Video: The Sony RX100 Protective Case, OM-D With Leica Summilux and SLR Magic’s Bokehmorphic!

Video: The Sony RX100 Protective Case, OM-D With Leica Summilux and SLR Magic’s Bokehmorphic!

Hello to all! Welcome and happy Friday! Yep, it’s Friday already…damn! This week has flown by!! Today I put up a video showing the new Sony RX100 Protective case, the one from Sony, and it is a beautiful case that protects the camera well, is made for a perfect glove like fit and does not hamper on the use of the camera like some cases do. This is NOT a leather case and comes in at $89, which is a bit on the high side but there is no mistake that this is a gorgeous case for your RX100. I leave mine in it at all times and when I take it with me now I just sling it around my shoulder. Perfect vacation camera and case!

I continue to be impressed with this little guy – the speed, the IQ, the color, the video..all great and I find it easily beats ANY of the Canon S series compacts. Easily.

Take a look at the video below where you can see the case with the camera in it. I also added some other things such as the OM-D with that beautiful 50 Summilux lens and the SLR Magic Bokehmorphic lens on the NEX-7. I will be reviewing this lens soon!!

You can buy this case at Amazon HERE

B&H Photo also sells it HERE


  1. Haven’t tried but I guess the adhesive will not be as good the second time around. Why do you need to detach it anyway?

  2. Nice but too expensive. I have a Tamrac 5690 top load bag for $22 that fits nicely. It is padded, excellent quality, a belt clip, shoulder strap and has a pocket for extra battery and memory cards. You can still use the wrist strap that comes with the camera. A usefull accessory is the Sony LCD screen protector. It protects the screen from scratches if you decide to carry camera in your pocket, it’s only $12 and fits perfectly, hardly noticeable.

    • Can you detach and attach the Sony LCD screen protector more than once like those on some Nikon DSLRS?

  3. Hey Steve,
    How does the case affect the pocket-ability of the RX100 – does it bulk it out a little too much to fit into a pocket compared to it being ‘naked’



    • It is not very easy (but possible) to put in your jeans pocket with the case on because it becomes too bulky. It is much more pocketable without the case.

  4. An alternative to Leica glass on M4/3 or Nex is Russian glass. A $50 Jupiter-8 (50mm f2) or a $150 Jupiter-3 (50mm f1.5) give really fantastic results on the OMD, particularly the J3. They are Leica M39 mount.

    It will also be interesting to see some of these lenses on the new Canon EOS-M when it arrives. Can’t help but think the Jupiters might go up in price 😉

    • Tried a Jupiter-8 on my NEX-7 for the first time yesterday, really impressed with the results and fared quite favourably to the M8 image wise with the same lens.

      Not so good at f/2.0 & f/2.8 obviously, but for a lens that cost £30 it really is a terrific bargain!

  5. The RX100 case is great, but price is a bit steep. Very easy to flip open to get acces to LCD and buttons. I agree that the RX100 easily beats the Canon S series and even the older generation of Olympus 4/3 in many ways.

  6. Hi Steve. Does the RX100 case get in the road when shooting? ie is it easy to flip open and use the camera and see the LCD etc?

  7. Steve I must ask, are you looking at the Panny LX7?
    I’m trying to decide between the rx100 and the lx7, and everywhere i look online people are just arguing back and forth about specs.

    If the rx100 had a viewfinder, it would be a no-brainer! the lx has the vf2 of course, and it appears …. very user friendly i suppose.

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