Leaving Mexico City by Alejandro Ilukewitsch

Leaving Mexico City

by Alejandro Ilukewitsch

Hi Steve,

Soon I will be moving out of Mexico and wanted to share with you and your readers some of my pics from my stay in this wonderful country.

Mexico is great city for street photography, people is warm and definitely like their portrait been taken. It’s a huge city, in which it only takes a bit of luck to bump into something interesting to shoot. I focus mostly in street portraits, but also managed to get some other things :).

I used different kinds of cameras Nikon DF, Sony A7ii, and Leica M240. No specific reason for the cameras, I just love all of them 🙂

Exif data should be intact. Hope your readers enjoy these pics as much as I enjoyed Mexico, and if anyone is thinking of passing through here a few days, please don’t doubt it, you will be surprise how great it could be.

DSC_9732 (1)







L1008370 (1)



L1006586 (2)








Sorry for posting so many 🙂

More of my pictures can be seen in:


Thanks for looking!


  1. Your photos are stunning (Except the first three images. Much weaker than the rest.). Absolutely beautiful, rich photography. The skinhead portrait is so powerful, it has a depth that goes under the skin.

    Thanks for the wonderful post.

    • Thaks Uli, yep you are right, the first 3 pictures are not as strong as the rest, I do like them, but they stand short. Should have chosen maybe other ones 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

  2. Really well done! I have visited Mexico dozens of times for work, and have always been intrigued by the photographic potential of certain “barrios”, both the urban context and the characters. You’re a brave man!

  3. Muy buenas fotos. Me gustaría saber como le hiciste para perder el miedo a ser asaltado. Me gusta mucho la ciudad de México pero no quiero que me roben mi cámara.

    • Hola Raziel,

      Si efectivamente es un riesgo, yo aseguro todo el equipo con una empresa. De todas maneras no lo cubre todo y no evita el mal rato. Trato de andar con cautela, y llevar el equipo a nivel de cintura, con un wrist strap, para no llamar la atención. Es un riesgo donde el ser precavido y un poco de suerte siempre ayuda. Lamentablemente hay muchos mas sitios donde quisiera ir en Mexico que no he podido por el tema de la seguridad, pero al final los equipos los tengo para usarlos. El placer me viene de usarlos, no de tenerlos, así que no queda otra que tomar el riesgo….

  4. Thank U 4 this, sincerely.
    Thou I do not love every single frame (some of them I certainly do), there is a sense of body in your whole work, a spirit of unity (which is no little achievement), and that unity is embodied in the pristine latin-americanism it evokes. I believe U can not tell if you’re not latin american (I am), and I don’t know whether it’s on purpose or not, but through this images you have managed to convey us an accurate portrait not only of a city (which is itself many cities at the same time), but of a whole continent.
    What I don’t get to understand is your gear choice. Not that I regard any of your tools being incapable, but when I see your photos I feel that what you need is a stealth little machine with a trusty 35mm on it and you’re good to go.

    • Felipe, muchas gracias. Si soy Venezolano, y por lo tal LatinoAmericano tambien :). Thanks for your kind words and comments on the pictures. Glad to see that you were able to tell about the diversity of the city and people through my pictures 🙂 Regarding the choice of gear, as you said indeed, i mostly use the Leica m with a 35mm or with a 28mm, which i do consider to be quite stealth. I never carry 2 cameras with me only one.

      My choice for taking one or the other is usually a hunch, heheh, if I dont feel okay i will leave the leica home for security reasons and bring the a7ii. The DF i also like a lot, but of course its easy to be seen, and grabs a lot of attention. In order of preference for me its first the leica with the 35mm or 28mm, then the Nikon DF with a 28mm AIS and last option the A7ii. I do find the sony confortable and easy to operate, but the results i get are more satisfying with the other 2 cameras.

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