The ALL NEW Leica SL2 Announced! Specs and Photos…

The ALL NEW Leica SL2 Announced. Specs and Photos…


The Leica SL2 is announced and as rumored it comes in at 47MP and has an even higher res EVF than the original that comes in at 5.75 MP.  This new creation is a modern day version of the classic SL (that I adore, it’s still my all time fave 35mm digital camera ever).

I was invited to Germany to see it first hand last month but could not make it as the Olympus event for the EM5MKIII was during the same time. I committed to Olympus before I received the invite for the Leica, otherwise I would have been in Germany checking out the update to my all time favorite digital camera! Either way I should be getting a review unit soon so I can test it, and compare to the original.

In any case, I am excited to say that the new camera sounds like a nice update. I did have a Skype briefing with Leica and learned all about the new SL2 a few weeks ago. I admit, when I saw rumors about it I was split on it as it does move to a higher res 47MP sensor. When I tested the Q2 I found the low light performance to suffer a little due to the high resolution sensor. Sort of a trade off, more resolution but more image noise at the higher ISO.

Even so, the new SL2 has enhancements to the design to make it more user friendly. Gone are the 4 large buttons on the back and now we have a PLAY, FN and MENU button on the back left side. The camera is weather sealed and will accept L lenses from Leica, Panasonic or Sigma. You can also mount TL lenses and M lenses with an adapter. I always shoot my SL with M mount lenses. It’s just such a treat to do so because of the large EVF and I am sure it will be even nicer on the new SL2.

With that said the new SL2 appears to be a BEAST and possibly another classic in the making. It gives us much more than the SL and brings with it a faster, bolder, higher resolution camera that has me salivating to try it. At $5995 it is also more affordable than the original was when it was launched. I was fearful of a $8k price tag but seeing that one can buy a Panasonic S1 for $2500 or an S1R for $3600 the SL2 at $2400 more than the S1R may be a tough sell to anyone outside of the Leica world (those who shot Leica will understand where the $$ difference goes, it’s a Leica)!

I can say with confidence that the original SL is the only camera ever made that has lasted for me, stood the test of time, and I still own one years after it was released. No Sony, No other Leica, no Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic or (insert brand here) has been able to do this. The SL, the original, to me, is still one of the best 35mm digital cameras you can buy if you want a simple, easy to use, photographic tool. No fluff in the original but it can take a damn nice image and the color performance and dynamic range is fantastic, even for 2019.

You can still get the original SL for a steal of a deal (in Leica money). See HERE if interested. 

More deals to be found on the original HERE ranging from $3700 to $4500, NEW

You can of course go back and read my reviews below for a refresher on the SL and the S1..

Video: Is the SL still relevant in 2019? There is a lot here that is relevant to the SL2 as well. I speak of lenses, show various lenses you can use, and talk about my predictions for an SL2.

A 2019 Update on the Leica SL with TONS of photos

Panasonic S1 Review 


Leica did say they will be sending me an SL2 review unit soon, so I hope it’s sooner rather than later. I still own and use the SL original and even after all of these years it has never let me down in any way and has provided me with some of my most cherished memories over the last few years. Funny…It will be shipping on November 21st, one day after my 50th birthday. Hmmmm…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!?!?!?!?! We shall see!

My review will focus on the differences between the new and the old, using it with M mount glass and well, everything. Just as I reviewed the original in 2015 with a long detailed review and tons of photos, I will do the same with the SL2, so stay tuned!

Funny as the old version is the same price as the new over at B&H Photo (click images for more details)


And then there are Amazon Prime specials on the original..(though this one is Grey Market, so no US warranty though same as buying used (Price Wise), yet you get NEW…


I suspect we will see a price reduction (officially) on the old model soon because if you are spending $5995 and the SL1 and SL2 are priced the same, who would buy the SL1? There are deals to be had at Amazon though and you can buy a USA model for as low as $4500.


I took a look at some of the Leica image samples. One at ISO 4000, one at ISO 50 and one that has some crazy detail.

Seems like the low light will be similar to the Q2, more noisy than even the original SL (this is due to adding more MP to the sensor. Low light will suffer some). These are images from Leica, so you can click them and see larger versions. CLICK ON THE CROP and you can see the detail at 100%. If you are all about the detail, this camera can give it to you. I will have my own images, thoughts and full video as soon as I can get a hold of the camera ; ) 

My (very rough) notes from my Skype meeting with Leica…


Embargo 11/6/19 

9 am eastern time embargo

SL 2  – On sale in November.

New ergonomics 

Haptics improvement 

Character  – More stronger Leica identity 

 More comfortable  – Leica flex heritage   – Leica r elements 

Refined grip  – Iconic Leica design  – cut out in grip for fingers to fall into 

Less fatigue holding 

Leatherette same material but wraps all the way around 

Made of three parts instead of two

New interface/buttons – same as m10 and q2

Logical easy straightforward  

New quick menu and menu design  – *looks GREAT*

Video  photo menus split – black and white 

New SL2 – IP54 weather seal rating 

Magnesium and aluminum build, new leatherette wrapping all the way around 

Designed in Munich 

835G weight without battery 

5 Axis IS inside  – 5.5 stops 

47.3 MP

New AF system, contrast detect with object detect  – better performance and tracking 

5.76 MP EVF – OLED for better color and contrast 

3.2” LCD with 2.1 million dots 

Touch screen LCD 

ISO 50-50k – 14 stops of DR 

Maestro III processor – 20 FPS Electronic – 10 FPS Mechanical 

Multishot high res mode for 187 MP 


4K video on full width of sensor – SL1 was cropped  – no more 

10 BIT to memory card  – L LOG and LUT 

CINE MODE – now uses shutter angle and ASA and T stops (if using a T stop lens) – Optional can turn on in menu but turns off AF – 180 degree angle, set frame rate. 

4k/60  – 5K/30 fps cropped 

Headphone and mic jack built in 

USB C 3.1 built in  – data, tethering and power. Charge in camera with USB-C. 

Same battery as the SL

Designed and crafted in Germany

Constant firmware updates… supporting customers. Will last 5+ years before upgrade is needed where others will not, hence you may save rather than spend. 

Adapters for M lenses  – sensor has correct micro lens array for best performance with M lenses. 

All lenses stabilized, even M lenses

New object detect will search for face, eye or body 

Long exposure  – can turn off noise reduction completely  – no dark frame waiting 

Up to 30 minutes exposure for the SL2 

Leica SL now has five primes  35, 50, 75, 90 f/2  – 50 1.4 

Dual synchro drive in the lenses for faster AF

Zoom lenses 16-35-24-90 90-280 

L mount alliance  – lenses from Sigma, Panasonic also 100% compatible with the SL2. 

Compatible with more than 170 Leica lenses. 8 SL lenses, 6 TL, 70 M, 16 S….etc

Roadmap for lenses…

28, 24, 21 f/2 coming. All APO Aspherical. Same size as current summicron primes. 

All next year for these new lenses. 

Leica photos APP, iPad version coming Lightroom integration. iPad version will be able to do remote control video as well as photo. 

FOTOS app – FREE – Pro APP – $49.99 year. iPad, Raw, remote video comes with pro

Leica image shuttle for tethered shooters  – windows and Mac

**Adobe camera raw not yet finalized…shoot JPEG for now with RAW.**

Check out the press release below from Leica which includes the specs and details of this new redesigned SL. If you have $6k burning a hole in your pocket and you want an SL2, you can order one HERE. Review SOON!

A New Icon: Leica Camera Announces the New Leica SL2, Successor to the Trailblazing Leica SL

New camera resets the tone for the mirrorless market

November 6, 2019 – Building on the foundation established in 2015 with the visionary Leica SL-System, Leica Camera proudly introduces the Leica SL2, the storied brand’s new icon and next evolutionary step towards building the perfect all-purpose camera. By listening closely to the valued feedback of photographers and existing SL owners, Leica made many efforts to push the envelope of technological innovation and performance while respecting its heritage of design and legacy. In addition to a technical marvel of pure performance and unmatched build quality, the Leica SL2 is also a joyous experience to use with improved ergonomics and more comfortable grip married to the well-established, simplified three-button control layout, further unifying the Leica design language across multiple product lines. While cutting-edge new features such as in-body image stabilization unlocks newfound potential from legendary Leica M-Lenses, it simultaneously augments the growing selection of SL-Lenses which are some of the finest optics Leica has ever produced. The Leica SL2 is the natural evolution of the innovative Leica SL, serving as a groundbreaking embrace of the future of digital photography and videography while paying homage to its respected history and lineage.

CMOS sensor with 47 megapixels for superior image quality 

The unprecedented resolution of the SL2’s CMOS image sensor in full-frame format results in an unparalleled level of detail rendition and image quality. Enormous dynamic range, a color depth of 14 bits per RGB channel and a sensitivity of up to ISO 50,000 enable outstanding image quality in all lighting conditions. Even when combined with Leica TL lenses, which are designed for the smaller sensor format of the Leica TL2 and CL, the SL2’s sensor still delivers an excellent image resolution of over 20 megapixels.

Image stabilization through sensor-shift technology  

In a major evolution of the SL, the Leica SL2 features a suspended sensor which adjusts its position in order to quickly and efficiently compensate for camera shake. This in-camera method even makes image stabilization available to lenses that are not equipped with their own. 

Additionally, in multishot mode, the tripod-mounted camera can record up to eight consecutive frames, whereby the sensor is shifted in half-pixel increments in between every exposure. This key feature results in images with an incredible quadrupled resolution of around 187 megapixels, leading to an extreme increase in detail resolution. 

Improved ergonomics for stress-free shooting in any situation 

Despite significant technical improvements, the Leica SL2 is neither larger nor heavier than its predecessor and feels particularly compact to handle. This is due to the fully redesigned camera body, whose handgrip and the edges have been subtly refined for easier handling. 

Improved body design paired with increased durability make the SL2 the perfect companion for all forms of shooting. The SL2’s IP54 certification ensures an elevated weather sealing for more rugged situations, while a new option to turn off noise reduction during long exposures allows for more hands-free shooting. Less worry about the weather and environmental situations means photographers can focus more on getting the shot.  

Overall the design of the SL2 recalls more of the iconic Leica identity and traditional design DNA elements that the brand has become known and loved for.

Streamlined design with new status menus 

The Leica SL2 offers an innovative user interface whose efficient design allows photographers to focus their attention on the creative process. The design alignment with the existing M and Q systems makes the adjustment even easier for existing Leica photographers. 

The main recording parameters can be viewed on the rear display and adjusted quickly and easily with a simple finger tap. A click wheel, a joystick and three strategically placed, individually configurable buttons also contribute to a straightforward operation. Thanks to two dedicated status menus for stills and video recording, the parameters for either shooting mode can be adjusted entirely separately from each other.

Limitless connections

Featuring an L bayonet lens mount, the Leica SL2 is not only compatible with the ever-growing portfolio of SL-System lenses, but also with lenses of the TL-System and with the legendary lenses of Leica’s M, S and R-Systems via adapter, providing more than 170 Leica lens options, guaranteed to offer the right fit for any photographic scenario. The L-Mount Alliance expands this scope of possibilities even further, by giving SL2 photographers access to L-mount-compatible lenses from Sigma and Panasonic.

Maestro III processor for ultra-fast operation 

The new Maestro III processor facilitates a superior operating speed that shines in many aspects of the SL2’s performance. The autofocus is significantly faster and allows for a virtually lag-free shutter release in any shooting situation, which is further complemented by the new Smart AF mode, which autonomously switches between focus priority and shutter release priority. Full-resolution recordings of consecutive images are possible at 10 frames per second with the focal plane shutter, and 20 frames per second with the electronic shutter. Thanks to two UHS-II-compatible SD card slots, raw files can be saved simultaneously in DNG and JPEG format.

Leica EyeRes® viewfinder with even higher resolution 

The camera’s electronic viewfinder now boasts a resolution of 5.76 megapixels, allowing for a large, entirely natural-looking viewfinder image. Simultaneously, the experience is further enhanced when using the touchscreen, which has increased in size to a 3.2-inch diagonal, and now offers a significantly higher resolution of 2.1 megapixels.

Perfect tool for cinematographers

In addition to its great appeal for photographers, the Leica SL2 speaks the language of cinematographers, as the camera is able to record up to 60 frames per second in Cine 4K mode, and up to 180 frames per second in Full-HD mode. Activating Cine mode transforms the SL2 into a manually controlled cine camera as ISO becomes ASA, the shutter speed is marked in degrees on the rotary disk shutter, and the f-stops indicating the aperture ratio are replaced by T-stops, which measure the actual amount of light transmitted through the lens. Connecting audio equipment to the Leica SL2 no longer requires the use of adapters, as the camera now features a build in headphones and mic jack, complemented by a fully-fledged HDMI connector for external monitors. 

The Leica SL2 is available in Leica Stores and Leica Boutiques beginning November 21, 2019, at a recommended retail price of $5,995.


  1. Dear Steve,

    I really enjoy your reviews, they are lively and frank. After seeing images taken by Leica cameras and reading your reviews, I am convinced that I should consider buying a Leica camera. The images have a distinct feel to it and they definitely look more appealing.

    I am having a dilemma of purchasing a Leica Q2 or SL or SL2. I do not change lenses often, therefore Q2 suits my needs. I am also inclined toward Q2 because it is cheaper than an SL or SL2 system. If I remember correctly, some fine sand was able to enter into your Q2. This definitely had a negative effect on me and Leica initially didn’t want to consider this problem within the warranty terms and this reduced my faith in Leica Customer Service.

    When it comes to SL vs. SL2, the fact that you really have liked your SL, just like many other photographers that I read online, makes me think twice about SL2. SL2 has a higher resolution sensor, a faster processor, and in-body image stabilization and many other improvements but I might be more than okay with an SL as it can deliver very high-quality images with half of the SL2 price at this moment.

    I am looking forward to reading your comments and the upcoming review on SL2.

    Best luck…


  2. As much as you like the M lenses on the SL, I like the R lenses. I still have a bunch from the 80s and 90s. They were already great on the SL. But with the higher resolution of the SL2, the high res mode (187 MP) and the IBIS, it will be really fantastic to use them. Additionally Leica has finally given in and has allowed the option to turn off LENR, which was a big problm for astronomy photography. And for longterm power there is now a USB-C power connection It is hard to believe, but Leica have implemented in the new camera almost all improvement requests that SL users listed in the SL forum. I am positively surprised by this response. (And I am not used to that from other camera providers.)

  3. Like many others out there, I am looking forward to your review on this camera. The things I would like to know about is how well the M lense work relative to Panasonic S1 if you still have it. That would be the biggest reason for me to purchase the SL2 instead of the Panasonic offering. Another is the battery life. Since it now has IBIS, and yet kept the same battery, I suspect it suffers greatly compared to the original SL.

    • It is possible to use an external USB power bank (for example from Anker) to provide power to the SL2 on the fly. They are typically used for phones but will work just as well with the SL2. And they are usually much bigger than the internal battery. So I see no problem at all, even if the SL2 should need more energy than the SL. You could even put it in your jacket in winter time to keep it warm. (You do not use the power bank to recharge the internal battery, but instead you provide directly power to the SL2.)

  4. HI
    Steve,I purchase my first Leica this year the D-Lux 7 which I enjoy using more then my Nikon D850 if you can believe.I heard Peter Karbe from Leica say if he could only own one Leica lens it would be the 35mm apo 2.0 with the SL2.I hope that you get that lens to try out along side a 35mm M mount lens. That would be a fun comparison.

  5. Hello,
    Well, I shifted from the M to the SL, just as the M10 was issued…
    I was in love with the M but my eyesight just couldn’t cope with the telemeter system. That was my main reason for change, despite the bigger size, and missing the fancy M body and simplicity…
    This being said, since I am using the SL it has proven itself to be extremely reliable, it’s a tank it has sustained travels, water, shocks and never ever gave up… a lot more than what the M could get (telemeter was becoming off and had to go probably twice a year to make it set again…)
    Of course the viewfinder made the difference from any other camera I had before (Sony’s).

    Menus of the SL would be my only critic of the system (Long push, short push ???) and I see on the SL2 they give less buttons to mess around and hope they made it simpler.

    Would I have the money now I would most likely go for the SL2 unless they would fit it inside an M body ! 😉
    I keep dreaming !

    Main issue I would have with the SL2 is the low light performances, and I hope Steve to see what you can get out of it !

    Enjoy !


  6. Dear Steve, I just wanted to thank you for all your time and reviews. I’m a bit of a huff junkie and always check in with you for a look and feel of a camera. The only camera I’ve ever had seller’s remorse over is my SL. And reading this I’m more inclined to revert back to the original SL than the new; the new SL2 specs are awesome and the prices tag is shockingly good, but that sweet spot of 24mp and how amazing the camera is makes me want to revert back. Life changing Camera. (And I was sponsored by Hasselblad for years). It’s all about loving your camera. That’s what I miss. I genuinely loved my SL. It’s tactile and it’s mental. And the images were awesome. I’m sure SL2 is even better. For now I’ll go back for a bit and enjoy 24mp SL … then let’s see! Cheers!

    • Thank you Francis! I agree, at least for me I need to really love my camera because when I do, it inspires me to shoot it. THat’s what Leica has always done for me. Other brands have as well to some extent but the SL (original) still offers all I need in a stills camera and does it better than the rest due to the handling, EVF, ability to use M lenses without issues, and the build quality/pride of ownership. I can’t wait to give the SL2 a try though ; )

  7. Steve I value you review very much. As a fellow SL and X1D user I await your full review of the SL2.
    Specifically on the SL2 performance with M glass (cause that’s what I use my SL for).

    If it’s that good I will probably sell my spare SL body for an SL2. However, I’m still quite happy with my Leica Q and have found no reason to get the Q2.


  8. A quality product is the key to success. I love when a product is not only high-quality, but also interesting and vibrant. I recently ordered a push pin travel map from I was pleasantly surprised. It is very nice when the seller takes care of the buyer.

  9. I’m really surprised at the support given to customers expressed here.
    My experience has been totally supportive ( Manchester Leica)
    Choose your dealer carefully would seem to be the message.
    As for the Leica SL2 , time will tell, I’m guessing it will be a huge success for Leica. Trading my SL in for the SL2 and it will be used hard on a daily basis.

  10. This looks like an S1

    I am not commenting on user experience because I can not

    But they appear to have put s1 guts in in SL?

    Then there is of course processor.

  11. Really looking forward to read your review, I’m sure it will be a fantastic camera for ISO up to 800, really not so sure above it. There’s something about this 47 mp sensor related to the rendering of noise / grain which is not that pleasing. Very “digital” with almost water color effect. We have seeing this on the Q2 and the same can be said for the SR1. Not sure how the SL2 will differ from that. I’m happy with the current Leica gear I use (SL and M), but not at all convinced by this new sensor generation. Just a suggestion for the review, it would be very meaningful to have a comparison with the X1D files from ISO 1600 and above. Thanks!
    Cheers from Italy

  12. Now I have a dilemma – I am a one camera guy – just because I love to really get into a system. I spent a couple of years loving the M10 (because I have had Leica’s for ever and need say no more) – and recently have been blown away by the EOS R and RF 24-70 f2.8 (really by the lens rather than the camera) – it works well for me for everything – family, family sport – stills and video. I thought I was settled and had gotten past my Leica lust, now along comes the SL2. I am looking forward to seeing how the SL2 + 24-90 lens stacks up to what I have with Canon. I hope it is better as I am “happiest” holding a Leica. Leica fans understand what I mean.

  13. Is the Leica SL2 diopter adjustment the same as the SL1 at -4 to only +2? (which is the same as the Panasonic S1). I don’t get it. Put in beautiful world class EVF resolution on these cameras and then cheap out by limiting the diopter adjustment range to make it unusable for some and/or in the future to grow with as one’s eyes require a stronger prescription. I can get +4 diopter adjustments on cheap cameras.

  14. Let’s hope it will be more trusty than my previous Leica cameras (M9-P & MM1: cracked sensor, S007 : video board dead after the second shooting. I bought the three cameras new).
    My Q1 and MM2, on the other hand, never failed me.
    As a pro, I don’t trust Leica anymore for paid jobs.
    Great for the die-hard fan only, in my opinion.

    • Never once have I had an issue with the SL, and my current one has been dropped, in the rain, in mud and banged up. The M is another story though as I have had them give me issues in the past. I did use an M for months of paid pro work a few years back and the only failure I had then was with the Noctilux lens, but normally the rangefinder drifts out of alignment over time, which is no fun. I no longer shoot M’s because of the mechanical issues that may creep up. The SL gives me zero worries. It’s tougher than any other mirrorless brand of camera made today (Canon, Sony, whoever). I am speaking of the original SL as I have yet to use an SL2. Thanks.

      • Your mileage may vary Steve.
        I can’t believe I have been unlucky 3 times in a row. Let alone the AWFUL service I got from Wetzlar (they kept my S007 for 6 months with no loaner and a regular apology letter to close the case).
        I have always cuddled and protected my gear.
        I have switched to a Canon 5DmkIV and red lenses that never, never malfunctioned once.
        As much as I loved my Leica cameras (more than 55 000$ over 10 years), my love/hate relationship is over.

      • Ok, so I am a little beyond an “amateur” only because I don’t do this professionally for a living, and I like it that way – it keeps the passion in my work that was lost after 25+ years as an architect, successful, but the clients and bureaucracy killed all the joy… That said, turned photographer from my old days in film, I have been around long enough to see the frills come and go. I’ve used Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Olympus and there’s a lot to be said about all of them, mostly good during their “period of importance” (that’s an official term legally). Not wanting to get into the weeds here, Leica simply is what it is…Expensive, yes, really really expensive for what it is… – sometimes cumbersome and unforgiving, yes, especially with (re) learning its completely manual aspects with the M-system and manual focus lenses. Check that box too. Really crappy customer/technical support and service, yup that too. Ok you’ve heard many of the common gripes…. Face it, a Leica is a Leica. It’s German, it’s built the old-school ways like a Swiss watch. Sometimes they need fixing or adjusting, but some guy names Dieter who couldn’t care less what you think will fix it in his/her own sweet time. Suck it up, it’s worth it if you don’t want a superseded piece of plastic that crushes your soul when the “new gee whiz” one comes out next year.

        Leica optics are near perfection and the good lenses generally cost almost twice or more than the camera. The cameras are pieces of technical art perfection, while still Panzer tanks that now don’t seem to be giving the finger to the competition, just a little late as always (and indifferently arrogant) to the show up with a finer instrument – the new SL2 is now streamlined to carefully match their other flagship products (Q2, M10P, CL…) despite its enormous horsepower – they’re all great and very easy to use despite their internal complexity, that ironically the onerous now falls on the competition increasingly with all their bells and whistles frosted to the outside body (Lumix S1R for example). I own one of those too, and I love it, but it’s huge, heavy and not well thought through in a rush to market – Leica could care less, and built a sleeker, sexier, and far better future-proof camera based on input from their SL users moreso than what others were rushing to Photokina – Weitzlar carefully watched and waited and did it right. And didn’t overdo it with stupid stuff nobody needs. Just the essentials. Down to the nuts.

        So, as I was saying from my own humble experience: a Leica is still what is has always been, but better and more competitive without being a chaser. It’s in a class of its own. If you can’t afford one now, don’t buy another camera and save your money – it’s well worth it and probably cheaper over time unless you are a gear junkie. Get over it, if you think I’m snotty about this, well I guess I am. It’s not for everybody. There will always be a critic. But in time you have in this world, why sweat the fly shit in the pepper? I’ve shot them all, and I have sold everything that wasn’t broken before it’s time and gave the rest away. My Leica gear is tried and true and but for a few keeper icons, it’s the way to go – including the attitude, wait, snotty service, price tag and all. (It helps a lot to get to know the people at their stores, and take some workshops). Better yet, put one or two pairings through the paces before buying anything. Leica will not only inspire you, albeit with lots and lots of thankless practice, an empty bank account, and endless criticism of your work – if you have any skills at all, they will get better. Much better. If they don’t, you should probably stick to something else. Like a nice pair of Italian shoes or a Ferrari, excellence in equipment that makes you better is generally not meant to be comfortable or automatic, but is there any comparison?

        Note: this is my personal opinion, I am not a paid professional or have any affiliation with Leica. As my teenage son would say, there’s a complaint number you can call for help: 1-800-Figure-it-the-fuck-out…

  15. “those who shot Leica will understand where the $$ difference goes,”

    A blob of red paint can’t be that expensive, surely? 😉

    • Nothing at all to do with the red paint, but you do not shoot Leica (I can tell from your comment). It has to do with all I have talked about for years here. The build, the feel, the versatility, the EVF, the manual focus experience, the simplicity of the system, the menus and the operation. The intuitive nature of the camera, the grip, the whole package. The SL 1 still to this day gives me better IQ and color than my Sony A7III, my Olympus, My Panasonic..and it is also much more enjoyable to shoot. I prefer the original SL to the M these days, but shooting it is like nothing else when I attach a nice M lens to it. The Sony doesn’t get close in IQ, feel, or experience, nothing does for me which is why it is still, four years later, my fave camera ever. I am not so sure I will go to the 2 as I am not a huge fan of 47MP cameras for ME but many do want more MP as today people seem to be all about microscopic details for some reason. In any case, the SL is still an amazing camera (the original) and built to last a long long time. I have never had to send in an SL for repair (me) but have had to send in a few M’s. The SL and apparently the SL2 are truly built to another level over something like a Panasonic, Sony, etc. Thank you.

      • Steve, I noticed you never mention the Nikon Z. I find it great to adapt M lenses and any other systems lenses (Sony, Canon,..)

        It’s light, great low ISO and costs 1/4th of Leica

        I do have Leica lenses and cameras too, but no SL

        • I reviewed the Z6 and enjoyed it but it wasn’t a camera I enjoyed or was excited by enough for me to buy personally. I wasn’t a fan of how M lenses did on the Z6 or the Canon EOS-R. I also wast a fan of the Nikon lens lineup or Nikon skin tone colors, personally. I also didn’t like that it only took a XQD card. If I were a nature or landscape shooter, maybe. But I have not been into Nikon personally for many years. Great camera, just not for me and my tastes (to buy one). I think it’s a better buy than a Sony A7III though, and I own an A7III (mostly for review purposes/lenses). With that said, I still much prefer using my SL with M lenses over any other camera, even an M.

          • Steve, I admire your passion and appreciate your honest feedback, I must say that my Z6 performs better with some difficult lenses (such as Nocti f1, summicron 28) than my Leica M9!

            will you be comparing SL vs SL2 (possibly M10) with M lenses?

            Seen how much you love your SL, I look forward to your personal opinion!


      • Oh, Steve, it was a joke. Couldn’t you tell by the smiley?

        Mind you, your (it seems to me) somewhat defensive reply does raise a vaguely serious point, something which irritates me a bit – tribalism among camera owners.

        It manifests in various ways. In the old days rangefinder v SLR, negative v transparency and so on, nowadays film v digital, DSLR v mirrorless, full frame v crop and one manufacturer v the rest. I used to be (in film days) a bit that way re Pentax, though not any more since they’ve decided not to do a decent mirrorless or compact (that’s by MY definition of ‘decent’, of course). Though the worst I came across was a chap I worked with years ago, who was such a Canon fanatic that he would go into a rage if anyone dared to suggest that their non-Canon camera was, in any way at all, better.

        Since digital, I have owned, and still own, various makes. They all have good and bad points, but that’s just something you deal with. They are just tools to do a job, some are better or easier to use for one job than another. I doubt I would feel comfortable using the SL2 – I couldn’t afford one or the lense and if I was given one I’d be afraid to use it in case I dropped it or lost it or whatever.

        As for using other Leicas… well, the lenses I use on my Lumix G6 all seem to have Leica written on them and they are pretty good lenses. And my always-in-my-pocket camera is a Lumix LF1, which is basically (excepting a slightly different casing, possibly modified firmware and, of course, a red dot ;-)) a Leica C (Typ 112). Which I again rather like using and get good results with.

        I also enjoy using my Nikon-1 V2 and get good results with that quite easily, but get a fair amount of cr@p from other people about it (usually people who’ve never used one or even read reviews of it, they just know! – your review of it mentions that sort of thing). So what? If I can take that, Leica owners should be able to take mild ribbing.

        Anyway, I wish you well with your new kit. Have fun!

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