VIDEO: Sony 18-135 OSS with the A6500 for Street Photography.

VIDEO: Sony 18-135 OSS with the A6500 for Street Photography

Yesterday I posted an article on my time in Hawaii with the Sony A9, RX0 and A6500 along with the new 18-135 OOS Lens. Here is a video with more on that lens. Images and thoughts. I did not have it ready when yesterdays article went up so some of you may have missed it. Overall, the Sony 18-135 which gives around a 28-200 equivalent FOV is a fantastic and small lens for the A6000 series of cameras. Not a G Master or Zeiss but not priced like one either. This is basically my 1st look and use of the lens, of which I had for a day. Enjoy!

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  1. Steve it’s always refreshing to see you get away from ‘test shots’ and stretch your legs with some genuine street photography. It reminds us you’re more than just a mouthpiece ; ) We were in Hawaii last year and in one or two hours of walking Honolulu’s Chinatown I got a ton of ‘keepers’. It’s a great spot for street photography and any street photographer who finds him/herself in Hawaii must get him/herself there!

  2. Steve, Thanks very much for this presentation! Music in my ears when you included a6000 in your range of suitable cameras. That’s as far as I got with the NEX-style line having started with the C3, and added the 6 along the way.
    I really like them as cameras and prefer to reduce lens changing by keeping the three bodies. Sounds like this lens would really reduce the number of bodies I need to take on holidays and other trips! Otherwise, when I’m at home, its Leicaland with the X2 or the X-Vario for me, but I’m quite happy with the different renderings (and quality) between Sony and Leica. Many thanks for your reviews and a belated Happy New Year from Denmark!

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