It’s all about Inspiration! By Sebastien Chort

It’s all about Inspiration!

By Sebastien Chort

Hi Steve

First I’d like to deliver a huge THANK YOU

I’ve been working for a long time in the so-called “graphic/animation/movie industry” therefore I’ve been dealing with picture composition, lighting, framing for years. But I mainly spent my time behind my computer creating images in 3D for animation studio or VFX companies. I always had an interest for photography but when digital cameras appeared my envy to snap pictures kind of vanished (IQ was disappointing) and I gave most of my energy toward my pro activity.

Eventually I started to feel frustrated with the long process it takes to create Computer Graphic images and I started to lurk again toward photography with the high expectation to create spontaneous pictures. Then while I was looking for a decent digital camera 2 years ago, I stumbled across your blog and it opened the Pandora box. The flow of great pictures and great reviews you share helped me a lot to find inspiration and to renew my interest toward photography.

I bought a GH2 which caught my interest for its movie capacities and later on I couldn’t resist the OMD EM5. I loved using the GH2 but the OMD is such a great tool I can’t thank you enough for advising it so loudly. I started to go mental with photography gear to be honest and bought a lot of lenses (C-Mount, Canon’s FD, and pretty much everything I could on Panasonic and Olympus MFT).

Finally I started to look back to some film camera as well and I’m the happy owner of a Hasselblad CM with 3 lenses, a Rolleiflex from 1928 and recently I acquired a Leica M3. This might sound like a G.A.S. issue, but I don’t feel that way. I’m experimenting a lot with all my cameras, I love to carry them, to shoot with them, those are just symptoms of an ongoing passionate story with a great medium to create pictures.

I mainly do portraits of my relatives or street photography, but I feel like I’m barely starting to discover how much fun I can get with photography, so it’s a permanent excitement to know I still have to learn about landscape, sport or studio photography.

So I think you have a large responsibility in my renewed passion for photography and I can’t thank you enough for that. I hope you’ll like the few pictures I’m sending and I wish you the best for the years to come

Thanks for reading me 😉

Sebastien Chort

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From Steve: Thanks so much Sebastien! I am glad that reading my site has inspired you but I must say that it is readers just like you that inspire ME in a day to day basis. Seeing so many great photographs helps to push me to get out there and shoot every week. So thank YOU! 

GH2 7mm

GH2 45mm

GH2 cmount






  1. Sebastien, I love reading Huffmeister’s Blog… Here I sit, reading article after article on ( FILM );
    focusing on the Format, the Film, the Lenses ~ and then THIS ~ An EXPLOSION ~ an article on _THINKING_ ; and it hit me – – – . Boy, how many of us have absolutely lost our photographic way ? Your Clarity of Presentation has helped me immensely. I need to THINK about CREATIVITY, and that will lead to your idea of INSPIRATION. THAT is what this pursuit is all about. And honestly _ nothing leads us down that path better than the subject of PEOPLE . . . Beautiful !
    Thank you Sebastien and Steve.

  2. Beautiful work. I often try to avoid extreme shallow DOF, but in this case has created compelling moods for the ‘swing’ and ‘birds’ images.

  3. These are wonderful shots. I like the variety of compositions and renderings. Just out of curiosity–which c mount lens did you use? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love the Hassy shot…makes me want to go grab my Rolleiflex and pop some film in from my refrigerator…just started processing my own film again, and I’ve been having a blast!

  5. Great inspiration! I have seen your work on Flickr and especially remember the stand out one with the skate boarding man and child from a few months back. Really really nice work! Bravo!

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