Traveling Light – Big Fun with little cameras! By Rob McKay

Traveling Light – Big Fun with little cameras!

By Rob McKay

Hi Steve and Brandon, as always great work on the site! I love these tiny pocket cameras so figured I would submit some snaps from them to your fine website.

Ricoh GR

This has to be my all time favourite pocket camera. I love the ergonomics of it, the size is perfect, the layout in my opinion is also perfect. Keeping the body clean, and the lack of external dials, buttons and knobs means I rarely screw up a shot due to something getting moved or switched on or off.
A few snaps with Ricoh balancing on some rocks.



Sony RX100 III

Another awesome pocketable camera, and after looking at a few snaps I made with it, I am kind of missing it. Tiny powerhouse of a camera, but I ended up selling it because it was cutting into my Ricoh time. But thinking I might need the IV!



Sony a6000 + E 16mm 2.8

Obviously the a6000 is a system camera, but it is pocketable as long as you have the right lens on it. In this case the cheapo 16mm.




Rob McKay –


  1. Hi Rob,

    This is a nice article with some great shots. I especially like the 5th photo – very atmospheric. What is your experience of the Sony 16mm f2.8? I have heard mixed reports about it.



    • its fine, especially if you need a lightweight wide angle suctioned cupped to a motorcycle tank. I needed something small and light so it fit. How can I complain about anything at that price point?


  2. Some nice shots, especially 1, 2 and 5. I love working with Ricoh raw files in Lightroom, the color is great right out of the can. I sometimes miss a zoom and IS, so lately I’ve also been carrying a Samsung NX Mini with the 9-27mm and 17mm prime for low light. Another camera with great color and just perfect for traveling light.

      • Agreed. The only drawback is the fragile lens mechanics (applies to most compacts), some dust issues and the low battery bug (The whole camera stalls with no pre warning when battery is low. No controlled low battery shutdown, like other cameras).

        Otherwise, the GR is the perfect one.

        • As far as dust issues, way less dust than a system camera. Shoot any system camera after you have swapped out lenses a few times and take a few at f/11 and watch the dust bunnies come to life. 🙂

  3. Nice shots but that one of the fly rod is stellar! Nicely done! There’s definitely something to be said about travelling light with a small/quality camera. I ditched my DSLR 4 months ago and just last week sold the last of my Canon accessories: a flash and a trigger. I don’t miss the Canon for a second!

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