1. I’m kind of disappointed with A7sII. I was expecting a giant leap like the A7R-A7RII
    1. 18 Mp and iso 400,000 or
    1.1 12 Mp and iso 1,600,000
    2. On Sensor Phase Detect Autofocus.
    3. In body Image Stabilization (A7sII have it. Yes!)

    The first previews show a slightly better low light performance compared to A7S, but then again i was expecting much more. They focussed too much in video… in a photography camera.

    I really like to see a A7sII striped down for only still photography, and obviously cheaper.

    • Watching the previews again, I realize that the low lightperformance of the A7sII is plain better than the original A7s. Around 1 stop better.

    • “..They focussed too much in video… in a photography camera..”

      No: this is meant to compete with Panasonic’s line of GH cameras, which are stills cameras but which also shoot great video. The A7SII is now way ahead of pretty much everything else which has a ‘stills’ shape, but which shoots 4k (cinema quality) video.

      The other A7 cameras – e.g; A7RII – are meant to be stills cameras which also shoot high quality video, but the A7SII is intended specifically to be a 4k internally-recording, ultra-stabilised video camera ..which also shoots 12mpxl extremely low light (moonlight) stills.

  2. It seems like one of the best features of the A7RII is that you get high-speed autofocus with 3rd party lenses. Am I reading the specs correctly that the A7SII will not have this same feature?

  3. It seems no major difference from A7s except the 5AIBIS. Please check the worthy updates in your up coming review, Steve! I want to know if I should wait for the RX1s with 35/18Z instead? Thanks!

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