One Camera One lens. The M262 and 35mm Summicron in Athens By Kenneth Moller

One Camera One lens. The M262 and 35mm Summicron in Athens

By Kenneth Moller

A few months back, I took the plunge. I sold all my Canon gear, L lenses an all, and got a Leica M262 with a 35mm ASPH F2 Summicron.

That meant goodbye autofocus, goodbye focusing closer than 0.7 meters and, since I got at 262, goodby live view and video. It also meant one camera and one lens because I could’nt afford more than the Summicron. I’m still in the honeymoon faze with this camera and the only complaint I have, is not being able to get closer than 70 cm. But, for what I typically shoot, this is the perfect, minimal setup. At some point I hope to be able to afford a 50mm of some kind, but for now I really enjoy this combination and how it forces me to really get to know the lens. It’s so versatile and compact. And the build quality is amazing.

Now about the photos: I had a few days in Athens and brought my camera everywhere I went to test it in all kinds of light. So below you’ll find a few night-shots, some street shots and a few touristy ones. Hope you like them. I certainly enjoyed taking them.

Best wishes
Kenneth Moller
Copenhagen, Denmark

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  1. What people don’t understand about using a Leica M is that it’s not about the glass. It’s about how you see through the rangefinder window. Not looking though the tunnel of an SLR or EVF everything from near to far is sharp in the RF window. You can work looser and more freely.

  2. I bought a used X100s in August 2016 and since then, I have hardly touched my other gear (Nikon 1, Canon DSLR, Panasonic and analog cameras). The X100s is amazing, but not perfect (focus is far from it).
    As the X100s’ lens (23mm) is the equivalent of a 35mm full frame, could you please enlighten us how, in your experience, the Leica is different/better?

  3. Trying the same type of effort myself with a Fuji X100S with a TCL-X100 attached to give a 50mm FOV. After decades with a bag full of lenses, I am enjoying the lighter weight in retirement. I prefer monochrome images but see some b&w possibilities in your compositions! Enjoy the setup you have and keep experimenting with it!

    • Thank you : ) Yea, a lighter, simpler setup means you have the camera with you more. Had the X100 and the X100S for a while too. Fuji does it right. Great cameras.

  4. Leica is your destiny. Great images 🙂 Buy a really old collapsable 50mm – they can be had for a good price and are plenty sharp for making art. København er Nordens perle…

  5. Lucky you to have landed the gear that really opens things up in a new way for you! Your pleasure in experimenting comes over in your pictures. I like the third one and the last five in particular. I’m getting to know the 35mm field of view with an X2 at the moment. (JN – near Copenhagen DK !)

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