Edmonton Folk Festival with a Nikon F100 and FILM! By Mark Ewanchuk

Edmonton Folk Festival with a Nikon F100 and FILM!

By Mark Ewanchuk

Hi Steve and Brandon,

I hope you and your followers are well.  Attached are some photos from our recent Folk Music Festival. This year proved to be a festival of extremes–extreme heat, extreme smoke (BC forest fires…) and extreme rain later in the weekend. 

These were all taken on Fuji Superia 200 with a Canon IVSb and Lomo Jupiter 3+ lens, or a Nikon F100.

They were self-developed, and scanned on a Noritsu LS-600 scanner. 

Some fantastic performers this year, with some excellent protest songs.  (The second-last photo was a great latin band from East LA–“Las Cafeteras”–Highly recommended!)

I hope you enjoy. 

Best regards,



  1. Beautiful colors, nice shots! I like the two images with the girl and the lady with child in backlight. Didn’t use Fuji Superia for a while, this inspires me to do it again and check what my film scanner can do with its colors (I use currently a Braun FS-120 35mm/middle format scanner and Siverfast software).

  2. When I made the switch from Olympus to Nikon around the turn of the century, I bought a used Nikon F4s to try. That lasted a week. Ended up with two F100 bodies with the MB-15 power packs and fell in love. While I did not keep them long (shifted to digital for work), the F100 was a pleasure to use.

    Oh, and nice series btw. For best, it is a tossup between #2 & #3 for me.

    • Thanks very much, Richard.

      Incidentally, only two of these were taken with the F100 (last two…not counting the title image). The first two were actually taken with the Canon IVSb, and Lomo lens. The attached write-up is a bit shonky–I actually sent in eight images (got edited to four I guess, lol…) so it is really the fourth one that features “Las Cafeteras” on stage.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Tor,

      I really depends on what ISO, and which film you are trying to emulate…

      That being said, there are a lot of people out there trying to answer that question!


  3. Great photos. Beautiful colours in the girl on the path shot.
    And, it shows again that you should just use what you’re comfortable with, film, digital, old, new, whatever..

  4. Nice especially the girl on the path, it reminds me of images taken with the famous Speed Graphic/Aero Ektar 178mm. Also those top end scanners when using colour film make so much difference.

    • Thanks Ian–The Noritsu has definitely made a big difference in terms of colour-profiling. The girl, however, would not be still enough to use the Aero Ektar!


      All the best,

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