The DJI Osmo Action. Six ways it beats my GoPro 7 Black.

The DJI Osmo Action. Six ways it beats my GoPro 7 Black.

My video review below:


The new DJI Osmo Action has arrived and just as I suspected, it does improve upon the King of Action Cameras (GoPro 7) in a few ways. I made a quick video about it (ABOVE) but the six things I like better about the Osmo Action over my GoPro are:

  1. Front Facing Screen
  2. Longer Battery Life
  3. Better Image Stabilization
  4. Better (crisper) Microphone
  5. Ease of Use, Quick Mode Button
  6. Larger Back LCD Touch Screen

This is a fantastic action camera but also a fantastic every day video camera for any situation. It will be in my pocket no matter where I go or what I do, and that’s the beauty of it. THIS is what the Osmo Pocket should have been, it’s better in every way IMO. Coming in at $349 it is $50 less than the GoPro 7. 

I would not even call this an Action camera as it is so much more than that. Using the DEWARP feature it shoots video without any distortion at all, and gives a nice wide-angle without the curved edges we see in the non linear GoPro modes. GoPro also has Linear mode which is just like the DEWARP feature of the Osmo. As for the stabilization, Osmo has ROCKSTEADY and GoPro 7 has HYPERSMOOTH. In standard IS mode the OSMO equals the GoPro 7 Hypersmooth but in ROCKSTEADY mode the Osmo becomes a true rockstar and surpasses the steadiness of the GoPro, and without any wonky image artifacts.

Wether you are on vacation, shooting a vlog or video where you talk to the camera, need steady footage without the bulk of a gimbal or just want a small everyday camera that can shoot 4K video, 1080 Video, HDR video, Slo Motion video or even take images, the Osmo Action is a camera to take a look at. It is also waterproof so you can shoot this underwater as well without a protective case. It’s ready to rock and roll out of the box..lights, camera OSMO ACTION.

I paid full price for my Osmo action as I do not take free cameras in exchange for a review which is so rampant these days in the YouTube review world. $349 for the Osmo is a great buy as it offers so much for the money. It is without question, the best camera of its kind available today. Sorry GoPro, but the Osmo beat you at your own game. AND I LOVE GOPRO! I have owned them all since the 3 but today a newcomer to this genre takes the crown.

You can buy the Osmo Action at Amazon HERE

You can buy the Osmo Action at B&H Photo HERE


  1. Steve, any further thoughts after using it for couple of weeks? I’m about to order it this week (my summer holiday starts in 3 weeks) and I guess the choice between GoPro7 or Osmo Action is clear right?
    One simple question since I’m an Apple user: no issues with using Osmo Action files in iMovie for editing?

    • I’d go Osmo Action over GP7 black without question. No issues at all with using iMovie or a Mac. Just be sure to update the firmware as soon as you open it to activate rocksteady.

  2. Steve, your great review convinced me to switch from Black 7 to Osmo Action. I am very happy with my decision. The killer feature is the front screen. So handy for family selfies & vlogging. Thank you!

  3. hello steve!
    thanks for your reviews, always a pleasure to read.
    how about low light image quality? how does it compare to gopro?

    • Its a teeny bit noisier but much sharper. I prefer it to Gopro as GoPro’s weakness was lower light where it gets mushy. Osmo is much more crisp.

  4. Nice one Steve. Looks perfect as you mention, as the take anywhere, no-worries-pocket-camera… Do you think it will end up on one of the DJI drones in some form?

  5. Ordered mine last week but wasn’t expecting delivery till 30th, it arrived on Monday (I’m in Scotland). Not had a chance to put it to the test yet but agree with Steve the build is superb and the stabilisation is pretty amazing. Will have to get used to people asking “Is that an Osmo Action in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?” 🙂
    Great, to the point no non-sense review Steve, thanks for confirming I didn’t jump too early!

    • Be sure to update the firmware because that is required to get “rocksteady” IS. I thought it was using rocksteady out of the box it was so good but was even better after the update and rocksteady activated! Enjoy!

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