Some Leica M 240 love.. by Per Bendiksen

Some Leica M 240 love..

by Per Bendiksen

I’ve been an on and off hobby photographer for some years now. Born and raised in Viking land, Norway. We have the nicest fjords and the most beautiful blondes in the world!

I’ve started analog, went digital, back to analog and now digital again. I’ve had many different system and brands, mostly Nikons – but where I am now feels like home.

Leica M typ240! Shooting rangefinder is somehow religious. Being able to shoot with a Leica is even better. OK, I sound crazy – but the last years of photography nothing has given me a better feeling similar to that first time framing, focusing and BAM the shutter speed. Love it!



Mostly I like to put a person in my pictures, when no one around – landscape, street, buildings etc.




Thanks for hosting this inspiring site!

Happy shooting folks!

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  1. The images are quite, some very, good. Put in a row, as they inevitably are here, the dead centering is almost painfully obvious. That doesn’t mean off centre always makes for better composition, but it does seem like a subconscious choice, driven by focusing with the focusing aid used, the nicely centred rangefinder. Per gracefully said it only struck him when he viewed the images here.

    But of course, when Denis pointed this out in a most polite manner, he gets shot down in flames. Great.

  2. the portraits look great, though i believe it is 99% the person taking the photo and not the equipment. the poster obviously has a great photo eye and his pics would be nice regardless of the camera. Though like the author said, i agree shooting with a leica is just better. (this is matter of opinion and is in no way scientific or factual) 🙂

  3. Amateur and condescending comments in thread number 1 notwithstanding, I like the dead-center symmetry of your portrait work. I, along with you, have returned to Leica via the M240, in my case, with the M-P. I shot film Ms for decades, and tried very hard to stick with Leica when the M8 came out. Alas, there was too much reality keep my faith alive; the Leica mystique was no longer able to compete with the technical challenges of their initial foray into digital. But then the M240 came along, and while I haven’t ditched my big Nikon rigs (I use cameras professionally), I hardly have a reason to use anything else but my Leica M. Like I’ve said to my friends–using the M240 is like coming home for me.

  4. You could have shown us some of the most beautiful blondes in the world! Just kidding, congrats for your shots. Jeg liker dere veldig mye. Ha det bra så lenge.

  5. Thanks for nice words! The lens used is a Leica Summilux ASPH “pre FLE” I like to shoot wide open, so the pictures here are f1,4 – f2

    To Dennis: thanks for feedback, I see now that my selection of pictures here are all centered. I like to explore with different compositions, so I totally agree! 🙂

  6. I like it. I like it a lot. Especially #3 and #5.

    The lenses would interest me, too.

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. You clearly have all the technique necessary to get the most from your camera. A small suggestion – just for fun, try to take a some pictures with the subject not dead center in the frame. Perhaps you like this style of composition, but you might be surprised at how interesting the picture can seem with the subject somewhere else in the frame. Also, think about whether the background helps your overall composition. Otherwise, like in the charming first shot, try getting closer to your subject, and see what happens.

    Enjoy the journey,


    • Agree. Good images, but I think decentering the portraits would add a lot – except for no. 4, of course with the halo!!

    • I disagree. Your suggestion is a subjective one, the centred subjects look good to me. I personally think it is bad form to offer unsolicited advice to someone who is clearly a very competent photographer.

    • Firstly. Yes, it’s subjective but we do find that it’s more pleasing with the subject a bit off center, see rule of thirds. Secondly. dead center subjects is very common in photos taken with rangefinders and fast glasses with paper thin depth of field. since the focus aid is in the middle and focus and recomposing would throw the subject out of focus.

    • I like the centred portraits shown here. Convention may say to place the main subject on a line of thirds however convention can get in the way of interesting photographs sometimes. The very fact that they ARE centred adds something in my opinion. Thank you for sharing some excellent images in an interesting way. The last one is simply beautiful.

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