulation and then take a look at the RAW file using the Camera Calibration. I also use my OM-D E-M1 and do love it, but not the menu system so much. The dials work smoother for just thumb operation with the OM-D E-M1. The Dials are tough to turn on the X-T1 and the 4-way buttons are too small. But the consistent great image colors and quality of the X-T1 are just stunningly beautiful. I may keep he OM-D E-M1 which I do love and use and fight thru the menu system. 2 wonderful little machines… No more big clunky cameras needed for me! I can’t wait for your review to be complete. I hope you can do a close comparison of these 2 cameras side by side without any other cameras to muddy up the waters.

    • Not sure what issues youre having with the menu system of the EM. Its pretty straight forward. In fact not sure why you actually have to even go into the menu that much? Theres a button for everything.

      • Second time I have heard this too. The back wheel position and buttons on the small side. Most Fujion lens have apture rings and as lijimmy80 states. You don’t work directly with menu. It is used to set choices you have made in subsets. Your main function of the camera stuff has a dail just for that use.

  22. I feel the way Tim does. Today I compared an XT1 EVF to my XPro-1 OVF and confirmed that I strongly prefer the OVF. If I could afford to own both bodies I would, but I am crazy about the optical viewfinder hybrid set up and will not trade it for a jumbo EVF and speedy performance.

    • OVF is a nice thing for sure, but the EVF option is pretty poor, and if you have an interest in lenses like the 10-24, 14mm, 55-200 etc, the OVF isn’t very useful. The 14mm works “okay” but still isn’t too accurate for framing. I had the XPro and rather loved the OVF with the 35mm/f1.4, but just like any RF style camera, it becomes a lot less useful when you want wider/longer focal lengths.

  23. Thanks for the video Steve. I appreciate your no bullshit opinions when it comes to cameras (I am a Fuji shooter) I am glad we have a couple sites like this that give feedback based on real world scenarios and shooting instead of pixel peeping and wall chart shooting. Much appreciated.

  24. I just ordered my X-T1 from B&H. I as of late have started to cut down on my cameras. I feel as if the Fuji has the ( I said this about the X-PRO 1 and was partly right ) is the 1960’s equal to the Nikon “F”. Not the best format, excellent lens and just having that feel.It all combined creates a fine image . The Sony’s A7/R will under good to the edge of low light produce great raws,super IQ. The Oly you showed would be the “Oly Pen” of the 1960’s, along with their small but great “OM”. Each one will fill a need. The Sony will have CZ lens, hopefully. Oly has an 3/4 lens around and there is a ton, from outstanding to OK. Fujion lens have shown in all the reviews to go from excellent to good. But most of the lens are at the top of their class per focal length.
    I really like Fuji and their backing up of their produces with upgrades. I love film, but maybe (Hopefully) the younger photographers will pick it up. Since I can no longer at least develop my own film I may give it up, B&W. I hate jumping from one brand to an other. I think Fuji has gotme for sure. Nikon almost pulled me back with the Df.
    For me Fuji has made a camera good enough for the excellent Trans-X sensor and their fine collection of lens. Now they have a camera to hold it all. I have a feeling there may not be an X-PRO 2 or if so it would end the line.
    PS Steve, in my use of cameras over last billion years or so, all vieweders get dust in them, look at the video again, you will see the Oly has dust. Glad you like this Fuji. If you like the 14mm f2.8, you are going to love the 23 f/1.4. Both the same, wide open, a little edge softness, stop down just on F stop all sharp. I really think Fujion is to par with Leica and CZ.

    • Don’t forget that the Fuji X-Series cameras also have two dedicated Carl Zeiss lenses you can choose … with more on the way. The Fujinon and Zeiss glass together makes for a potent combination of optics that to a great degree can challenge Leica lenses, IMHO.

      • I love the Zeiss 12mm. It has become my favorite lens and is making me wonder if I would prefer other Zeiss alternatives to my Fuji glass.

        • Well the 14mm f2.8 Fujion is has nearly zero distortion ( not proceed correct ). It is a little soft on the edges wide open, the rest excellent level sharp. The 32 F1.8 CZ is a little sharper then the Fujion, but the Fujion is an F1.4. Between the two choices there is more then likely going to be little difference. That being said, Fujions are less money and have great things like, pull back ring and now in are MF, with a DOF scale. Both are made very well, even the Fujions made in China.

    • Looks like noise reduction is applied. I turn it off on all of my cameras but some apply it anyway. I have not yet seen it in the Fuji JPEG but I have not shot at super high ISO yet. If it is there, even when turned off I will not like it. But Fuji may see it as a trick to keep their files cleaner at high ISO.

      • fwiw after a brief trial the XT1 isn’t for me. Some things are really right (18-55 is a great handling lens), and if you like manual control dials, it is your camera. But the EVF, while big and bright in decent light, becomes quite bad in low light. By comparison, the A7(r) EVF functions well in lousy light. The other thing that turned me off is the workflow. Raw images have been problematic, and the jpegs, while looking generally nice, really don’t hold up to post processing in LR or Aperture, at least in my hands – ymmv. If you like the SOOC, then you’re all set. Part of my problem is that I’m also shooting A7r and RX1r. I got the Fuji hoping it would replace the RX1r for silent shooting and give me a good long tele option with the 55-200. The Fuji is nice and quiet. But the Sony files have spoiled me. I totally get why some people love the XT1, but I also think there is a lot of honeymoon phase going on at the moment.

      • That’s the whole thing you can’t turn it off and it’s gotten worse on the Xe2, X100s going forward to the XT-1. I wish they had an option to just turn it off.

      • Shoot RAW+Jpg then you always have a choice if you dont like the resulting high ISO Jpg even when set to NR -2

  25. Hopefully you will be done with your review by March 15 or so in advance of the sale on Fuji lenses ending on March 21.

  26. Hi Steve. You have consistently raised concerns about files from X-Trans sensors being flat under less than optimal light (which as an X-E1 owner I would tend to agree with). Is there something different with this camera which make you feel better about the files, or would you also have the same concerns?

  27. Used it on my first assignment today. Five hours at Trondheim airport, in a wide variety of light conditions. I absolutely love the handling, and the IQ is superb. Now I can really leave my Nikon D700/24-700 2.8 at home 90 % of the time. And it’s so discreet, nobody raised an eyebrow during the shoot.

  28. I’m very happy with my X-T1 and agree pretty much with what you say in the video. My lust for the E-M1 or Df are, for the moment, gone.

    I will however say that I don’t feel that you have more fanboys among Fuji users than Leica or any other brand. I have been going back and forth between Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, Leica and Nikon, and reading various forums I always feel people are justifying their purchase. Including Leica.

  29. Steve, any way that you could borrow Fuji’s M adaptor so you can try Leica glass on it? The M adaptor with the camera body can be “programmed” to remember up to six lens profiles and Fuji has them apparently set up to take care of optical issues.

    Would be very cool.


  30. Hey, I was waiting for your opinion on this body, because I know when you don’t like something, you write it.

    I’m looking for a successor to my beloved Ricoh GXR (28+50 A12). I love the picture quality of the Ricoh and the extra compact size factor, but, my baby is moving to fast to get the pictures in focus …
    And, I’m tented to switch to 35mm lens ; So, the X-T1 could be the one. I can’t wait for your complete review …

  31. Dear Steve,
    Is it possible that you test the Fuji X-T1 with some of your Leica M lens? It would be great for you to take some photos with your X-T1 mounted with Leica M lens. Love to see how you manage to use them.
    Thank you so much

      • +1 big-time!

        I am very much looking forward to your full review. I’d love to see some testing with any M-mount glass (Leica/Zeiss/Voigtlander) you can get your hands on – if you have the time. I am sure longer focal lengths will be fine. It is the wides I am curious about. Can the new Fuji handle these any better than the current Sonys? I fear not…

        Thank you for all your work. Its a valuable resource for the community!

  32. Steve,
    one of your main problem with the Fuji is the fact that images looks a bit flat compare to leica and other brands. Same sensor, Same problem. Or do you see improvement in that department???

    • Pardon the beginner question but can someone explain in a little more detail what the “flat” issue is about? Is it a lack of dynamic range, contrast or detail? The colors not as vibrant? The X100s post the other day had some very nice photos, and I couldn’t tell what was flat about them.

      • I can’t seem to discover any special conditions that defeat my XPro-1. Sometimes I produce dull results with it, but cannot seem to blame this on any particular kind of light or any other factor. I have had spectacular results on dull grey days as well as on bright sunny ones, as well as duds in every kind of light. The one thing I have seen myself has been a tendency to get slightly muddy results where detailed greenery is included in an image, maybe.

      • Hi NS

        I’ve owned the X100, then EM5 (OMD) in the past. To my eye and liking I felt the dynamic range in the Olympus was better and the colour renditions from the Olympus SOC were slightly more accurate when using it. The x trans sensor in the X100s, and other X camera’s was not bad….just a bit different and I preferred the Olympus.

        This may go some way to explaining why people refer to a “flat” file. I did find getting the result in post from Olympus easier than Fuji’s sensor where as others would prefer the alternative.

        At the end of the day think ergonomics, and the intended use re size, interchangeable vs. built in, sport vs street vs family (young children v older members, etc) and so on.

        Both the Fuji and Olympus offerings are great. I think Olympus pips fuji as they seem to have a few of their functional outputs more consistent in delivery (AF speed, accuracy of AF!!, accuracy of AF in low light, etc) but this XT1 could close that gap.

        • Thanks Nick and Andy for the replies. Well, this weekend I went for the x-e2. I love the operational design and form factor. Coming from the epl-1 everything is much better, from either Olympus or Fuji. This feels like a camera I really want to use. As a relative beginner I probably won’t notice the flat files (:

  33. Hey Steve
    Great little video on the X-t1.. If you haven’t noticed it yet, you have a little hair sticking out under your right thumbnail, and i just could not stop focusing on it 😀 Love your site, greetings from Denmark.

  34. Wow, Steve is on the bandwagon… EVERYBODY is gushing about this camera! I’m tempted, but I still have one big concern:

    Versus my current camera (Olympus E-M 5) everybody seems to agree that Fuji produces somewhat smoother-looking images at high ISOs (3200 and up; yes, I do a lot of low-light/high ISO photography.)

    BUT… in terms of overall picture quality, is Fuji’s high-ISO advantage enough to compensate for the fact that Fuji does not offer ANY form of image stabilization with ANY fixed-focal-length lens? I’ve learned by experience that in my (shaky) hands, image stabilization makes a huge difference in overall picture quality.

    Complicating the picture is the fact that the Fuji lenses typically are 2/3 to 1 stop faster than Olympus equivalents. So for example, if we assume Fuji has a one-stop advantage in high-ISO performance (e.g. ISO 3200 on Fuji looks as good as ISO 1600 on Olympus) plus a one-stop advantage in lens speed (e.g. 56mm f/1.2 vs 45mm f/1.8) then that’s two stops total. Is that enough to offset the fact that Olympus’ image stabilization lets me use at least two stops slower shutter speed and still get sharp results?

    At this point I’m guessing the answer is no, meaning for me it’s still advantage Olympus… but it looks like a really close call!

    And it’s a tricky question, because a working Fuji system (body, grip, two lenses) costs about US $3,500… and I wouldn’t be able to fund it by selling my Olympus gear, because Fuji still doesn’t have anything comparable to the Olympus 75/1.8, and I use that lens a lot.

    Oh, well, it’s great to have choices — but the choices are getting tougher!

    • Olympus’ IBIS is a bit miraculous, I have to admit. However, I would argue that excellent high ISO capability is more UNIVERSALLY useful. Why? Because while IBIS stabilization will steady YOU, it won’t steady your subject.

      High ISO steadies both.

      As to Fuji lenses being faster than Olympus equivalents, I’m not really seeing that. They both make fast and slow glass; depends on what you choose.

      One advantage that DOES go to Olympus is the ability to shoot images with increased depth of field whilst still having the light gathering capacity of a faster lens shot wide open. So if you need the light gathering capability of f/1.4, you’re getting the DOF of f/2.8. So for situations where you need more depth of field in low light, it’s an advantage to not have to stop your APS or full-frame lens down (which would force you to increase ISO to compensate).

      Of course, if you need lots of shallow DOF, or if your subjects are moving around in low light, then once again the advantage accrues to the larger, high ISO sensor.

      Horses for courses…

  35. A great design – and the camera has been getting rave reviews.

    However, there’s no excuse for not having much better video in this day-and-age.

    I hope Fuji works to improve that next.

  36. Steve,

    Great, first look video. I am also shooting with the EM-1 and love it. I’ve been tempted by the X-T1 but I’d be giving up the great 5 axis stabilization. I hope when you review the camera you’ll talk about the trade-offs. Also, I noticed the studio shots of the X-T1 posted on DPReview and the high ISO raw shots look like they have been softened to hide noise. I hope you will be addressing this issue (if it is one, i certainly could be interpreting the results incorrectly) in your up coming review.

    Thanks for the good work -great site

    • Dpreview uses Adobe for raw conversion, and with x-trans sensors this isn’t one of the better converters. Also, “H1” and “H2” settings which correlate to ISO 12,800 and 26,600 do not allow for raw format; only jpg can be recorded. This puts you at the mercy of the noise reduction that fuji uses at high ISO

  37. do you even enjoy your cameras till you fall in love with some new one?
    so promiscuous about cameras… the poor things must have been crying while you where filming this review.
    this is why I love shooting film. After a few tryouts you pick up a camera and you don’t have to change to another in a half year.

    • As much as I loved the XPro1 after the various FW updates the X-T1 blows it away in almost every respect apart from not having an OVF. I’ve no regrets whatsoever, it is what the Fuji X system cameras should have been from the start.

      Try one out at a dealer, I think you’ll soon change your mind after that. 🙂

  38. Hi Steve, I got a chance to try one yesterday and I must admit it look beautiful, feels just right in the hand. Love the EVF and tilting LCD. However I found that the AF in dim light still had problems, maybe a lot better than earlier X series models, but still not as good as my Nikon V1.

    • I highly doubt it will be as good as my E-M1 in any situation focus wise (which is better than the V1) but it is loads better than previous Fuji bodies.

    • Did you have “high performance” turned on? I don’t know why Fuji left this “option” turned off by default, as I am just now learning about it after having my X-T1 for a week. Apparently, when turned on everything from focusing, image processing, image review, focus lock etc is faster at the expense of 20% more battery drain. Just a tip.

    • Gary- Which Fuji lens are you using? There is quite a bit of difference between the primes!
      Good Luck-

  39. Go and have a look at a real X-T1 before your order it. You might find some things that are not mentioned in the raving reviews. E.g. the cover on the left side over the mic/hdmi/usb-port, that – in my sample – was so bad (original and not damaged) that one might ask what Fuji meant with the terms ‘rugged’ and ‘weather sealed’ (Maybe Steve could show this cover and how it works in a Video in his full review?). I had my money in my hands for one of the first X-T1′ here in Europe but refused. If this is a general issue, Fuji must fix this before releasing the next batch and reviewers should take care of their credibility, if flawed samples are around.

  40. I very nearly bought one last Friday. I’d taken my E-P3 into London Camera Exchange to trade and was testing the X-T1. All was fine until focussing indoors under the shops artificial light, the focussing and white balance started pulsing visually. My E-P3 with VF2 didn’t do this and the salesman was at a loss to explain it. The manufacturers all seem to be rushing out these cameras with bewildering speed. I am very disappointed as the camera in every other respect was great and I wanted to move to the larger sensor and Fuji seems to be on a roll. Maybe this was just a duff example that I tried, if you are going to buy one make sure you buy it from a supplier with a sound returns policy.

    • My guess would be that the refresh rate of the X-T1 view finder that you were testing was close to (but slightly different than) that of the store’s fluorescent lights. I’ve seen that with other EVFs and it had no impact on the recorded images.

      Again, just a guess. I have no idea what sort of lights are in whatever store you were in.

    • did you check the focus mode selector on the front of the camera? I had the same problem in the store focusing on lens boxes and display cases. it was set to continuous. I flipped to single shot and the problem was solved. is it a firmware problem or just the camera trying to critical focus on a static object? either way it goes away in single shot. I’m still debating buying this thing. i loved it and was doing side by sides with a df and 610. i’m not a pixel pusher, I care about real world results. Know your limitations between systems and go for it. The ff will give you better low light and a little better resolution in normal light but the divide isn’t that wide anymore. the size, weight and cost savings are pretty miraculous. The video is worthless. But for everyday shooting conditions across the board this is a miraculous tool. You don’t have to own one to see that. Ive used nikons for about thirty years and a 4×5 horseman for landscape and table top work. I used a Leica m3 with a foggy viewfinder and had more fun with that because i could stuff it in my pocket and get amazing tack sharp, contrasty images on a good day. The xt1 reminds me of that. great things come in small packages. Except its limitations and have fun with it. if you can’t make beautiful images with this camera then you may as well find another hobby. sorry for the rant, I hope the first part was helpful on focusing.

  41. I love the design of this camera. Its what the Nikon Df should have looked like. Small and simple, classic. I will just have to see the evf to believe the hype. I can’t believe it can come close to an ovf. Can’t wait for the full review Steve!

    • Impossible for a full frame dslr like the DF to be as small as a mirrorless camera. Nikon would have had to make a new lens mount with new lenses made to focus to infinity for a camera where the sensor is much closer to the lens mount. The DF was designed to use F lenses from all generations. This is why you need a thick adapter when you use slr lenses on a mirrorless camera,

      • Yes and no. The wide angle lens will be smaller if designed for mirror less, they will nolonger be retrofocusing lens. Normals and tele same size. Then the speed of the lens 24mm f2.8 lens will be OK for size, 24mm F1.4, the combo will be mostly lens. A 200mm F2.0 will be a large lens, with a large lens cap (some may call it a camera).

        • I don’t think you understood what I was saying. I am talking about the differences between dslr’s and mirrorless cameras and the difference in lens flange distance. I am not talking about lens sizes.

          • OK, but it is still true about lens that are from about normal to wide. Because of the old lens making up for the mirror box. Mostly I am aggrement with you.

    • “I will just have to see the evf to believe the hype. I can’t believe it can come close to an ovf.” Try the X-T1 and the E-M1 evfs. The tech has gone a looong way – you will never go back to an ovf…

  42. I hope the skin tones would be improved as Steve Huff also happen not to like it in X-Pro1, X-E1, X-E2, and even the X100s. The older X100 as I recall was the only Fujifilm camera that Steve likes. I am looking forward to your review Steve. =)

  43. Another thing I’ve noticed: Steve is always trying to capture something raw and real in his photography. I believe that these aforementioned traits are more important to Steve than technical perfection. For example, I stumbled upon this extraordinary black and white photo here of Steve’s reflection in car glass with, I think, his son, Brandon. If this is true, the superimposition of Steve and Brandon upon each other is what makes this photo so persuasive, beautiful, and loving. Freud would have a field day with it. This is some kind of masterpiece.

  44. Wow! When I saw that Steve had finally posted about the X-T1, I was at work and I couldn’t get to the video. I could only read his comments. Now that I’m home and I watched the video, I encourage everyone else to watch this video introduction too. The most telling part of this video was that Fuji stopped courting Steve because Steve wouldn’t promote Fuji’s cameras if he felt that the merits of Fuji’s cameras were not deserved. I applaud Steve. Shame on you Fuji. Now that the X-T1 is here it seems that, so far, Steve loves the Fuji X-T1 camera. I have always believed in Steve’s integrity and honesty. (As an example: I can remember in a post of mine from a while ago where I said something and Steve was offended and posting a reply. I explained myself and Steve publicly apologized as he realized my intent. Now how often does the owner of a blog publicly apologize? Never. So as far as I am concerned, Steve is as honest as can be. Enough said.) I know that Steve is not going to give the X-T1 a glowing review if he feels it is not deserved. In the video, I could sense Steve’s excitement and enthusiasm about this camera. It brought a smile to my face. So here, is Steve giving a glowing review of the X-T1 to gain favor with Fuji again? No. After all these years following stevehuffphoto.com, I now know Steve would never do such thing. He is too good and too honest of a person to cater to the big boys if he knows that their cameras are not worthy. Fuji should take a step back and bow to Steve for his honesty.

  45. Hi Steve, glad to hear the excitement in your voice for this camera. I’ll be waiting for your full review before I decide if I’ll finally swap my Canon dslr for this model. I have & love the x100s for it’s all round form and jpeg image quality, but I’ve been waiting for an interchangeable lens body with faster AF for sports, great image quality, intervelometer & intuitive manual dials. Hey Fuji – include the intervelometer in the next firmware for x100s please. The omd looks very tempting too. Thanks for posting so many interesting reviews & reader pictures. Maybe you’ll end up selling the Sony.

  46. I love your very honest reviews and i think it is one of the main reasons this site has been such a big success of the years…really looking forward to the XT1 review!

    A perfect contender for the OM1 arrives… I believe it is time for another of your “crazy comparison – fuji xt1 vs. omd em1” review…

    Keep up the good work!

    Regards 🙂

    • +1 Steve – crazy comparison please. Love the pictures from the X100s, but love the small size and capability of the OM1. Is it worth the switch to Fuji?

      Thanks for all you do!

  47. Hi Steve, great first look.
    Matches my findings, I’,m about to sell all my other gear (X-E2, D600) cause I feel at home after a long time. X-T1 feels so right. Only thing I don’t like is the strap that comes with it, but the one your using seems to be the right one I’m looking for. May I ask where I can order it?

    • The wrong word in your post is ‘feel’. The X-T1 isn’t delivering any better IQ than the first X-Pro1. What comes has always been there, from the X-Pro1 to the X-T1. All those people buying and selling cameras a few months later, well they are at least a lot richer than I am. But it’s completely ridiculous. No way, really no way, that any of the APS/C Fujis will beat your D600 IQ with the best lenses out there, the Sony FF sensor being used by Nikon is simply one of the best in the market. What you own is already having better AF than ANY of the MLICs. So? What I FEEL, is that a lot of people just don’t know what they want, and this has nothing to do with photography, the X-T1 won’t deliver you ONE picture better than the X-E2, and certainly not: better than the FF D600 with the right glass.

      • I think there is nothing wrong with what I said. I meant fell, I’m totally aware of the fact, that X-T1 will deliver the same image-quality as X100S, X-E2 and even the difference to D600 isn’t that much for me. It’s like a tool that you either like or not, that fits in your hands or not. Buying the Contax Aria years ago gave me that feeling. I’ve always wanted a camera like that, just digital. I knew, what I wanted, only it was not there, yet. Now it is. It’s sort of concentrating on essentials.

      • +1 (more or less)

        IQ from the X-Pro 1 will be every bit as good as the X-T1, and truthfully, I far prefer the rangefinder aesthetic of the X-P1. What the X-T1 DOES offer is a much better EVF and a serious improvement in autofocus speed & accuracy. These two improvements are the most important, and, for some shooters, a good reason to upgrade.

        As to full-frame vs X-Trans APS-C, I don’t want to open up that can of worms, other than to say, DOF issues aside, I think most people would be hard-pressed to see the difference in IQ between an X-P1/X-T1 and a D600 (and I would give the nod to the Fuji’s for high ISO performance (neither the D600 — nor any other camera out there yet — can compete with the D4/D3s/Df in this regard).

        • I’ve seen with Fuji every time the same scenario, first a lot of hyping around a new model, than ‘remarkable’ tests and previews to tell the new bee is the best camera ever and all problem issues are solved, but each time also when it comes to more serious tests, you can read between the lines the weaknesses this system still has. The X-T1 is not different. From tests I have seen, it has about the same shutter lag as the X-Pro1. Well…that’s about 2x worse than the OM-D E1! About 10x worse than a DSLR! I must say, it was in particular this issue that made me hate Fuji so much, you never take the picture you wanted to take. Even a bike slowly passing your view is too quick to get nailed on the planned position. I do disagree (and even a lot) on the ‘hard-pressed to see the difference in IQ’ (no way the X-trans delivers the same detail), but what I know is that my D800 has virtually NO shutter lag. I don’t know how much nails Steve has, but with Fuji I’m right now using up my last box now. If there will be no X-Pro2 soon that really does what everyone has to expect from a camera in 2014, the system will leave my bags forever.

          • Hello,

            I think, putting all the hype aside, I agree with EPJB. I have been using Fuji X-T1 extensively during the past 4 days comparing it with Canon 6D. Top glass from Fuji was used – 23mm F1.4, 35mm F1.4, 60mm F2.8 Macro. The Canon BLOWS fuji away in every aspect of image making! Dynamic range is quite narrow in Fuji and noise appears around ISO400. AF is fast and does not hunt that often however, it will often back or front focus with fast lenses used wide open. Many people rave about Fuji high ISO performance but I am very disappointed – Fuji came out with different approach to deal with noise – it seems like heavy noise reduction is being applied to the RAW/JPEG files completely killing details! Yes, Raw Files are extremely soft at ISO higher then 640!!! That tells me that fuji is somehow alerting the signal from the sensor….
            Use DPreview’s tool to compare different cameras and select something with details – you won’t believe your eyes…. 🙁
            The SD card doors are loose and move when pressed with fingers. Rear buttons and controls are tough to operate and the battery life is not even close to the Canon DSLR performance. Shutter lug is significant.
            With 35mm and 23mm Fuji glass, camera makes weird and loud sounds that I do not find pleasant. Shutter is loud but still quieter than in Canon 6D.
            Menu is quite annoying to navigate as it does not remember last operation always coming back to the first folder.
            I strongly suggest trying Fuji at your local store before buying it – this camera is not for everybody! it is beautiful and sexy but that is about it in my opinion! My X-T1 will be returned as I do not like its image quality at all. The Trans-something fuji sensor is not really supported well by Adobe software which is a standard in professional photography. Ricoh and Leica produce DNG files right from their cameras…Positive side is that fuji RAW images are now 14Bits.
            I see Fuji as a really poor investment especially that the system is build around APS-C sensor that will die out in couple years. All lenses are also designed for smaller sensor. I think one day Fuji will design a fantastic camera but there is a long way ahead as of today!
            Think Twice – to complete the Fuji system you will need somewhere around $3K…..this market has many other choices to offer!

          • Me thinks you need more than four days to know what you are doing. It’s rather universally accepted that ACR 8.3 and before doesn’t handle Fuji Raw files well, and the latest beta version, 8.4, is only marginally better. But this was known before you purchased this camera as it uses the same sensor as previous models. So why the fuss? Did you not research?

            Also, did you set your power management to high speed mode? Turn off the focus assist as well. Did you change your focus point size when shooting shallow depth of field? In the week and a half I’ve been using this camera I have yet to have a single shot back focus or front focus. I agree with you the compact flash door is flimsy, Fuji should do a better job here. I totally disagree with you that aps-C will die out in a few years. There is a size advantage to to lenses made for aps-c.

            Your claims that dynamic range, noise, resolution etc. are blown away by Canon are utter nonsense. Many respected reviewers have shown the sensor capable of lph close to your beloved 6D. I’m very curious what you were thinking about buying this camera, when the sensor has been reviewed and in use in multiple Fuji cameras over the last couple of years?? One moment you bash the Fuji for having a soon to die aps-c sensor, but didn’t you know that this was in this camera before you bought it? That’s like me bashing Canon for having terrible dynmaic range ( in the highlight areas ) which is a well known fact, and bitching about it on a forum AFTER buying a $3000 Canon 5DIII. Me thinks you need to do more research before buying a camera, maybe even printing a few samples ( does anyone print pictures anymore, or do we just blow them up to 100% in photoshop and pixel peep for wood?).. as well as spend more than 4 days with a camera you’re not familiar with.

            After reading your statements, I’m starting to wonder if you really purchased this camera and gave it a thorough test. If you did, that begs more questions than even your ridiculous conclusions. Like why would someone spend over 4K on a camera and lens kit they are convinced is going to die out because the sensor is small? Or why you would spend all this money and not look at sensor examples that have been online for two years? Or why you can’t nail focus with an extremely accurate focus system ( that honestly isn’t the fastest but is extremely accurate ). Me thinks.. you full of shit.

          • Caleb, that’s exactly what I thought. No way he actually owns the camera.
            He knows about 14bit processing but refers to the sensor as “trans-something”? Yeah right.
            Another ‘photographer’ who spends more time on camera forums & reading reviews than actually shooting. His post wreaks of info he’s gathered from around the web and not first hand experience.
            Reminds me of when everyone on the forums was saying how horrible the af on the x100 was. I was able to nail fast moving people slamdancing in a dark club.

          • Well said. Marketing gone too far. Unfair to trusting readers. Reviewers loss of credibility. Conflict of interest and GAS-addiction should be taken into account when reading reviews. Sorry for that, but somebody must say so.

          • “From tests I have seen, it has about the same shutter lag as the X-Pro1. Well…that’s about 2x worse than the OM-D E1! About 10x worse than a DSLR!”
            Imaging Resource website timed a Canon 5D Mk2 minimum shutter lag at 0.082 sec, and an Olympus E-M1 at 0.047 sec. So I don’t understand where your dslr comparison stems from.

          • Not just Reading Reviews and Tests, I find the Fuji X-T1 to be a split second slower than my OM-D E-M1. Barely Noticeable when taking pictures of running dogs and kids. Cars and Trucks were captured with both cameras perfectly with about a 97% sharpness keepers for both of these machines. I do not see much Quality of images difference in both of these cameras. Handling of the equipment is different. The grip on the OM-D feels better to me. The Fuji X-T1 does have prettier colors in their film simulation. I like the B&W with yellow, red and green better in the Fuji. I think the front and rear dials on the OM-D feel much better and smoother. The Fuji Viewfinder is crisper and brighter to see for me, but the Oly is also top notch. The 4 way controller on the Fuji has way too small buttons. I prefer the Fuji menus over the Olympus. Since I can afford both, for now I will keep the OM-D for using cheaper long tele lenses such as the Pan 45-200mm and the Pan 100-300mm. I love my Oly 17mm 1.8 lens as well as my Oly 12-50mm for a 24mm wide effect and the great macro control. Then again, I really enjoy the Fuji 35mm f1.4 and the 18-55mm lens. I will pick up one of the Fuji 55=200mm Zoom lenses. These 2 systems have everything to keep me satisfied. Both systems are mature and beautiful. I actually like the Sony, Nikon V & Samsung mirrorless cameras also. I do think we should not rip apart and mock any of these mirrorless cameras. I like the competition and not want to have only DSLR’s as my only choices in quality cameras.

          • How much better is image quality on fuji compare to smaller sensor on Oly?

            Can you comment about AF speed under different lightening?

            How is with shutter lag and EVF refresh rate under different lightening?


          • My friend’s X-T1 just arrived and we both thought it looks and feels amazing. Of course, we already knew how good the images are since it has basically the same sensor as previous models. But when we compared the continuous AF against the OMD E-M1, the Fuji failed miserably. Me friend does not know what to do, the internet is full of praise for the C-AF, does he have a dud, or is it really that much worse than the E-M1. He is nearing to BH 100 photo limit, he loves everything about the camera, but his #1 reason for buying it was to replace his FF Canon kit.

  48. Glad to see you finally gushing about a Fuji Steve 🙂

    I’ve had all of the bodies except the X-E2 and sold everything, then bought an X100s which I shoot with my Leica Ms.
    I ordered an X-T1, 14, 23 and 56 lenses last week and should have all except the 56mm by this weekend 🙂

    FYI – B+W makes a 58 – 62mm step up filter ring for $22 and both Heliopan and B+W make variable ND filters in the 62mm size.
    B&H already has the super fast SD cards that the X-T1 can use in stock (at least 16GB and 32GB).
    I ordered a 64GB one with the 56mm F/1.2.


  49. Steve, how much will I gain if I exchange an X-E2 for an X-T1? Is it too much of a difference? The sensor remains the same but is the AF and EVF similar to an E-M1?

    • Predictive AF + 8 fps burst mode are two things the X-E2 don’t have.
      Then there’s the huge EVF, the dual mode for manual focussing, the wireless ability to drive the camera from a smarthphone, etc etc.

      3 of the best reviews are here (hope you don’t mind the links Steve)




      • Thanks for the links. Based on Steve’s early enthusiasm, these and other reviews, plus the fact that I’ve hung onto my X-Pro 1 lenses, I have ordered the X-T1 using Steve Huff’s link to Amazon. The slow autofocus of the X-Pro1 really didn’t suit my subject matter or style so I stopped using it.. I’m hoping the X-T1 meets my need for fast autofocus and action tracking.

      • EvilTed, thanks for the links to Dan Bailey’s review. Because I think he nailed it: this is the equivelant of the N-series film bodies that Galen Rowell used to have — simply because he could throw them in a small bag and take them somewhere no one else would take a camera.

        This thing will take a beating, and I think the IQ is better than the waterproof Nikon AW1. For action photogs, this will be a winner. For what I do — mainly scenery, this would be a great second camera to the d800, but there are many competitors for that slot (And the D800 is the only camera I can get hold of and have tried that gets close to a medium format rangefinder — I love my Fujifilm 690GF)

        If I was going on an expedition, I’d pack this or something similar. It will sell & it is finally what the X series should have been from the beginning.

    • The EVF size is similar, but in low light the one on the X-T1 is more grainy. I have both cameras and will do a detailed comparison within the next 2 weeks.

      • Yes this is true, the EVF is huge and nice but in low light it does get grainy and the blacks blacken up. So the Olympus EVF is better in this area – still, the EVF is a joy to look through and am glad Fuji made it.

        • Steve,
          Can you confirm whether yours has this issue that Chris_S reports:
          “All was fine until focusing indoors under the shops artificial light, the focusing and white balance started pulsing visually. My E-P3 with VF2 didn’t do this and the salesman was at a loss to explain it” ?

        • Hi Steve!

          Since I did not decided in which system i will invest: fuji or oly I am looking current small details on both cameras….i hope it will be covered in your full review – i do not asking to be requested in here.

          But what i am interested is:
          – how EVF refresh rate compare to Oly under different light conditions
          – how AF compare under different light conditions


    • They sound very similar. It sounds like the XT1 is built around X-E2 guts with minor feature boosts.

      If you are into burst mode you can get a few more shots. The little TV is a little better. And other even minorer stuff.

      Really wish they would have put more new stuff into this very attractive package. I don’t have an X-E2, but I would not sell it for this minor boost.

      Oh, I forgot. It has the world’s fastest autofocus. As does the X-E2. And the EM-1. And the new Sony.

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