The most Interesting Pre-Photokina Releases so far…to me.

The most Interesting Pre-Photokina Releases so far…to me.

With only a few days to go until Photokina kicks off we have already had some pre announcements from Fuji, Sony, Olympus and others. Nothing MAJOR and nothing WOW but I feel these big announcements will come VERY soon 😉 They better! So far we have the below announcements that are somewhat interesting, but nothing ground breaking.


As I reported the other day, Fuji has announced the X100T, the new 56 1.2, new X-T1 color/finish and even the X30. The X100T is an ongoing evolution of the X100 series camera and for me, the best Fuji has announced yet (more to come i am sure). Me, call me nuts but I prefer the original X100 even today over the X100s. After using both side by side I feel the sensor in the original is a bit more organic and dare I say..more Leica like? The X100T uses the same sensor as the X100s, which is also a fabulous camera that many swear by (my review is here). The X100 series for me is where it is at for Fuji. While I like the X-T1 a lot, the simplicity and classic lines of the X100 is what gets my blood pumping to shoot. For me, it is about simplicity. Period. Simple, clean, easy to use and shoot, fixed 35 f.2. What more can you ask for besides a full frame sensor? (See Sony RX1 for that). The X100T is available for $1299. Priced right for a super camera system.


The new X30 is also an evolution of the X10, X20 and appears to be a super little camera as well. New EVF, new told LCD, new Classic Chrome simulation and new Large capacity battery that will give you a powerhouse 470 shots makes it sound like the little X30 may be the bang for the buck in the Fuji lineup. It looks sweet as well, the best X10 type camera to date in the design department I think. The cost is also right at $599. 


You can pre-order all of the new Fuji from my list of recommended Fuji dealers: B&H Photo,, or Amazon.



Olympus has some new goodies on the way as well…a few that I can not mention just yet but so far they have announced a minor release or two. For example, one is the all black 12mm f/2. The 12 f/2 has long been one of my fave Olympus lenses but to date they have only released it in Silver and a black limited edition that had some extras but also was extra in the $$ department. Olympus has now released the black for normal production so you can get one for $799. This lens is so good on a Olympus body and has given me some fantastic shots. But the lens is nothing exciting if you are looking for something new and fresh. Let’s wait and see what the official Olympus releases will be as compared to the rumor sites 🙂




Sony has announced a new QX camera, the QX1 which is actually an E-Mount in the size and shape of a lens. Basically it helps to turn your iPhone into a high-end APS-C camera. You can use it as is or with your phone. Me, I was never a fan of these oddball cameras. Many love them but for me, if I am going to have something like this, I think I would just use my phone as it is. I love what Sony is doing with the A and RX series but am not sold on the QX yet. Maybe once I give it a try I will enjoy it 🙂 Coming it at $398 you will also need to add an E-Mount lens to this QX1. It is rumored that Sony will be saving its big WOW announcements for 2-4 months AFTER Photokina. Is there truth to this? NO idea but if so it seems odd as they would miss the Christmas season with those big releases. The last two years were huge for the Sony A7 and RX1 with huge holiday sales at launch. I am anxious to see the rumored new RX2 😉




As I posted about last week, Zeiss has announced two new full frame manual lenses for the Sony E-Mount system. The Loxia 35 and 50 f/2 will be superb I think and give Sony A7 users more choices when it comes to a high quality fast prime lens, and Zeiss is a name that means quality. I use Zeiss ZM with my Leica’s and love them. Zeiss also announced the 85mm OTUS which has already been tested by DXO and they claim it is the best portrait lens ever made. Coming in at $4,490 IT IS NOT cheap! But damn, it will venice. The Nikon mount can be converted to use on Leica or Sony cameras.  Zeiss rocks for sure but be prepared to pay for the Otus if you want the best!

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What is to come?

I feel that this Photokina will not be as ground breaking as previous years. I see Fuji bringing out the X-Pro 2, which is just about due for a full on refresh new EVF, sensor, etc. I also see Sony releasing new FE lenses for the A7 series, as that is what is needed for the A7 cameras! More fast primes IMO! Olympus will be releasing new lenses I am sure..maybe some pro zooms that are expected and possibly a new prime or two. Panasonic I feel will not be doing anything huge this year and Leica, well, I think they will be releasing something really cool, really expensive and really limited edition. I also feel some new T lenses will be shown as well. The new 28 Summilux will also be announced but I expect it to come it at around $7k. Also, MAYBE a new X camera and D-Lux? Maybe. I think Sony has some big guns that will be special on the way but not sure when they will make them official. Pentax, Nikon, Canon, Samsung…I have not heard anything major going in with any of them though Samsung may have something really interesting coming in a few days.

I guess we will find out VERY soon, so I am looking forward to seeing what actually is announced!


  1. Panasonic Lx100
    MINI LC1 Digilux 2
    just now seen images on thephoblograppher
    Shutter dial, iso dial.
    Aperture ring on lens.

  2. Looking forward to Panasonic LX100 reportedly based on Panasonic LC1 / Digilux 2
    Although about half the size.
    Rumor says m43 fixed 24-70mm F1.7-2.8; evf 2.4million dots.

    Announcement 15th Sept.

  3. My 50 year old wife looks 35 ith the X100 but 65 with the X100S. The Trans makes wrinkles too dark, accentuates age. Young people look great, but those over 50 the S is too unforgiving

  4. I don`t feel any GAS symptoms yet. If Fuji offered its camera bodies with the Sony aps-c AA filter free 24MP chip and Sony a6000 AF performance, the X100T and X-T1 would get my attention.

    • I stayed away from Fuji due to their X-Trans sensors and AF issues. However besides that, every time Fuji comes out with new products, it causes heavy GAS symptoms on me. 😉

      Fuji is doing a very good job and is one of the most exciting camera brands these days.

      • The cameras and lenses are exciting. But meanwhile we have seen multiple evolutionary improvements of camera bodies and firmware without getting to the core of the matter, the chip everything is build around.

        • I’m curious what it is people don’t like about X-Trans. Is it the limitations with RAW processing? I thought those kinks had mostly been worked out.

          I was on the fence when I switched from X100 to X100S. I really liked the Bayer sensor in the original. But after having used the S for a while, the X-Trans sensor just blows my mind. The color and detail are incredible. But what I love most is the noise at high ISOs (12800+) in black & white. It looks so similar to natural film grain.

          • Many love the X-Trans sensor, actually, the majority do. Some of us, including me, prefer the old sensor. I just do not like the rendering of X-Trans. For me, it is “flat” and has no depth and i have seen tens of thousands of shots using X-Trans sensors. The look just does not agree with me. I prefer the original Fuji X100 to the later model in the way the sensor renders the image.

      • nothing breaking? sure! Current cameras are so good already! We can take any of the best available cameras and just take pictures. We can select a system purely per our personal preferences, not “objective” tech specs. But people still moaning about a “slow” AF from Fuji, poor color from Sony etc,,,,,we can even chose light weight bodies nowadays, abandon the DSLRs. Therefore I would just expect incremental improvements coming to make the products even more reliable, ergonomic, pleasing in use. Cheers.

        • Maybe some can select a system based on personal preference. I can`t as I`d like to have the Fuji X-T1 look, size and manual controls, Olympus EM-1 IS, AF speed and build quality, the Nikon DF FF or Sigma Merrill sensor inside and everything combined with Fuji`s prime lenses

  5. I have to say I’m not really interested ! When you have a good camera just go off a take pictures . If you have not got a camera you like then by all means see what is available.

    Best Wishes

  6. Looks like Leica will show a new S model at Photokina after all. No specs yet but I would expect it to have a CMOS sensor in the 50 mp range (a version of the Sony? or a CMOSIS?). Exciting times. Like you mentioned looks like Canon will not come out with anything exciting.

      • It depends on the sensor. If the 7D2 includes a significantly improved sensor (over a 70D) sensor then yes. But even so non-full frame DSLRs are a dying breed. Even full frame DSLR are threatened by mirror less systems due to improved image quality, EVF and AF performance in de cameras sans mirror.

  7. My predictions: (1) stuff I can’t afford, (2) stuff I don’t need, (3) stuff I’ll wonder what were they thinking, and (4) stuff I should not want, but for which I may be willing to sell a family member for (GAS condition red).

  8. Olympus has a faster version of their 7-14mm (which originally appeared in 2006) superwide zoom (Maybe f2?) in the ‘works’ but that’s officially scheduled for mid-next year I think. Maybe we will see a more ergonomically designed E-M1, with things like more pronounced buttons, (making it easier to use with gloves on) locating the on/off switch on the top r/hand side, as it was on the original E-1, would also make it much faster to ‘fire-up’. Maybe and hopefully, the ghost of Olympus’s greatest designer, is looking over the shoulders of their engineers?

      • It’ll be big. The amount of interests in Asia is incredible, people are very stoked by the specs and pricing. In terms of portability, IQ, functions and usability, LX100 will raise the bar very high, and will surpass the impact of RX100’s arrival in 2012.

  9. I think the QX1 is so almost great. If only Sony had given it the A6000 sensor and the full Bionz treatment. It would be an awesome crash cam/go pro replacement. Some small tweaks and improvements and it opens up a lot of creative options. An APS-C sensor light enough to mount on any rig/drone? Weather seal it and increase the range and use it to stake out wildlife.

  10. You forgot about Samsung. They clame to release the camera with the best viewfinder, iso sensor, best focus system in an apsc camera and any other things where they claim to be the best. They might not be the best overall.. But still sounds promising

  11. “Fuji has announced the X100T, the new 56 1.2”. What if the X100 body came with the 56 welded on? I’d buy that in a second. Two cameras always ready to go, identical controls, and no sensor cleaning.

  12. Canon 7D Mark II? 65-all-cross-type-points AF system to fill the entire viewfinder at 10fps? That is the exact same af system from $6000 1DX except you are going to get it for $1799 in 7DM2. I know Steve does not shoot sports, but for those of us who shoot sports, or kids running, etc, you are going to get the most advanced autofocus system on planet with the best selection of instantly focusing lenses with Canon here.

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