New E mount and M Mount Ultra Wides from Voigtlander!

New E mount and M Mount Ultra Wides from Voigtlander!

YES! Voigtlander has once again announced new glass and this time the new lenses are not only for Leica M mount but now Sony E mount as well! It seems Voigtlander has taken notice of Sony’s popularity in the full frame mirrorless world and have created a 10mm, 12mm and 15mm lens for the E or FE system. Yes, these are manual full frame lenses and they look as beautiful as can be 😉

The new lenses for Sony FE include a 10mm f/5.6, 12mm f/5.6 VIII and the ever so popular 15mm f/4.5 VIII. These versions will work perfect on the Sony system as they were designed for the Sony system. No more issues using these ultra wides in M mount on the Sony. So THIS IS AWESOME as the 12 and 15 are fantastic pieces of glass that can go up against any Ultra wide in the same Focal Length. See them below:

The 10, 12 and 15 are available for pre-order at CameraQuest NOW. INFO HERE!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 2.38.18 PM


Voigtlander is also releasing new M mount lenses. The 10 f/5.6 and the 12 f/5.6 VERSION III which is improved yet again like they did with the 15 Version III. I can not wait to see the 10mm in action as 10mm is WIDE.

The new M mount Ultra Wides. The 10mm f/5.6 and the 12mm f/5.6 VIII. Available HERE

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 2.38.24 PM

I am thrilled to see Voigtlander start making lenses for the Sony FE system. Especially well made manual lenses such as these as it adds a unique twist to the usual auto focus experience. Reviews will be coming soon!


  1. Hey Steve, these were announced last year, Camera Quest have just created a pre order for them. They have been known (announced) for months.

    It is great news though.

  2. VoigtlĂ€nder lenses are fine glass. I’ve a 21/1.8, a 40/1.4 and a 75/1.8, all perform very well on my M240. But delivery takes time in Denmark/Europe. I had to wait six month for the 21mm. Looking forward to Steve’s review before ordering the 10/5.6.

  3. A comparison of the m-mount version on the Sony A7… with the e-mount ones will be interesting. The advantage of the m-mount versions is greater versatility as they can be used on various system cameras, incl. e-mount, mft, Fuji, Leica.

    • Yes, I am curious about this as well. If they are the same IQ wise, would be best to get the M version for use on other cameras if that need ever were to come about. We shall see!

    • Advantage on the other hand with the E-mount version is full exif data as well as digital focus distance scale + auto focus magnifier, plus natively closer focus without close focus adapter. Advantage of the M is compatibility and potentially making it autofocus.

    • They fixed that in the 15 VIII which works perfectly on the Sony series and Leica SL. Seeing that the new one is MADE for Sony, it too will not have any issues. I use the VIII on the Sony and SL all the time, no issues. Corner to corner sharpness, no fall off and no magenta cast, at all.

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