First Voigtlander 10mm f/5.6 Sony E Mount Sample Pics!

First Voigtlander 10mm f/5.6 Sony E Mount Sample Pics!

Thanks to Stephen Gandy for sending these over…

The new Voigtlander lenses for Sony E Mount are almost here, and the new 10mm f/5.6 ULTRA Wide looks like it will do just fine on the Sony bodies! Some first samples below from this lens on a Sony A7RII body and without any issues that I can see, and this is the 10!

The new Voigtlander lenses are available for pre-order at right HERE.  I am looking forward to the 15 myself!







Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.03.33 AM


  1. I have sony a7ii and am interested in lens for wide angle macro, and landscape/sunset.I would like to know if I should go with the m mount with close up adapter, or will the new emount have those close focus capabilities built in? Also, is there info on whether it can achieve 1:1 magnification to produce images like the laowa 15mm macro? Thanks

  2. I’ve used the 10mm Heliar in the past but this was the rangefinder version, using a Voightlander Bessa body; there were a couple of issues which led me to selling it, which were about a 3-stop variation in exposure across the frame, which on that model, could be corrected by using a circular ND filter, causing the effective f-stop to be reduced from f5.6 to f11 … I also have Olympus’s 4/3rds and m4/3rds 7-14mm zooms, (which equate to a 14-28mm on FF) which only exhibited half an f-stop variation across the frame. If they have produced mirrorless version for the Sony, I’d be interested to know if this 10mm Heliar doesn’t exhibit the same issue as the original RF version did, without also having to buy and use the circular ND filter I refer to.

    Were the images above taken with the 10mm, and if so, was the circular filter also used with it? The 10mm I used, certainly was NOT as evenly exposed across the frame as these seem to be, and if that filter was also used, that fact should have also been mentioned, as people will be in for a bit of a shock and not that pleased with the additional expense involved.

    • Wow, I didn’t know that there already has been a 10mm Voigtländer lens. Was it in LTM?

      I have a 15mm LTM and the new 15mm VIII, and I know there is a 12mm, of which I have the VII (VIII will be the new one)..

      I reckon old 10mm lenses are a bit rare? Would you maybe have a link to pics?

  3. The Voigtlander 15mm F4.5 Ver III M mount works very well with my Sony A7S. No issues.

      • Hi Steve, I mentioned this about the 15mm ver III on the A7S because it proves that WA Voigtlanders do work on some Sony A7 cameras without issues and it is difficult to know which ones.

        Anyhow, thanks for the heads up on the 10mm. I have every confidence it”ll be great on my A7S even with the promised M mount which I’ll order. I’m a fan of the Voigt manual lenses as they are made really well, are small and have very decent optics.

        Thanks for your site. I dip in when I can.

        • I just heard from Stephen Gandy who told me all formulas are exactly the same. The Sony version adds the following:

          “Voigtlander Sony E lenses generally offer EXIF info, Lens Menu Correction, Manual Focus Assist, Manual Focus Distance indication, Electronic Front Curtain Shutter capability, and 5 Axis Image stabilization. A list of exact compatible cameras is not available yet, however generally the newer cameras will offer the most compatible features to Voigtlander Sony E mount lenses.”

    • Can anybody tell me if the 10 and or the 15 work on the a6000. I can live with the crop factor if this is the case.

  4. I love how people play around with different lenses on different cameras – sure it must be good as so many have testified – me I like to have a Canon lens on a Canon camera a Nikon on a Nikon- call me old fashioned !

  5. I have the Voigt 15mm series III in M-mount with the close focusing E-mount adapter and it’s a dream. I like the close focusing capability and would give that up if I went to a native E-mount.

    • I have all the Voigtländers in M-mount and like it because of the versatility. I can use them on different mirror-less mounts and also on the Leica M8/M9 or the Bessa R2A.

      If I remember right, the E-mount versions will have a shorter focussing distance than the M-mount with the VM-E adapter (which I use on the Sony, too, and love *g*).

      There is one thing that strikes me in a rather odd way.. Did you notice Steve’s quote above:

      “ALL M mount super wides have issues on Sony. It’s just a known fact. This is why Voigtlander made Sony versions. It’s all about the mount. The M versions are made for the M mount. The new versions are made just for Sony.”

      Didn’t he write an article about the new 15mm Heliar III on the Sony a7 II saying that “all this issues are gone”??

      March 22, 2015 at 9:47 am – a7II:

      “Actually it has no issues at all. See 2nd two images. Sharp corners, no color problems, etc.”


      I am wondering if a lens can have no issues at all and then suddenly, have issues.. I still won’t buy the lenses in E-mount, for the afore mentioned reasons..

    • do not know who Voigtlander is? It’s a great company who makes great lenses that compete with many Leica M lenses and 1/4 the prices (or less). These are E mount, for Sony full frame.

    • They are just a marketing company who has lenses made for them, usually by Cosina, a Japanese manufacturer and brand them Voigtlander which is an old German brand.

      Zeiss have lenses made by Cosina also.

    • The M mount 10mm will most likely NOT work well on a Sony. This is why they are releasing the SONY Mount versions, which will work perfectly.

      • The M mount 10mm will most likely NOT work well on a Sony. What do you mean by that? Isn`t optical design exactly the same for both versions or does it mean that e-mount is corrected for thicker glass on Sony sensor.

        • ALL M mount super wides have issues on Sony. It’s just a known fact. This is why Voigtlander made Sony versions. It’s all about the mount. The M versions are made for the M mount. The new versions are made just for Sony.

          • bvhleica says:
            March 27, 2016 at 10:11 am
            I have the Voigt 15mm series III in M-mount with the close focusing E-mount adapter and it’s a dream?

          • Version III of the 15 works well with the Sony. The E mount will be even better. That is the 15. The 10, E mount will be better than the M out when used on a Sony.

  6. Awesome lens ultra wides are hard to compose with but when it works it’s really super – photo of bird flock OS just that !

  7. That 10mm looks quite good ,-)

    I have got some official price info here in Switzerland:

    10mm m-mount CHF 815.35
    10mm e-mount CHF 888.15

    12mm m-mount CHF 666.10 (version III)
    12mm e-mount – not listed yet

    15mm m-mount CHF 638.50 (out a while)
    15mm e-mount CHF 666.10

    2yrs warranty, incl. tax (8%) and shipping (Switzerland)

    Availability isn’t mentioned yet..

    This is from a reliable seller and they are offering the best price so far. I might wait a bit until the glass is out and pretty sure jump on a 10 in m-mount. I already have the new 15 and VII of the 12.

    I only consider buying m-mount, so I am not limited to Sony cameras.. I am not so keen on the electronic info, but close focus despite the Nah+ adapter is announced to be shorter on the native e-mount.. Well, we shall see ,-)

    • “15mm e-mount CHF 666.10”

      Hi. Can you please tell me if this Is still a valid price? I can only find CHF 799.00

      • topd had it listed at that price, but by now, they have removed the e-mount versions. 799 is all there is for the time being. But since they are not out yet, I’d wait a bit, maybe topd will relist.. ,-)

        • Thanks for the info.
          Don’t know if I can make myself wait once they are available :))

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