The NEW Hasselblad 21mm f/4 on the X1D. 1st Shots, Thoughts and Video!

The NEW Hasselblad 21mm f/4 on the X1D. 1st Shots & Thoughts!

By Steve Huff

Look what JUST arrived! The brand new Hasselblad 21mm f/4 lens for the X1D. Giving us a 17mm equivalent ini 35mm, this is a wide lens indeed. Debby and I went out today so I could snap a few shots with the lens and what you see here are my 1st day shots with it, just hanging out and having some fun with it. We went to one of our fave spots in Phoenix and ran into a guy who allowed me to snap some shots of him and his new product. Was a great day and my 1st impressions of this lens are VERY good indeed. Sharp, great color, well corrected and LOVELY. This lens feels so nice, and much nicer than the 45mm. It has the smooth as butter quality with the X1D as well, just as the 30mm does.

1st Look Video below! Hang with us at the Duce!

The balance is very nice and the shutter sound is much quieter and subdued than past lenses as the shutter is indeed in the lens. The X1D just keeps getting better. I will have more with this lens SOON as this is just my 1st look hands on. Some images below, and they are converted from RAW using Adobe, so no corrections have been applied. You can pre order the new lens HERE…(It’s GORGEOUS).

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  1. Wow, flare is quite severe and ugly in the shot with the sun inside the frame…

  2. The XCD 21mm sounds fantastic. But just try and get one! Been on the list since it was announced but other than a first few trickle I don’t think there any available in the US. Hoping some arrive soon as this article is certainly making it hard to wait.

  3. I have three systems to shoot: SONY E-Mount, LEICA L-Mount and LEICA M-Mount.
    5 cameras: SONY Alpha a7R III, LEICA SL, LEICA CL, LEICA M10 and LEICA Q!
    Each one has its own caracter and field to the user.
    I was thinking to buy one day the X1D because it is an amazing small Medium Format Camera, but it had a great competitor in my cameras: LEICA SL.
    It wins in everything except the sensor that isn’t a medium format.
    I wasn’t sure what to do, until I discover by myself that take pictures is much more about the images.
    Take great pictures with high quality is really linked with the experience when they are been taken; You must love to take pictures with the cameras you love.
    And in this way the LEICA SL is the clear WINNER.
    Even more when the newest SL Lens like the future Summicron-SL-APO 35 (the future best 35mm lens of the world) and the future Summicron-SL-APO 50 arrive.
    For sure, they will have the Medium Format quality in their pictures like the Summicron-SL-APO 75 already has.
    The very success of the X1D wasn’t in its sales, but to show to the other companies in the world of photography – including LEICA – that there is an enormous market for a small medium format camera without crazy prices.

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