Oh My Dog! By Brigitte Hauser

Oh my dog!

by Brigitte Hauser

Your blog is always a great Inspiration. Thought I share some of my dog photos. (Sorry, no cats!) I have taken them on my holidays in Italy (except the monochrome one). What I have noticed is, people are really proud if you take a photo of their dog. The picture I like most is the one without dog. The portrait of an old hunter. I met him on a hiking tour on the island of Elba. His hunting dog just has disappeared somewhere into the bushes… The last photo shows my own dog.

It’s a mix between terrier and hunting dog and he also likes disappearing sometimes:-). I used Leica Q, except for the monochrome picture. I sold my beloved Sony RX1 for the Q. I prefer the built-in EVF, the faster AF and the handling. And I think I prefer the look of the Q pictures, too. But perhaps it only seems so to me for justifying my change and the loss of money… What I don’t like is the lens cap of the Q. Mine has already broken, because it’s not fitting on the lens with the lens hood.










Many thanks



  1. People and their dogs 🙂 It shows that they like being photographed (both owner and dog). maybe this is the way it is or your special apprach. nice images anyway.

    The pictures are on the dark side on my screen, so your monitor might be on the bright side when you do your pp. But then again my screen here at work is not calibrated either. Just as a hint.

  2. Nice Photos! I like the lens signature and color rendition of the Q. There is something realistic in it, hard to describe. Must be a great camera. What program do you use for post processing the DNG files?

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