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Mar 202017

Flying Around the World with Fujimfilm X-Pro 2

By Troy Lim

My career with with one of the largest airlines began back in late 2014. I have been shooting wildlife for the last six years and been looking to get a perfect mirrorless camera to lug around with me. Last December, after reading many reviews, I have decided to give the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 camera a try. Street photography has always been an interest of mine because it tells you what is going on in our daily lives. I have only two lenses: 23mm f2 WR and 35mm f2 WR.

It is very true that the Fujifilm is known for its colors and the film simulation. I love how beautiful this new x-tran sensor renders colors. I mostly shoot with Velvia simulation and then converting to B&W using Google’s Silver Efex Pro 2 filter. Combined with the size, silent shutter with the improved AF, it makes this an awesome street photography camera. It will continue to be the camera that travel with me on my trips, capturing all the places that I get to visit for many years to come.

Here are some of the photos I have created since owning this camera. I am looking forward to sharing more with all of you in the near future.



Troy Lim

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  12 Responses to “Flying Around the World with Fujimfilm X-Pro 2 By Troy Lim”

  1. Thank you all for stopping by!

  2. I like the image of the man sitting in front of the yellow wall and the images immediately before and after it. I’m a fan of the Fujifilm X system and use a X-E2S alojng with my Nikon SLRs (film & digital).

  3. Thanks Troy and Steve for throwing a little much deserved love Fuji’s way! The form factor and haptics of the X-Pro series is terrific. Fuji understands how important EVF, focus, and focus point selection can be to the process especially for the vast majority of us with poor eyesight. (I am still holding our hope that Leica will recognize that they have a Hubble Telescope issue; amazing lenses hobbled by imperfect focus capabilities/options.)

    • REAL rangefinder cameras (like Leica) have no AFdue tof technical reason: Fujifilm XPRO is not a rangefinder camera, you can`t MF with the OVF, its just a piece of glass!

      even you can`t live view the exposure-compensation in the OVF and you can clip-on a tiltable EVF on your Leica

  4. Love these, especially the guy sitting in front of the yellow wall. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You are perfectly right, if it would not mean to spend another 500 bucks (in my case Euro) into this test, but ok, mayby I follow your advice anyway ….

  6. Excellent images -thanks

  7. Your compositions are really great, the photo with the cat made me smile.
    Since I’m looking in the Fuji System to: which lens do you use more often, 35mm or 23mm, since these are very close from FOV Point of view?

    • if i may enter the discussion, you should try both lenses, cause you will feel which one is better for your ” eye “. 35 and 50 are close in theory only … Bresson used a 50 most of the time, alex webb a 35mm, very different way of seeing …

      • You are perfectly right, if it would not mean to spend another 500 bucks (in my case Euro) into this test, but ok, mayby I follow your advice anyway….

        • find out first. I came from a 50mm to a 35mm and the experience is totally 35mm images are much more vivid and “alive” than the 50mm, which are much calmer and static.
          I use this on purpose now. My 35mm setup is lighter, so I use that more often.
          With a X-Body, I’d go with a 35 personally. But have a look where you are more comfortable.

    • Thank you Steve for allowing me to share my work and show Fujifilm some love. I shoot mainly 23mm F2 WR and rarely use 35mm. In fact, sometimes I feel that 23mm is not wide enough for me.

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