Olympus OM-D HD Video Samples and Fuji X-Pro 1 side by side video test!

Olympus OM-D HD Video Samples and Fuji X-Pro 1 side by side video test!

So today I took a stroll to the Zoo to test the video of the OM-D and Fuji X-Pro 1 inside the aquariums where the light is low and the color is plentiful. I brought along the OM-D E-M5 with the Olympus 12mm and 45mm lenses. The Fuji was armed with the 18mm f/2. I have shot some fun clips while testing the OM-D E-M5 and my 1st impression was “WOW! This 5-Axis IS works GREAT”!

When shooting video on the Olympus there is no more Jello effect that plagued the E-P3. The 5-Axis IS makes the video almost “steady cam-ish” with its fluidity. The color is solid and the noise well controlled and when I put the video side by side with the Fuji video shot at the same time, well….you can see what happened.

My review is in progress but I have more shooting to do before I publish it. Also, updating the Fuji firmware tonight and will check that out as well. I am very happy Fuji fixed the chatter problem and while it was a non issue to many, it was an issue to some. Good to see Fuji releasing an update so soon, so way to go Fuji!

Now..on to the video! Yes, all of it was handheld. Don’t forget to set quality to 1080P!


  1. Fuji is coming out with a zoom with IS, this may help. Fuji does beat the M9 in video. Who realy wants video, for anything more then fun. Film is good.

  2. This was really helpful. I had my mind made up to get a e-m5, but i work for a retailer and I just found out I can get a killer deal on the x-pro1. Now the decision has gotten a lot harder. I hadn’t thought about how drastically the Fuji’s focusing issues would factor in and how awesome the Olympus’s stabalizer would be for video.

  3. While everyone is railing on the image quality. I am stunned by the 5 axis stabilization. It almost looks like the camera could be used seriously without a glide-cam unit. Wow!.

  4. Great review I have an application that needs an all in one solution due to budget and with good video and good IQ does any one know if the OM has a port to use a mic on some one? if I can lav mic someone and get great IQ on pics this might be the winner

    • There is not a mic input on the camera though you can buy the Olympus SEMA-1 (I think that is it) which attaches to the hot shoe and has a mic input. Never tried it but ordered on so I could. Will talk about it in the review. Thanks!

    • I tried! The Fuji would not AF in the lower light, which is what I have been saying all along. The Oly was so fast to AF you could not even tell it was focusing.

  5. Hey Steve, that was a nicely shot sample video there, and I can understand why the XP1 owners aren’t happy with your test (I am an XP1 owner too, and didn’t really like your ‘crazy’ ISO comparison). This really showed what the OMD can do.

    I went and tested one myself and I like some of the ideas Olympus has, such as zooming in automatically when you’re focusing manually. It’s also easy to pick up and use, so I can see its appeal. Having said that, I’m not into shooting videos, so for me it’s not what I need right now, well, not until I have kids.

    Here’s hoping Olympus makes an APS-C or FF OMD, then I might jump ship.

  6. Hey Steve, this makes me wonder, are you ever gonna do another test video with the NEX 7 or 5n with the 24mm and 50mm?

  7. I do not believe that I actually read all the comments up to this place. Some guys really can not accept different opinions or different preferences.

    Steve – you do a great work here and I very much appreciate the style of your reviews (and other content too). Thank you very much. I hope to be able to keep visiting your webpage for years to come.

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, photozopia has just been escorted out of the building! Bye!

    Thank goodness KR has no comments!

  9. Folks,

    I’ve been visiting Steve’s website for over a year now and I figured I’d chime in with my perspective on this. I’ll say up front that I don’t own a mirrorless camera or DSLR for that matter – just a simple point n’ shoot Canon. That being said, the mirrorless cameras announced recently have intrigued me – to the point where I’m just waiting to see what Canon will hopefully announce this year before I buy a system. (Canon or otherwise).

    It seems like folks get really passionate about cameras and their pros and cons. The fact of the matter is for me (and I assume many people like me) there’s never going to be a perfect camera – one that does everything perfectly. If there is such a camera, it’ll only last a few months until a competitor releases a camera that performs better in one feature or another.

    Going back to the comparison between the X-Pro 1 and EM-5, when the rumors of the x-pro 1 were floating around prior to CES, I thought Fuji nailed it – Leica like quality at a lower price point. My only hope what that they included a good video mode as well – and maybe still can with IS lenses on their roadmap. When I buy a camera system, it’s going to primarily be used for photographing my 2 young children and travelling. For me personally, having good video capabilities is an absolute must as I don’t want to lug around a camcorder + a camera. Having fast / accurate AF is also important, again because of my kids being photographed.

    Based on the video samples above, and others around the web, I’m pretty sure I’m ruling out the Fuji x-Pro 1 for now and seriously considering the EM-5. If you’re main focus is photographs only, then there’s no reason to fret regarding a video recording comparison of 2 cameras. The Fuji looks to have fantastic photo quality. If you’re skilled enough at photography (I am not), I believe you can probably work around a slow AF system as you use the camera more and more – like getting comfortable a nice pair of jeans. I think I get the point Steve is trying to make though – the Fuji doesn’t appear to be a do it all camera, and may be difficult justifying the higher cost compared to the Olympus which is cheaper. If you put a higher value on image quality though, this obviously goes out the window as you can probably justify spending a few extra hundred for that. Just realize that everyone who buys a Mirrorless or DSLR isn’t looking for ultimate Image Quality at the expense of some other features.

    Steve, thanks for putting up reviews / blog posts such as this. While I don’t use any one opinion as the ultimate answer, I often take the points you make into consideration when looking for a camera, and learning how to photograph.

    Please keep it up!

  10. Oh no, Steve, your secret is out! We now know for sure that Olympus is paying you to bash Fuji. I just hope that you didn’t agree to be paid in stock options – have you seen the Olympus share price lately? And, by the way, we have just received official confirmation that the moon landings were actually staged by the CIA in a disused quarry in Arizona and that Elvis is alive and well in his holding cell in Area 51. Get a grip, people…

  11. Just, wow Photozopia. Do you work for Fuji? I hope they aren’t paying you too much. You really aren’t that believable. For someone who is suspect of Steve Huff’s impartiality, you certainly practice a lot of participation on his site.

    For the record Steve Huff, I enjoyed this review and appreciate the work you do. Keep it up.

  12. Hmm it always chuckled me up every time some fan boy got pissed off because you think there’s a better camera than his (it’s always a guy :)) get over it.
    No camera is perfect, I own a D700 and EP-1, let me tell you this EP-1 is a slooow camera and horrible at high iso and yet for its quirkiness I love it.

    Will I get offended if someone said EP-1 is a terrible camera and I made a bad camera choice?

    Nope. Not at all. Heck, I’ll probably agree with him.

    Why ? Because I have a life hehehehe

    Seriously, nothing that Steve stated is a lie, it’s just down to whether or not you’re willing to live with it or not and I agree with Steve’s assertion: IQ is not the only thing that matters because with cameras like anything else in the world there’s always trade off.

    So if you like Xpro 1 for what it is and willing to live with it then more power to you, if you don’t there’s always option. Get used to fact some folks might not share the same view, in the end it’s only camera folks! some of you fan boys got so worked up as if Steve is insulting your momma lol

    I don’t know how long most people here have been Fuji’s pro digital camera, I used to have a Fuji S2Pro DSLR together side by side with Nikon D100, strictly IQ, the S2Pro kicks D100’s ass, the file is gorgeous but in the end I sold S2Pro because I can’t tolerate its quirkiness for something labeled as a ‘pro camera’ not when your livelihood depended on getting the image right. To me that’s always how a pro fuji digital camera is, drop dead gorgeous file, superb IQ but very quirky, now it’s a matter if you can accept it or not.

  13. Notice that most of the comments are not about how good the E M5 is but how disgruntled the Fuji fans feel. Years of systematic thought control will not allow the idea of anything outside of 35mm or aps c being as capable or in any way better. The fundamental 4/3 design was always better for digital. Now we have improved sensors all the other benefits which were there from the beginning suddenly make dslr’s look antiquated.

    • Ropo – do some wider reading – the OMD sensor is not as good as some would like/imagine it to be.

      It’s clearly not a D4 or EOSX beater – most honest tests rate it a small improvement on current 4/3rd stuff. Quite where you got the concept that a sensor based upon an out-dated TV format vacuum tube receptor measurement as always being “… better for digital ….” I really don’t know.

      If manufacturers could have churned out cheap FF 35mm sensors from the outset, and fitted them into their existing ranges, none of the small format cameras would have seen the light of day. Even now, the 35mm sensor is a far more costly production option compared to APS or smaller formats.

      Production cost and greater technological difficulties are the reason for small-sensor cameras ….

      • Photozopia your wikipedia induced comment betrays your leanings. You conveniently fail to recognise that this ratio is by far the most popular, close to medium format, better for portraiture and better for standard print format. The point being that the squarer ratio utilises the imaging circle optimally. The 4/3 spec ensured telecentricity by making the mount twice as wide as the sensor diagonal. If aps c used the same standard the lenses would be enormous mainly due to the wider RATIO. Crop aps c in to 4/3 and the sensor size is minimaly different. No soft corners and lens body optimisation!

  14. Controversy creates page hits, pure and simple. Steve is tying to earn a living off the public’s collective GAS for new camera’s and with a free website, that means he has to generate hits. Now granted simply reviewing a hot new camera gets plenty of attention, but what brings people back ? Catering to human nature.

    People can’t resist clicking a link and heading back to this page even after they read a review for 3 main reasons.

    1- affirmation – “OMG, Steve says camera X is better than camera Y, I’m so smart/such a good photographer because I bought X. I can’t wait to read “proof” of what I good choice I made”

    2- conflict – “OMG, Steve says camera X is better than camera Y, I own camera Y and therefore need to gather my collective troops and rush into a user comment battle showing how wrong Steve is and making sure I prove (to myself) that I made the right choice”

    3- entertainment/interaction – “OMG, Steve says camera X is better than camera Y. I don’t own either camera or really care but I’m going to get some popcorn and watch the fanboys duke it out. Perhaps I’ll throw some fuel onto the fire and make some silly blanket statements just to stir the pot more”

    All three examples are classic examples of internet camera forum behavior. Not that all photographers are like this, but the ones that literally spend hours each day on web forums are, and there are a lot of them. Enough to make their web traffic a viable business in itself.

    Steve merely provides a service, giving people what they want. Some may call a comparison apples to oranges and say its pointless, but in the time they say that, 100’s of others will have clicked the links because they can’t get enough of this type of content.

  15. So, you disagree with Steve’s opinion: than offer your arguments and proofs, don’t just act offended and sulky!

    • Have you not been reading the threads – anyone disagreeing with the OMD hype machine is shot down in flames – no matter what their evidence.

      • Aren’t you supposed to be going elsewhere already? Really man, it’s getting old. With all you’re chatter here, you’ve never really contested any of Steve’s claims. You’re all “Please don’t be so mean with my over-priced Leica wannabe”.

        So How’s the focus on your Fuji?, or is it about learning and adopting to it’s quirks? That’s what I call skyeeewwed.

      • Hypocrisy of the highest level here. All you’re doing is responding to every seemingly positive post with something negative. Anyone who brisked through the comments page will know.

        Why are you so defensive of your Fuji gear? Just go out and shoot ffs.

      • When evidence is produced that compares two heavily hyped cameras and the cameras demonstrate different strengths and weaknesses, you complain it’s a hype machine for one.

        This is how you are coming across.

  16. I am exremely happy to see this video result from the OM-D. Your footage indoors, gave me the experience as if I was watching a high quality National Geographic show. As well I can’t believe the obvious difference between the Fuji and Olympus – – – – I presumed the Fuji would maybe be on par, but obviously nowhere close – at least in that environment. And the stabilization is incredible compared to the struggles I experience hand holding my E-PL1. Thank you for this footage and your thoughts.


  17. I really do love this site…but I’m growing tired of loop-sided comparisons. Steve you keep using the Fuji 18mm which is well know to be the most inferior of the primes from Fuji. Everyone know XP1 video is an after thought. Olympus nailed IS and fast focus and has produced a fantastic camera. But these are such different tools! The images out of the XP1 are breath taking and we haven’t even seen the potential of RAW files yet. This is matter of choosing the right tool based on individual needs. Personally I’d love to own both cameras for very different reasons. To me comparing OMD to NEX-7 is more apples to apples. I’ve been shooting the XP1 18mm and 35mm. The image quality out of the 35mm is (IMO) way better. I guess my point is “don’t use a screw driver as a hammer and then say it’s a crappy hammer”. That said….I really do love your site and the work you do…you inspire us all to be passionate about our photography. Thanks!

    • I really like the comparisions on this site. No lab tests, loads of numbers, but popular camera’s that are being compared by taking pictures and videos. It makes people think about what they want and need in a camera.

      • If you think the tests here validate any camera, from any manufacturer, you need to look at a few more sites my friend.

        Frequently, the comparison is less ‘apples & oranges’ – more like ‘bananas & canoes’.

        See scotw comment re. β€œdon’t use a screw driver as a hammer and then say it’s a crappy hammer” as a base metaphor and you won’t go wrong.

      • It is never possible to do a apples to apples comparison in photography. Is anyone ready to strip the Leica of its ‘signature’ color and ‘usability’ and do a review as a camera? The only way to compare is a) very scientific like DxOmark or b) your style of shooting. You can definitely shoot amazing videos with the Fuji. The point is, you would need the patience of a Saint and time available along with that patience. Plus you need to get into the Fuji’s skin and understand it like how it thinks when you present a scene. The Olympus probably is going to make your life so easy that you can start shooting right away and start focusing on your creative craft. You may need a few months of understanding the Fuji before you start focusing on your creative side. Then you realize two things: a) the Fuji is just a little bit better than the Olympus b) that the next gen Fuji is even better and you want to start the journey of creeping under its skin again!! I have the similar problem with the Panasonic LC1. It shoots fantastic photos, but is a dog of a camera to boot. I love it so much I miss so many good pictures!

  18. Man, you give a good review of the Pro and the Fuji crowd still can’t get enough praise to satisfy themselves. You haven’t said anything that no other reviewer hasn’t mention was a flaw in the the Pro. This vid made me want to get my hands on my OMD even more! Thanks!

  19. Thanks as usual for all the good work steve
    Reading the blogs – I think you have no need to defend what you say or what you test.
    You’re above the fray! Every test, however unfair it may seem to some, always has new information, and that per se is valuable.

    With respect to the X1Pro, which I own, and agree with every critique put forward so far, perhaps at some point a summary on “how best to use it given its limitations” to get the best out of it would be good, along with a prioritized wishlist for fixes hoping Fuji will listen (the chatter wasnt top on my list, AF accuracy and the AF speed are).

  20. Hi Steve,

    Very much looking forward to your full review. If it isn’t off-topic could you share the source of the soundtrack at the start of the video. I want that CD. πŸ™‚


  21. Hi Steve.
    I’m amazed by this video and thx so much for this!
    Since few weeks I was looking for a mirrorless cam (because it is small) which could be a good partner for video recording (I have a small project and don’t want to use a DSLR as I need something small).
    I’ve had trouble finding informations and good examples of OUT OF CAMERA videos with other mirrorless cams…so thx so much for showing us this.
    It seems the OM-D is the deal of the year…amazing IQ…your video is so clear…and the IS seems OUTSTANDING!!! Looks like I could make some professional looking videos really easily with this cam. Do you know if it’s possible to put a wireless mic on it (I have a mic on my shirt…and the camera records).


  22. The Fuji xpro1 has won numerous photo awards and had hundreds of good reviews. So I find your comments on this camera very surprising. What digital camera magazine says it is the camera Leica will wish they had made. Maybe that is why you are criticising it.

    • So I state facts and say that the Fuji has slow AF that hunts in low light, it overexposes, it has awful MF implementation, quirky close focus operation, lens chatter and odd start up issues at times but you are surprised? Why? I said much of the same in my X100 review yet it was received as a positive review. The fact is that some people who purchase Camera A will get upset when anyone says they like Camera B better. Has existed forever in this hobby. Again, I state facts and my opinion after using all of these cameras extensively. I like the X-Pro 1, always said I did. Would I give it an award? No, too many quirks. Would I give the M9 an award? No, much too expensive. Would i give the NEX-7 an award? No – though it was and is innovative. How about a Nikon V1? Almost but it has some flaws as well. Any past Micro 4/3 camera? No, not really as there were too many limitations. OM-D..Maybe as I have yet to find a negative and the cost is right.

      and no, I do not wish Leica made the Fuji, then it would be a $5-$6000 camera and it is a bit overpriced at $1699 as it is.

      My MAIN niggle with it? Slow AF in lower light, even at dusk. I missed MANY shots when using the AF in the evening. The quirky start up bug/SD card issue that no other digital camera has. The lens chatter (which appears to be solved with the new FW). Close focus issues when using OVF. Closer focus needs macro mode enabled even though the lenses do not even do macro. Overexposing (though its easy to set Exposure Comp, why should we have to)? I could make excuses for these things because the IQ is so good but by me taking about it will mean that maybe Fuji will address these issues in FW or the next version of the X-Pro.

      Other than the little quirks I mentioned I love it. The AWB is good, color is good, JPEGS are great, and the 35 1.4 is soooo deliciously good in its rendering. In daylight the focus is fine, its quick. IQ beats the OM-D due to sensor size, color and ability to get that creamy look from the fast glass. No need to get offended by me stating true facts that many others have pointed out as well. πŸ™‚ Read my review, it’s positive. Also, no need to get upset because I tested a feature that the camera has and is advertised to have. Video is a part of this camera and that is also a fact so why wouldn’t I test it? I tested everything else with it so why omit the video?

      I have no reason to lie about any camera, and for over 3 years here I have stated my opinions, will continue to do so. Thanks for reading.

      • So with this answer, we can safely say Steve is dumping his m9?

        Quick comparison: Leica m9 vs OMD

        Focus speed: check OMD wins
        High ISO: check OMD wins
        Video: check OMD wins, non existent in Leica
        auto settings: OMD wins ( as stated by the huff “though it is easy to set exp comp, why should we have to”) epic fail for Leica since you have to set everything manually
        Image stabilization: OMD wins as it’s non existent in the m9
        Dynamic range: OMD wins again
        Retro look: draw
        Deserving of awards: OMD again as stated by Steve
        Price: Hell yeah! OMD wins again

        At this point it’s not looking good for Leica so let’s have the last comparison

        IQ and “soul” factor: Oh fudge, why did I have to bring this up. Leica uses it’s magic triumph card. Everything of the above doesn’t matter. M9 wins by a landslide. Hurray!

        • Actually that was funny, lol πŸ™‚ Maybe I am dumping my M9! But May 10th is around the corner… seriously though, the OM-D, Fuji X-Pro, SOny NEX…are all more camera than anyone needs really. I shoot Leica because I love my Leica. The glass is 2nd to none. Cameras like the OM-D are everyday cams I take with me where ever I go but also give me wonderful quality. These days it is not so much about quality anymore, it is about us being gear heads and addicted to cameras and lenses! πŸ™‚

  23. Great site Steve. The video comparision needs to be the OMD, THE NEX 7, and wait for it, the GH2. Yes, not a particularly sexy wee beast but in this price range its the reigning video king.

  24. I have the X100 & I find it useless for videos. Nice to shot snaps with though! Does anyone know if the OM-D is made in Japan or China?

    • Mine says designed in Japan and made in China on the bottom plate. The video does look great on the camera but for some reason te files aren’t opening on my PC.

      • Aaawh – you’ve just spoilt my illusions Jonathan – after all the hype I’d assumed there was something magical about the OMD.

        Are you sure it’s not milled from pure unobtainium by unicorn horn tipped tools, wielded by shrivelled elven folk, living in thrall of dark overlords?

        Nope? Just an ordinary camera then ….

        • @ photozopia

          No matter how much you show your “intelligence” here.. Reading all the comments you’ve made.. It’s IMMATURE and TROLL-like.

          If Video was no issue for you when buying your Fuji, you should’ve discarded this Review and stayed away immediately. Otherwise, you’re just looking for some negative comments about your camera and Troll the comments section. Love your camera for what it is and for its shortcomings.

          .. But I must say, you’re a certified FANBOY..

          @ Steve

          I’ve been a reader since your Old Website. And this is my first comment I’ve made here (I think?). And your “unconventional” reviews were the most HONEST I’ve seen so far. I love the REAL WORLD reviews and CRAZY COMPARISONS. Keep it up, Steve!

          – John

    • I …. WANT …. ONE! (Sorry, breathless with excitement)

      Sure this isn’t actually the new Leica? As we all know, Leica is the ‘back to basics’ camera company.

  25. Quick question: What are some good macro lenses for micro 4/3s?

    I saw some pretty amazing looking macro shots here with the waterproof 12-50 kit option. http://robinwong.blogspot.com/2012/03/olympus-om-d-e-m5-review-butterfly-park.html

    Are there any other good lenses for macro? For some reason I’m just not smitten with the 12-50 lens, it seems pretty clunky and the non-macro shots I’ve seen don’t look great, but I can’t argue with Robin Wong’s macro shots…

  26. if there is an 5 axis IS, why nobody test with 14-140, 14-150 or with 100-300 telezoom lenses. i really wonder how it works in 140mm and above

  27. I feel like I’m flogging a dead horse here, but Steve, are you certain there isn’t something broken in your X-Pro 1?

    I love your site and check in every day because your reviews and insights are generally spot on. But it is inconceivable to me that Fuji could get their auto-focus so wrong … the X-Pro 1’s video demo on this link is so bad – you would have to assume there is something broken in either the camera body or lens.

    Especially after reading today’s completed review of the same camera by Ken Rockwell, and he says:

    “Autofocus is about twice as fast as the X100. It’s super-fast. Autofocus is always dead-on, since it reads directly from the image sensor. There are never any of the mechanically-induced focus shifts that plague rangefinder cameras like LEICA, or spherical-aberration induced optical focus shifts that vex SLRs. The X-Pro1 is not a rangefinder camera and is not a DSLR, and its focus is always dead-on.

    Since AF reads images directly from the sensor, it isn’t confused by repeating patterns like car grilles, fences and fabric, which confuse rangefinder cameras and AF SLRs.”

    Again, I’m not taking issue with your X-Pro 1 review Steve – it is very clear that you have experienced all the shortcomings you’ve outlined – but how could Fuji (and Ken Rockwell) get it THAT wrong?

    Ultimately, your website influences hundreds, if not thousands of camera purchases – and it would be a shame if you got the bum X-Pro 1 that was produced on Friday afternoon by a guy who drank too much sake for lunch.

    • Nope not broken, works the same as another X-Pro 1 I shot last week. Keep in mind that the video was in LOW light. An indoor aquarium where the light was low. Most of that video was shot at ISO 1600 from the OM-D and X-Pro. The AF in low light is slow with the Fuji, and honestly, KR is wrong. The X-Pro is not even close to being twice as fast as the X100! In fact, it is slower than the X100 after the recent X100 update. Of course there will be no RF shift or focus issues as it is not an RF but it is not always dead-on. Many times it is, many times it is not..mainly when the lights get dim. Im not talking dark, but evening light and darker. Fuji didn’t get it wrong, they just did not get it 100% right. The X-pro, for the 20th time, is a great camera for IQ. The files are beautiful and much richer than any other APS-C I have used. But if a camera is clunky to use…

      Must choose macro if shooting semi close – kind of a pain
      Lens chatter – irritating (fixed now with new FW)!
      Lens slowness and noise – again, these are not fast focusing lenses, period.
      Using the OVF causes issues with closer focusing.
      Focus hunt in lower light, and misses.
      Slow manual focus which is a pain to use

      They could have added a swivel EVF and better video. As it is now the X100 and X-Pro have the worst video of any current model camera with video. Some will argue that this is a 100% photographers camera and not meant for video. Then why add it? Why have slow AF and why have the quirkiness? Why have slow MF? The X100 was and is quirky but I love that camera! I like the X-Pro 1, would love it if it was $1299 for the body only. It’s files have soul and depth but if I can be honest…if someone was to hand me for free two boxes and they said “choose one”…

      and the choice was between the X-Pro or the OM-D..would be the OM-D because to me, usability is a huge part of the camera connection. I have to feel connected and inspired by the camera I shoot. If I do not, it just sits there. Gorgeous file quality is not enough for me because if I miss shots due to AF, or have blown out highlights due to overexposure..then it is not gonna cut it.

      Of course I could have skipped those points in my review and stated it was the best thing ever and has blazing AF like Ken Rockwell, and sold hundreds of them through my links..but I say what I feel. Always do. I REALLY love the OM-D. I like the X-Pro 1. My guess is that Fuji will release FW updates and improve the camera and by the time an X-Pro 2 comes along they should have the kinks ironed out. They already fixed the lens chatter, which was not a huge issue anyway, but it was there. If I had tons of cash I would buy one with the 35 1.4 and keep it but I bought the OM-D instead.

      Still, the X-Pro 1 gives a richer IQ with more depth, can’t deny that..and again, I like the Fuji and gave it a good review. Just pointed out the quirks.

      • Agreed Glen. Not just Ken who is saying AF is fine – lots of others do too.

        Cheap shot on the ‘sell hundreds through my links’ jibe Steve – KR often refuses to even test certain cameras, thereby passing on income he could generate by slavering over say, the Nex range (never featured to my knowledge) or the many 4/3rd sector models (ditto) for example – plus many, many, others.

        If I had a site like your own, I’d be seriously worried when user feedback told me they looked elsewhere (much less the KR site) for sensible reviews, image examples and, yes, genuine comparisons. But hey, what do I know – your site, your income ….

        • Photozopia

          are you secretly a dished ex-girlfriend of Steve’s? Sounds like bitter unrequited love gone sour in film processing solution

          • Thanks hexx – yet another great example of a site with reviews where the XPro1 is actually being used by someone relying upon it to generate direct income from real paying customers …

            Still to find the same results for OMD though – seem to be a lot of users who just want another ‘lifestyle’ product, rather than an effective, working, tool.

        • “If I had a site like your own, I’d be seriously worried when user feedback told me they looked elsewhere (much less the KR site) for sensible reviews, image examples and, yes, genuine comparisons. But hey, what do I know – your site, your income …”

          But you seem to be personally generating more traffic to this site than the E-M5 fanboys combined =D

        • @ Photozopia

          You seem to really be taking this personal… When I purchase a Camera I read more than one review as I’m sure you do as well. Saying that Steve should be concerned that users are going elsewhere for β€œSensible” reviews is absurd! I spend 2 – 3 weeks reading reviews from a multitude of sites before I make my purchase.

      • I own both the X100 and the X1Pro, and have the 35mm lens on the X1Pro.

        My take on AF speed:

        1. The X100 improved in my opinion after the latest round of firmware updates quite a bit. If the subject is non-moving, I think it’s perfectly fine. Not quite “snappy” but fine.

        2. The x1pro is slower in AF focus acquisition than the x100 after the fw upgrades in my opinion.

        My take on AF consistency of x1pro:

        1. Moving subjects, like moving kids, are a real challenge. Ask my kids or my wife who would tell me “Dad please, if you must make pictures take the other camera [my D3S -obviously not a fair comparison but to make the point even for family pics x1pro can be challenging] because kids just wont hold still. Look at Lloyd’s review and Steve’s review – I have made the same experience.
        2. There is also the oddity that sometimes the camera signals “focus acquired” (beep, green square bolds etc.) but the picture is totally blurred – and this happens for non moving subjects. never had that issue with my x100. And, it does not seem to be a consistent front or backfocus issue, and the camera seems perfectly capable of producing sharp images. I think its an AF mistake, and it seems to be more frequent when using the OVF as opposed to EVF.

        That said I still like the x1pro for its layout/handling design/concept – a joy to shoot. I just wish I could use it for more situations that include subjects that are not fully stationary.

      • Hey Glen,

        The digitalrevcom guys on YouTube have done a low light test of the xpro1, em5 and nex7 which also show the xpro hunting and missing is “low light” (ie a reasonably well lit dance studio).

        There’s a bit of slagging against Steve in some of the comments which I think is a bit unnecessary. You must always read these opinion based reviews with a grain of salt, and realize they are just one persons opinion…. otherwise you should just read the pixel peeping reviews.

        The Derek Clark review for instance…. I’m no professional, but I have shot at weddings before, and I would hardly count weddings to be a true test of AF capabilities. He loves it because the files are beautiful, and for the most part you are shooting stationary subjects. You can comparatively see how the xpro struggles in indoor fluorescent light in the digitalrevcom’s YouTube video.

        I guess the point is that whichever review you read, whether that be Ken Rockwell or Steve, you just have to be mindful that everyone has a different shooting style, are coming from a different equipment set they are used to, and are looking for different things.

        When Ken Rockwells says the AF is “super fast”… I don’t think Ken Rockwell has shot the Nikon V1, e-p3 nor the nex7. I never had any “real” complaints about what I shoot with currently… until I played with my girlfriend’s V1.

    • I really don’t know about this
      I tried the Xp1 in the store with my Own SD card and there was an alarming number of static images that were out of focus and/or soft….
      I’m still waiting on Raw support to make up my mind…

  28. All power to you Steve.
    Say it like it is, or how you find it. No more, no less.
    Thanks, and I’m looking forward to the OM5/Nex7 comparison which I’m sure will come.

  29. Steve, thank you. The OM-D really seems capable for video too. However it would be great to see how the zoom lens(es) perform on OM-D (in video mode) as zoom comes very handy for filming. Any chance you will get your hands on the 12-50? If yes – please do some video tests for us.

    I have to admit – I was never rally attracted in video as the quality was just bad in most consumer cams (mostly because of AF). But the OM-D wold allow me to make some nice short video on vacations and such …

  30. I agree with Steve that the Omd is a better value than the X-Pro-1. However the x100 is tempting, as the prices have really been dropping. I’ve seen as low as $850 on eBay / Amazon marketplace… And the prices of other camera bodies like the gh2 are also dropping…

    Otherwise the question I’ll have to wrestle is whether to stick with my e-pl1 and spend the money on lenses (either the 25mm or the 12mm), or go with the OMD… It’s a perennial question. Usually better off investing in glass, but at some point, it will be worth upgrading cameras!

    • I think the OM-D has made a quantum jump for m43. You might really want to upgrade the body. No question you need to quality lenses, with any of the body!

  31. Can somebody confirm if they also saw that the Omd skipped a frame around the 1:47 mark? I repeated the video and I can still see it.

    • Could be a youtube or encoding issue. The video from the camera doesn’t have that skip at all, just checked. So it was either in my encoding or youtube or streaming issue. Thx

    • Seems to skip here also around the 1:47 mark. Any chance we can download the raw footage of this part of the video?

    • I see the skips also. It is kind of subtle, but noticeable.

      If you look at 0:36 when Steve is moving in and away from his fiancΓ©, and also 1:47 moving up the tube in the tank.

      I have seen it in other test videos, so I dunno, may be an IBIS artefact?

          • Could you show the original files? Because it might be just some specific scenario where you can see such skip, like when zooming in (like the way you did) or when panning on a tube.. πŸ™‚

            It’s not that I don’t trust you, but it’s more of I’m suggesting a camera to a friend, and I have cut down the choices between nex7 or omd. I own the nex7 but I think the Omd is a good option too and I would like to lay down all the pros and cons of both cameras to my friend..

  32. Lest we forget: There is a very nice little14m 2.5 Panasonic lens that goes for ~$330 for those of us who don’t want to spring for that pricey Oly wide angle. It gets good reviews and is even smaller than the Panny 20 1.4. This guy, the Oly 45 and the Pany 20 all hit the price/performance sweet spot for me, and all are waiting patiently for the arrival of my om5 body.

  33. And yet again, the Fuji can’t focus. LOL

    Seriously, I doubt many who are getting the Fuji care if it does video or not. I’m psyched at how good the OM-D video looks. Can’t wait to try some of that.

    • Just ask Vittally,..if he can do it ,.it will be much more awesome,..

      I just canceled my pre-ordered black E-M5 body only @ B&H ,.. Coz I just got two Body kit lens 14-42 & 12-50,.. From another store . One for and the other for my cousin,. Wow ,.amazing

    • GH2 hacks – That’s what I was thinking too.

      Steve thanks for posting. I asked for some video samples way back when and you delivered. And I’d rather see every day stuff than fancy edited productions.

      OM-D is on my list for the end of the year. Was going to go for it earlier, but found another toy I couldn’t quite resist πŸ˜‰

  34. I wish all you photographers would just quit with the glowing OM-D reviews! Now the price is never gonna come down so I can afford it πŸ™‚

  35. I’m officially foaming at the mouth.

    Now if Amazon will ship my pre-order, I’ll be a happy camper:/

  36. If you polled X-Pro1 users what percentage do you think bought it for video capabilities?
    How many X-Pro1 users do you think would not have bought it if the camera had no video?

    I think the cameras to compare here for video are the NEX7 vs. the OMD.

      • Not odd at all and it is driven by the fact that these are the two most talked about and hottest cameras right now, so makes perfect sense. As stated SEVERAL times, I feel the X-pro has superb IQ. But in use, the OM-D kills it and at a much lesser price point. There is much more to a camera than IQ and for the cost of $1800 body only, the X-pro falls a bit short in other areas. I am happy to see the firmware update by Fuji which shows they are committed to improving things with it. I like the X-Pro 1, but do not “love” it. As always, my opinion. Thanks!

        • My Fuji cost $1699, not $1800. I think everyone’s did. Your bias and trivial testing is getting tiring. I’ve yet to use video in either of my Fuiji X cameras. I’ll bet 95% of users same the same thing. No doubt, I’d buy the OM-D for video. But this post, and your inflated price of the Fuji, is pushing things a bit far. I
          Ike the non-bias Steve the most.

          • A perfect example of someone’s camera falling short and them getting so bent out if shape over it! No reason to attack someone’s hard work because your tired of his OPINIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

          • At today’s exchange rate the Fuji here in NZ will set you back US$2093.

            The rest of the world is used to subsidising american consumers but please don’t assume everyone pays your discount prices.

          • No bias whatsoever. Why would I be biased? When I review and like a camera I always get the fanboy and bias claims. Happens with Leica, Olympus E-P3, Nikon V1 and really anything I like. Usually from those who own a camera I do not like 100%. I like the Fuji. I still have it here. But for $1699 body only (sorry for the wrong price quote) and $600 for a lens – a $2300 investment just to get in…it is priced too high IMO. The AF is slow, I know because I have used all mirrorless cameras to date. It is like shooting an X100, which is also quirky and slow. But I love the X100. It has soul and character. The X-Pro 1 has more soul than the OM-D but the OM-D gets almost everything right. It’s fast, it’s accurate, it exposes correctly, competes with the X-pro at high ISO (will see this in my review) even at 6400 ISO, has a tilt EVF, is built very well, weatherproofed, great video quality, superb IS in the body, EVF…I mean, it has it all and for $999 you can get a body and for a few hundred a Panasonic 14 and 20. It’s the more well rounded camera without a doubt. I like it, and will say so. No Bias, no trickery. Just facts. Also, the video shows how slow the AF of the X-Pro 1 is – with video it is on continuous AF but had a very hard time in that lighting. The Oly blazed through it no problem. If the Fuji had the AF and speed of the Oly, silent lenses and good MF capability it would be a different story. Again, I do like the Fuji and my review was not negative, just pointed out the facts and praised it for its IQ.

          • Man, if you don’t like Steve’s comments, don’t read his stuff. This site is ALL about his comments. Make your own site and put your own comments on it. You’ll inevitably you’ll see how it feels to be trolled on.

          • Steve,

            Thanks for acknowledging the mistake regarding the $1800 price of the E-M5. This was my main gripe about your post. The fact that the video is, obviously, better than the X seires of is trivial for both of us, really.

            One more thing to consider, just because I noted incorrect statements pertaining to a Fuji product, it doesn’t make me a fanboy, or opposed to Olympus. Far from it. I’ll be picking up my E-M5 from my favorite dealer in BKK in about a week. It will be the 8th 43/M43 camera that I have owned. I am a big fan of the 4/3 concept. It just have never worked for me, for various reasons. Noise was an issue with the first 4/3 models, then with the M4/3 products it was a matter of lack of, or, fidgety controls. I hope that the E-M5 fixes all of these issues.

            Yes I am a reccent convert to Fuji products. The X100 is the cat’s meow for me. I have never held a camera that fit better in my hands, an uber important quality for all of us whether we know it or not. I get more keepers from this camera than any I’ve owned. I also get as many out of focus shots as well. I wish that I could say that the X-Pro 1 possesses the same subjective magic for me that the X100 does, but alas no.

            I’m hoping that the E-M5 ticks the boxes that the X100 does, plus has better AF. The only thing that I worry about is still having those vibrant, 3D images that the Fuji produces, and seem to evade being captured by past Olympus products.

            Thanks again for clearing up the price thing.


        • And heaven forbid somebody suggest video capability to the Leica. Too much sensationalism for my taste.

          • Right on… I don’t think that the $1800 price tag is too far off… taxes and shipping may get it close, and that’s with no lens. But the bottom line is not everyone likes every camera. I loved my G-10 before I sold it — although almost everyone was quick to say what a dog it is. I have an OM-D on order and I am sure I will find some quirks, but every camera has them. I personally dig the comparisons. There are no rules about what can be compared. I have seen comparisons of high-dollar DSLRs to cell phone cameras. Who cares?

          • I’m sorry Rick but I was commenting on the odd comparison. If Leica was the one being compared people will actually defend it to the bone that Leica was meant for photos than video and this exactly what frank is talking about. The XP1 is meant for photos with video as just an added feature. Steve knows this but he just want to add fuel to the fire. That is why I said there’s too much sensationalism.

            But to be clear you are right in saying that you can compare anything under that sun but in terms of relevance that is another question.

            Quite interesting though, let’s just assume that fuji is the crappiest camera to date and just can’t compete with the OMD as what is the popular consensus in this site. Then why not highlight the battle between nex7 and OMD then? Since it is being implied that these two outclass the poor ol fuji. (although I’m still ordering the fuji)

          • Seems the Leica is above all this – because it’s a serious photo tool …. that has neither AF nor Video … or high ISO capability …. or a high tech view system …. nor is it a bargain ….

            Perhaps Fuji should post a firmware fix that disables ALL of those features – would it get a fair hearing then ….?

        • +1. “There is much more to a camera than IQ…….”. Usability matters these days as sensor output is no longer the main concern with newest generation cameras. That’s what the Nikon V1 taught us and what the OM-D seems to confirm.

          • Huh? β€œThere is much more to a camera than IQ …. Sensor output is no longer the main concern …. ”

            So – not as in a camera based upon the images it can turn out ….

            What next – a phone where it’s ability to make a cappucino …. or a PC that empties the bin and feeds the cat ….. rather than performing their primary function, is high on the agenda?

        • Sorry Steve, I know you keep claiming ‘… this is just the way it is ….’ but it seems you choose ‘tests’ that you know will prove the OMD is king of the hill. Ever heard of skewed data? Setting out to prove a product is worse than another is what Big Business does every day. Or do you believe those ads that claim 98% of users (sample surveyed – just 12 people) are genuine testimony to a products efficacy?

          We know the Fuji AF is probably worse than the OMD – looks like it’s video performance is too … but I’d again question the ‘fair test’ scenario. You have made it clear you love the OMD … we get it – now stop trying to sell everyone else on it!

          Unlike a lot of user blogs/sites you don’t seem to have focused on what the Fuji can do well … nor identified why those users chose, and continue to use, the XPro1.

          Despite protestations, your site – and particularly it’s comment sections – are becoming a bit of a rallying point for OMD fan-boys … no matter what you claim to the contrary.

          • I’m going to guess you own a Fuji πŸ™‚ I have focused on what the Fuji can do well, and that is put out great IQ. I have stated this over and over and over and over again. I raved on about the 35 1.4, the color, the sharpness, the IQ. Stated I have seen no better IQ from an APS-C. But I will not lie and say the X-Pro is the best thing ever. The fact is that it was and is frustrating to use at times. Period. Cameras like the Nikon V1, OM-D, Leica M9, even the Sony NEX are not. Fuji is a good camera but not great. You have your opinion, I have mine. Not sure what you are digging for? My opinion sticks, and is not going too change. If you do not like the posts here you do not have to read them or comment. When any camera comes out I make several posts with updates, sometime before the review and sometimes after. No different with the X-Pro and OM-D..NEX-7, etc.

            Again…THE X-PRO 1 is a good camera – capable of amazing IQ, color, sharpness. The 35 1.4 is superb quality. Same thing I said in my review πŸ™‚

            doesn’t change the fact that it’s $1699 for a body only and is slow and quirky. If you do not realize this then you have not used any current model cameras. Like I said, there is more to a camera than IQ as ANY camera out today can give you great IQ, even my phone. Take a chill pill man, life is good πŸ™‚

          • Fuji’s are not without fault – as an owner I’d admit it … but like Leica, often more than just a sum of it’s parts. My issue is in your evaluation – not which brand you are promoting this time around ….

            I used to visit here to read sensible appraisals of new cameras (any new camera) but it just ‘aint so anymore – like I say, ‘the Fuji is cr*p’ argument seems to be focusing on your site, fuelled by skewed tests and …. if we are being frank, some pretty roughshod trampling upon photo theory along the way.

            When I find myself looking elsewhere for reviews, or tests, without hyperbole, that’s when it’s time to move on – sad, as I used to value your two cents worth.

            I mean, jeez, recent weeks have seen me agreeing – indeed even resorting to reading (in order to get an honest opinion and true examples of output) a certain K Rockwell .. (no offence meant Ken) .. whom I abandoned many years ago as largely jingoistic fanboy fiction.

            Seems the tables have now turned – still don’t like Ken’s prose style or his technicolor OOC preferences much – but I can’t argue with the photo evidence he presents – i.e. shot as is, no bias.

          • I still write the same way I always have..honest, sensible and with samples to back it up. No flawed testing, just no skewed testing πŸ™‚ I stated 100% facts about the X-Pro, good and bad. Just like I do with all cameras. Even the OM-D has a couple flaws that I will be pointing out in its usability. My X-Pro 1 review was actually very positive. Just because I pointed out issues doesn’t make it a bad review. No need to get offended πŸ™‚ You state my video test was skewed because the Fuji wasn’t made for video? Neither is the OM-D. Are you saying the low light night high ISO test was skewed because I didn’t manual focus the fuji when the others nailed the AF? That would have been skewed… Thanks for stopping by though πŸ™‚ Enjoy your night.

          • Last time I looked, the website was stevehuffphoto.com. If you think he’s biased (I don’t), then it’s simple – don’t read his articles. If you’re happy with the camera you have, then go use it.

            I haven’t seen any skewed results coming out of his review/comparisons of Fuji/OM-D yet. And even if his tests reflect his interests, that’s why it’s his website. He’s not claiming to be a publication which tests all cameras neutrally no matter what the camera use it. It’s about the cams he’s interested in.

            And, in addition to that, I don’t see what the problem with these comparisons are. He’s not skewing these comparisons so that the OM-D wins. You can see in his IQ tests that the Fuji has great IQ (better than the OM-D). But how does the Fuji stack up compared to it when it comes to AF, usability, video, etc? These are all questions which some people will be considering (not everyone wants to buy a camera solely because of its IQ).

          • Steve,

            Then why suddenly you opt out to compare the nex7 video capabilities when you clearly used the 3 in the high ISO test? You can’t deny that buyers will be considering these 3 on their next purchase.

            Possibly, you don’t have it with you when you did this so why not post a new test between the two? No need to add fuji in the mixed since it has apparently been beaten to a pulp already (case closed). May we suggest on focusing on Sony and oly then.

          • Sean – if you follow my dialogues in this thread with Steve you have hit the nail on the head … I can no longer trust his opinion (I’m not the only one) and am already going elsewhere for sane reviews/opinions on equipment.

            I’ve stated directly to Steve that he is attempting to validate the hype re. OMD (I’d say over-validating) by comparing factors in subsequent tests that he knows to be erroneous from the outset – not so much his ‘Crazy Comparison’ as just plain crazy. Not earning my kudos at all.

            I’d say my regular readership of his blog is coming to an end – that’s if he doesn’t bar me first! Got better, more sensible sites to visit (that don’t waste my time trying to find ‘flaws’ – sad really, I used to like the Huff.

          • Steve, you are doing a great job for many people who consider the camera as a whole and want usability, focus speed, good video, good ISO etc. Those who troll obviously are doing it because they are very passionate about something and are pissed off because they are coming across somebody who disagrees with them. And you can see it in their words that they own whatever they are arguing for. You are spot on with seeing through those people too. Like many of us here say, nobody is forcing you guys to read Steve’s material.

            Steve, just keep on doing what you do because there are many of us who enjoy what you are doing and appreciate it. Good on ya for sticking up for yourself and your beliefs. Cheers!

          • PhotoZ,

            It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable. Unfortunately, writing that you don’t trust the site owner’s opinion is being disagreeable. You appear to be a bright person and write well, so I’ll infer you have the common sense to recognize this and did it anyway.

            Why? Steve is writing his opinion, as he wrote his opinion about the X100 and compared it to Leica. Your opinion and conclusions are different for how you use your equipment. So what?

            Differing opinions making us all more knowledgable.
            Accusatory tones while you’re a guest on someone else’s blog pushes an otherwise worthwhile exchange to the lowest common denominator.

          • Don’t think Steve is biased or changed his way since I’ve been reading his website. And this is coming from someone who hates the Nikon V1 which Steve praises.

            Only pattern that is very consistent here is fanboys getting pissed off their camera didn’t get a glittering review and constantly accusing Steve of bias.

            What’s really funny is that this bias accusation sometimes crosses over. So when he praises the Fuji X100, he gets accused of being a Fuji fanboy by all m43 fanboys. And when he praises the OM-D he gets accused of being a m43 fanboy from the fuji fanboys.

            And about the specific case of X-Pro-1 Vs. OM-D. Pretty much everything he mentioned here is spot on. I read a lot about both cameras and can’t fault a thing he said and clearly he is not biased at all.

            Here’s my conclusion, Biased people can’t see Bias.

          • As someone who doesn’t have a horse in this race, nor have I followed this website or any other photography websites for long, I just wanted to post that I find photozopia’s comments to be almost troll-like. It’s almost like he is implying that Steve is involved in some kind of conspiracy to over-hype the olympus and talk trash about the fuji.

            Is there anything on this site that purports to transcend the realm of informed opinion in any way? If you were running photozopia.com would you really expect your opinion to be so objectively correct that everyone would agree with you? Do you think some objective truth exists in the world of camera reviews?

            If you’re not going to argue anything substantive, why bother to stay around? If I wanted to hear inane argumentation I would go hang out near a high school.

          • Dude! C’mon man!!!!!!!! Why even write this? It is what it is! Enjoy your Fuji!

          • Why worry that someone else likes a different camera better than your’s (based on different priorities than your own)? Aren’t your comments smacking of fanboyism (when you have called others here out as being E-M5 fanboys)?

          • I’ve always liked Steve’s outlook on cameras: he’s made a point of loving Leica, a camera with many quirks, in this computer camera era. Now, he’s resorted to the opposite end: Fuji, for all its quirks, is inferior to the OMD. OMD has better video, no lens chattering, better AF, better exposure… I don’t get it. He insists that these two cameras are that way, that everything is based on his experience. Well, compare Leica M9 to Nikon D800E and we can also talk about experiences. Prior Steve’s reviews were a defense of soul despite. quirks; now, with OMD, is the opposite, bashing quirks despite soul. I don’t really care so much for OMD vs. X1Pro, but there is something peculiar here: you open Steve’s webpage and you see 4 or 5 images of OMD, and almost none of X1Pro. OMD is everywhere. (If anyone wants to know what someone does with X1Pro, go to http://www.derekclarkphotography.com/index.php/blog/
            It’s been already posted in someone else’s previous message). Steve is legitimated when it comes to say what he wants about any camera, but the change of his aproach is sad to me. I shoot analogic Leica, Hassy and Ricoh GRD and I much prefer quirk lovers and researchers of their equipment rather than performance-based-computer-like tests where the shooter does almost nothing. It’s also a matter of taste: different tastes for different taste buds.

          • I have not stated the Fuji is inferior to the OM-D. Never said that at all. It is when it comes to video, but in fact I said the Fuji has the best IQ I have seen in an APS-C, when it gets it right. You are correct that the OM-D does not have chatter, focuses much faster, has better video and exposure. As for seeing images of the OM-D, not sure what you are referring to but if you go back to when I received the X-Pro, you will see plenty of images from that camera as well. I write about what I have at the moment, and what is new. I have written plenty on the Fuji already, and have still been doing so. Showing the results as they come out of the camera for each camera. Like I always do. No change in approach, in fact, I have been the same since day 1 and I ALWAYS get attacked by some. I was attacked when I wrote raves about the M8, M9, Nikon V1, Fuji X100..and now I get attacked when I point out flaws of the X-Pro 1 or say that the OM-D is fantastic (indeed it is). I get attacked when I show JPEGS as real shooters don’t shoot JPEG! I get attacked when I say Leica lenses have soul…I mean, no matter what I write there is someone who is not going to agree with me, and that is 100% normal.

            I write what I feel, and that may not be what you feel. I ALWAYS state this, and always say it’s personal opinion. Been like this since day 1, bit thanks for reading and thanks for your comment. To be fair, I NEVER said the X-Pro 1 could not get great photos. I said the opposite. Getting there is a fight though because no matter how good the IQ is from a camera, if you have to fight with it to get there then it takes the joy out of doing what we do.

            I could see the X-pro excelling at street photography with Leica M mount glass. Was going to test this in Berlin but now I can not. I also feel it would excel for portraits. But as an everyday shooter, or street shooter with the Fuji glass, only using zone focusing. Also have to make sure you set that EV dial back a notch and that you are not too close if using the OVF. Great output, quirky operation.

          • Thanks Steve for replying my comment. Keep your work, I’ll read you regardless I agree 100% with everything you write. And include the M9 in some of your crazy tests! Cheers

    • The poor video execution was one of the reasons I passed on the Xpro1 in favor of a Nex7 and a EM5. I didn’t like the OVF on the X100 either. If Fuji would just enable manual shooting and 1080p, I would likely have the XP1 instead of one of the others. It seems to address everything else in firmware updates, but the call for some control over video parameters falls on deaf ears. I’ve asked the Fuji Guys a number of times about why video is ignored and no answer, but I get responses to all other questions. Disappointing.

      • Rick – as others have said, Fuji video is only included because it is now ‘expected’. I think it is a sop to many – who, having paid a high price for a modern digital camera – want extra features to validate it’s cost.

        Like Nikon (who resisted video on pro models for years) I don’t think Fuji truly prioritise it in it’s market sector. Look around the web at true user sites – particularly pros using it on a daily basis for work assignments – video is not even a mention, much less a priority, or a necessity – it just ‘exists’ (unused) within the camera. (P.S You’ll see stunning images that refute the ‘OMD is GOD’ scenario too)

        I’ve never even tried video mode on any of my (enabled) digital cameras – and I’d use a genuine broadcast quality cam if I really wanted HQ video output – like I have done in the past ….

        • I use DSLR’s over video cameras because of the DR and the quality/variety of lenses so vastly superior to any dedicated video camera. Why invest $10k in bodies and lenses and then invest in a dedicated video camera with inferior IQ? I’d have to spend another $4.5k (Sony FS100) to get something that can match what the 5d2 can do, and even then its still a lot of compromises and requires a significant investment to bring it to what I have with the 5d2 and a few Zeiss primes. Its a redundant waste of money for me and many others.

          When I bought the 5d2 everything changed. And judging by the number of pro’s willing to live with the shortcomings of using DSLR’s for video, its only going to get bigger – its never going to go away. Looking at the high ISO samples, the Fuji could easily shoot better video than the 5d2 which makes it very appealing. But Fuji – much like Nikon before the d800 – just doesn’t make it a priority. Nikon went all out on the d800, so there’s hope. Perhaps the Xpro2 will be the one.

          I picked up a Nex7 and a EM5 for the price of the Xpro1 with one lens. I shoot raw so the Fuji colors really don’t factor into my workflow. The price of entry – for me – is too steep for a dedicated still camera. Five years ago I would have bought the Xpro1 without hesitation, today…

          • You picked up a Nex7 and a EM5 for the price of the Xpro1 with one lens?

            a) Why?

            Since all cost roughly the same ballpark figure (body only) my next question is:

            b) Why compare the purchase to an XPro1 with lens …. surely it would have made more sense to say I bought the Nex/OMD for a little less than twice the price of an XPro1.

            I don’t understand what comparison you are trying to make ….

          • A – I’m new to each system, with nothing invested in glass I wanted to see which one I prefer, M43 or Nex.

            B – The Xpro1 is pretty useless without a lens, so any price must factor in a lens, I paid $1100 for the EM5 14-42 kit and $1200 for the Nex 18-55 kit, add them up and you get the Xpro1 ($1700 body + $600 lens = $2300) . So the two combined don’t come close to twice the price of an Xpro1 body ($1700 x 2 = $3400). Hope that makes sense.

        • PhotoZ get a life! It’s only a camera. There are other things in the world to worry about. Man relax and enjoy life and take pictures.

          I can sense by your email that you are not artist but a tech geek. Use your words to create, not nvoke anger. Usually ones anger of a product stems from insecurities.

          Your email is very easy to physco-analyze. You crave attention and use your insecurities to find faults within yourself and use others to rant over.

          My suggestion move out of your mothers basement and socialize and don’t worry about a dumb camera. It’s only a camera. I know you feel bad someone trashing a product you bought for $2000. Create your own website see how that works out for you…

          Steve you’re doing fantastic job!!!

          Funny, grown men bickering over a piece of plastic….

      • i just don’t get this video is a must have – get a camcorder FFS!!! I want a camera for taking photographs, if I want good quality video I’d get VG20 or other video camera.

        • one more thing – am I the only one who finds normal still cameras not very well suited for video recording? the shape, ergonomy and so on just doesn’t work for me at all

          • No – I’m with you 100% – hence my comment on getting a proper HQ broadcast cam.

            Why else all these stupid rigs – to make a stills camera ‘handleable’.

          • There are a lot of mums and dads out there.
            I for one, am really excited about the video capabilities of the OM-D, but still can’t afford it.

          • @ TDK it’s not about OM-D, it’s about the form factor. maybe it’s just me, or what i’m used to but it just doesn’t feel right to me.

        • VG20 isn’t a particularly good video camera; GH2 (a still camera) is better, as are other still cameras. Of course an FS100 is a superior video camera, but it’s in a much different price range and, even then, still cameras still have distinct value for video.

          If you don’t want to do it, then don’t do it. Just because you don’t see the value doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Were it not for the DSLR video boom, we likely wouldn’t even have these large-sensor cameras as options at this point.

    • Problem with all mirror less camera is the price is too expansive. Also with problem such as with Fuji X-pro 1 auto focus. Surely I think if you pay that much money, Fuji could make the focus as good as NEX 7. For OM-D, because of the smaller sensor, if both camera using the same technology, the smaller sensor will always focus faster. May be back to DSLR again.

  37. WOW that is a clear win for the Olympus. so now my choices are narrowed down to the NEX-7 vs OM-D. Cant wait to see the comparison between them!

    • I’ve recently bought this camera. It’s so much fun and an amazing bit of kit. Although, it says here to set the quality to 1080p – but this camera only records at 1080i. You have you drop it to 720 if you want progressive filming.

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