Leica M-E, M 240 and Monochrom IN STOCK!

Leica M-E, M 240 and Monichrom IN STOCK!


Just for those of you still wanting either of these cameras, B&H Photo has ALL THREE of these in stock right now. I know many of the readers here have been waiting for the M-E as it offers a different look to the M 240 due to the CCD sensor, so here ya go!

Links below:

The Leica M-E IN stock HERE at B&H Photo

The Leica M 240 IN stock HERE at B&H Photo

The Leica Monochrom in stock HERE at B&H Photo


Also, it is possible that other top Leica dealers have these in stock as well. Always check with your fave! The dealers below are the top of the heap when it comes to Leica!

Ken Hansen (khpny19@aol.com)

PopFlash.com (they have a screaming deal on a Monochrom at the moment)

The Pro Shop – 561-253-2606

Leica Store Miami


    • How was it different than buying anywhere else? All the purchases that i have ever done were a breeze. Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Cameraquest etc etc

      p.s. buying Leica stuff is a breeze. Getting it repaired is a nightmare (my M-E’s sensor failed after 9 months of use. Warranty covered it but it has been waiting, at Leica HQ in NJ for 4 months for parts. Leica Germany does not have sensor stock on hand. Supposedly)

      • Dealers make the biggest difference when you do have a problem. Buy from the big website in the sky and you are an order number, deal locally or with one individual sales person at a dealer, then it becomes a relationship to keep whole not just a repair.

        • Ken is a legend and A #1 Leica dealer. In fact, if it were not for Ken, this website would probably not exist today. But anyone you ask will have nothing but the best things to say about Ken.Just give him an e-mail or phone call..place an order..you will see what I mean. I only recommend top dealers and shops here so if I recommend them, they are tops. Ken gets my highest recommendation. End of story 🙂

      • Hi Ragnar.

        I would first refer you to the November 5th, 2013 post on this site entitled “Leica M 240 IN STOCK! Black or Silver!”. In the comments section you will find testimonials of very fine folks (whose voices are stronger, experientially, than mine) and their positive experience in working with Ken Hansen. My voice is rather small and insignificant, but I will say this:
        There is a reputable Leica dealer just down the street from where I live. I gave them 4 or 5 opportunities over the course of several months last year to sell me what I was looking for with respect to various Leica products. But for whatever reason they failed me in every case. They either didn’t know what they were talking about, didn’t have in stock what I was looking for (when I knew that stock shouldn’t be an issue–they must keep a low inventory, or some-such M.O.), and if it wasn’t in stock, it would take 3 months to get to me. The key Leica salesperson there was a bit on the snooty side, and would never go the extra mile in selling me what I needed when I needed it. Ken Hansen, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of this. He is the nicest guy you will ever work with. His knowledge of Leica products is second-to-none. He operates an honest business. He will get you the best possible price on Leica products and accessories as Leica dictates. His service is stunningly FAST and friendly. I did over $40,000 worth of Leica business with Ken last year (business that could’ve potentially gone to my local Leica dealer, had they been willing to work with me) because Ken delivered every time on overall sales, service, and product knowledge. You simply can’t beat Ken Hansen.

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