Leica buys Steve Huff Photo!?!?! Whaaaat?

Leica buys Steve Huff Photo!?!?! Whaaaat?


Hahahaha, got ya didn’t I? No, Leica has not bought this site even though a very few of you are leaving idiotic comments in my latest T review (see it here) implying that they did just because I loved the new T. I mean, really guys?

In any case, no..the site is not and has not been for sale and I will keep on and continue doing what I love to do here each and every day. That means that yes, more passionate reviews will be here over the years when something comes along that tugs at my heart and soul. Cameras that have done this in the past? Olympus E-M1 (where I was accused of being paid off by Olympus)..the Sony RX1 and RX1r (where I was accused of being in Sony’s back pocket)…the Leica M (where I was accused of just being a “fanboy”) or even the Nikon Df (where I was accused of now being a Nikon fanboy and paid by Nikon). Again, these are just comments from a very few, a teeny percentage of those who comment but it is absolutely ridiculous to even have one comment like this.

It is so funny to me that when I write a review with a lot of negatives or issues then people seem to get happy. Why is that? Are people just so negative and bitter that they love it when negative things are written? One reason I made the choice to NOT review cameras I do not like is because of this fact! See, I am ANTI negativity in life and ever since adopting this 5 years ago my life has changed for the better in every way, shape and form. A total transformation in my stress level (I have ZERO), happiness (I could not be more happier), and joy of life. It does not come from money (I am far far far from rich, live in a small cheap house in a not so great neighborhood) it comes from just being happy and knowing that we have one life to live here on this earth. Why ruin it by being bitter, nasty and negative all of the time? If you do not like something then so be it but to attack the messenger, that is nonsense.

Negativity come from jealousy, hate and an overall lack of happiness in life. It can be turned around if you really want it to.

To come to this site and leave idiotic comments such as “Leica must have paid Steve” or “Steve should change the name to stevehuffleica.com” or “Sony paid off Steve” or “Olympus owns Steve“..well, those are just comments that spawn from hatred, jealousy and people who are just not so happy in life…or people who own camera brand A when I praise camera brand B, something that fanboys do to attack me when I am not so nice to their chosen brand.

Many people in life (and I come across many of them) love to put others down because in some odd way it makes the feel better for a moment or two. They feel like they know it all, when they know absolutely NOTHING about what they are commenting about! I always laugh when people leave expert opinions on cameras they have never seen, touched or used. It really makes me laugh out loud sometimes. My written reviews are from experience using the cameras, and I use ALL cameras even though I do not write about all of them. So my opinions are based on actual use. Does not mean you have to agree with me, as we are all different in what we like, but what you read is always my honest opinion. Period.

To those saying I have always been paid off by Leica, let me fill you in on a history lesson because yes, you need to learn as you know nothing about my situation with Leica.

Back when I started version 1 of this website I started it by reviewing Leica gear. The Leica M8 to be exact. I started this very website (over at the now defunct stevehuffphotos.com, with an “s” at the end) 6 years ago only because I loved the M8 so much that I wanted to share my love for it with anyone who would be willing to read it. I did NOT want to start a review site at that time, I just wanted to write down my real thoughts from the heart on that camera that was getting some bad press from those who never even touched one (users, not reviewers). Again, the know it alls who knew nothing about the camera! I was taking the best photos of my life with that camera and those little M lenses and I thought it was an amazing thing, even if it had IR problems and high ISO noise after 640.

So yes it had issues, (which I wrote about in that review) but for its time, there was nothing quite like it in IQ or Usability/Feel. For me, it was a revelation and made me want to go out and use it every day, and I did just that. To me, that is #1 in a camera before ANYTHING else and is why I despise bug DSLR’s for daily use. Sure DSLRs have great quality and IQ but when they are so huge and heavy with a decent lens attached it makes me want to NOT use them! So I fell for the M8 hard because at the time, it was the only thing around that was high quality and inspired me.

After writing the M8 review on the old iWeb blog I started something very strange happened. After just a few days I started getting e-mails from those who found and read the review telling me how much they enjoyed it. Many said they went on to order the M8 for themselves. “Wow” I said to myself. That is so cool. I was able to convey my emotions and love for this “electronic memory maker” so much that a few readers bought one! It ranked up on the 1st page of google after a few days somehow and people were seeing it and some people were buying the M8 due to what I wrote.

Then more time goes by and each week is a repeat of the last with even more emails. I’d say each week I would get double the e-mail about that Leica M8 review. It was crazy. Then something really cool happened. I received an e-mail from the music artist Seal telling me he really enjoyed my review. Then he said “we should chat sometime about it”. Now here I was, living in Indiana in a VERY small town in a VERY inexpensive house with literally NO income (was taking a year off after selling a small Ice Cream shop) and all I did was share my thoughts on a Leica M8 camera and I was getting e-mail after e-mail thanking me and now and e-mail from a guy whose music I used to jam in my car and home. How cool is that? I ended up shooting his Chicago show a couple of months later and it was an amazing experience for me, as that was one of my goals in life..to shoot a concert like that with no restrictions. One of my images made his next tour program from that night.

As time went on Seal and I became great friends. He then introduced me to a Leica dealer named Ken Hansen who I immediately called to place a Leica order for the then new 28 Elmarit ASPH lens. I owned the M8 and then went for the 28 as my next lens to see how I would like it. Ken asked how I heard of him and I told him I was told all about him by Seal so he sent out the lens without getting payment up front. “Send me a check when you get it” he said. Wow. Amazing.

In any case I soon came up with an idea that would help benefit me and Ken but I had no idea if Ken would go for it as my site was so new with such little traffic. At the time there was no lens rental shop where I could rent Leica equipment so I asked Ken if I could rent lenses from him, review them and then send them back. I would pay him $50 or so for a week or two and in exchange he would get a link mention telling everyone that he supplied me with the lens. He was game for it and sent me a few lenses to try out. He told me he would send me used lenses if he had them and if he sent me a new lens he would sell it as used at a discount but he was up for seeing how it would go.

So I started reviewing Leica lenses on the M8 early on and each review got better and better and I really started to enjoy doing  them. No one online at the time was doing “real world” reviews. They were wall old school DP review tech style that were long and boring, to me anyway. None of them were done by anyone with real passion for photography. It was all about the money and business.  So I was indeed a bit different and was the very 1st real world review site that included all real world use photos, intense passion and even some personal posts that let everyone know just who I was and am. I even coined that real world term and because I reviewed in the style that I always wanted to see, and I was passionate at doing it it started to grow and grow. Much like the rock band KISS and how they started (now celebrating their 40th anniversary).

They started KISS because they wanted to be the band that they always wanted to see. At the time, most bands went up on stage in T-shirts and jeans and sang while standing still. KISS came out in makeup, outfits, and used fire and bombs while prancing around like maniacs. It worked because they brought excitement to the stage and with their passion and excitement at full force it brought the excitement level of the audience to the top. It was a great formula and one I used when creating this site.

I wanted to see a camera review site that I liked yet no one was doing it, so I decided after a few reviews to do just that and I dedicated myself to working on it every single day, and I did.

After the new reviews the site traffic was growing steadily and Ken Hansen decided I did not need to pay him a penny for the rentals. (as I was helping him by spreading the word about his services so he was getting a few orders). Ken has always been an amazing dealer and today I consider him the ONE guy that really made it possible for me to do this website, a true friend. Without his “rentals” early on this site would not exist today. Leica was no help at all back then and refused to even answer an email from me when I requested gear for review. That is, until traffic started to really grow and they started seeing the reviews and comments. Then they started to send me lenses by request and I no longer needs the Ken rentals 😉

As the new Noctilux came out, Leica sent me one to try for a few days. I always only had a few days, usually 2-4 days with a Leica product before they wanted it back. But I was just happy to get review samples. They then sent me a WATE for review.

As time went on Ken always helped me when he could and Seal helped me tremendously by inviting me on a couple of his tours and things just clicked. As I was on the Seal tour I met a ton of people who were fans of mine as well! It was so odd when walking in the airport one day with Seal and his band and someone ran up and said “are you…STEVE HUFF“! Lol. It was amusing to say the least. But that was not a regular occurrence. It happened sparingly but was still very cool to meet those who enjoyed my reviews and talk cameras for a bit.

So the more I shot with Leica the more I became attached to the cameras and lenses. I shot the entire Seal tours with a Leica M9, Noctilux and 35 cron. Many said I was nuts to trust it but I never had an issue that wasn’t fixable (until my noctilux fell apart during a show). I even managed to get an album cover using the M9 and Noctilux. So to me, Leica has always been my camera of choice due to MANY reasons, not just image quality. It has given me some of my best memories and usability also goes a long way with me. I remember  one night Seal handed me a Canon 1d MKIV or something like that and told me to try it out for a show. It was nice, it was HUGE, it was a beast and weighed as much as my Mini cooper. I did not like the experience of using it. I missed my M9 and manually focusing as it was a challenge. Snapping away with blazing AF and a zoom was NOT a challenge for me. It was boring and dull to me so I ditched that 1d and went back to the M9. Ahhh, heaven.

As time went on and the site grew and grew and more users were leaving comments, anytime I reviewed a Leica product I was called a “fanboy” by a few in the comments section. The Leica “haters” who hated Leica for one reason or another but probably because they could not afford it or because they see Leica as an “elite” brand who offer no value for the money, which is 100% not true BTW.  For the record, I was one who could never afford Leica but because I skimped on everything else in life I managed to get by with the M8, then M9 and a lens or two. I was not rich, not even close to it..not even well off but I knew that if I could own one thing it would be a Leica M. It gave me enjoyment in life.

As for the silly Leica hating commenters, for whatever reason they were always there, the minority of course, but they would come to my FREE site and bitch that I wrote nice things about a product that did amazing things for me. Made no sense. Over time I learned to laugh at these individuals as they were clearly so bitter in life that they felt better by attacking me. I would just reply with “I am a Leica fanboy 100%! I love their cameras as to me there is nothing like them and if that makes me a fanboy then so be it”!

As time went on I continued to review Leica and other camera brands that ticked my buttons. As Micro 4/3 was taking off with the E-P1 and GX7 one time Leica told me via email “stop reviewing that Micro 4/3 so much and write more about Leica”. This is from someone who is no longer with the Leica company but I responded with a chuckle like “yea, right”. I thought that was odd. But the more I wrote about other cameras the more I was ignored by Leica. Did not really matter to me at all but I thought it was a bit rude. I always had Ken to get my back if I need a product for review so all was good with me. Time marched on, Leica announced the X2 and Monochrom. I was invited to Berlin, surprisingly, to see the launch of the New revolutionary MM. I flew from AZ to Berlin (courtesy of Leica which surprised me) to witness the launch and I thought I would be able to test the camera so I could write a 1st look report and inform all of the readers here about the capabilities of the MM!

That was not the case.

When I arrived I saw familiar faces like Thorsten Overgaard, Eric Kim, Jono Slack, Sean Reid and many others who were also flown in for the event (though I think Thorsten drove). We all had dinner, had fun and attended the big shindig that night. What I saw was mostly over the top people with bow ties and suites, and from what I gathered, very rich people who were also acting the part. Nothing at all like me or my personality. I said to myself “So is this the real Leica? Not many here are anything like me..maybe they do want these cameras for the red dot and the prestige”. It was clear many there did only want that but there were also a handful there who were just like me, passionate about their cameras and photography. All was not lost.

I walked the room and was stopped every few feet by someone who recognized me from my reviews. I chatted with those people and had a great time. Then the camera was launched and then it was over. What? I do not even get to touch an MM? I flew across the USA to Berlin for a 3 hour event without even getting to touch a Leica MM? I was surprised by this for a few reasons but one of them was because a few of the guys I know who also write reviews.who were here..well, they all had an MM (besides me and Thorsten) in hand, with them. But when I asked my contacts at Leica they gave me a quick “let me see what I can do” and then ignored me and dodged me most of the night. Even my then buddy Seal called one of the top Leica guys and said “you really should get a camera into Steve’s hands so he can review it. It would be beneficial”. But no luck. I did not expect to take home an MM for review, just to hold one, fire off a few shots. I mean, they had them there but for some reason was not allowing me to see one. So why fly me there? Just thought it was odd.

At the end of the night I went to my room and wrote a report on the event and mentioned there were no cameras to be found for me to try. Maybe they were not happy that I was covering the launch with my Olympus E-M5 🙂

The next morning it was magically arranged for me to test an MM camera. It was presented to me in one way but the reality of it was that it was set up by Leica through a third party to allow me ONE HOUR of use of the camera, with a chaperone. 🙂

That was good enough for me as I spent that hour walking the street of rainy berlin and was able to report on the camera so all of the readers here could see some info and my input on it. It was perfect and worked out great.

I was told I would get a review sample soon. But that was drug out and I was one of the last to get one for review. It was fine with me though as I did not care, I just wanted to review it. Besides, Ken Hansen would have helped me out if Leica didn’t so it did not mater to me. In fact, I preferred to go through Ken at this point and did purchase one from him.

Fast forward to the M. By now Leica was not sending me review samples anymore. In fact, my one contact there was gone and no one wold reply to my emails. I remember even Thorsten Overgaard trying to figure out what was happening and he called Dr. Kauffman on my behalf to tell him that they should really set me up with a contact in the USA for review samples. Still, no go though I was invited (but not flown out) for the M launch after Thorstens phone call. But I could not make it as it was the same time as my Photo Cruise! No M 240 review sample for me…

…So Ken hooked me up with the M 240 as I was put on his pre-order list as soon as I knew it was in the works. In other words, I was at the top of his pre-order list because I put myself there before anyone. I may have been 2nd or 3rd but I was able to by one from Ken. So I did a huge review of the M 240 (here) praising it as the best thing ever, and to me it was and still is (I still own it)! I love this camera. During that review there was so much hatred from Leica bashers and I was called the same things by those same few people and a few new ones who could not fathom the value of an M…”fanboy”, “Leica paid off Steve”, etc. Little did they know that Leica was not even communicating with me at this time and they did not even send me a review unit yet I was hearing things like “Steve gets free cameras from Leica, that is why he is positive to them“. But I let it bounce off of me as always and did not care as I still loved the Leica M 240 and knew it was the camera for me and I would never change my stance when it is all based on honesty, as all of my reviews are. If there was any bitterness between me and Leica that did not mean I would hate their camera, not at all. If it is good it is good. Expensive yes, but for me worth it.

Then came the X-Vario where I tore it apart and exposed the weaknesses and praised the positives. I was hard on it because it has a few issues that bothered me in real world use, though IQ was not one of them. After that review I had emails from some saying that I pissed off Leica! How could I piss them off if I was just being honest? Being honest about a camera is how it should be so the companies can FIX the issues in a later version or with firmware. Same thing I did with Fuji. I was hard on them because they had issues, real issues that other cameras did not have, at least in my eyes. They fixed just about all of those now in the X-T1. That is how companies get feedback. But a few of these camera companies are something else. Write bad things and they ignore you (as Fuji does with me to this day) but write positive things and they love you. Them moral of the Story is that I am always honest in what I write, it comes from the heart. Any excitement you see or read is legitimate and is how I truly feel. I could care less if that means a camera company stops sending me review samples because today I can just buy or rent them if I want to review them.

Paid off by anyone I am not.

So with the X-Vario I predicted a sales flop and it was/is. I predicted the X2 would not even come close to the X1 sales, it did not. I predicted the X1 would sell in droves..it did. I predicted the M9 and M 240 would do very well, they did and are. So my track record is good when predicting Leica sales.

With the new T I predict a winner for Leica. They WILL sell a ton of these just as they did the original X1. I say that not because I am paid off by Leica, but because I truly feel that after using the new camera for just a a week. It is a good product and as I said in my review, to those who like to own nice things, including a camera, then the T will be appealing to them. There is nothing wrong with the T, it is a highly capable camera and produces beautiful files from the camera. I could also care less if the sensor is older..even if it was 10 years old I would not care as long as it performed, and it does. Plain and simple. Is it the perfect dream camera? NO! Not even close but it is the 1s Leica to break ground and be original, and yes, it is original in its build, feel, in use and quality.

When I made the Sony RX1 my camera of the year for 2102 I was labeled a Sony fanboy .When I made the Olympus E-M1 the camera of the year  for 2013 over the Leica M, I was labeled an Olympus fanboy and many wondered why I did not make the M 240 my pick. When I tore apart the Fuji X-Pro 1, I was labeled a Fuji hater who only loved Leica and Sony. When I praised the Nikon Df I was instantly a “Nikon fanboy” which made me laugh out loud. I mean, to those saying these things..are you really that miserable in life that you have to sit around on web sites like mine just to make bitter and mean comments that have zero truth to them? Does it really make you feel better about yourself? If so, then you may need help. 🙂

I mean, ridiculous statements and comments that are not only rude but disrespectful to me..the one who works day in and day out to provide FREE information while getting very little back in the way of monetary compensation. I do this as it is my a passion of mine. Something I love to do. I live a simple life in a small cheap house, a small car and not much in life besides my cameras and HiFi because I love it. I would not have it any other way as it is a part of me. If you do not like what I say then there is an easy solution! DO NOT READ what I write! Go on, I dare you! The funniest thing is that those who complain always come back for more. They can not get away from the site and read all reviews I write. I guess that is why this site now enjoys the success that it does. The haters are even regulars 🙂

No matter what company makes a camera..if it is good and gets me excited to shoot it then I am in and will state my honest feelings about it.

As for me and Leica, well yes they did supply me with the T for review but in all reality, they had no choice. Look at the review. It has now had over 150,000 views and well over 400 comments in about 28 hours. That is a HUGE amount of exposure for them and the new camera. If it was a bad camera I would have said so. It is what it is! I am happy to work with any and all camera companies to test and do real world reviews of their products but beware, I will be honest. Like I said, it is a passion of mine and I will never go through the motions and rush a review. When I really like something, wether that is from Leica, Sony, Olympus, Nikon, etc then you will indeed know it.

So there you go. To all of you who have been coming here over the years I thank you all for your support, friendship, kindness and help in keeping this baby of mine going. To those who come here to bitch and moan, I do not feel you should come here but I appreciate you as well as yo do indeed add to my hit count at the end of the day! To those who will be offended at what I said here then I am guessing you will leave a nasty comment (never fails) in reply yet again. Well, it will be deleted if you do or not approved. Not dealing with it and it has no place here (one guy who felt offended and said I aimed my post at him dared me to approve his comment..seriously?). Don’t like it, move on back over to the other sites that welcome such nonsense and hate.

I hope you all have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday! BUT there is more to come today so check back later 🙂 I will be out this weekend with the Mitakon 50 0.95 for E mount with the A7 and new A6000 (which is pretty sweet BTW).

1st test shot with the A6000 and Mitakon 50 0.95 at 0.95! This lens will focus as close as .5 meters. 




  1. Steve, I like your review on Leica T (BTW I use Argus, Canon, Casio, Leica SM C D M X, Olympus, Pentax 35mm 67, Sigma, Sony, Yashica, Zeiss so no bias). Photography is about joy and passion. I choose the photo gear l like (so can everyone). It’s personal and subjective. No right no wrong. Let’s enjoy photography as a form of enjoyment………

  2. Steve,
    I’m very thankful for your reviews. This are real world reviews and that’s why I love them.
    Please, keep on the good work.
    P.S.: Best pictures in my library (from my point of view) were taken with my second-hand Leica M8 and Summicron-M 50mm/2. After years I still love all those noisy pictures. Pictures with soul…
    Sorry for my English. Igor from Slovakia.

  3. First of its kind website?
    Coined the phrase “real world”?
    Somewhere in La Jolla, Ken Rockwell is spinning in his mansions lounge, lol.

  4. I thoroughly enjoy this site and I have zero complaints about the reviews found here. There are certainly many other choices for those irreverent individuals who are unable to behave themselves in a civil manner. That said; the T for me, at least, is disappointing. It might be sharp looking (even pretty), it might be fun to hold and shoot and if you’re a moniker person, nothing beats the red dot on the streets. But the sensor is not, IMHO living up to its namesake based on the samples I’ve seen here and at other popular and well respected sites. I wish Leica better understood that their name evokes total excellence on the grandest scale, not just build quality but total package and most importantly, image quality. I’m viewing T samples on a very high quality, high res monitor and what I see is a lot of over cooking of files from either on-board processing or PS. If I’m going to purchase an APS-C camera and lens for nearly five grand, its image quality had better blow away the competition…period. I believe an a6000 for $650 along with either the 35 or the 55 FE lenses ($1450-$1649 total kits) will produce superior images to that of the T for less than half the price…and for $3300 you can have an a7R with the 55FE which is arguably the best image quality available today short of medium format.

  5. I have bought equipment relying on your evaluations and have never been disappointed. My question to you and other notable reviewers is this: how processed, tweaked or enhanced are the photos you post in your reviews? Are they straight out of the camera or are they put through Lightroom or filtered or some other post edit to look so good?

  6. Hi Steve,
    Nice review about the camera. I enjoyed reading it. I also had an opportunity to handle the camera here in Doha as it was launched at the same time here as well.

    I guess every review has to be read in the context of its time of release. It won’t make sense to read a review of the original M8 review now and compare the superlatives of its image quality to what is available today. technology marches on and our expectations change based on what is available around. If there was no iPhone then our expectations would still be around a keyboard-based phone and a fully touch-enabled phone would baffle us. Thankfully we know that fully touch-enabled devices work. The main question is would it work on a camera?

    Lots of people have negative views about the review because it goes contrary to what they believe are the needs of a photographer. They can’t get excited about a Leica that has no knobs. It is because Leica is so close to their hearts and they cannot accept the change Leica is forging ahead with. It’s pretty much like our difficulty to come to terms with our children’s choices when they go against our own.

    Personally, I like the design of the camera. It’s lovely to hold. It is a great camera for the large number of wealthy people who have an identity crisis. For photographers, I feel, there are still a few issues to sort out. e.g. The automatic switching between LCD to EVF is so slow (slower than my eons old X-E1) you would miss the shot.

    Leica also wants to protect its M9/M-240 clientale by refusing to release a 50mm-equivalent prime lens for its alternate cameras. 50mm is in the blood of Leica photojournalism.

    Carry on with your reviews. We like the enthusiasm and the details you bring out.


  7. love your site steve. i always try to check on it on a daily basis. i too enjoy my M9 and Df. no you did not convince me to buy these. i have always been a nikon shooter going back to my FM2n, F5…so the Df just fell into place with my other nikon gear/lenses. i am also at an age where carrying around the nikon gear too long is a burden, so the leica is just so much easier and gives me outstanding image quality. i alternate use of the systems and depends where i am traveling, that dictates which one i use.
    i still need to find the thick skin to post any of my pictures on your site because of the way some people bash other people’s work. i’d rather not subject myself to destructive criticism. these so called “experts” think they just know everything. so i totally understand everything you’ve written about. good job and keep it up.

  8. I think there are two approaches to the T, well three.

    1. Ignore it. It’s good, but what you have is probably good. Just go out and shoot.
    2. If you have a lot of M glass and you want a second body and the ability to do Aperture and autofocus in something small — and you have 6 -7K free, order it right now, because this is going to be like the d800 — if you are not pre ordered you will have to wait.
    3. If you have alternate digital means or like film — wait. Let the early adopters get it and get this model when the next one comes out (The Nikon V1 strategy — I bought my second body because the 10mm lens was cheaper in a kit than by itself)

    But… it is a good camera. There are a bunch of good photogs saying that who have played with it.

    I’m going to wait: I don’t need it, and I want to know that it is available in NZ.

    Finally, Leica glass is generally very good — and Leica Thread Mount (LTM) glass is cheap and will work with an M adaptor, the very same one that allows them to work with my M6. Including my Hecktor & Russian odd lenses!

  9. A wonderful site and I have been checking it daily for the past 4 years.
    I like yourself have become a Leica user since and never looked back.
    The other gear is great but I personally find that Leica and particularly their lenses inspire me to be creative and that’s what it’s all about for me.
    Don’t let the negative few influence the positive many.

  10. Hi Steve! love your work, if I dared to accuse you of anything I would acuse you of being a fanboy of photography and great cameras, but who’s innocent from that here ? not me. Don’t let the vocal minority get to you, I’m actually worried, isn’t this like the 2nd or 3rd time you’ve had to do this by now ? I say just ignore them, they’re not worth your time nor ours. I don’t know if you check rumor sites, maybe not, but 43rumors (and I’m guessing all the others too) suffers from a troll plague, I’ve posted there for years and it was a gentle place, nowadays it’s plagued by haters and trolls, I learned to just ignore them. As for the companies themselves, I think the fact that some of them do not want to send review samples says a lot about the confidence they have (or rather lack) about their now product. Just like fanboys, if they can’t handle honesty then they shouldn’t bash the messenger. I mean, where else would we find honest real world USER reviews ? magazines !? certainly not. I’ve started to see a trend of people purposely bashing real world reviewers on forums and what not, from Eric Kim to Robin Wong, Giulio Sciorio, Thom Hogan, etc..As you said, I think it’s just miserable folk filled with jealousy.

    Anyway, in regards to the T article, I loved the review, as always, but I’m still skeptical about the camera itself. It’s not that I don’t see a future for the T system (even though mirrorless has an excess of mounts by now IMO) , it’s the actual camera that I’m dissatisfied with. It has all the elements right there, the touch screen, the essential and simplistic out-of-the-way Leica philosophy, the lenses, but it just doesn’t come together for me. Like I said in my last comment, It’s too much of an Apple camera when it should’ve been more of a Dieter Rams/Braun design (yes I realize the irony, but there’s a difference, people don’t call Braun designs Apple-esque). I think the design lacks too much of the analog feel associated with Leica, I’m not talking about the touch screen interface, my GX7 also has a similar interface (with drag and drop Q menu as well) but it retains that analog response. A built-in EVF was also an awful omission, not only do I despise add-on EVFs (lived with one for 4 years on my PL1) but this new Visoflex is just so out of place with the design, ugh. My main criticisms are in regards to the design, not the capabilities or business sense of the camera, I’m mostly worried about the user experience that one looks for in a Leica, after all, that’s the sole reason that justifies going for a Leica in the first place (high cost, low specs vs low cost high specs of competition). This camera seems more Audi than Leica in design and tactile feedback.

  11. Hi Steve,

    I really like your site and your reviews!

    After read your entire article, I am sure that I became more and more your fan!

    It is fantastic to see that we have here comments from many different parts of the world… Your influence is hudge! I am here in Brazil following your site almost every day!

    Keep your passion moving you!

  12. Steve, I think everyone gets that your reviews are your own thing. By the same token, I think everyone gets that your latest review should be taken with a grain of salt. For you, there’s no reason to buy this camera; yet you did anyway. You can list a bunch of bullet points. Honestly, it doesn’t add up. It doesn’t have to add up, true. We’re all humans free to make irrational choices.

  13. You have got moxy, chutzpah. I admire that you do not filter, or self- censor your observations. That is why your opinion matters ( whether in the end I or anyone chooses to agree or not). Thanks for putting yourself out there.

  14. Hi Steve,

    dont let those fools bring you down. I know you read alot and give feedback.That should not be taken for granted with the sheer amount of posts.

    You could easily wipe out those entries but you do not cause you respect the freedom of speech. Also not be taken for granted. Anyhow it is a fine line between posts that are within the laws of respect and those that are insulting. I think you are doing a good job in handling that.

    The only thing one could see critical is that you tend to be more than fair with gear some time 😉 But on the other hand you dont write about stuff you dont like, so thats fine with me.

    I hope you keep your burning heart for photography and this site. But then again – i know you will 🙂

  15. So Steve. Say you don’t publish reviews of cameras you dislike does that mean the Nikon V3 is not getting one? Or you just haven’t gotten on yet?
    Nice story. And you do a great job of telling what YOU think about gear. S’like pizza. Some like pepperoni others vego… : ) Keep up the great work!

  16. No matter what people said I really love your review styles, Steve! Your site is one of the main reason I got into photography.

  17. When I was a young lad of 16 working in a shop in the Strand (London UK), I was standing and staring out the front door when a customer came in.

    He said, ‘What’s up, why do you look so fed up’.

    I said, ‘The boss is moaning and I’ve rumours about people slating me off’

    The bloke (who was about 60ish) replied, “i’m going to say something to you and I want you to remember it for the rest of your life, are you ready?’

    I said, ‘Yes’

    He said, ‘Don’t let the bxxxxxxs get you down’!

  18. Thank You, Steve..!! I am a fanboy of the tool [camera], whether it be film or digital. Yes, I would love to have a Leica and I would love to drive a Porsche, but again they are still tools. One takes pictures and the other gets you where you want to go and yes they both have style. In the end, it’s the results and whether you like what you’ve created.

    Your site and one other [Ming Thein] are the only ones I read top to bottom. I always learn something every time. Thank You for that..!!


  19. If I got money to burn, not a single cent will go to Hasselblad’s way. I love the look, simplicity, and moderate price of this Leica. They just need silver lenses to match the body though.

  20. Steve, I think you basically summarized it by this statement: “Many people in life (and I come across many of them) love to put others down because in some odd way it makes them feel better for a moment or two”.

    It’s their lack of self esteem and self confidence which makes them act this way. They need to cut down other individuals in order to ‘elevate’ themselves or justify their purchasing choices. You would not believe the insults that were thrown at me when I mentioned in DPR that I had purchased a Nikon DF. I was stereotyped into some kind of hipster, rich dentist with more money than brains for choosing this camera. Most of these ‘experts’ had never even handled the DF. I also agree with you that too many pretend to be experts on cameras that they have never even handled or used. These people cannot be taken seriously. Make’s you wonder about some people’s mental health. Keep up the great work

    • Well Marc, what’s your considered opinion of the Df? I’d be interested to learn of your experience.

      • Hello Michiel,
        Without having to do an extensive review the following are some of my observations. I have had mine for five months. My opinion is very positive and I agree with Steve’s and Nasim’s reviews (Photography Life) of the DF. I use a lot of older pre-ai and ai lenses on the DF and the dials work prefectly for my style of shooting. I have no problems with manually focusing these older lenses, not anymore than with some of my older slr’s. Picture quality is more than excellent, even at very high iso’s.
        My only complaints would be the front sub command dial (I never use it) and that the camera should have been priced a bit lower. For the price, Nikon should have offered interchangeable screens.
        As for built quality, my initial feelings were that the camera felt a bit hollow but the more I use it, the more I find it well built. Magnesium alloy will never feel like brass even if the camera looks like an older slr. It would have been nice if the camera had been smaller, but with a mirror box, focusing module, and back lcd, I guess Nikon had no choice with this if they wanted the camera to use F mount lenses. An alternative would have been to design a whole new mirrorless system with new lenses, etc, à la Fuji XT-1. The shutter is extremely well dampted and sounds really good. Overall, it’s a fun camera to use and having two interfaces (dials and rotating command dials) is a plus for anyone accustomed to older slr’s, yet wishing to use Nikkor lenses without aperture dials as well.

      • For me the Df is one of the best cameras I ever owned. It just works, for me. And the image quality is amazing, the D4 sensor is proven. And the df has even greater iso capabilities. Not much but it is better than the D4. I love having a camera when when I pick it up I know it won’t hold me back in anyway.

    • Personally, that’s just one of the reasons I like my Df. For some reason, it really pisses other people off. They hate when you step off their plantation, you see.

  21. One depressing thing about the Internet is that its anonymity encourages this kind of trollish behaviour. There is a way to express disagreement in a way that is adult, intelligent and respectful; and then there is responding with smug, childish peevishness. Pity that some can’t figure this out.

    I have always enjoyed the passion and thoughtfulness of your writing. Keep up the great work.

  22. Hey Steve, you are the best. Who cares what the idiots say. Those that follow the site know when you like or don’t like something. I can vouch that you are a straight talking person and honest dude who is passionate enough to get excited about the things you like. That is why we come here! Because it’s great and makes for an exiting and honest impartial read. Keep it up and please DON”T CHANGE!!!

  23. dear Steve, just stay in your blessed position and keep going on sharing your LOVE for photography. Stay blessed, thank u so much for your work ;- )

  24. LOL, well Steve it seems you just can’t win. I for one want to say thank you for your work on this site. It has been a big help in deciding what micro four thirds gear to buy. While I love the Lecia out put, I just don’t see one it my future any time soon. I love the new T and after your review I want one. I really think you’ve found your calling. So I say keep up the good work, Fanboy. Have a blessed day.


  25. It would be interesting to read any follow-up to your article from either Leica or Fujifilm regarding their silence towards you in the past.

  26. I thought you did a good review of the Leica T. My only concern is for your poor CAPS LOCK button, it must be worn out by now. 🙂 The only other thing which I find distracting from the natural reading flow of the review, is the overuse of BOLD type. I don’t think you need it so much, as your enthusiasm shines through in your writing anyway.

    All the best,


  27. ”Owning” or “owned by” in colloquial urban language does not have the same meaning as the legal term. I’m pretty sure the original poster meant no more than what another poster saw as a positive point (and wasn’t shot down in flames for it): biased reviews presented in a very convincing way.

    It’s just words really, but I can see how Steve would feel attacked by those words. The lengthy reply comes over as overly defensive though. I’ve been a lawyer for over thirty years, and one of thethings I learnt pretty quickly is that more words mean less convincing.

    Anyway. Reviews I prefer to be less “personal”, real world (?), and no, I don’t believe (much) in Mtf charts and the like, more factual, less hyperbole. There’s lots of those floating around, so no shortage of information on anything you’d consider buying. And I would never base my purchasing decision on a review. I make my own decisions.

    The verbal exchanges in the comments section? I frequent this blog, DPReview, NikonRumors and sometimes PhotoRumors and Leicarumors.

    DPReview is very rowdy, NikonRumors less so and lighthearted, the same goes for LeicaRumors. You should see the comments on the T. Talk about Leica fanboys.

    So i would very much welcome a less defensive and more lighthearted tone in the comments here. It really feels a church or at least a humour free zone sometimes.

    As for the reviews? Steve has his own style, and that’s worth as much as the style of other reviews. Keep it going!

    • Michiel,

      Are your fees reasonable? Should I write anything libellous here, would you defend me?

      But seriously, as is shown my all Steve’s fans posting here, they like his style, but whilst I visit regularly, and participate from time to time I find the overt enthusiasm sometimes effusive and a little OTT and at times insufferable. I feel like I need to catch my breath back. (I’m already taking up a defensive position behind the sofa anticipating the in-coming!)

      Discussion is healthy, and there is nothing untoward in having an opposing point of view (how else do we learn?) and this is what I’ve tried to do with many of my comments, but I know when I do I could be treated as a heretic, if I may steal your church analogy, for daring to disagree with the big man. We know from history how powerful, and sometimes wrong, the Church can be. And it doesn’t mean I’m sad or full of negativity, which is the mantra I’m now getting.

      I like this site, less so for the reviews, it has to be said, they are, after all, only one man’s opinion, but more for those dear souls who take the time and trouble to submit images for us to view.

      This is what I really value this site for.

  28. I have been following this site for a long time. I think that, sometimes, you are being too positive in your reviews that it triggers The ‘too good to be true’ in the readers’ mind. I like the style of your reviews but you have to mention the major flaws and you do sometimes fail to do so.

  29. Just keep going it the way you did it until now. With this kind of reviews I understand nearly always if a camera suits me or not.

    Is it possible for you to make a review of the Nikon V3 and compare it to other camera’s in this class?

  30. Keep it up…you’re the reason i dumped the DSLR and went Mirrorless int he first place…although i went full Sony with the A7r and now the A6k which is fantastic…
    Love the Mitakon image…looking forwards to that lens review..looks great..

  31. Being an everyday reader of your site I enjoy looking at the daily inspiration photos to help myself. I do not always like what see regarding the images but I always feel that if the photographer is happy thats all that matters.Photography for me is currently difficult due to serious health issues so I spend more time reading than doing.
    I admire your ‘bravery’ for want of a better word, you along with other CSC users have put yourself forward to help others and influence them with their photography.
    Unfortunately there are idiots out there who are unable to make their point without being abusive, they are all very brave behind the keyboard.
    A camera is just a tool, the person behind is the artist, simple.
    Keep up the good work Steve.

  32. Steve keep up the good work. Your reviews are fun and informative. Some of these people who criticize your work have nothing but time on their hands. If they don’t like your work then they should not only come to your site but start their own website if they are that good.

  33. Totally agree with you. Love your story, this is so true. Some people just can’t stand other’s happiness. Those who can’t reach, denigrate others efforts, …and life. Keep it up Steve, your passionate reviews are invaluable ! Best Wishes from Switzerland.

  34. It is a joy to come here everyday and read and learn and watch and just FEEL GOOD walking around your blog Steve … Keep up the good fight !

  35. Just keep the great reviews coming! You have clearly been a positive influence when it cam to selecting cameras and lenses. Ignore the idiots complaining about everything.

  36. Going against the stream one is always going to encounter this behavior, nothing new and important in this world has been created following the stream.

  37. Steve, I have commented only once or twice in the past but I am a regular visitor… but I had to chime in for this one and say that I do love reading your reviews and I don’t find it biased at all. There will be haters who somehow think that they need to defend their gear choice by attacking others !! You don’t need to pay attention to them. They will always be there.

    BTW, I shoot with Sony, Leica and Canon…too bad for Fuji, Pentax and Olympus guys. 🙂

  38. I read all the technical reviews.
    Then I read yours.
    And that’s how I ended up with the Nikon Df, Olympus EM1, AND the Sony RX1! I may one day settle down with a Leica but today is not the day. 😛
    Keep up the good work, Steve.

  39. Dear Steve,

    Thank you for your fantastic work. I had no idea you only started 6 years ago. The site, the crowd, the quality of the reviews are so professional; such a rich and honest source of honest reviews and passion for photography.

    To all executives of the Camera companies that you are or are not being serviced by, let me say the following. As a result of your website and candid reviews I have gone out I have gone out and bought a Sony RX1; the Leica M (although I guess I had fallen for the Magic a bit earlier) and most recently the Olympus E-M1. All three live up to your reviews. All three have enriched my photographic abilities. And the E-M1 is – just like you wrote – a camera I just want to pick up and shoot with.

    So thank you for your fantastic work. We’re not just fans of your site; or co-passionados in photography; we’re also taking guidance from your efforts.

    Warm regards,


    ps. you should try to get links to more than just USA based e-stores, so when someone outside the USA buys a camera as a result of your reviews, you will get some of the benefits.

  40. Keep up the great work, Steve. Your reviews are a valuable resource for me whenever I’m considering purchasing new camera equipment. They’ve influenced many of my purchasing decisions over the past couple of years and I can honestly say that your reviews are usually spot on. From one passionate, regular-guy photographer to another, thank you for all your great work!

  41. The best Photo site! Great info AND you make me happy. There is so much hate in some rumor sites and it’s getting worse all the time.
    Keep up the good work Steve :-))

  42. Don’t care about the negative, just do your work. Love surfing on your website. Love your enthusiastic style too. Keep it up 😉

  43. As the saying goes, “You cannot add days to your life, but you can add life to your days”‘, so keep up the good work, enjoy life and have a blast!

  44. Another great article Steve…thank you. It’s always a shame when you have to explain yourself because of the haters and dolts. I’m not a Leica user … most probably because I’m not in that pay bracket but I recognize a high quality Leica reviews are not the most interesting for me but I respect and recognize a high quality camera when I see one and I always like to see what Leica is up to. I keep waiting for a small, mirrorless, poor man’s Leica and hopefully I’ll see that a few years down the road before I’m gone.
    From what I can see you have always written very fair, unbiased reviews that many people plus myself have enjoyed and I thank you for your honesty… keep up the great work!

    • I think part of the important point is that’s its *not* all about Leicas. May have started out that way, but now it’s pretty brand-neutral, with the strong emphasis on mirrorless.

      • Couldn’t agree more Grant, I’m an EM-1, EP-5 user myself after leaving Canon, and that’s why I’m here… Steve’s Blog which I value – Why… because he is investigative, informative and honest … which has helped me in confirming my own choices and I thank him for it. I know Steve loves his Leica and I don’t fault him for it … it’s a beautiful piece of work and it’s all about choices… Vive La Différence!

  45. LOL, you almost got me with the header of the article. Your growing success is the result of passion, dedication and hard work. Keep going, Steve!

  46. Lots of nuts have computers!
    Very interesting read. Good work!
    I’m glad you’re staying positive and wish you continued good luck with the site.

  47. Steve, you can’t hear this, but I am applauding you at this very moment. I only wish I had more time to comment on your site as I am a daily reader. I love your reviews and consider you a trusted source for information. In fact, your reviews are the ones most important to me, personally.

    While I love your reviews and all of the contributions you post from others, this post was flat out excellent. So much of it could have been pulled right out of my mind as I feel the same way about negativity and jealousy. I can not count how many times DPR has banned me for essentially calling an idiot an idiot when attacked just for being honest about a new piece of equipment. Fuji guys are the absolute most rabid of these types (Sorry to those of you Fuji guys who are not like that). Interestingly enough, I had my own personal experience with Fuji (the company) not too long ago that echoes exactly what you have said here about how they deal with folks that get a bit to honest. No sweat.

    I have owned and shot just about every camera I can think of Steve, and there is one thing I recently had to admit to myself before cleaning out the shelves. Whenever I have a choice of what camera to pick up and go with, it is always one of my M240’s or my MM. That being the case, I tossed all the “latest/greatest” fuji gear including XT1, 56mm, 10-24mm… Why keep it to sit and collect dust?

    I basically cleaned house, of everything except my work kits. For travel, a pair of M240’s 21SEM, 35FLE, 50ASPH. For Architecture, a pair 5D2’s, 24mm TSE, 17mm TSE, 17-40mm. And of course, my personal camera, and my favorite I have ever touched, the MM.

    So am I a fanboy for liking what I like and always going to it when given the choice? Yes, no, sure, perhaps… Who cares? Leica’s are special cameras, at least to me they are, and that is all that matters. I agree with everything you’ve said regarding this.

    Soooooo…. I spent some time with the T also. Fantastic! I too would appreciate a built in viewfinder, but there really is SO MUCH to love about the T. Aside from the obvious build and detail amenities, I found the customizable touch menu to be HIGHLY intuitive. Being able to select which options you want in your “quick menu” screen and how you want them ordered on the page (like apple iPhone/iPad) is pure genius, and is a further extension of the simplicity Leica promotes with their menus and designs, only this particular one allows the user to define and execute their own level of simplicity that suits them personally. The Apple like swipes and zoom pinching is really a nice touch also. Clean and simple to use.

    Talk about stealth too. Quiet as a whisper. I am not sure if I will be getting one of these for myself, but that is only because I am so fulfilled with my M cameras and want to always be attached to one. I would just hate to get a T and have it sit on the shelf or in a bag. I used to think I wanted an AF camera as a backup, but I ended up never really appreciating AF anyway. I will say though that if that does change, like you, I ‘d be an M and T guy.

    Keep up the great work Steve. Thanks for all of your reviews, opinions, and incites. It takes guts to stick it out there like you do daily. You have a beautiful family and what I would consider a beautiful life. I feel the same way about mine as well, so I know how fortunate you must feel. Be well my friend.

  48. keep up the great work, ever since i bought a nex-5 and got the photography bug (which later became, nex6 and then a7) i’ve followed your site for its valuable advice and positive energy! thank you!!

    • Now that’s really something. I’d never imagine I’m the spokesman for Australia. Never. Only for myself. KB Ng, are you high up in the Malaysian government? Better alert Canberra.

  49. Steve, I love your honesty and website please keep up the good work. You will always have those that can’t accept other peoples opinion like they say here in NYC “When you have sh#t on your mustache the whole world stinks”.

  50. Great job with the site Steve. I check in every other day. I find that Steve had to write his story from 6 years back, to present, pretty ridiculous. Not that reading all of that was ridiculous, but it’s sad that people (trolls) say such hateful jealous garbage, he felt he should have to say all this. Someone says that this or that camera is such a piece of shit on launch day without ever seeing or touching it is just idiotic. How can yu say something is crap without ever laying your hands on it? Like when I was a kid saying I hated green beans even though I never tried them. Are yu children? He just gives his thoughts. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it or read any further. And if yur a hater, stay the hell of this site. Dpreviews is way worse for them hater trolls but still, some peoples children. Grrr. Keep it up Steve, there are many more positive people around your site than negative. Cherio, Mikey

  51. Looks like all the Huff fanboys have come out in large numbers. Me too. Odd thing is, I like most of what you do here, but not everything. How could that not be the case. But I come back everyday just like a lot of people here, and for all the reasons that have been stated above. Plus one: for insatiable photo enthusiast, yours is the only one that has new, fresh postings many time a day. Not sure how you can do that, and keep the fans sending in their own honest ideas and work. You simply attract it, them, us. The record speaks for itself. Everyone, including you should be aware–and yes surprised–to realize that anyone who comes across something new to them, be it google, apple, GM, or your web site, almost always thinks that it has always existed! Never started, let alone from scratch. Apple in a garage . . . Steve Huff on a shoestring: No way! That’s why almost everyone never tries themselves. Fortunately, some do. Clearly they all have some kind of passion and willingness to fail once in a file as long as they’re doing what they want, there way.

    Everything Leica does is a gamble, including the T. Some fail, but when they succeed as I think the T will, everyone will say “Of course, it’s obvious that people will want such a camera (if they have the money, and many do. All forgetting, of course, that if it was so obvious then why didn’t someone else see the large writing on the wall–the epidemic in smart phones–and do exactly what Leica has done? If we knew the answer, more people would do it. For one, the T looks like an honest, simple, beautiful, performing product that someone would want. Only Jobs wanted his iPad when he designed: it had no purpose. He just liked it and left it up for others to figure out what to do with it.

    You are being honest and passionate in a world that is full of dishonesty, hype, fierce economic competition. I quit reading American photo magazines years ago when I realize all the articles were secondary to the advertising and under its thumb. They would only go as far a dull writing to keep from saying anything about a product that advertised. It was very obvious. That’s the history that the web and blogs like yours took root. Meanwhile, we are blessed with a huge, increasing number of really good cameras and lenses that make it very difficult to choose one. Some may not just for that reason. Sales are down in spite of the improved quality and excitement. Pressure is high. Brands are falling and being picked up by other larger ones (Olympus), and the customers are dividing up into “tribes” that are used for self-identity. Peaceful but still waring tribes. How could you not get caught up in this environment? You handle it well just by being yourself. Keep it up and we’ll keep coming back everyday. Thanks for all the hard, dedicated work you do for us and for yourself.

  52. Poor boy, God bless you.
    Wish you be happy & success.
    Your experience recall the memory when I start my business
    Really Thanks

  53. It’s just camera gear folks…..just camera gear…..take some chill pills and enjoy life. Think about the things that really matter. There are people struggling each day with hardships, illnesses etc. Everyone often forgets how petty and meaningless this stuff really is in the grande scheme of things.

    • Your words are by far the most important I have read here, Clubber. By a country mile. All else fades.

      Those aside, I’m surprised to read there are strange people who accuse Steve Huff of low-level corruption (favourable reviews for money or goods). His reviews don’t come across with any hint of such purpose. Gear enthusiasm, yes, and I thought that was a major attraction of the site.

      I’m much more into images than gear (but good gear is of great assistance); I tend to be critical of lavish praise of the mundane (everyone’s a winner, etc) and I hope among intelligent folk that is never seen as “negative”. Honest criticism in all its forms (including competitions and free market prices/discrimination) is the lifeblood of progress. It can also help someone being misled by false, disguised or ignorant praise only to be devastated later on when reality strikes – that is certainly not “positive”, it is delayed cruelty.
      And criticism involves straight talking. Remember the time you were “hurt”? Good.

      Oh, hold on, I forgot those pretty camera straps – graft, corruption, payola!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Amen to Clubber and James. I do appreciate Steve’s enthusiasm as well, but it’s a shame when people take that enthusiasm and translate it into “this piece of gear will make me a better photographer like Steve.” I have left my own thoughts about trying to improve one’s photography through studying the masters, but Steve has disagreed with me there, which is fine, that’s his opinion. I just think his readers can take his opinions as gospel (part of the cult of personality around Steve), which is why it’s such a great thing to have these comments and allow his readers to provide that honest criticism and feedback. A good example of that was the mythbusting that was done about the “compression” of telephoto lenses, which Steve himself believed, but I and other readers of this site set him straight.

        As for the trolls, yeah, can’t really do much there, just ignore them and move on.

  54. Hi Steve, what draws me to your site is your enthusiasm. passion and someone who is not ashamed to speak his mind. Being honest to yourself and your readers will always shine through. The naysayers will come and go. Regular like minded readers like myself will always support you through your sponsors.(Thanks Ken for the filters).

  55. Hi Steve. I like your answer to those who are never happy. Photo is a world of happiness. Yes, sometimes it can be hard, sometimes it can be bothering. But, every time it is a quest for a beauty. I am talking about the final result: THE PHOTO…
    And during this quest, we have the pleasure, we have the possibility to be alone ( any art is about to be alone ), we have the freedom ( WE are the ones to decide if we do or not the photo ).
    Plus, depending of our possibility, we can have the great pleasure to use different tools. Some are using basic tools. Some, more wealthy, can use beautiful masterpieces…
    I am not going for Leica. But, I agree that they are beautiful tools for photographers.
    It is just a matter of personal interest.
    For me, I do not think that my photography skills could justify such investments, and other companies are offering very good cameras for far less money.
    As a reader of your website, I must agree that it seems to me you are a very honest and direct guy. Which I do like. Then, everyone is free to agree with your comments or not. But do that with respect and above all, please respect the superb job done for sharing news and opinions with undress of thousand people around the world. What are all these people? Photographers and photography fans or addicts….
    Thank you Steve.

  56. Hi Steve, Even though I’ve been following this site since the M8 days, I really enjoyed seeing this “historical view” and recap. Thanks much. And thanks for all the time and effort it takes to produce something this significant.

    To me, there are two key words here: “credibility” and “opinion.” If a person does not have an opinion, they lose credibility. Think about when ordering in a restaurant, if you ask the wait person “what’s good” and they say “everything,” that is of no value whatsoever. However, if they say “my favorite is xyz” and “lots of people like abc” and “I really just don’t care for 123” then all of a sudden they have established credibility. Your opinion may vary, but that’s fine. Opinions by definition are subjective!

    Bottom line, I greatly appreciate the fact that you state your opinion based on your perception. I find that to be very refreshing and while I agree on many of your comments, I don’t always, and so what! Your comments are based on YOUR opinion, which is exactly the reason I keep reading this site. I want to read your opinion because, while I have used dozens of cameras over all the years I’ve been interested in photography, you’ve used more. Thanks again, and keep it going. Hopefully one day we’ll have the opportunity to have a face-to-face discussion over a couple of beers. I do see an Arizona trip in my future!

  57. Love this quote Steve : Negativity come from jealousy, hate and an overall lack of happiness in life. It can be turned around if you really want it to.

  58. Just from an accounting point of view it would make your life easier if you took bribes. A reputation for honesty is almost as easy to buy these days as to earn. (Just change your motto to “fair and balanced”, people seem to believe that.)

    Anyway, we are all looking forward to the Mitakon review. Honest opinions about how best to spend our hard earned money are hard to find. You report, we decide.

  59. High Steve, I am a long time reader . (about five times a week over the last four years). This was a really interesting “history lesson” about the human behaviour of blog readers and company guys. I always thought the Leica guys would be a bit more professional in their way to “work” with you…… Please keep on going your positive and honest way no matter what companies say! Your honesty and direct way of reviewing is the key to your success. I want to thank you for countless hours reading in your blog!!! (and helping me decide what to buy :-)) Best regards, Alex

  60. Keep it up, Steve. I’m a reader with the highest regards for your impressions. They really sound honest and truthful, coming from the heart. I really can’t imagine someone that reads you consider the fact that you’re doing it to get free gear, that’s just ridiculous. It’s very obvious you love what you do. That’s the main reason why I read you, I know I’ll get your very sharp and honest opinion.
    Best, Rogério

  61. Thanks for the background story, that was nice to read! Keep up the good work and never stop giving us your great reviews!

  62. I think the T is horrible and, among other things, cannot understand why its screen cannot tilt or why the lenses (fantastic as they may be) are so unholy expensive. However, it is clear the Steve likes it and he wrote an article saying he loves it and I’m sure that if, say, it turns out the shutter gets stuck after 1000 shots or the screen snaps in cold weather, he’d write an article saying “guys, the camera sucks in real life”.
    Difference in opinion are not usually out of malice, but out of different perspective. Rangefinders, for example, have an appeal (a Zeiis Ikon in on my wishlist for the fuuuuuuture) but would never have one as my main or even backup. Steve loves him some rangefinder and I say “thanks for the pics and reviews”.

    • A Ferrari is more temperamental and more likely to break down than a Toyota……… Does that mean a Toyota is a better car? Don’t think so…………..
      Beautiful things are usually high-maintenance!

    • Red dot camera store in London was burglarized yesterday and a number of Leicas were stolen…….. Don’t think I ever heard of a Canon, Nikon or Sony camera store being broken into…… Guess the burglar has better taste than you do!

  63. I absolutely love your website.

    Leica cameras are more than just for taking pictures. Owning a Leica camera is owning a legacy. The craftsmanship of theirs cameras are unsurpassed in quality. They may not have the latest gimmick but they certainly feel like gold in your hands. Photographers will always have the Japanese to go to for the latest gimmicks and automatic features.
    Now, a case in point, why don’t all the ladies settle for a non-designer brand instead of yearning for an Hermes? Same theory…..

  64. Been visiting your site for years, but never left a comment. However, I felt compelled to do so today. Your site, reviews and videos are all fab, informative, unbiased and entertaining. It makes me really happy to watch your videos, sometimes I may not be that interested in the review product but watch your video any because of the integrity of your opinion and calibre of your work. This is a genuinely pleasing site to visit. Please keep up the great work and never that minority dicks ruin your day. They are everywhere and sadly find bravado and joy in the anonymity of the internet.

  65. I am fairly new to photography. I remember when I first started and was researching what kind of camera would suit my needs (and Budget). I came across your site, and your review of the NEX5n. After reading several reviews, including yours, and listening to all the pros and cons I pulled the trigger and purchased it. I also purchased some Rokkor lenses and an adapter because that was all I can afford at the time. It was then that my passion for photography began. As time has passed I have slowly upgraded my kit and have recently purchased an a6000. Why settle with Sony? It’s because it suits what I am looking for in a camera. I don’t understand why anyone would bash one brand over the other. The best camera is the one that suits your needs and inspires you to keep shooting. It’s good to know you that you can brush off the negativity that is brought your way. Just keep the reviews and articles coming.

  66. I really enjoyed reading about how you started. What wonderful experiences and memories you’ve had turning your hobby and passion into a career. It’s fantastic if you are allowed to do what you really enjoy doing in life.

  67. You’re the bomb Steve! This is one of my favorite posts u’ve ever written. So cool to know how your site began and the journey it has been for you until now. Your honesty and down to earth nature are truly inspiring. Please don’t ever stop being you and sharing your thoughts with us.

  68. I can without a doubt say, that most us follow and admire your work because of your INCREDIBLE honesty and personality. Your real fans will always be supporting you Steve. We like you the way you are. 😉

  69. Ignore the haters and just keep doing what you’re doing. Imagine all the kerfuffell over a camera!? I mean come on, anyway the IQ on the T was obviously super and that’s the truth. I checked out the Canon 6D review to refresh and it’s a quality unit as well. That 85L is awesome. There’s lots of good choices out there, and no need to get all worked up aboutthis or that brand’s gear.

  70. Steve, perhaps you should also realise that there are readers like yours truly that actually seek out your reviews because you exhibit so much positivity when you find something you like. The enthusiasm, unashamed passion and unbridled love for photography and its toys is a joy to read. I am sometimes a little jealous that I don’t get access to as many equipment as you do.

    There are many of us that keep reading your site to ensure that our current equipment does not get superseded by a new model, or another rival model. Gosh! Keep doing what you;re doing. You are entitled to your opinions, passion and your hobbies.

  71. Steve, I follow your site every day. I am interested in the nice variety you present. I make sure I look at every daily inspiration. I am not a fan of street photography, and I prefer black and white. Often the photos appear to me to be dark and muddy to my taste, but I keep studying them to learn. I would love to try the high end cameras you review, but on a fixed income that is not in the cards.
    As it is, due to your reviews, I bought into the sony system, and lenses you reviewed. For that I thank you. Lastly, I compliment you for several things, your continued positive approach, your honesty in comments and your sharing space for daily inspiration.
    Finally, this posting today is very much appreciated by me. It is refreshing to allow readers/followers to see who Steve Huff is. I find I like him and would love to have you as a friend. But we live far apart. If you ever go to central Ohio, you will have a place to stay gratis.
    Please keep up the good work.
    From another Steve

  72. Steve- You run an amazing website. It is hard to have a site such as this, and not get jabbed, as it is for fellow creatives. Many people love your site, and draw inspiration from it, as well as receive great info on cameras and lenses.
    Thanks for the background story of your site- keep up the great work. My hope is that your criticism of Fuji forces them to make the ultimate camera in the X-Pro2!!!

  73. The is where I go for all my real world reviews. Unfortunately, I buy too many of Steve’s recommendations, but his recommendations are dead nuts on..stay on course Steve…your bald old cousin in Tucson

  74. Steve, keep doing what you are doing. Your enthusiasm is infectious and your site is fun to read and I enjoy your images and reviews. You come across to me as someone who is sincere and well informed.

  75. Just my 2 cents Steve, but I am not sure it is a good idea to start a post by “a very few of you are leaving idiotic comments in my latest T review”.

    I do agree there are a few silly comments in there and completely understand your frustration about them (it is obvious to me that you just write what you think and not what someone is paying you to write). But even though it is right, it doesn’t necessarily make you come across very well to post an entry calling some of your readers idiots. And I am not sure they deserve the honour either – they are probably better being ignored.

    Having said that, great review – I just (not seriously) curse you for making me consider spending outrageous amount of money on cameras, which I wouldn’t have before 🙂 (even though they don’t control what you will be writing, Leica know what they are doing when they give these nice cameras to you and other reviewers ;-)).

    One question for you if you are still reading: in terms of pure image quality, if you were given a choice between a Sony RX1 and a Leica T with the 23mm lens – which one would you go for?

    • I meant what I said and I say what I mean. Those Idiotic comments have long been deleted and you may have never seen some of them. But when a personal attack and lies are posted by someone who has no clue of what they speak, I consider that Idiotic. 🙂 If a reader is commenting for the sake of attacking me or putting me down or calling me or my family names then I do not want them as a reader. RX1..it is a beauty and always will be. It has something special about it. Between that and the T with 23 Id go RX1 for all out IQ but its subjective because some will prefer the RX1 IQ and others will prefer the T IQ. They are different. Speed wise, they are about the same with the T edging out the RX1 in AF speed. Versatility goes to the T due to lenses but high ISO goes to the RX1 without question. If you are OK with just 35mm the RX1 is hard to beat.

      • That’s why I believe in very personal websites where you have full control of things. I’ve seen forums run amok because inevitably the atmosphere becomes hostile. It’s good to stay on top of things and even address this topic, because it shows how you care and that you don’t want this site to become anything else than you desire.

        I think positivism is good in every aspect of life. Positivism is infectious and gets people to do stuff or try out stuff. Nothing is ever accomplished by negative attitude, meaning putting things or people down. I have seen how it turns people bitter and hateful. No, positivism, being enthusiastic about things and sharing it is what I believe most people want and need. The Internet should be a place to find people and ideas that they can connect to. Why should I use the Internet as a gateway to spout my disconnect?

        I personally would also never write about something that I’m not enthusiastic about. It doesn’t serve much purpose. The idea is to connect to other people with similar ideas or set of views. It’s also like with movies. An opinion about a movie is of course very personal. I rather write about movies that I like than writing about all the things I didn’t like about a movie. It’s through the personal enthusiastic opinion that you’ll find connections with other people. It doesn’t mean I don’t have critical views about certain movies, but I rather share the things that mean something to me.

  76. Hi Steve
    I love your site! You did a great job when you described the pros and cons of this beautiful Leica. And most of all – so nice pictures – you love animals – you have a beautiful family – and we enjoy the passion and devotion you put into your work.
    By the way, we are expecting the A6000 review.

  77. Why to here this kind of comments Steve. I like your website and your reviews, although like always in life, sometimes i´m not agree with some points. I find them to be honest and real.

    Keep going.

  78. good job Steve. I bought My M9 because of you and I do not regret it. I have sold all my Nikon and I am so happy with my M9 and the beautiful Leica glasses… keep your enthusiasm if this enthusiasm make you rich one day, this is just perfect! I will not Buy a T, I will wait the next M in 2016. My M9 is still perfect for the next 2 years!

  79. This next Sunday all readers from the site are invited to the Big Fight Party at the Madison Square Garden in NYC. There will be 4 groups: Leica, Fuji, Olympus and Sony fanboys. Please bring your boxing gloves with you!

    C’mon guys, Steve is a passionate and honest guy, if he criticizes your camera or your favorite brand do not take it personally, this is just gear and a hobby, it is meant for enjoyment and to have fun!!

  80. Too much information. You’re obviously a straight shooter and the whiners whine about everything.

    Oh, M240 w/ 21/28/50/90 and an RX-1 for me pocket

    The most important thing is the ANTI-negativity you discussed. Soooo true…!


  81. Enjoyable read, by the way I still have a M8 attached to a Lux 50 and to this day never seen any images at base ISO that beat it.

  82. Hey Steve,
    You mentioned Apple so much in that review I thought you were going to break some news and announce Apple had bought Leica…now there’s a thought ?, lol.

  83. There are lots of folks (mostly computer hobbyists ) out there who equate good design with filling in the check boxes on a spec sheet.

    • Guy, you’ve hit on something I think is often overlooked, namely that there are a LOT more techies into photography now than there ever has been. Speaking as a techie, it’s just the way we think that if we have all the check boxes marked on the spec sheet, the camera HAS to be good. But I’ve personally struggled with this side of myself and have worked very hard to get into the artistic, non-objective side of photographer through studying the past masters and studying lighting, composition, etc.

  84. Steve, I read your site everyday; it’s incomparable, inspiring and please don’t stop.
    Dean from Coventry, England.

  85. Steve’s reviews are fun to read and different from most of the other camera reviews because he gets so excited and enthusiastic. I personally have no interest at all in spending $5k+ on the latest and greatest (maybe) digital offering but I enjoy the reviews and congrats to those who have been waiting for this camera and who are going to buy it.

  86. My sense is that people are looking for a more balanced range of discrimination. Enthusiasm is a good thing, but when it becomes a mainstay of a camera review, which, after all, is all about intelligent, discriminatory judgement, it sometimes seems that you loose some perspective.

    As for your tirade against people who criticize you, well that just seems pretty negative to me. Why let it bother you?

    • I am an enthusiastic guy, just as I was with that very 1st M8 review many years ago. Not going to change anything about how I do my reviews to satisfy a few bitter ones who do not want to read enthusiastic reviews. There are many other sites with reviews they can read. As for it getting to me, it doesn’t. I deal with this all of the time, and have since that 1st M8 review, again, from a handful of trolls. But when there is 100% false information being written about me (being paid off for example) I have to correct those few trolls who somehow feel they know it all. So it is more of a correction and education than irritation. But as I have always said, if you do not like enthusiasm, then you might want to stay away from here. When something excites me, gets me going and makes me WANT to use it then that creates well deserved enthusiasm. Nothing wrong with that at all. 🙂

      • Steve’s writing shows his passion for the camera he reviews. And in this post he shares that is the reason he only reviews camera that he likes as he wants to write about things positive in life. And that enthusiasm, honesty and positive spirit I believe is what makes people return to this site. I think we are all looking for more honesty (it is rare nowadays isn’t it?), and something to be excited and happy about in our lives. And it is a joy if it is linked to a nice hobby like photography. And his reviews always contain pros and cons at the end that provides a balanced perspective for every review. A “balanced” review that is just neutral and academic can be pretty boring to read.

        Frankly I have yet to see someone unaffected by unfair and nasty comments, unless that person is really jaded. It is easy to pass a comment on another person who is suffering from nasty comments to like “why let it affect you?”. Fact of the matter is it will get to all of us. We just try out best not to be affected. Most of us have received unfair, nasty comments at some point in our lives. We know how it feels. That’s why it is so important not to pass it on to someone else.

        • Just as long as the constructive comments and questions don’t get drowned by both “attacking” trolls, but also by the “brown lipstick ” crowd. 😉
          Balance in all things.

  87. I kept only one thing… that you will be out with the A6000!!!! I’m waiting for this review for a long time!!!!

  88. Steve, I’ve always thought your reviews and your site in general are honest and produced with a high degree of professionalism and integrity. I may not always agree with your opinions, but that doesn’t diminish my appreciation for your considerable contributions to photography. I’ve bought several cameras over the years based on your recommendations and always steer people who are looking to purchase a camera to your site. Keep up the good work.

  89. Steve,
    Please forgive my style but there is an old saying that all the people without any exception, in this world, have two things, opinion and an asshole. The thing goes wrong when the first comes out the second.
    Therefore please keep up the good work. The real photographers and users of the relative equipment under review, especially of Leica do know that your reviews are just and correct.
    Only that sometimes you are getting just a bit overenthusiastic about some third party lenses; but I find it quite fair, as any lens can have a special appeal to the user making its review a more personal thing.
    Kind regards,
    Dimitris V. Georgopoulos
    Photographer at Large
    Athens, Greece.

  90. Wow…I can`t believe I read the whole article ( as it is night here and I was just about to turn off the PC). Loved it! And of course, I liked the T review a lot, it seems to be a lovely camera.
    Your reviews helped me decide when I got my Nex 5N or ol` pentax kx as I can`t afford a Leica….but now it can be a good goal in life 😀 .
    Anyway, all the best and keep up all the great work you`re doing here!

  91. Enjoyed your story, I do not comment much but read your site every day. I enjoy it, I have owned a Fuji X-Pro1 and the XE2 and you have been right.

  92. I just came from the Leica store in Washington, DC and had a chance to play with the new T. Steve, you are totally right about the camera: it will sell like crazy. How do I know? Because as an M 240 owner, I do plan to get a T as soon as I can. It is a work of art and the photos I saw were incredible for such a camera. A good backup for that M.

  93. Hi Steve, Over the years I have joined various internet groups on varied subjects. Eventually someone starts negative comments and the thing gets out of hand. I always leave. Some people can only vent frustration in a media lacking face to face personal contact. Your site has attracted me over several years and frankly I enjoy your down-to-earth and honest approach. I may not always agree with you, but that´s what a free society is about. Keep up the good work and I am sure there are many like me that appreciate your contribution but rarely comment. Thanks David

  94. Steve. Once again, thanks for what you do. I LOVE reading your reviews and commentary. On the internet it is easy for some to be haters when they can hide behind a user name and not have a civil conversation. Passion is great… being cowardly is not. Great job!!!!!

  95. Steve got paid by passion!!

    I really enjoyed reading..
    This is what im trying to archieve for myself as well… be positiv and happy.
    As we can see this is the way to happiness as well as success.

    Keep it up ice man!

  96. Steve
    Really enjoy your approach to the review process. You provide practical information related to the photographic experience.
    In addition to the many film cameras I own; I now own an EM-5 and 17mm f/1.8 lens based on your review and comments.
    Keep it up!


  97. Well I think it’s sport for haters…and leica T is what they was waiting for. I read this blog for your passionate reviews. I don’t agree with all of them but thats it, we all have our way. Leica T is hard to judge product, for me it’s almost Apple like camera which is lovely in design but it’s not for me. So from me…keep up your style…for me I want Leica M…but I use M43 and FujiX…and I’m happy…and I will read your reviews with passion…

  98. Hey Steve, I’ve been following your site for a couple of years by now and have always enjoyed your passion for photography as a whole. Not a singular brand or company, but whatever works for you as a tool. It is almost inevitable that you get crazy ridiculous labels put on you by Internet people. But this is what ‘keyboard warriors’ do and frankly all they know how to do, probably. You’ve always been that breath of fresh air in an otherwise overly-technical and drab field of camera reviews.

  99. A bit the nature of the web these days. People go to sites not to be informed and enjoy things, but specifically to bash. I used to go the Mac forums to just chat with fellow Apple users, but these days it’s tough because there are always people from outside who come in and spoil things. And then it becomes a bash fest of both sides putting down each other’s choices. Why do people not just join a happy community of their choice?

    It’s also like some people constantly popping up bashing the small sensor size of MicroFourThirds and saying that Full Frame is the only way to go. People always bringing up the difficulties of having good background blur with small sensors. Full Frame is better value for money! Never accepting that different people have different needs. Can’t we just accept the tool for what it is?

    Personally, I can appreciate things without ever owning it. And I am amazed that a company like Leica continues to exist. It’s a difficult time. I’ve seen many of my favorite companies go under. Developing a camera like the Leica T costs a lot of money. I just hope Leica continues to make good choices. And maybe there comes a time when they can diversify a little more towards the lower end, like Apple has done over the years. But it’s tough for a small company like Leica.

  100. Hi Steve,

    I’ve been a regular at your site for a little over a year and I love your real world reviews! I don’t own (or plan to own) any Leica gear, but I still read your leica reviews none the less. From day one I was able to see your interest, love and enthusiasm for leica products and that makes your leica reviews a great read. If anything, its great that you have so much experience with leica gear, which I believe helps you hold other non-leica products to higher “non-technical” artistic standards.

    Keep doing your great real world reviews and keep voicing your passion for what you love!!! And thank you for always reminding us that the best gear isn’t always the newest.


  101. Well Steve, my thought is don’t take things too personal. This is a very long article, and it really isn’t needed. If you value your own work, then the rest shouldn’t matter. It’s not about hate or love–or read this, don’t read that–my passion or your passion. Life is just about moving. It moves even through voices. Try not to go too slow in the noise.

  102. Steve – Out of all the articles ever posted on your site, I think this has been my favorite. The back story is very interesting and your view on life is correct. Keep doing what your doing, your site has grown and will continue to do so because of your integrity and honesty. Your reviews and articles have been very helpful for me moving into the Leica system – and I after making my purchases have proven to be accurate. After hearing how Ken Hansen has supported you, he’s getting my next purchase which should be next week for a WATE.

    Thank you.

  103. It is indeed a strange phenomenon where forum trolls immediately doubt the veracity of a review. It’s happened to me before just writing positive comments about something I’ve used in the real world. ‘Doubt trolls’ seem to appear out of the swamp almost immediately. It’s bizarre how they just can’t believe that someone actually enjoys using a product without getting paid to use it!

    Anyway, you do great work Steve. Keep it up!

  104. You poke cameras in every little corner and try it more than i would be able to do in a store to test it out, you give raw information on each camera, the pros and cons, With so many great cameras out there, it definitely helps me to make a sound choice for my next purchase. Steve you are a class act. Keep up the FANTASTIC work and i look forward to see your next review and your images from your next shoot.

    Have a nice weekend!

  105. Steve- keep up the great work. Thorsten and you are the voices for Leica in today’s world. I would hope Leica would realize this. And stop writing so much about m4/3’s… 😉

  106. Well said and unfortunately necessary. I like your site a lot, but I have just about sworn off reading the comments. The anti Leica animus that appears is not interesting or informative. It adds nothing to the experience of reading your reviews. I think I will go cold turkey.
    Thanks for YOUR work. It is all interesting.

  107. Thanks Steve for all your hard work!

    I never posted anything on your site before, but I have been reading your site for several years. I jumped on the “retro-train” and bought a Fuji XE-1 when it came out. Loved the looks and dial..and images. BUT as I used it more and more I actually started missing my Sony A65…it just got me more keepers and felt better in the hand (Faster AF, dials are actually slower to work with than DSLR and you can’t shoot and change things as fast while looking through the viewfinder) .

    I should have listened to your review. The XE-1 was a Beta product as you said. A couple of weeks ago I got some extra cash and was about to buy the XT-1 with the new 56. But in the store I saw the EM-1 and remembered how much praise you had given it. I tested it with the Oly 12-40 zoom next to the XT-1 and in
    5 minutes I just feldt in love with the EM-1. Sold all my Fuji lenses and pretty much gave away my XE-1 as they are worth next to nothing today. Got myself the EM-1 with the 12-40 Zoom, the Oly 45, the Oly 17 and an extra battery and the battery Grip. Could not be happier! Do I miss the slightly “better” DOF and image from the Fuji? A tiny bit, but the ergonomics and handling of the EM-1 is just perfect for me. Thats whats counting!

    I think you have a tremendous experience, and me who only has photoghrapy as a hobby does not always know what we are looking for and need great reviewers like you, Steve. When it comes to the new Leica, its
    defentately not for me (I just get more bang for the bucks with the Olympus EM-1, I have a 2 year old son and I have a tight budget) but you did say that for someone looking for a Leica experience its great.

    On top of that the Leica does not seem to fit comfortable in the hand like the EM-1 or a DSLR but I have
    not tried one so I have absolutely no idea before I do try it. You have shoot with it soo I’m sure its nice. I trust you 100%.

    Why should you not be able to say that, that you really enjoy the camera? For most people there are better options out there today and I think you said that very well in your review. But for some people it will be great.
    I trust that the Leica is really, really nice to shoot with and thats the most important thing when buying a camera today. For the majority of people? No. But you don’t say that.

    One thing we should all remember is that a camera body lasts only 2 years today. I wish you could buy a really nice camera body and just change the sensor. Then I might also invest in a camera body that is handcrafted like the Leicas. The EM-1 camera body and Interface is just soo darn good I already feel sad that I probably will upgrade the body in a few years. But someone who buys the new Leica might not want to upgrade in 2 years and are happy with todays (or last years) image quality. Thats totally fine.

    Thanks Steve for leading me to the Olympus EM-1! You where so right about that camera. (for me!)

  108. Steve, the history of the site is really interesting as someone who has only been reading it for a few months, especially the ‘sliding doors’ nature of how something initially very small and seemingly innocuous can prove to be a life changing moment. I’m sure we’ve all had experience of that.
    What I disagree with is that you should feel the need to justify yourself because a few jerks post derogatory remarks. There’s a vast majority of people reading the site that 100% get what you’re about, and 100% understand that the negative comments are from a bunch of jealous losers. You do not need to justify yourself or explain your position. Regardless of what you post the haters will continue hating, and the rest of us will continue enjoying.

  109. Hi Steve.
    Keep ‘kicking butt and taking names’ with your reviews.
    I finally sold all my Hassy gear (digital and analog) and bought a Leica M240 with 50mm Summilux and 90mm Summarit based significantly on your reviews (and Thorsten’s). I don’t care what some scientific review says about a camera/lens; I want to know how it works, feels, and what it produces. Your reviews are perfect for my use. And by the way, I am thrilled with my Leica setup.
    Keep up the great work and bugger to your few critics – – they are just angry people and unhappy in life!

  110. I am watching soccer, in the halftime I have read your post. I like your emotional writing. You are unique. Greetings from Germany….

    • I totally agree with quhl. It’s because you are being you that your writing is so enjoyable. You have a loyal following because we know you are being honest. Some people can’t handle enthusiasm in product reviews. Pretty sad.

  111. God buys Steve Huff to dispel negativity (and try the T since even He cannot geat a loaner…)

  112. Hi Steve, courage! Carry on and leave them behind.
    I’m a great fan of your site and reading it almost every day. You don’t like Fuji, I like these cameras. You like Olympus, they are great, but I don’t like the ways it’s possible to change the settings just by pressing on the pad. The iq is great, anyway, particularly with the 35 Cron. You like the Sony A7, I like the Sony A7. You like the Leica, I like my M9. I like the Nikon D800, probably I’ll like the Df, but I find it too expensive.
    So what? You are testing cameras and I do not have to agree with what you like or not. It’s your opinion and you share it. SO just thank you for your appreciations and for what you are doing. It’s more like an editorial work, so obviously you express yourself. I do not have to agree with what you think but I just respect it.

    So, thanks’ once again for running this site.


  113. We love you Steve!

    And Leica is back on track with its T! For me the most innovative camera for years and Leica has to be applauded for that. There are to companys that drive the camera business today: Leica and Sony. Not Nikon is nor Canon. And is there anybody who finds retro-Fuji innovative? Yaaawn!

    • Patrick, just trying to add some objectivity here, this article says Canon, Nikon, and Sony are the only manufacturers that will survive in the long run. Mirrorless cameras really aren’t doing as well as you think. Interesting how the market really is, eh? http://petapixel.com/2013/12/30/report-claims-nikon-canon-sony-will-survive-smartphone-revolution/

      I enjoy reading Steve’s site and reviews too, just remember to balance Steve’s enthusiasm with facts.

      • The article above – it is full of speculation, not facts. No one knows what will happen in this industry over the next 10 years, all we can do is make predictions like the article above. I do not see Olympus going anywhere anytime soon. But no one knows. Guess we will all find out in a few years.

  114. Rise above it young man!

    The review was great Steve, many thanks for the time you took to put it together. In fact, thanks for the time you take every day with your site, I look forward to it every day.
    I think it is funny that the Leica T is being compared to Apple products because…people say the same about Apple! “Too pricey, elitist, crap…” Etc. your site, and the many many reviews stand up for themselves. You have a passion for Leica, that is obvious, but you also raved about the new Sony, the X-T1, the Olympus. You are passionate about photography.
    I completely understand why people have an issue with the Leica T. It is an apsc sized, un-weather sealed, mirrorless camera that will cost about $3,000 when paired with one lens. But I believe (and I have never even held a Leica) that people who will buy this, and they will buy it, are people buying into the Leica experience. The way the camera feels in the hand AND the way it will make them feel shooting it. The “Leica Look” of the images. It is certain ally not for everyone, but you can be sure that there is no camera on the market that is for everyone.
    So rise above it Steve. Remember that a massive amount of people love your site, your reviews, and your photos, combined with the Daily Inspirations and the site as a whole. Focus on this. And keep on keeping on!!

    Ed Q
    (Fuji X100, and hopefully soon X-T1)

  115. Hi Steve I have just read your article and I must say from my experience of your site and my impression of you as an individual (You have on occasions posted quite personal stuff about yourself) I must say in all fairness that I hold you personally and your site in high esteem and value the impartial nature of the information you freely provide.
    You are passionate about what you believe and yet do not disparage others.There is a very curious thing about the Internet which concerns me.
    Strangely it seems to attract negative people whose only desire is to pour scorn on everybody’s efforts -Why ? who cares? -carry on regardless for the sake of the majority who appreciate your efforts and love your enthusiasm! We can discuss technical matters in a polite and respectful manner which best serves the purpose of teasing out needed

  116. I like your site Steve and your reviews. They are. It’s helpful. I personally like the M system and love the lenses. I have an M3 that belonged to my grandfather. But nowadays I’m a fuji x-pro1 user. Is it perfect? Far from it, but in terms of price v IQ I really do believe it’s the best camera out there. It’s short of the M system but at a 1/10 of the price (body and lenses) it’s a damn close second.

    I don’t see myself ever using the leica T because I prefer the “old fashioned controls” and not the multi function dials. But I can see why it’s going to be a great camera.

    I like your review as it’s about the feel and IQ of the camera and what it feels like to use in the field. So keep going. My only criticism is where you wrote

    “They could have added some weather sealing for peace of mind. The T is not sealed but a Leica at $1900..I would not expect it to be sealed. Remember, this is Leica.” It comes across apologetic for a short coming. My personal opinion, Leica or not, cameras should be weather sealed at that price. (My X-Pro 1 isn’t and I’m not happy about that. Not practical). I don’t think you’re defending them, but it CAN read as if you are. Maybe just a change of wording would eliminate that.

    Anyways, keep up the god work and live the dream. Good on you.

  117. Hi Steve,
    I liked the history lesson…..I understand what your site is about and have been coming to it on a regular basis from your time in Indiana to your move to Arizona….I imagine with the growth of your site you will
    have to go through this history lesson many more times in the future to enlighten the new visitors!:)
    All the best….love your site and especially the Daily Inspiration

  118. Hi Steve, I enjoy reading your reviews, and your Leica T review was very unbiased and informative. However there is an awful lot of idiots out there who don’t want to listen and enjoy the bashing. Most have never used a Leica and do not appreciate their unique qualities. Keep up the good work.

  119. Steve, just wanted to send a hello from Vienna. I never comment on this site, but I guess it is time to express how much I enjoy reading your unique reviews. I really love your enthusiasm. And your positive attitude towards life comes through every time. And this post: well said!
    I sometimes worry where we are heading in our time, with internet shitstorms building up and people losing all sense for manners and reasoning…
    Anyway, take care! Jan

    • How on earth did you manage to leave a reply with my username? Anybody know how that works?

      • Because many people can be named ‘Jan’. It’s the email address that makes the difference, I believe.

  120. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    You know why ppl don’t say anything when you talk or write negative about camera or anyone in general because we as humans we have a habit of doubting the positive always 🙂

  121. Steve having met you at one of your seminars and also a loyal and faithful follower of your site, don’t change anything!. I love your enthusiasm and I also enjoy your reviews especially regarding bags accessories etc. Keep up the good work.

  122. I like your reviews. Also having Leica M240 with Zeiss 35mm lens. For me the best camera. I like Leica, but this small camera? I do not know.

  123. keep doing you and keep living life as you do. Your reviews are real and from a real person’s perspective who knows how to shoot cameras and make art. I sometimes don’t agree with you but that’s why I love coming here. It’s not about finding the one person you can agree with but about the one person who will keep things real with you. You are passionate about the cameras you love and hard on the cameras you love and hate lol. It’s awesome. Camera companies need to realize that hey they can’t stop you from telling the truth or keep you away from the cameras.

    Love the site Steve.

    God Bless.

  124. Keep up the good work. The internet can be a very dumb place at times. The fact is, you try to approach everything with enthusiasm, which rankles some malcontents.

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